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Millennium - 6. Chapter 6


November 6, 1999


            I led Sergio through the hallways of Escorial; it seemed like it took forever for us to get to my room.  I led him in and closed and locked the door.  The lock made a loud “click,” and that made him smile.  I led him to the bed, but not in it, and pulled him to me.  I was being forceful, in charge, and he responded perfectly, by resisting just enough to fuel my desire. 


            I ran my hands up and down his slim body, letting my thumbs run across his nipples, and then moved lower, grabbing his ass gently but firmly.  I could feel the excitement in his breath as we kissed, until he finally pushed me away, almost frantically, and began to take his clothes off.  I thought his tight clothes didn’t leave much to the imagination, but I was wrong.  He was even more beautiful naked, and that had seemed impossible.  I realized I’d been standing there staring at him, not moving, not taking my own clothes off, until he smiled at me, appreciating how much I enjoyed his beauty. 


            I took off my shirt, my shoes, my socks, my pants, and stood in front of him.  He looked down at my tenting boxers lustfully.  I turned away from him and pulled them down and kicked them off, then turned around and stood there, my big dick poking straight at him.  His eyes bulged and he gasped.  “You win,” he said.  “I am amazed you don’t pass out, with that much blood trapped here.”  He gently stroked me, making me moan.  “I want you.” 


            I kissed him again, then pushed him onto the bed, on his back, and started to explore him with my mouth, my hands, and my tongue.  Most of the guys I’d been with were masculine types, and they always looked and smelled like men.  Sergio was a man, no question there, but he had obviously taken time to make sure he was perfectly groomed.  His cologne was possibly a bit overdone, masking his natural odors, but when my mouth got down to his groin those odors forced their way through.  His scent was intoxicating.  He had a smaller dick, maybe five inches long and pretty thin, but I didn’t care about that.  I wanted his ass. 


            I moved his legs back and he willingly grabbed them, exposing himself to me.  I dove into his crack, so meticulously clean like the rest of him, and licked and probed his hole with my tongue.  He kept trying to grab my head and pull me up so I’d fuck him, but I refused, both because I knew he liked it, and because I wanted to draw his pleasure out.  Finally, I could wait no longer.  I pointed my dick at him and handed him a magnum.  He made putting it on incredibly erotic.  I lubed myself generously, and then I slathered lube all over his hole.  I moved my finger in, first one, and then two and they went in easily.  He was indeed a size queen. 


            I rolled him onto his side and moved up behind him, lining my dick up and slowly pushed in.  He thrust his ass back toward me, willing me to go faster.  It was really funny how now that my dick was in him, our roles were reversed.  Up until now, I felt like I’d been working to get him to let me fuck him, to make the moves, only now that I was in him, he let himself go.  I began to push in and out of him slowly, refusing to let him pick up the pace, forcing him to take his time and enjoy me.  His ass was like a pulsing glove, and I could see why he wanted to go fast, to get off fast.  Most guys probably didn’t have enough endurance to withstand that kind of stimulation. 


            “You feel so good,” I murmured in his ear.  He just whimpered.  “You want me to fuck you faster”


            “Yes, faster,” he panted.


            “Tell me how good I feel inside you,” I said in my sluttiest voice.  “Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you with my big dick.”


            “Fuck me, God damn it,” he almost screamed.  “Come on Brad, fuck me!”  I put my left hand under and around his abdomen, holding him tightly against me, and began to really fuck him, picking up my pace with every thrust.  I used my right hand to explore his body, to gently fondle his balls, to pinch his nipples, and finally to stroke his cock.  I knew he was getting close, I knew I was getting close, but I brought him off first. 


            I caught his first shot in my hand and used it as lubricant to slide my hand up and down his dick.  He shrieked as he exploded, shooting over and over again, and just when he was almost done, I came, slamming into him, growling into his ear, and biting his neck.  I let myself go, let my orgasm control me, oblivious to whether he was done or whether he wanted me to stop.  When I finally finished, he was shaking, so I wrapped my arms around him firmly and pulled my knees up, almost forcing us into a spooning fetal position.  We lay like that for a long time, panting until we got our breath under control. 


            He moved away, letting me pop out of him, and rolled over onto his back and pulled me to him.  After sex was when I was most vulnerable, when I needed a guy to pull me in and make me feel loved and protected.  Sergio seemed to sense that, just like he’d sensed all of my moods and needs, and he held me tightly, gently stroking my hair.  “That was amazing,” he said.


            “I thought so,” I told him.  “I was hoping you’d think so.”


            “I feel like I’ve been sleeping with boys, and I’ve finally slept with a man,” he said.  I smiled at him, unable to thank him verbally for that huge ego stroke, so instead I kissed him. 


            “I’ve never been with anyone like you, a guy who knows how to move his body, how to use his body to give another guy so much pleasure,” I told him.  He beamed at me. 


            He twitched, his whole body twitched, and he looked radiant.  “My whole body is tingling.  I’ve been with a lot of guys.  I look good, I get them easily, even straight ones.  I’ve been fucked by guys with bigger dicks.”  I looked up at him playfully and raised an eyebrow.  “Yes, there are bigger ones.”  We laughed.  “None of them did that to me.  None of them.” 


            “You’re not weirded out being with a thirty seven year old guy?” I asked nervously, laying my insecurities on the line. 


            He rolled me off of him, and then rolled on top of me, his lithe body all but weightless as it rested on my torso.  “You don’t look a day over 30, probably more like 27 or 28.  But why should I give a shit.  Hell, half the guys under 25 blow their load ten seconds after they start fucking me.”


            “That’s your fault,” I told him.


            “My fault?”


            “Yeah.  Your ass is like a glove; it throbs, vibrates, and almost grabs a dick.  Why do you think I went so slow for so long.  I mean, it was fun, but I had to.”  He giggled. 


            “Kevin’s throbbing ass,” he joked.


            “Kevin?” I asked him. 


            “Yeah, Kevin.  That’s my real name.  I only tell people I really like.  Please keep it to yourself.” 


            “Your secret is safe with me.  Kevin.  That’s such a sexy name, and so perfect for you.” 


            “You think so?  I think it’s lame,” he said. 


            “There’s nothing lame about you.  Every move you make is like a cat, smooth and silky,” I said, and for the first time, I saw him blush.  Then he did the cutest thing.  He reached back and grabbed the covers, pulling them up over us, and just cuddled up to me, burying his head in my neck, and made this noise that was almost like purring.  I was so content, so satisfied, a feeling that was hard to describe.  We lay there like that for what seemed like an hour, but it probably wasn’t that long, and I felt these overwhelming feelings toward him.  I kept trying to figure them out.  It couldn’t be love, I don’t fall that fast.  It was undoubtedly infatuation, but that didn’t seem right either.  In the end, I decided it was caring.  This sexy guy, who could turn any eye in the room, seemed so vulnerable, and it made me protective, fiercely protective, and caring. 


            We lay there like that, enjoying the contact, until his dick began to harden again.  He was lying on top of me, and when his dick began to harden, it poked mine, firing me up almost immediately.  “Mmm,” he sighed, and began to undulate his hips, rubbing our cocks together with his movements.  I ran my hands down his back to his ass, squeezing his cheeks as he moved, and then I ran my fingers down his crack until I found what I wanted.  That got a moan.  I slipped on another condom, put on some more lube, while he adjusted his body so he could sit on me, taking me inside yet again. 


            Sex with him was so unique.  This time I lay there, completely still, while he raised and lowered himself, his body fluid, using my cock like a big dildo to probe him wherever he wanted.  It was so exciting, so erotic, to watch him, but I finally got so inflamed I couldn’t stay passive any longer.  Suddenly his body, his movements, awoke the animal in me.  I picked him up and pulled him off of me and tossed him on his back roughly.  He looked at me with a combined snarl and sneer as I rolled on top of him, pushing my weight on him to make him feel pinned and dominated, and kissed him roughly. 


            He responded just as aggressively.  I pulled off of him and pushed his legs up and shoved my dick back into his ass roughly, and started fucking him, fucking him hard.  I watched his eyes roll back in his head as I pounded the shit out of him.  He was moaning, shrieking, while my loud grunts and growls seemed to join with his sounds to form a chorus.  “Cumming!” I yelled, as I blasted my load in the condom.  I stroked his cock once, that was all it took, and he erupted too.  It was fucking amazing. 


            I smiled down at him, panting and out of breath, and reached down to pick up a glop of his cum and taste it.  He giggled.  He was even more adorable when he let his guard down, put the uber-model act aside, and let me see the man he was.  “So how’s it feel to give a 20-year-old slut the best orgasms of his life?”


            “It feels fucking great,” I said. 


            “We should get cleaned up,” he said, looking at his cum-encrusted body.


            “You want to go back to the party?” I asked, and he had me so captivated I let him see how disappointed that made me.


            “Are you kidding?  No fucking way.  I’m staying right here until you throw me out,” he said.  I kissed him, and it was more loving, more passionate, than even before.


            “You’re staying for a while then.”  He laughed with me, and then I led him to the shower and washed off his beautiful body.  I changed the sheets and we climbed back into bed. 


            “You’re wearing a wedding ring,” he observed.  “You have a wife?”


            I laughed.  “No, a husband.  Well, I guess he’s more like a partner.” 


            “He know you’re cheating on him?”  He asked in a way that said he didn’t really give a shit if I was or wasn’t. 


            I hadn’t thought about Robbie since I met Kevin, and I didn’t really want to think about him now.  “No.  We were monogamous for years, fourteen years, and then last week he decided that he wanted to see other people.” 


            “He must be a top,” Kevin said.  I laughed. 


            “You know, I find that I spend most of my time with you either laughing or cumming.”


            “That’s good, if you like both those things,” he said, unwilling to let me change the subject. 


            “The conventional wisdom is that he’s going through a midlife crisis.  He tells me on Tuesday that he wants to see other people, and then this weekend he’s already off in Cancun with some Hollywood twink.”  He put his hand on my face in an affectionate gesture.  “I guess I should have told you all this before, well...”


            I watched him physically grapple with himself, and then I saw him completely lower his shields and become a genuine person.  “Brad, I had a great time with you.  You’re like no guy I’ve ever been with.  I’m not looking for a relationship; I’m looking for a good time.  I think that’s what you need too.”


            “I’m so glad I have a big dick,” I joked, and then I fucked him again.


November 7, 1999


            I woke up next to Kevin and watched him sleeping.  He looked so innocent, and that made me giggle.  This boy was anything but innocent.  We’d fucked like bunnies all night long, and there really wasn’t anything he wasn’t into.  I fucked him hard and he loved it.  I fucked him gently and he loved it.  I fucked him with care and with anger, and he loved it.  Matt had once described JP by saying that you put a dick in his ass and he just lost it.  Kevin was kind of like that, but I think his personality, his attitude, was more like Stefan.  It dawned on me that all these years I’d thought about what a good fuck Stef would be.  I’d probably found out last night. 


            I moved my mouth down his body until I got to his morning erection.  I sucked him slowly, timing it perfectly so he didn’t wake up until right before he came.  “Mmm,” he said, smiling and stretching.  “What a way to wake up.” 


            “Best breakfast I ever had,” I joked.  “But I’m still hungry.” 


            “You eat?” he asked.  “I haven’t had solid food in years.” 


            “Yeah, well you need solid food for energy.  Come on, I’ll help you burn off the calories.”  We threw on our clothes, the same ones we’d worn at the party, and headed to the kitchen.  I laughed as I watched Kevin stuff food into his mouth.  “I thought you didn’t eat.” 


            He grinned at me.  “I’m full of surprises.” 


            “And shit,” I said.  Just then Stef came breezing in. 


            “Well good morning!”  He looked at me, then at Kevin, then back at me and started laughing.  “You two are glowing.”  


            “You’ve met…” I started, but I didn’t know which name to use.


            “Of course I know Kevin.  You look as cute as ever,” he said, and gave Kevin a kiss on each cheek. 


            “So do you,” he said, making me laugh.


            “You do not think I am cute?” Stef asked me, pretending to be offended.


            “Not as cute as Kevin, but then again, I did not fuck you all night long,” I said, and watched him digest that visual. 


            “I am cursed to be related to the most handsome well hung man out there,” he said sadly.  I smiled at the compliment.  “So what are your plans today?” 


            “We’re going back to bed,” Kevin said, cracking me up. 


            “That is a shame.  I have blocked the day out to go shopping and I could use some company,” Stef said.  I saw Kevin’s eyes light up. 


            “I’ll let you take Kevin on two conditions,” I said, as if he were mine to barter out.


            “Name them,” Stef demanded. 


            “First, you give us an hour to fuck and get cleaned up.”  Kevin and Stef both giggled. 


            “Done,” Stef said, pretending to be a dealmaker.


            “Second, you buy him whatever he wants,” I said.  Kevin’s eyes got huge at that. 


            “You mean I not only get his charming company, I get to dress him up as well?” Stef joked.


            “No, I said buy him whatever HE wants.  Or should I have Claire take him?” 


            He glared at me, pure theater.  “Do not be ridiculous.  She would dress him up like some Palo Alto Republican.”  That made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my seat.


            “I’ll tell her you said that,” I told him. 


            “Who’s Claire?” Kevin asked.


            “My sister.  She has amazingly good taste, just like Stef.  They have a sort of rivalry over it.  She usually wins,” I said, goading him.


            “Your judgment has clearly been overloaded by having such a handsome young man submit to having sex with you,” Stef said. 


            Ignoring the temptation to argue over who might have been submissive, I replied, “Time is wasting.”  I led Kevin back to my room and we fucked again, and then took a shower.  We met Stef in the Great Hall.


            “I should change clothes.  These smell like the party,” Kevin said. 


            “Nonsense.  We will buy something.  Even underwear,” Stef said, playfully leering at him. 


            “I didn’t hear any rule that said I can’t sleep with you,” Kevin said as he put his arm around Stef.  “Two bottoms can still have fun.” 


            “Who says I am a bottom?” Stef demanded.  I rolled my eyes at him, while Kevin just gave him a challenging look.  “Well, not all the time.  Let us go.  We must hurry if we are to make it to the City and back before nightfall.” 


            “The City?” Kevin asked. 


            “But of course.  Palo Alto is much too provincial.  It is where my niece shops.”  Stef cracked me up.  He led Kevin out to the waiting limo, while I dragged my tired ass back to bed.  These young guys could stay up all night much easier than I could. 


            I felt the bed shake as someone climbed in next to me.  I smiled and stretched, expecting to find Kevin next to me.  Instead, I opened my eyes to find Robbie looking down at me nervously.  I glanced over at the clock and saw it was only 2pm.  “You’re back!” I said enthusiastically, and pulled him down onto me and kissed him.  “I missed you.” 


            “You did?” he asked, confused. 


            “Yeah, I did,” I said, smiling up at him.  I saw the guilt overwhelm him, try to take over his whole being, and I felt sorry for him.  “You didn’t miss me?” I teased, only it took him a few seconds to realize I was kidding, so tense was he.


            “I missed you.  A lot.  Really a lot,” he said.  Then he was kissing me again, and it was so nice, so special.  “I was worried that you’d hate me.” 


            “Close, but not quite,” I joked.  I really wasn’t in the mood to be all serious, to have an intense conversation that would probably lead to a fight.  But he wasn’t there, he was an emotional wreck.


            “I love you Brad.  I love you so much,” he said, and then he hugged me tightly, just holding me close. 


            “I love you too, baby.  I love you too,” I said, as I held him just as tightly.  I loved his body, the way it felt even when we weren’t having sex.  It was so comfortable to be with him like this.  I felt like I was home.  We fell asleep, bonded like that, and I didn’t wake up until I felt him moving around. 


            “Good timing,” he said as he stretched.  “It’s almost time for dinner.”  I laughed at him and his notorious appetite.  Then I suddenly felt him tense up as he made sniffing noises.  “It smells like sex in here.” 


            I sniffed the air.  “It does.  You didn’t notice that before?  Your sinuses must be clogged or something.”  I let that rattle around in his brain, let him try and grapple with the inevitable double standard he was facing. 


            “I guess you met someone at the party?” he asked.


            I pulled away from him and looked at him.  “Yeah, I did.  This is part of the deal.  You get to fuck other people; I get to fuck other people.”  My expression warned him this was not stable ground for him to fight me on.


            “I know,” he said.  “I just didn’t expect you to do it in our room.” 


            I just started laughing at him, and his pissed off expression made me laugh even harder.  “You are so clueless it’s hysterical,” I said.  “Look, I think it would be pretty tasteless for either one of us to fuck someone in our house in Malibu.  But there are tons of rooms here, and we don’t live here.  So don’t give me that shit.”  He stared at me.  “You know, I was really happy to see you, and I thought it would be really nice to spend a little time with you and not fight, but all you’re doing is trying to piss me off.” 


            “I’m not trying to piss you off,” he said. 


            “Well, you did anyway.  It worked.  You fucking happy now?” I demanded. 


            “No,” he said. 


            “Before I get up and take a shower, I’m going to ask you one question and I want a straight answer.” 


            “What?” he asked. 


            “Did you use a condom when you fucked him?”


            He got all indignant.  “Of course I did.  What kind of question is that…?”


            “I think it’s a fair question,” I said, as I put my finger over his lips in a loving way to shut him up.  “I was safe too, but people can fuck up.  If you do, I want you to tell me, and I won’t be mad.  I’ll do the same thing for you.  Deal?” 


            He gave me that impish grin that always melted me.  “Deal.”  I got up and headed to the bathroom when he stopped me by grabbing my hand.  “Want some company?”


            “Yeah,” I said, pulling him up and leading him into the bathroom.  He kissed me with the water flowing over us, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d done that with Carson.  I put that aside and focused on the bond between us, the way we synced together so perfectly.  He turned away, asking me to fuck him, and I didn’t miss a beat.  I pushed in gently, into that familiar part of him, and began to move in and out gently. 


            “Brad, God, this is so perfect, so right,” he moaned.  That made me smile, because when he talked to me during sex that meant he was really into it.


            “You feel so good baby,” I told him.  Then I picked up my pace, really fucking him.  He went crazy.


            “Oh yeah Brad.  That’s it.  Fuck me.  Fuck me!”  I did, I kept pounding him, until I brought us both off.  We rinsed off and he kissed me as we got out of the shower.  I couldn’t help thinking about how much tighter Kevin had been.  I wondered if he made these same kinds of comparisons between me and Carson.  I forced myself not to think about that.


            “You know, it’s been almost 20 years since someone besides you fucked me, at least willingly.” 


            “You mean they didn’t want to fuck you?” I teased.


            “You know what I mean.”  He pretended to be irritated with me, but I hit him with a big smile and he melted. 


            “I know what you mean, and it makes it really special when we make love,” I told him.  We got dressed and didn’t say much, then headed up to the dining room.  We were heading through the Great Hall when we ran into Matt.


            He glared at Robbie and walked up and gave me a real nice kiss.  I kissed him back, I had to, but I wished he wouldn’t do that.  He didn’t realize the effect he had on me, how bad I wanted to fuck him.  God, he was cute, so handsome, and so masculine.  “Are Kev and Stef back yet?”


            “I don’t know, I haven’t seen them.  I assume they’ll be back for dinner, unless Stef opted for a room at the Fairmont instead,” I joked.  We laughed, while Robbie just stared at us, confused and irritated. 


            “What the fuck was that all about?” Robbie asked as Matt walked off. 


            “He was the first star of the game Friday night,” I said, ignoring his question.  “He got the only goal when they beat Cal.” 


            “Sorry I missed it,” he grumbled.


            “You were busy,” I said, which pissed him off but he couldn’t really say anything since I’d pointedly kept any hint of malice out of my tone.  I was saved from further conversation on that topic when we entered the dining room.  Claire and Jack were there tonight; they usually were on Sundays.  JP walked in just as the grandfather clock began to chime and looked around.  When he didn’t see Stef there, he got a really irritated expression on his face. 


            “Hey Dad,” Robbie said to Frank.


            “I see you’re back from your little getaway,” Frank said coldly.  Robbie looked around the room and suddenly seemed to realize that he was getting some pretty frosty looks from everyone.  It was really reassuring to know that I had my family in my corner, but I felt a little sorry for him.  I took his hand and led him over to our places, showing the others that I wasn’t shunning him. 


            “Where’s Stef?” JP groused.


            “He went up to The City to go shopping with Sergio,” I said. 


            “He took that cute young man up there?  God only knows what kind of fashion disaster will happen,” Claire said, cracking me up. 


            “I told him that he had to let Sergio buy whatever HE wanted, so we may be safe.  I suggested that he shop with you instead, but Stef said you’d end up dressing him like a Palo Alto Republican.”  That made everyone laugh, everyone except Robbie, who was trying to figure out who the fuck Sergio was.


            “Oh he did, did he?” she asked with an evil look, plotting to do bad things to Stef.


            “Yeah.  He said he had to take him up to The City to shop because Palo Alto is much too provincial.  He said that’s where you shop.”  Everyone roared at that. 


            “I love you, even if you are provincial,” Jack said to her.  She rolled her eyes at him. 


            I’d tried to lighten things up, but after we started eating, things were pretty tense.  This group had pronounced judgment on Robbie and had damned him.  It actually started to piss me off.  I was really the only one here who had the right to do that.  But I guess since I went and shot my mouth off and cried on their shoulders, I’d gotten them involved.  I was trying to think of new things to do to make this more enjoyable when Stef and Kevin breezed in.  I watched Robbie’s mouth drop when he saw Kevin, saw the lust in his eyes, and that really pissed me off.  So now he was going to turn into a wolf too?


            “I am sorry we are late,” Stef said.  “We got into a heated argument over jeans.”  He smiled at Kevin.  “For those of you who have not met him, this is Kevin.”  Switching names like that was bound to confuse the shit out of Robbie.  Stef went around the table and introduced him to everyone.  “And that is Brad’s partner, Robbie.” 


            “Nice to meet you,” Robbie said, and shook his hand. I saw him let his hand linger on Kevin’s a little longer than normal.  He was hitting on him, right here in the dining room!  I stood up and gave Kevin a really nice kiss, just to piss Robbie off. 


            “You look great.  Really great,” I told him. 


            “Thanks,” he said, blushing.  Robbie looked at us and then glared at me.  I tried hard not to laugh in his face. 


            “A Palo Alto Republican eh?” Claire asked, squaring off with Stefan.  “Provincial?” 


            “It appears I have another leak,” Stef said, looking at me. 


            “I told you I was going to tell her.  I’m more afraid of her than you,” I joked. 


            “Well Kevin,” Claire began, “if you have some time this week, maybe you and I can go check out some of these provincial stores and see if we can’t get your wardrobe back in order.” 


            “That would be fantastic,” he said, smiling at her.  He was playing Claire perfectly.  Robbie just ate and stayed in the background, while dinner turned into a pretty fun affair. 


            After dinner, I pulled Kevin aside.  “Are you sticking around?” 


            “I’d like to, but I have a bunch of stuff to do,” he said.  “Is that OK?” 


            “Sure it’s OK.  You feel comfortable enough with me to give me your phone number?” 


            He rolled his eyes and typed my number in, then called me so it showed up on my caller id.  I stored it in my contacts.  “I had a great time with you.”


            I blushed when he said that, and he smiled to make it worse.  “I had a really great time with you, too,” I said, grinning back.  Then I gave him a kiss, a really passionate kiss, and walked him out to his car.  I didn’t really ask him if he had money, but looking at his car made me guess that he didn’t.  It was an older Buick Century, and didn’t fit him at all. 


            “This doesn’t fit you, this car.” 


            “I know.  My mom gave me her car when I went away for school.  She bought a new one.  It was all she could afford.” 


            “That was really nice of her,” I said.  “Still, a four door Buick.  I’m not seeing it.  A guy like you definitely needs a stick shift.” 


            “I certainly know how to use one,” he teased.  We laughed; I kissed him again, and opened the door for him like a gentleman.  I watched him drive away and grinned after him.  He’d brought some sunshine into my life, and that really was invaluable right now.


            I walked out onto the patio to join JP for his nightly joint.  Robbie wasn’t there.  “He is certainly a pleasant young man,” JP said, talking about Kevin.


            “You mean he’s hot,” I said, teasing him.  Stef giggled.


            “Yes, that too,” JP said, rolling his eyes. 


            “We were late because we had to drop off all of his clothes at his dorm room,” Stef said.  “How anyone can live in such an environment is beyond me.” 


            “Well, you’re there, crammed together with a bunch of 18 to 20-year-old people, everyone’s horny as hell, and most of them are drunk half the time,” Matt said. 


            “I see the appeal,” Stef said. 


            “That was nice of you to take him shopping,” I said. 


            “After you rocked his world last night, I think it was a good way to make the entire day perfect,” Stef said.  It’s a good thing it was dark, or he’d have seen me blush. 


            I went back to my room and it was dark.  Robbie was already in bed, sound asleep.  That worked perfectly for me.  I was exhausted from my night with Kevin, and I really wasn’t in the mood to make love to him.  I rolled over onto my side, my back to him, and went to sleep.  

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I like what you've done a lot. Robbie takes a twink to Cancun and ends up with a whinny bottom bitch even though he's a bottom himself while Brad fucks and gets fucked by three hot men and blows another one! I try to live my life knowing that Karma can kick your ass and, as much as love Robbie and realize they'll end up together, I hope you make him squirm for hurting Brad and being an ass!

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Well, we haven't really met Carson yet but somehow or another, I think that Brad is coming out ahead in this deal so far. I thought it was funny how Robbie is in top mode all the sudden. I have to sort of wonder what caused this reaction.


I love the give and take between Claire and Stef. It is just perfect...

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