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You're So Vain

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Dillon is a beautiful mess, but he has dreams of strutting his stuff on the runway. Andy falls head over heels for his striking beauty and gets caught up in his storm and blown to New York to start a new, high-fashion life. Far from home, and desperate for love and support, Andy is surprised to find it not from his beautiful Dillon, but from a new friend. This is a story about growing up and learning beauty isn't everything.

Hey... I'm back, but noooot really :P my writing skills are rusty and I have the hugest writers block ever! So, this is another oldie I had hanging around. No idea if anyone will be interested in it, but I'm just trying to write something.... a massive edit of an old story is kinda in that general ballpark, I guess 

Copyright © 2017 mastershakeme; All Rights Reserved.

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