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The X-Men Chronicles - 7. Life's a Dance, Learn to Tango


Disclaimer: “The X-Men” names, titles, characters and all other registered trademarks are the property of Marvel Inc. I solemnly swear that there is no monetary gain on my part by writing this FICTIONAL alternate universe to “The X-Men.” All original characters and plotlines are my sole property and I release them to GayAuthors.org for web-publishing.



Chapter 7: Life’s a Dance, Learn to Tango


I could feel the rush of power surging through me, not only because Keith was close, but because no one had defied my taking over, I knew telepathy was a far more subtle way to tell everyone what to do, but I knew it would also mean that we'd lose the element of surprise if

Keith's bitch ass decided to scan for any telepathic activity, I hoped they hadn't thought about it, but just in case they had, I joined the professor and called over all available mutants.


"Listen I know I said that plan Alpha Beta Zigma was in effect, but if the Brotherhood scanned the place for telepathic activity they know, and they also know how we're gonna attack, so I suggest that we scrap that plan and put in Beta Beta Nu, the only thing that's kept the same is the decoy everything else is done as if I was Storm, got it?"


"I'm glad you all decided to bring your uniforms under your clothes, I imagine fighting in suits and dresses would have been quite difficult. I also think that Chris's suggestion is very wise, we will not discuss any details, all of you have gone through this training routine at least 3 times, if you're not sure what to do follow the other's lead. I'm going to go with the sedate power mutants; it’s our safest bet to keep them alive."


Jean softly landed next to the group and was filled in, she gave Xavier the coordinates of where the humans were, she knew in time he'd have to erase most of their memories lest they took these events to be more of the presumed dangers which mutants brought with them. Shortly after Jean had landed Storm glided into sight, she too was quickly filled in, and she too told the Professor where the sedate powered mutants were, she then went to the students that were waiting for her, I sensed a pulse through the air and knew what had come; Keith and The Brotherhood had arrived at the bend right before this mausoleum, now was the time to put the plan into action. Nightcrawler, meanwhile teleported Xavier to the sedate powered mutants, I knew he’d figure out a way to use their powers.





Chris saw a fireball fly towards them and he knew the only plan that would be in effect was survival, and he let everyone know that.




The plasma ball, as Longshot called it, landed less than 3 feet away from where they were all standing.


"All right, forget any plan, just do your best to stay alive and unharmed, maintain a team around you at all times, do not try anything smart, now SPLIT!!!!"


Core, Iceman, Pyro, Magma, Torch, Puck, Jubilee, Multiple Man, and Shadowcat split to one side, hoping to draw Keith's attention so that the others could lower Magneto's defenses. Copycat, Longshot, Sunspot, Havok, and Beastmaster ran in the opposite direction hoping in turn to divert Lance's crew's attention, they all knew the X-Men would take care of the tough ones like Magneto, Sabretooth, and Mystique. Lance and the rest of the small cookies were up for the Junior X's to grab, Chris was clear in one thing, only he fought Keith, and were he to fall they should all just go before Keith got to any of them.


"Hey, Keith!!! What's up?" Chris shot a fireball straight at Keith, who simply deflected it with an energy field.


"Oh Chris, have we really sunk this low in our life?"


"It's not your life, you have your own pathetic existence now, one may I say filled with things like Toad and Avalanche, you must be really proud of yourself" Chris levitated to reach Keith's height, his uniform flowed around him, Keith was now wearing a tight, form fitting red jumpsuit with black accents running through it like blood.


"You are nothing but a pathetic fly, and I will squash you just like one!!!!" Keith formed a fireball in his hand and hurled at Chris who dodged to the left and hurled a thunder bolt at Keith. Keith flew up and then freefell at full speed in Chris's direction.


A chunk of ground flew up from under Chris, heading straight at him, going at breakneck speed, Chris saw no way out, but knew he had powers too, and he decided the best thing to do was to use them.


The piece of ground stopped its ascent, an Oak tree rose and burst into flames, as thunder surrounded it, Chris flung it at Keith, and decided to have a go with his molecular combustion power. Chris flung a hand at Keith and was surprised when Keith was thrown back, and sparks and smoke erupted from his torso.


"I see you've gotten control of your powers. But why don't you try THIS on for size!!!" A white orb formed on Keith's forehead, as he finished his sentence the orb shot towards Chris, he had no idea what to do, but his instincts were to deflect it with Telekinesis. He swung his hand in a sweeping motion toward Keith, and the orb backtracked, Keith was caught unaware and got hit by both his own attack and Chris's Telekinetic wave.


"I guess this little fly is too much for your swatter to squash!!!” Keith froze and the thunderbolt that he'd begun throwing stopped dead in its tracks, now everything around Chris was stopped, he used this extra time to check on the others, he saw Jean about to hit a tree and gently pushed her out of the way, he saw Wanda trying to catch Bobby with one of her jinxes from behind and placed a tree branch in Wanda's way, and so he made his way around the battle field, moving faster than light. When he was done he placed himself behind Keith, and readied a thunder-fire-water-wood-earth-air- metal-ball (from now on elemental ball)


Time fell back into its normal pace and Chris surprised Keith by hitting him full force with the elemental ball. Keith free-fell to the ground; unconscious.



Chris knew the risk he was taking was big, but he needed to give Magneto a hard blow, and if he could just use this momentum to bring either one of his commanders down, he'd take the chance. He was not just putting himself in danger, he was putting the others in danger too, but he'd made himself a weapon: Rogue. He was gonna use her and Keith's powers to squash one of Magneto's big guns, she knew and he knew she knew, but even if she didn't want to, he could tap into the energy she'd suck out of Keith, and boost his own powers with it.


Rogue flew over to Chris, knowing full well what Chris's plans for her were.


"Well, I'm here suga. What's it we're going after?"


"We're going after Sabretooth, and if we have enough time, and luck, Mystique. How much did you take from Keith?"


"I took enough, almost drained him into myself. I locked his thoughts with his own powers, he's way too complex for lil' ol' me."


"Well, well, look what the dog dragged in...filth!"


Sabretooth launched himself in Rogue's direction, she immediately produced a telekinetic field, David realized how much like Jean she looked, then he realized she WAS Jean, she had used his, or Keith's, power of morphing to become Jean. He scanned her mind and understood that she had done so to control the newly acquired Psionic powers. She had admired Jean's utter control and now that she had nowhere else to turn she had turned to the one person she could always depend on, her 'sister', Jean.


A chunk of ground rose in Sabretooth's way, creating a  nauseating "crack" sound as he hit the chunk headfirst. Rogue took her cue and turned into Wolverine, and stretched out his claws, she was gonna get this guy, why Chris had no idea.


"Rogue, Logan's powers are not absolute when you transform!!! Be careful!!"


Sabretooth got up, and held Rogue by her waist, she tried to use her strength, but with the extra power she had taken from Keith instead of simply breaking free she broke Sabretooth's arm. Then she hit him over the head, making yet another nauseating "crack" sound, he flopped to the floor unconscious, his body limp, and his breath ragged, Chris could not have cared less, he simply left Rogue to deal with him, Iceman, Magma, and Havok caught up with him, Chris saw Mystique fighting Jean, and decided he wanted to capture her rather than simply knock her out. He was going to use her to get to Magneto, but the only way he could do that was to get Mystique and learn everything he could about Magneto, but the other problem was Professor Charles Xavier. Would this mutant professing equality allow them to capture another mutant? Would he care about keeping Mystique against her will? He had to find out, and he knew exactly how to do it. He was gonna ask him.



Core knew what this meant, Mystique was his, and through her Magneto.








Each went his or her way, Iceman shot his freezing rays at Mystique, one catching her shoulder, and slowly spreading, Magma shot a molten ball at her which caught her square on the right leg, Mystique stumbled on to the floor, and morphed into an eagle, Jean caught her in a telekinetic hold, Mystique kept on morphing from one animal to another, sometimes even making herself mythical animals, and once even trying to fool them by morphing into Keith, which would've worked had it not been for Rogue, she had arrived and thought mystique a re-awakened Keith, She launched herself at Mystique and by pure mistake knocked her out by over-absorbing her energy. Mystique was down, and Chris had his prisoner, he was gonna get Magneto, and here at his feet, were his tickets; Mystique and Sabretooth.







"What's happenned now Bub?"


"We caught our links to Magneto. Sabretooth and Mystique."




"Who? Calm down Logan what are you talking about? You'll kill who?"




Chris's voice boomed from within him, with such force that he startled himself.





Chris grasped control of himself and landed next to Logan, he floated his "guests" in front of him, and gave Logan a look to kill.


"Next time you feel like having a shouting match, just call me."


Logan was surprised that Chris would take such a defensive position; Logan was however not half as surprised as Chris. He seemed to be on a roll today, he had enough balls left to do one more thing, even if in the way he would yet again hurt someone he cared for.


He stashed Mystique and Sabretooth in separate cells, he then placed locks upon locks upon locks on both cells, and then added three of McCoy’s energy fields to the last door, he knew the measures were quite extreme, but he also knew that Mystique and Sabretooth were not to be taken lightly. Now there was only one more thing to do, before this newly gained confidence went flying out the window.



[In Chris's Dorm Room]


Bobby sat patiently waiting for Chris, he had to admit that seeing Keith and Chris fighting had made him horny, he knew it was wrong that something that risked his lover’s life would arouse him to a point where mere sex was not satisfying, he wanted, hot, raw, unadulterated, hardcore, bareback, heart-thumping fuck session. And if Chris wasn't up to it, he knew his right hand would more than gladly grab his 8 inch fuckpole and milk him dry, even if it was absolutely unrealistic.


He knew deep in his heart that there was a possibility that Chris would not want to, and he was more than prepared for it. He was half-expecting to be shot down, it had been a long shot to come here but he wanted to know just how far he and Chris would go.




[A Hallway Deep Inside The Mansion]


Chris made his way down the darkened hallway, his hands sweaty, it seemed that this hallway was taken out of a horror film, flickering lights, freakish sounds, weird smells. It seemed to be absolutely fitting for HIM it was so...


Something creaked behind him, he turned around, fireball in hand, thunderbolt forming at the tips of his right hand, he looked around and found nothing but a mouse quickly scurrying away. Even though it had been a mouse Chris's senses remained at full alert, he half-expected Freddie Krugger, or Michael Myers, or Jason, to jump out at the next bend and begin to chase him. He got to the door he'd been looking for, and immediately felt his dick throb with pleasure. His ass had desired this dick for a very long time, and right now, he had just enough courage and confidence left to go after it, what he found would only serve to make him even hornier.


"OH MY MOTHER-FUCKING GOSH!!! I'm sorry Logan...Scott, I just....well

I was....I'll....Can I join you?"


Chris had walked in on Scott being mercilessly fucked by Logan's huge cock, it seemed to come close to about 11 or 12 inches, and Chris wanted every single one of those inches up his ass and down his throat, all he needed was a yes from either one of these hunks, and his clothes would be off in a heart-beat.


"Waddaya say Logan he's got a sweet ass, and he can work that mouth like you don't even imagine."


"All right kid, you can cum with us, but if you ever utter a word" Logan's claws slid out "You know what can happen."


Chris immediately took his shirt off, and slid out of his pants, his 8 inch pole stood at half attention, his body had returned to its regular state. Chris's abs had been re-defined, his tan had set back in, his muscle definition which had been lost was back, clearer than ever, his smooth chest with only a gentle sweep of hair at the treasure trail made him look amazing, he was proud of his body, so proud in fact that his half-erected cock stood at full attention, Scott and Logan re-organized themselves on Logan's bed, and Chris knew exactly what was gonna happen Logan was at the foot of the bed, which meant his dick was going up Chris's ass, and Scott, being by the headboard was gonna get just that, head. His dick throbbed in anticipation, he was gonna get it like he hadn't had it since the day he fucked Scott and that wasn't bad at all.


"Hey kid, you gonna stand there and stare or are you gonna join us?"


"C'mon Logan, I just wanna take in all the hotness that are the 2 of you together" Chris walked to the bed and caressed Logan's chest "After all, I'm only....mutant, right? And I’ll suck you dry even if..augh augh"


Scott had shoved his dick down Chris's throat, simultaneous with Logan shoving his up Chris's ass. The mixed sensation of pain and pleasure, drove Chris both insane and mad, he wanted more but he also wanted it to stop, which sensation was bigger he still couldn't figure out. Slowly the pain slipped into the shadows of Chris's mind, pleasure overtook his every sense, and ecstasy became the only thing in his mind.


Logan began to pump slowly letting Chris's invaded ass get accustomed to the intruder. His thrusts were controlled, his hips moved rhythmically, Chris could feel every single one of his thrusts going deeper into his ass, slowly loosening it, stretching it to Logan's size, all he could do was suck on Scott's 10 inches so that all of the institute wouldn't find out he was being fucked.


Scott moaned and thrust his hips to meet Chris's lowering mouth, he could feel Chris's tonsils brushing lightly against his dick, he could see Chris's luscious lips surrounding his cock, the mere sight drove him close to cumming, but the final straw to break the camel's back was how Logan's dick made Chris moan, which reverberated in Chris's vocal chords making vibrations swim through Scott's dick. The sensations were too much, Scott shot his load into the back of Chris's throat, Chris savored each little bit of the elixir. Scott went limp, and dosed off.


Logan's thrusts began to come faster and faster, making Chris moan and grunt from the pleasure of it all.


It took about five more minutes before Logan exploded inside Chris, filling Chirrs with his hot seed, making the sensations heighten and causing Chris to blow his own load onto Logan’s bed. Logan leaned onto Chris and kissed him deeply. Chris broke away and began getting dressed.


“Gimme a couple minutes and we can have a second go kid”


“I got what I came here for Logan, now I’m gonna go to bed, and dream sweet dreams...and by the way, from now on, if I want it I’ll have it, so always be on the lookout.”


Chris looked back over his shoulder at Logan and the smirk on his face spoke all the things that his lips never would. Chris knew he was hurting Bobby, but for some reason he simply couldn’t bring himself to stop.


He made his way through the mansion, his thoughts constantly on Keith. There was something weird about having an actual and factual evil twin walking around. Chris had noticed that Keith’s eyes were no longer blood red, they were becoming green again, and his muscle definition had gone from bodybuilder to gym-rat. Maybe Keith was losing the extra umph he’d gotten in the split...maybe Keith would start to look more and more like Chris. The possibility alone would prove a huge hurdle for the X-Men, what would happen if in a fight Keith would assume Chris’s full shape? Would the X-Men doubt which “Chris” to hit? Would Jean ID of Chris’s Psionic signature be enough?


His mind wandered and plotted a thousand different scenarios, sending him into a bit of a panic, but somehow he found himself in front of his door. He sensed Bobby inside, and suddenly he knew that the man on his bed was the man he truly lusted for, the man he wanted to be with in every sense. He could still feel some of Logan’s cum in his crack, and taste some of Scott, and always the scent of sex lingered on the person. He would have to shower before he lay down with Bobby, he had to keep his secret; otherwise the love he felt would not be returned.


He opened his door, and was glad to find that Bobby was asleep. He grabbed his towel and a new pair of underwear and got in the shower. He let the hot water scorch his skin of the cheating, of the sweat and grime that had come from breaking Bobby’s heart. He lathered himself up and scrubbed his skin raw; he wanted to somehow erase the encounter from his skin.


“Babe, is that you?”


“Yea...be out in a sec”


Chris looked at his reflection in the mirror, and he hated himself a little for doing what he’d done. He wished that he could somehow stop feeling this unbound lust for every male specimen that ran across him. He wondered if the split with Keith had something to do with this. He looked at the bathroom door and he wondered if it’d be best to just tell Bobby everything, to just lay all the cards on the table and begin anew. He wanted to have the courage to just tell Bobby and to put all this behind them, but he knew that no matter what, Bobby would never forgive him for something so dark. He drowned his feelings in barriers and suppressed them; he didn’t want Bobby to stumble on them by mistake.


He slipped on his briefs, toweled his hair and walked out, a smile on his face, wanting nothing more than to lay by Bobby all night, to just enjoy the company of that man who loved him as much he loved him.


“SO...Mr. Drake, pray tell what are you doing in my bedroom?”


“Well Mr. Grey, I came by to make sure you were OK after everything that happened at the cemetery. You seemed a bit tense when we got back here.”


“Truth be told, I feel like I took charge, and there was no one there to take my hand after that. I felt momentarily powerful, and then suddenly I realized that if anyone got hurt, if we lost anyone, it would lie on my shoulders, and at that exact moment I felt like the loneliest person on Earth. I understood why Jean gets bitchy when it comes down to crunch time, she has to separate her feelings from the situation and just try and get everyone organized and out of harm’s way, or at least as prepared as can be possible. I wanted to protect you, and only you, I wanted to keep you at my side and not let you out of my sight for any reason...I could’ve made some really bad choices really quickly, it took all I had to send you into a force different than the one I was on...”


Bobby wrapped his arms around Chris and just held him. Knowing that he’d done something as bad as he had, it killed him a little when he saw Chris being so vulnerable and defenseless. He wanted to tell Chris what he’d done that fateful day, he wanted to just blurt it out and get it out of the way, to give this a better chance to grow into the epic romance that it might be if he wasn’t keeping this awful secret. He looked into Chris’s deep green eyes, and his heart hurt a little.


Chris was lost inside Bobby’s ice blue eyes. He could stare into those eyes for years and never need anything other than the arms that held him and those eyes. He leaned his head upwards and kissed Bobby softly on the lips.


“I love you Bobby, I really do.”


Bobby kissed Chris deeply, wanting to use his kiss like Chris had used his words, there could be no doubt left in Chris’s mind of how much Bobby loved him, this kiss had to be deep and utterly filled with Bobby’s unspoken feelings. They began to make out passionately, their bodies pressing one to the other.


Chris wanted this to happen, he wanted to give all of himself to Bobby, but something deep inside him pulled away. He suppressed that part of him, tried to silence the voice, to give himself over to the love of his life. He kissed Bobby deeper and pressed his body closer, the lust rose within him, and his hands began to grope.

All known characters, titles and other related products are the sole property of their original creators. All original characters are my sole property.
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