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My...Butler? - 1. Chapter 1:

"I'm Ciel Phantomhive." I said to myself, as my butler was putting on my clothes for me, he swiftly tied my eye patch over our contract that was place in my eye. Did I mention that my butler, Sebastian Michaelis, is a demon butler from hell? No? Well, he is. And 2 yrs ago my parents we're murder by the queen of england, and her butler. Ever since then, I made a contract w/ this beautiful demon. His contract is forever sealed into my eye, until the day he takes my soul away. This demon, has human prefences, hes amazingly beauitful. I sometimes catch myself staring. Here I go, I'm going off topic here, sorry. On w/ the story.* "Young master, today-" Sebastain was about to begin, but I cut him off, being the smart ass that I am. "I wish to relax." I said. He sighed, his black hair fell over his dark, red eyes. He pushed it out the way. "Master." He tried to began, a leture that I knew I had to stop. "No! You can change it to tomorrow. Now, I would like some sweets." I said, picking up my walking stick as I headed down stairs. I stopped in the middle of the stair case, and looked up at the picture of my parents. Sebastian appaers behind me. "Your dad look's just like you, my lord." He said, giving that god awful!....Sexy smirk of his.. I shook my head. "I want this removed!" I said, walking down to the end of the stair case, I stop before he could even let out a gasp. "I'm am Ciel Phantomhive! Head of the Phantomhive's, owner of the Phantomhive's candy, and toys. I'm 16, and I ow-" I was trying to say, but he cut me off. "Yes my lord." He said, I knew he was smirking! He had to be, he always does! I looke back, ready to yell, as I gasped instead. The painting was gone, no where in site. "How?..." "I'm a one hell of a butler, I'm am the Phantomhive's butler, if I can't do something as elemtrey as this, then I am no butler." He said smirking, he rolled up his selves and walked in the kitchen, making my sweets. I sighed, I walked into the kitchen , took a chair and sat down, as I watched him work for me. His back was turned from me, but I knew he knows everything I'm doing, thinking, saying. He pisses me off! Yet... "I love you...." I whisper, the words just seemed to silp from my mouth. Sebastian turned around. "What was that?" He said. I felt my face turning a burning red "Nothing, uh. I love your sweets!" I said, leaving the kitchen instantly.

The door bell rang, Sebastian sighed and asnwered it. I came behind him to see who it was, my eye's widen. There she was, the nun he fucked when I was around 12 yrs old, that made me so fucking jeasouls! I glared. "Hello Sebastian." She said, walking in. He smirked. Fucker! "Hello dear Anna." He said, kissing her hand. I coughed. "What business do you have here, walking into my mansion like this?!" I said, rasing my voice. There he goes again, smirking that smirk that makes my legs weak, my heart beat harder. Damn him. "Oh please Sebastain may I stay here? My house is being repiared!" She said, going into his arms, fake crying. Sebastian looked at me. "May she, young master?" He said, so calmly, knowing how much this rips me apart! I put my head down, I felt the tears wheal up, I had to get out of there. "Sure whatever." Was all I could say, as I hurried to my room. "Bring me my sweets when ready!" I yelled, closing the door, I felt the tears fall from my face. Love hurts. About 10 mintues later, I heard them both go into Sebastian's room. His room being my mind I moved a drawer reavling a hole that you can see into his room w/. I peeked on them, my eyes widen. She was standing there naked infront of him, Sebastian not even for a second taking his eyes off of her. She bent over as she unbulked his belt, she pulled out his dick. I couldn't quite see how long it was, but I clearly saw how thick...like a bear can. She took the whole thing in her mouth. The tears lashed out, I ran to my bed and put a pillow over my head. Crying, they where so loud. Pictures fell, as I kept hearing moaning, and banging. I lost yet again, and knew it. I finally went to sleep. The next morning, she supposely left, saying her house was fixed. Sebastain woke me up, I was still in my formal wear, he lifted his hand to get me indressed, I slapped his hand away. "Don't touch me!!" I yelled, the tears came back. I put my head down. Sebastian brought his face to mine. "Young master, why are you crying?" He asked. He really was clueless! "You fool! I love you!" I said, as I hit him in the chest, I grabbed him by the collar and our lips met.


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