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timmy's poetry - 57. daniel

a true story ... 



poor boy

when you were little

just a young thing

you got into trouble,

and you’d never get out


from your mom and gran

money you stole

it was their last straw

out you were thrown

and the big city drew you


trouble did too

seven years on the street

at age twenty-three

you drew your last breath

betrayed by your friends


people you knew

beat you to death

and left you alone

but later returned

to set you alight


your family buried you

on a bright sunny day

with tears in their eyes

and remorse in their hearts

as your name left their lips




for daniel smith, beaten to death by friends with a hammer.  he'd been on the street for 7 years.  he was 23

Copyright © 2017 Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

pain, emptiness, horror ring through this. you made me weep for a boy i never knew. the most painful thing about this, is that there was a real life named daniel you honor him tonight, tim

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9 hours ago, MichaelS36 said:

tim knows only too well of life on the streets. He's written much about his own time there, and how it feels to be truly invisible.  The detectives did a wonderful job,  it wouldn't have too many years ago, when a case like this would have been pushed aside.

I agree it's heartening to see the justice system working for the people on the street who are so often overlooked, even if it meant little in the end to this poor young man.

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2 hours ago, BDANR said:

A tragic and disturbing loss. This is a meaningful and personable tribute to Daniel. RIP.

hey.. thanks for reading and your comments .. 

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