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School Daze - 6. Chapter 6

Ryan, Joel, and Brye stood out front of the AMC Rivers East Theater waiting for Emmett, his date and Olivia to arrive.

Joel had purchased his, Ryan, Emmett, and Stephanie’s ticket, Emmett called saying they were running late, and he would pay Joel when he got there, while Brye got his and Olivia’s.

The movie’s show time was 8:30pm it was already 8:10 and Brye was starting to worry. He paced up and down the sidewalk biting nervously on his thumbnail hoping his date would arrive soon.

“Hey, little bro, relax she’ll show.” Joel said reassuringly. Joel rested his back against the red brick wall beside the large displayed picture of Russell Crowe as Robin Hood. Ryan rested his back against Joel’s chest loving the feel of his arms draped around his waist.

Ryan watched Brye pace back and forth and he couldn’t remember a time Brye was this nervous. “Yeah Brye relax.” He smiled warmly.

“What if she changes her mind, thinks I’m a loser or something?” Brye asked with a look of sheer terror on his face.

“Stop worrying she’ll be here.” Joel said confidently before kissing Ryan on the top of his head. Ryan was amazed at how openly affectionate Joel was in public. The few glances they received and it was just a few, Ryan was sure went un-noticed by Joel.

“There’s Emmett.” Joel nodded toward the couple heading in their direction. Ryan stepped aside as he felt Joel pushed himself off the wall. “I’ll be right back.” Joel said as he walked toward his friend. Ryan watched Joel and Emmett greet each other with their traditional handshake and double pat on the back.

Ryan walked over to Brye who was looking as if the world was going to end at any moment. His heart went out to him, he knew if Olivia didn’t show up Brye would be crushed.

“You okay?” Ryan asked in a hushed tone as he placed his hand consoling on his friends shoulder. A bob of the head along with a heavy sigh was Brye’sonly reply. The movie was about to start and everyone was heading inside.

“Hey you guys know Stephanie?” Joel asked as they approached Ryan and Brye. Stephanie was a cheerleader from school and Emmett’s date for the evening. She was very pretty with a slender “Barbie Doll” frame, the best tan that money could buy and long cascading loose blond hair that fell freely past her shoulders.

“Hey Stephanie.” Ryan greeted.

“Um…yeah, hey…” Bryesaid absentmindedly, clearly distracted looking over the throng of people making their way into the theater.

“Hey guys.” Stephanie’s voice was light and bubbly. Emmett stood next to her wrapping his arm around her waist causing her to giggle.

Joel and Ryan shared an amusing glance at Emmett’s hook up for the evening. Joel smiled as he held is hand out to Ryan’s. As Ryan reached for Joel’s hand a huge smile formed on his lips as he noticed a young woman heading their way. He figured she had to be Olivia; she was as pretty as Brye described and she had a sparkle in her eyes when she spotted him. She walks hurriedly toward them with an apologetic look in her eyes. Ryan nudged Joel on the shoulder and nodded in her direction.

Ahhh…” His eyes widen with approval.

Her smiled was as bright and cheery, her long curly brown hair bounced off her shoulder with every step. She was dressed in a pair of faded skinny jeans, an orange floral tank that she wore under an open denim bolero sleeveless vest. She slowed down, as she got closer; she placed her finger to her lips

“Shhh….” She winked at Ryan and Joel and cautiously tipped toed behind Brye. She stifled a sweet giggle and placed her hands over his eyes.

“Guess who.” She said softly into Byre’s ear.

“Heyyyy…” Brye turned excitedly, resisting the urge to hug her. They both laughed standing there neither saying a word, just smiling at each other with silly grin.

“I thought you stood me up.” Byre admitted sounding relieved.

“Now why would I do that?” Olivia asked shrugging her shoulder still smiling at Brye.

“Hey guys the movie is starting we need to get inside.” Ryan reminded them.

“Yeah and I want to get some popcorn before we find out seats.” Joel added rubbing his hands together briskly.

“Oh yeah… Olivia this is my brother Joel…my friend Ryan, oh and…” He looked around. “The red head with the blond standing over there is Emmett and his friend Stephanie. Everyone this is Olivia.” He smiled proudly, her name flowed off his lips like a smooth melody.

“Hi everybody.” Olivia gave a shy wave and giggled softly “I’m sorry I’m late I had to drop my little brother off at the baby sitters before heading over.” She smiled at Brye.

“Oh no problem, we knew you would make it.” Joel said, “It’s nice to meet you Olivia.”

“It’s very nice to meet you.” Ryan extended his hand to greet her. Olivia smiled and shook Ryan’s hand as Brye stood by watching with a huge grin on his face.

Emmett and Stephanie said their hellos as everyone made their way inside the theater.

There were several lines formed at the concession stand. Emmett and Stephanie ordered the value pack, which consisted of two drinks and a large popcorn. As Brye and Olivia made their way to the front of the line, Olivia reached in her small purse to retrieve her money.

“Hey, what are you doing, I got you.” Byre smiled patting his back pocket. “Order what you want.” He insisted.

“Are you sure?” Olivia asked hesitantly, “I mean I’ve got money and I am kind of hungry.”
“Sure…” Brye waved as if it was no big deal.

“Okaay…thanks.” She stepped forward resting both hands on the counter and placed her order. “Okay I’ll have the pretzel bits with the jalapeños cheese dipping sauce please.” “We can share those.” She nodded to Brye eagerly.

“Sure…” Byre smiled stepping up to place his order and just as he opened his mouth to speak…. “And I’ll hav-“ Brye stopped mid sentence.

“And one beef hot dog loaded a small popcorn, Um…one box of hot tamales, and a diet coke.” Olivia smiled politely.

Bryestood there in shock, eyes widen and mouth agape as he listened taking in a huge breath of air. Joel noticed the look of surprise on his brother’s face and chuckled into his fist to hide his laughter. Ryan just buried his face in Joel’s chest to keep from laughing aloud, while Olivia was oblivious to Brye’sreaction.

Joel folded a twenty-dollar bill and secretly placed it in his brother’s back pocket. Brye glanced over his shoulder breathing a sigh of relief and with an appreciative look on his face, he mouthed the words

“Thank you.” Brye ordered an orange crush and a hot dog and called it a day.

Ryan and Joel went more traditional and ordered a large bucket of popcorn, nachos, two hot dogs, and two large cokes.

Once inside the theater everyone found their seats, sat back, and prepared to enjoy the movie. Joel did the yawn and stretch thing placing his arm around Ryan’s shoulder who just smiled and snuggled his head under Joel’s arm resting it against his chest. He inhaled deeply allowing Joel’s natural fresh scent to lull him At that moment nothing else mattered, not what Jace said or what Kenney insinuated…at that moment Joel was all his.

Ryan smiled reaching into the tub of buttery popcorn, grabbing a hand full. He reached up placing a few at the entrance of Joel mouth. Joel stuck out his tongue pulling the fluffy cornels inside, enjoying the hot buttery treat.

“Mmm…good.” He said between chews. Ryan smiled and placed the remaining few into his own mouth.


After the movie was over, the gang stood outside of the theater giving their reviews.

“Well if you ask me, I would give it a solid ‘C’.” Emmett said.

“Yeah, I think it was okay, but I have to agree with you.” Ryan added, “Definitely a ‘C’.” Joel nodded with a half shrug pulling Ryan closer to him.

“I thought it was pretty good, I’d say a ‘B’. Stephanie added.

“I like more of a romantic movie.” Olivia sighed dreamingly, causing Brye and everyone to smile.

“Okay guys…what do you say to pizza, beer and a game of pool?” Joel suggested.

“Pizza sound wonderful, I’m starving.” Olivia giggled rubbing her tummy. Brye laughed shaking his head in disbelief.

“Give the lady what she wants.” He smiled.

“Okay Nicks Billiard Academy it is. Olivia, did you need a ride?” Joel asked.

“No I drove, want to ride over with me Brye?” She asked.


“You know how to get there?” Joel inquired.

“Yes, it’s off Pulski Rd in the strip center.” Olivia answered fishing for her keys.

“We’ll see you over there.” Brye nodded as he and Olivia headed to her car.

They all showed up around the same time and headed inside. The place was littered with Billiard tables, arcade games lined against sidewall. Closer to the back was the dance floor surrounded by dining tables. As they stepped in the sound of Duran Duran’s Notorious was blasting through the speakers drawing several folks to the dance floor.

“Oh my god, I love this song.” Stephanie squealed with delight. “Dance with me.” She said dragging Emmett on to the dance floor.

“Hey man what do you want on your pizza!?” Joel called out.

“Whatever is fine!” Emmett replied already grooving to the electric beat.

Joel laughed and asked, “Okay guys what do you want?” Ryan, Brye, and Olivia looked thoughtfully at the menu on the wall in front of them.

“What about the California pizza?” Olivia asked.”

“That’s fine with me.” Brye agreed.

“What about you babe?” Joel smiled placing his hand on the small of Ryan’s back.

“Um…” Ryan hesitated unsure of what he wanted.

“They make a really good Greek pizza.” Olivia offered. Ryan read the ingredients. It had Peeled Plum tomatoes, Garlic, and Fresh Bocconcini Mozzarella in Marinara Sauce topped with fresh Basil.

“There’s no meat on that one.” Ryan laughed, “You mom would like that.” He said nudging Brye in the ribs.

“Yeah, right.” Brye laughed.

“What about the ‘God Father’, it has sausage, pepperoni, and bacon.” Joel suggested as he scanned the variety of pizzas offered.

“Okay let’s go with that.” Ryan said.

“Oh and can we get an order of wings and garlic bread?” Olivia asked shyly. “I’m a little hungry.”

“Good god man, how are you going to feed that woman?” Ryan leaned over and whispered in Brye’s ear. Brye just nodded, stupefied.

“Okay so two large pizzas, order of wings and bread sticks...cool?” Joel confirmed their order before placing it. “Oh and a pitcher of Beer and a pitcher of soda?” He asked with a shrug of the shoulder. Everyone agreed.

While Emmett and Stephanie were still on the dance floor and Usher’s Yeah started to play.

“Heyyy… come on Brye lets dance.” Olivia started dancing by herself. Brye joined in as they danced onto floor.

“Let’s go.” Joel nodded to crowd on the floor.

“Let’s go.” Ryan laughed heading to the dance floor. They ended up next to Brye and Olivia who was getting low on the dance floor swinging her hips from side to side seductively, pulling her hair back of her shoulders as she guided Brye to mimic her moves. Joel smiled impressed by her style of dancing.

Emmett teasingly did the ‘Cabbage Patch’ dancing his was over to the group. Right in the middle of the song, the DJ slid “Beyonce’s Single ladies into the mix causing the guys to step back and watch Olivia and Stephanie dance with the rest of the girls on the dance floor holding their left hand up in the air as they danced to the song. That song went right into ‘Get Me Bodied’ and then into ‘Love Like This’ remix, and they motioned for the guys to rejoin them back on the dance floor. Joel pulled Ryan back on the dance floor as Emmett and Brye joined their dates.

By the end of the set, everyone was tired, sweaty, and thirsty. They made their way over to their table where the server placed the food and drinks...

“Is this us?” Emmett asked as he used the back of his hand to wipe the sweat from his brow.

“Yeah.” Joel answered pouring Ryan a glass of beer as everyone set down.

“God, I need a drink.” Stephanie said trying to catch her breath, pulling her hair off her neck fanning it with her hand in an effort to cool down.

“Girl you got some moves.” Brye complimented Olivia as he took a sip of his beer.

“Yeah, it’s called mirror dancing.” Olivia replied taking a bite of her bread stick.

“Mirror dancing?” Ryan questioned.

“Yeah, you know…dancing in the mirror when no one is watching.” Olivia giggled.

“Ohhh…” Ryan laughed pulling off a slice of Pizza.

“This is really good.” Joel nodded between chews.

“Yeah it is…” Everyone agreed while eating.

Everyone was stuffed, well everyone except Olivia who was finishing off the last of the California pizza.

“Come on man; let me kick your ass in a game of pool.” Joel said to Emmett.

“Fuck that man I got five that says I’ll kick your ass dude.”

“Make it ten and you’ve got a deal.” Joel teased.

“You’re on.”

Joel won the first game taking Emmett’s ten, who insisted on playing another in order to win back his money.

Olivia sat quietly as she watched the boys play another game of pool. Her fingers twirled the ends of her long, curly hair. It was amusing to her; the boys focusing so seriously on the game.

"Hurry up and shoot, man.” Emmett complained as Joel eyed the table speculatively.

"Be patient.” Joel stated and looked at how many billiard balls he had left. He was solids and Emmett was stripes.

"I am patient, but I don't want  this game to last until the next millennium.” Emmett said. Joel leaned forward, positioning the pool stick and his eyes, sparkling with amusement, shot up to Emmett.

"So eager to lose again, Emmett?” Joel chuckled. Emmett flicked him off and Joel just laughed, pulling the stick back and striking the cue ball with ease. It rolled, knocking into a striped 14, hitting a solid 3 into a corner pocket.

"What the hell!” Emmett complained, ready to snap the billiard stick in half.

"Chill, man, it's just a game." Brye said.

"To you, maybe," Emmett scoffed. "But for someone like me, who can actually play, it's a big deal."

"Yeah, whatever, man," Brye rolled his eyes and smirked at Olivia, who giggled in return.

Joel eyed the table again; he now only had to get the 8 ball in to win. So, to stroke his ego, he took his time to stretch, cracking the joints in his neck and fingers amusing Ryan, who just shook his head and smiled proudly.

"So, who wants to play after I kick Emmett's ass…again?” He asked. No one raised their hand or announced that they would play. Olivia looked around, timidly biting her lip, before slowly raising her hand.

"Uh… I will," She offered. Joel smiled at her.

"Cool," he said.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Emmett exclaimed. "This little girl wants to play?” He questioned and laughed. "Oh, that's rich!"

"Emmett, don't be an ass," Brye defended and wrapped an arm around Olivia's shoulders. "I’m sure my girl can play."

Everyone shot him a look after he said that. It took Brye a while to realize what he said, before he dropped his arm and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"Well, Brye, I'd like to see your girl try." Emmett mocked.

"Never underestimate a girl, Emmett." Ryan warned.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's finish this." Emmett brushed off. Joel shook his head and walked around the table, trying to find a good angle. Once he did, he lean forward one last time, and positioned the stick.

“Eight ball in the side pocket.” Joel announced his move.

Then, pulling his arm back, he snapped the stick forward, striking the cue ball and effortlessly hitting the ball into the side pocket just as he said, effectively ending the game.

"On to the next one," Joel said with a smirk. Emmett glared at him and picked up his beer from the side table.

"Must be something in the beer," He mumbled before taking a sip. "Alright, Little Miss Sunshine," Emmett threw a smug look at Olivia. "Let's see what ya' got."

"It's alright, Livvy, you've got this." Stephanie encouraged. Olivia smiled and stood up from her seat. Everyone watched quietly as she pulled a hair band out of her pocket, and pulled her full locks up into a ponytail.

"Rack 'em up, boys." She said and everyone gave 'whoops' and whistles as she chocked up the end of a billiard stick. Joel smirked and racked up the billiard balls on the table. Once finished, he gave a nod signaling the game to start.

"Ladies first," He offered. Everyone could feel the energy buzz through the room causing them to stop what they were doing and look in the direction of the group of friends surrounding the pool table. One of the people sitting at the bar smirked and got up. He walked over to the jukebox and popped a quarter in, quickly choosing a song.

Olivia smiled at Joel and positioned herself in front of the cue ball. She leaned forward, pulling the stick back, striking the cue ball with ease, knocking the rest into disarray. "Go Insane," by Lindsey Buckingham suddenly blasted through the speakers and the game began.

Joel eyed the table, cupping his right hand around his chin in thought. Then, he smirked and aimed at the cue ball, striking it. The ball rolled across the table, knocking a solid 3 into a side pocket. Joel smirked triumphantly while Olivia kept a poker face as Joel struck the cue ball again, this time only tapping a solid lightly.

It was Olivia's turn and she tried to find a stripe to get her in the game. She found one and leaned forward. She struck the cue ball, effectively knocking a striped six into a corner pocket. Everyone's eyes widened and she smirked, walking around the table to find another angle.

Minutes passed, and the table was now down to a few billiard balls; Olivia was winning. Emmett stood up awestruck, when he watched Olivia go for the 8 ball. She leaned forward calling her shot in deep concentration and hit the cue ball, knocking the 8 ball into a pocket.

"No fucking way!" Emmett gasped as everyone cheered. Brye stood up and grabbed Olivia around the waste, spinning her around.

"You go girl!" Stephanie cheered, taking a chug of beer.

"No way, that's it!" Emmett said defiantly. "Rack 'em up!” He demanded and Joel did so with a laugh. Emmett snatched a stick of the rack on the wall and looked at Olivia. "Me against you." He stated with seriousness.

Soon, the game began and both were equally competitive. Beads of perspiration formed their foreheads as they each took turns making shots. In the end, Olivia beat Emmett as well.

"She cheated!" Emmett complained, only to get laughs in return. This time Ryan stood up.

"I'll play her," He offered and started to rack up the balls once again. This went on for a while, each person taking turns playing against Olivia, and each taking turns losing against Olivia. It was a known fact: Olivia was the billiard champion.

The evening could have not been more perfect, movie, dancing, pizza, and pool.

“Wow, guys, I had a great time. It was really nice meeting you all.” Olivia smiled.

“Great meeting you too.” Joel said, “And I hope it won’t be the last time.”

“Oh it won’t.” She smiled glancing at Brye.

“Well, Stephanie and I are heading out.” Emmett announced taking her by the hand.

“Yes, it was great. Nice to meet you Olivia we have to become Face Book friends.” Stephanie suggested

“Cool…My last name is Moran.”

“Bye guys.” Stephanie waved as she and Emmett headed to the parking lot.

“You coming with us little Bro?” Joel asked wrapping his arm around Ryan’s waist.

“Um…” Brye hesitated.

“I can bring him home.” Olivia stated, “Maybe we can stop and get some ice cream, my treat.”

“Sure.” Brye nodded eagerly. He was glad Olivia offered, he was not ready for their date to end.

“Okay… see you later.” Joel waved dropping his arm from Ryan’s waist and taking his hand into his.

“See you; it was really nice to meet you Olivia.” Ryan smiled as he and Joel headed to Joel’s Jeep.


“I had a really good time tonight…thanksfor inviting me.” Stephanie said as she straddled Emmett on the bed.

“Thanks for coming.” He replied in a hushed tone, pushing her hair back off the soft shoulder. She bit her lower lip seductively as she felt Emmett’s hand run up her back, using one hand to unsnap her bra. Stephanie smiled as she slid it off her shoulders dropping it beside the bed.

Emmett leaned forward pressing his firm chest against soft breast pulling her down onto of him as he kissed her neck and shoulder. She pulled her hair back allowing him access to area above her supple breast.

Emmett kissed it tenderly, before placing his lips to hers engaging in a passionate kiss. Their foreplay prepared them for what was to happen next.


“You know your friends are really nice.” Olivia said taking a spoon of ice cream into her mouth. She and Brye sat outside of the ‘Marble Slab Creamery’ enjoying the night air eating their ice cream.

“Yeah, they’re cool.” Byre replied as he licked the side of his pistachio flavored ice cream.

“Your brother and Ryan make a really cute couple…How long have they been dating?” She asked curiously.

“Well it’s unofficial actually. They see each other around school, but this is the first time they actually went out on a date.”

“Really…no way.” Olivia said in shock. “They seemed so comfortable around each other, so natural.” She noted.

“I agree. What about you, do you date much?” Brye inquired licking the melted ice cream that was dripping down the side of his waffle cone,

“No not really. I find the guys my age to be somewhat shallow. Present company excluded.” She smiled.

“Thanks.” Bryelaughed.

“Yeah, the guys now days are only after one thing.”

“That is?” Brye asked.

“Sex…it’s like they have sex on the brain. They take you out, they want to have sex. They buy you a coke…they want to have sex…Sex. Sex sex…jeeze.” She sighed, placing another spoon full of ice cream in her mouth.

“The nerve of some guys.” Brye laughed humorlessly and sighed.

“That’s what I like about you Brye, you seem different.”

“Yeah…yeah.” Brye nodded slowly.

“I want to save myself for my husband.” Olivia announced. “I think it would be so romantic.”

“So you like romance huh?” Brye asked.

“And you.” Olivia smiled as she leaned in to kiss Brye on the cheek causing him to blush.


Are you sure we won’t get caught?” Ryan asked worriedly as he and Joel made their way onto the football field. It was 1:30 in the morning and the open stadium was deserted. The only laminationwas from the starry night above.

“I’m sure, you said you trusted me.” Joel laughed as he led Ryan down by the field post. Joel carried two blankets in his arm, while holding Ryan’s hand with his free one.

Ryan revered, “It’s so huge.” He said as he looked around taking it all in.

“Try running it.” Joel laughed as he laid one of the blankets on the ground.

“No, I’ll leave that to you Mr. Running Back. He laughed, and then sighed. “You don’t realize how big it is down here from up in the stands.”

“I love it out here.” Joel said glancing around the empty stadium as he sat down. He was amazed at how fascinated Ryan seemed by all of this and he was happy he could experience this moment with him.

“You love the game don’t you?” Ryan asked looking over his shoulder to the brunette.

“Yeah…I do.” Joel said thoughtfully. “I want to go to the NFL.” Joel added.

“Really?” Ryan asked as he sat down beside Joel.

“You sound surprised.”

“I figured you for more of the business type.”

“Well I want to have something to fall back on once my sports career is finished, I can’t play football all my life, it’s tough on the body.”

“Yeah, taking all those hits, I don’t see how you guys do it.” Ryan said as he picked up a blade of grass. “And real grass too.” He chuckledholding it in the air.

“You’re so crazy.” Joel laughed. “Yeah, once the adrenaline gets pumping you don’t even feel your body hitting the ground, until after the game is over, then you ache like hell.”

Joel looked intently into Ryan’s brown eyes patting his lap motioning for Ryan to lay his head there, before he asked, “Tell me about Ryan Smith, what makes him tick?”

Ryan sighed, laying back getting comfortable, placing his head in Joel’s lap. “There’s not much to tell really.” He said as he crossed his arms over his chest, looking up into the twilight sky...

“Nah…there is a lot about you I don’t know and I want to know everything, from what makes you happy, sad, scared, what your dreams are…everything.”

“Really why?” Ryan asked incredulity looking up into Joel’s dark blue eyes.

“Why…because I like you Ryan.” Joel said honestly. “I want to get to know you; I want you to get to know me too.”

Ryan paused a moment and thought about his answer. “I come from a small town called Champaign. I have one brother and two sisters…and I want to be a writer.” He stated casually.

“A writer eh…that’s cool, I’m sure you’ll be great.”

“Thank you.” Ryan replied humbly.

“But I see so much more, then a big brother and a writer, when I look at you.” Joel said as he played in Ryan’s hair.

“What do you see?” Ryan asked skeptically.

“I see a perfectionist, I see a lover of life, someone who is smart, thoughtful, funny, and one who cares deeply for his family and friends.”

“Wow…you see all that in me?” Ryan asked in a serious tone.

“Yeah, you’re amazing….”

Ryan’s breathed hitched as he looked into Joel’s alluring blue eyes as he pushed the stray hairs for Ryan’s face.

“So… tell me about you…how does it feel being the most popular guy in school?” Ryan said changing the subject.

Joel chuckled, “The old switch a roo eh?”

“So tell me.” Ryan laughed.

“I really don’t think about it.” Joel said with a shrug of the shoulder. “I have my friends I hang out with. It’s not like I go around the school thinking I’m the shit or anything, and once I graduate all this will be a thing of the past.” He said thoughtfully.

“So what’s your back up plan after you make the ‘Pros’?” Ryan asked as he turned to face Joel.

“I love film; I’m taking a film editing class this semester actually.”

“Wow that’s cool.”

“Yeah I guess.” Joel replied. “So Ryan, have you ever had a steady guy?” Now it was Joel to flip the script. His question caught Ryan a little off guard.

“A boyfriend?”

“Yeah a boyfriend.” Joel repeated through laughter.

“I went out on a few dates, but no steady boyfriend or guy as you put it…you?”

“Nope…” Joel said nonchalantly.

“No one steady….what about Jace?”

“What about Jace?” Joel repeated Ryan’s question, actually questioning himself. “Hum…” He sighs scratching the back of his head looking for the right words.

“Let’s just say I’m not interested in a relationship with Jace…He not my type emotionally.”

“Seriously?” Ryan questioned, “Because that’s not what he thinks.”

“How would you know what Jace thinks?” Joel asked curiously.

“Well he paid me a little visit today.”

“Jace gets around.” Joel said under his breath.


“Nothing, what did he say exactly?”

“He said that you guys have a history, that you like to step out, but you always go back to him.”

“A dog returning to his vomit.” Joel sighed. “Okay Ryan, Jace and I have been, well you know…god this is hard.”


“Because…You know Ryan I look at my parents and I want what they have and I don’t see that with Jace at all…” Ryan gave an understanding nod as he listened intently.

“They have been married for 31 years, happily I might add and still very much in love. I always wondered if I could have that. I want kids someday; I want to teach my son or daughter how to throw the football. I want a man that’s confident and shares my dreams and desires.”

“And Jace is not the one.” Ryan said with understanding.

“No, he’s not. But he’s a sure thing.” Joel admitted sadly.

“I know I’m gay…I’m different according to society standards…a minority, hell… look at Tank.”



“Oh… yeah.” Ryan figured out whom Joel was talking about.

“A big black dude, you should see the looks we get sometimes, it doesn’t bother him, I mean what can he do about it…What can I do? It’s who I am. My mother and father accepted me saying it was normal for me, as normal as breathing, I can’t…I won’t let the world decide how I live my life, I’m out and proud.”

“You know Joel, that’s what I love about you.” Joel leaned back with a surprised gaze. “Yeah love.” Ryan repeated and smiled warmly.

“You’re so comfortable with who you are, I want a family someday too, and I want my kids to have a father that’s sure of himself and can teach our kids something about life…pride… about love.” Ryan said admiringly.

“Thank you Joel…”

“For what?”

“For being you…for allowing me to see the depth of you, to see more than just Joel the jock.”

“So did I impress you?” Joel asked jokingly.

“A little.” Ryan smiled holding up his index and thumb.

“Enough for you to want to go out with me…date me?” Joel asked running is fingers through his hair nervously.

“What?” Ryan rose up resting on his elbows.

“See, Ryan I don’t know how to do this, and you are putting me on the spot here.”

“What?” Ryan chuckled.

“Do you want to date me?” Joel asked nervously. “You think you want to try it with me?”

“What about all the other guys… your fans?” Ryan teased.

“Don’t worry about them. If you say yes, it’s only you and me I promise you that.”

“No more Jace?” Ryan asked inching his face closer to Joel’s.

“No more Jace.”

“No more random guys?” Ryan said moving a little closer.

“Just you.”

“Jace can be persistent.” Ryan insisted.

“So can I, I know what I want.”

“And what’s that?” Ryan’s warm breath caressed Joel’s mouth.

“I want you, to build something with you.” Joel’s voice was now a little deeper.

“You want us to be like your mom and dad?”

“No…just you and me.” Joel answered as he felt Ryan’s hand caress his check. Ryan closed his eyes tilting his face toward Joel’s and kissed him, softly at first pulling him into his embrace as he deepened the kiss.

Joel pulled back breathlessly, “So is that a yes?”

UmHum…” Ryan nodded kissing him again. Ryan lay on his back, pulling Joel forward on top of him. Their kiss intensifies as their bodies respond to each other. Joel’s breathing becomes shallow as he feels Ryan’s hand crawlunder his shirt clawing at his back, racking his hands over his firm shoulders… pressing their bodies tightly together.

Ryan’s tongue clamed Joel’s mouth aggressively, their erotic moans of want filled the stadium, the kiss was desperate full of greed and lust. Joel felt Ryan hardness pressed against his own and pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked through bated breath, pulling Joel back into the kiss, this was what he wanted, he was sure of it. It was a natural progression their bodies moved together gracefully, Joel looked down into Ryan’s lust filled eyes asking the question, nothing verbal was spoken, just a slow nod and a deep kiss was his answer.

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On 08/10/2011 01:28 AM, saintsfan820 said:
Great story so far, Love Love Joel & Ryan :2thumbs:.Hating Jace big time he is such a B*tch! You are doing a great job with the story, but when I went to click on chapter 7 there was no 7. Was there a typo and 6 went straight to 8? Or is 7 missing altogether and you are leaving it up to the reader about what went on btwn J & R?
Hello...glad you're enjoying the story. I posted chapter 6 and 7 on chapter 7 and I was told to edit a little at a time, well I guess I hit my limit for today so I unpublished it until I can get it corrected. I'm sorry trying correct it as we speak. Again thanks so much.

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*the Talk* huh? :D

so stoked it went well! lol. all i wanna say now is awwwwwwwwwww.. BUt but...

that Jace is lurking somewhere in the shadows, and i can ALMOST smell his evil! grr.. whats he planning now?

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On 02/27/2012 03:00 AM, Frostina said:
*the Talk* huh? :D

so stoked it went well! lol. all i wanna say now is awwwwwwwwwww.. BUt but...

that Jace is lurking somewhere in the shadows, and i can ALMOST smell his evil! grr.. whats he planning now?

Yeppers the talk...and yeppers Jace is always lurking...lol I love it when someone reads a story I posted a while back, because in order for me to reply to the review, I have to re-read it too and then I remember why I wrote it in the first place...Thanks so much for your reviews... :D :D

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On 03/22/2013 04:25 PM, johnnyjon1 said:
What a hot couple Ryan and Joel! Great chapter.
I actually find them totally hot together myself. They ooze chemistry so it was very easy to write them...

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