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School Daze - 4. Chapter 4

“Hey Ryan, hurry up man, Joel will be here in a minute, and I don’t want to hear his mouth about why we’re not ready.” Brye called out as he slipped on his shoes.

“Okay…okay, I’m hurrying.” Ryan laughed; I’m just putting the finishing touches on my hair. Oh by the way I need to buy you some more styling gel, you’re almost out.”

“Hey it’s cool, don’t worry about it, we’ll get some more later… now hurry up.” Byre stood up giving himself a once over in the mirror. He combed his fingers through his long black hair allowing the natural curly locks to frame his face. His parents were in town for Joel’s first game of the season and they were taking them out to dinner. Brye mentioned he wanted to bring Ryan along; he wanted them to meet his new best friend.

“Well…how do I look?” Ryan asked pivoting from side to side, striking a pose. His blond hair, perfectly styled. He was wearing a pair of acid washed black jeans with a black and gray plaid short-sleeved shirt that he wore un-tucked.

“You look marvelous…” Brye said approvingly.

“What about Joel, you think he will like it?” Ryan asked chewing nervously on the inside of his cheek.

“I think Joel will love it. He likes dark colors, like grays…blues… black. That’s why I picked that out for you.”

“Oh…okay.” Ryan looked at himself in the mirror adjusting his shirt and picking lent off his jeans.

“You look fine; don’t worry so much, I know my brother.” Brye gave Ryan a reassuring pat on the back.

“Yeah, your brother is nice.” Ryan said dreamily. They heard a rapid knock at the door. “That’s him.” Ryan smiled.

“Then answer it, go…” He waved Ryan toward the door. “I’ve got to put a little gel right here, it keeps falling in my face.” He pointed to a lock of hair that wouldn’t stay put.

“Okay,” Ryan rubbed his sweaty palms down the side of his jeans, and took a deep breath before opening the door.

“Hey…” Joel waved as he walked in. “You guys ready?” He asked as he gave Ryan an approving nod.

“Hey Joel, he’ll be right out.” Brye was right, Joel was casually dressed in a pair faded jeans and a gray Ed Hardy graphic print long sleeve tee shirt that fit really well.

Joel sat down on Ryan’s bed and leaned forward resting elbows on his legs. Ryan smiled and sat at his desk turning his chair around to face Joel. There was a moment of awkward silence for about three beats until Joel cleared his throat.

“So Ryan, how are you?” Joel asked as he looked intently at Ryan causing him to feel self-conscious. It was as if Joel was searching his soul with his eyes, seeing Ryan’s every thought.

“I’m good, how about you…you ready for the big game?” Ryan asked casually.

Joel nodded, “Yeah, as ready as I’m gonna be. I spent the whole weekend thinking about you.” Joel wanted to say. “I spent the whole weekend going over the new plays, so yeah I think I’m good.”


“What did you do this weekend?” Joel asked.

“Brye and I went to the movies and saw Iron Man 2.”

“Oh…yeah, was it any good?”

“I liked it.” Ryan said with a shrug of the shoulder.

Joel was about to speak when his phone vibrated in his pocket indicating he had a text. He pulled out his cell phone and read the message then shoved it back in his pocket.

“Brye, get your ass in gear, they’re here.” He yelled, referring to their mom and dad. “You ready?” He asked Ryan as he stood up.

“Yup.” Ryan mimicked Joel’s actions and stood up as well. Just then Brye came out of the restroom singing the lyrics to ‘Right Said Fred, I’m Too Sexy.’

“Hey…is that my shirt?” Joel pointed to his younger brother who was wearing a turquoise Holster polo.

“Opps…” Brye laughed, “I…I’m…Uh…” He stammered and pointed toward the door, “Didn’t you say we needed to be going?” He asked making a bee line for the door.

Joel allowed Ryan to exit after Brye calling over his shoulder to his brother. “I want my shirt back."he laughed as he closed the door.


The meeting with the Masterson’s went smoothly. Ryan was in awe at how beautiful Brye and Joel’s mom, Janice, was. She stood about five-four, very petite. Her olive skin was flawless even without make up. Her eyes were a deep blue like her sons. Her hair, black and wavy, fell long, down past the middle of her back. She explained that she was going to cut it and donate it to the foundation that made wigs for cancer patients. Very light freckles, that were almost unnoticeable, dotted across the center of her face.

She was dressed very casually wearing a pair of faded jeans with a rip above the left knee with an emerald green V-neck fitting sweater.

Their dad, Mitchell Masterson was just as relaxed, nothing fancy about him. He was dressed just a casual as his personality, a nice pair of distress jeans and a vintage Fleetwood Mac tee shirt that fit him nicely. His mustache was neatly trimmed and his hair a salt and pepper combination, he had a few wrinkles around his eyes when he smiled, but still very handsome. Ryan thought they made a cute couple.

The ride over to the restaurant consisted of conversations about school and how Ryan and Brye were fairing as first year college students. When it came to Joel, he and his dad talked about sports… namely NCAA Division One College football. They talked stats, team players, schedules, and plays. Ryan was impressed at how much Janice knew about the game.


As the Masterson family and Ryan sat around the table, they examined their menus. When the family mentioned a lovely restaurant in downtown Chicago, Ryan didn’t know they were talking about an all vegan place called Eden. Not that he had a problem with it, but sitting there looking at the menu, Ryan’s appetite was dwindling.

The restaurant was decorated in nothing but recyclable items. The tables and chairs were all made of recycled materials and art made of many different items hung from the walls. The place had an airy yet classy feel to it.

“See anything you like, Ryan dear?” Janice asked kindly looking over her menu. Ryan looked up and smiled at her.

“Still looking,” He replied. Brye snickered and nudged Ryan’s shoulder with his elbow. Ryan looked at him subtly and saw him wink. Brye then leaned closer to him.

“You should try the tofurky,” He whispered teasingly and winked. “Ahh-mazing, huh?,” He chuckled quietly to himself.

Ryan rolled his eyes and continued to look at the menu that was also made of recycled material. He read over the menu items, reading the description of each. Black Bean Tofu Soft Tacos, Sloppy Janes, Tofu Scramble, Vegetarian Chili, Chana Masala, Nut Loaf, Spring Rolls, Asparagus Risotto…. Not a single meat item.

“Don’t you just love this place, honey?” Janice asked looking at her husband.

“Everything on this menu sounds delicious,” Mitchell said, licking his lips. “I don’t know what to pick.”

I pick BB King’s Chicken and Ribs down the block, Ryan thought.

“Oh, how about the Vegetable Paella?” Joel suggested looking at his father.

I’ll take a MEAT Paella, Ryan thought.

“No… I had that last time,” Mitch replied, he and Joel scanned the menu again. Ryan decided that he would just have the fettuccini Alfred made with numerous faux dairy products and call it a day. He leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest. Mitch looked at him and eyed him carefully, and as if he could read his mind, and said, “You know, Ryan, living with this woman,” He gestured to Janice. “I’ve learn to eat to live, not live to eat.” He laughed.

“What do you mean honey, you’re just as bad as I am.” Janice said in her own defense as she pulled her hair back behind her ear.

And I live for bacon, steak, ham, chicken, beef tips, pork ribs…

“That’s a good moral to live by,” Ryan nodded in agreement. Suddenly the server came to their table.

“Alright, so what can I get you all today?” She asked.

“Well, it’s the champ’s night, so we’ll let him order first,” Mitch stated proudly and gestured to Joel.

“Well, I’ll have the Black Bean burger with avocado,” Joel requested.

“Alright, and for you ma’am?” She turned to Janice.

“I would like the Soba Noodles with Peanut Sauce,” She said. Brye then ordered the black bean tacos, Ryan of course ordered his Alfred, and Mitchell ordered the Sloppy Janes. Once the server left to place their orders, the conversation started.

“So, Ryan, a little birdie told me that you’re gay.” Janice stated, resting her elbows on the table and folding her hands, resting her chin in them.

Suddenly, water sprayed across the table from Brye’s direction.

Maahhh…” He whined, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, causing Joel and Mitchell to chuckle.

“What?” Janice asked, innocently batting her eyelashes. Ryan threw Brye a death glare who in turn glared at the packets of sugar on the table. Then, Ryan smiled kindly at Janice.

“Yes, I am,” He confirmed.

“Well isn’t that wonderful,” Janice gushed and Mitch nodded in agreement. “Oh, I remember when my little Joel came out,” She reminisced.

Maahhh…” Joel whined shaking his head.

“Don’t ‘Mah’ me,” Janice reprimanded and turned back to Ryan. “I wanted to have a Coming Out party for him, but Mitch thought it was a bit over the top.” She explained as she caressed her husband’s back

“Yeah, I thought a party would have been a little overwhelming.” Mitch said. Suddenly the server returned with their food and sat it in front of them with a smile.

“Enjoy your meal,” She said kindly and left. Everyone looked down at their plates eagerly… except Ryan. They started to dig in as Ryan sat there for a little bit, pushing the noodles around on his plate. Then, because he didn’t want to seem rude, he started to eat. A smile lit of his face as he chewed. It tasted amazing. He scooped up another fork full, shoveling it into his mouth.

“Good, huh?” Mitch smiled with a nod.

“Mm-Hm,” Ryan hummed, giving a thumbs up. Everyone ate and chatted after that. Janice kept bringing up childhood stories about Brye and Joel that had Ryan laughing so hard he cried. He loved how Joel was so different around his mom, Ryan saw a gentler side of him and it made him admire Joel that much more.

After everyone was finished eating, Mitch shifted gears and, brought up the big game.

“So, Joel, you gonna’ win tonight?”

“Hell yeah!” Joel cheered and then looked at his watch. “Speaking of which, if I’m late I’ll be benched, so I better go.” He said and stood up. “You all have your tickets, right?”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I’ve got them in my purse,” Janice assured patting her ‘Green’ tote bag. “Is your friend Emmett out there?” She asked trying to look around him out the window.

“Yeah, I just got the text, he’s outside.”

“Come on, give mama some love,” She stood up, arms outstretched. Joel walked around to her and gave her a hug. “Good luck, baby.” She wished.

“Thanks, mom.” Then Joel turned to his father.

“Make us proud, son.” Mitch said giving Joel a high-five. Then, Joel turned to Brye and grinned slyly. Brye looked up from his plate, wide-eyed, a piece of lettuce hanging from his lip.

“No…” He whined. Joel nodded.

“Yes…” He mocked and then grabbed Brye in a headlock, giving him a noogie.

“Hey!” Brye complained when Joel let him go. He ran his hands through his hair, causing a hardy laugh to bubble forth from the both of them.

“Yup, now we’ll definitely win.” He said and turned to Ryan. “Hey, see ya, man.” He shook Ryan’s hand and they stared into each other’s eyes for a short moment, which didn’t go unnoticed by Janice. She nudged Mitch who gave an approving smile and nodded. When, they realized that they were still holding hands, Joel quickly let go. “Yeah, uh, see ya.” He said again and then headed out of the restaurant.

Janice followed Ryan’s gaze as he watched her son walk out of the restaurant, before turning his attention back to them. She and Ryan shared a knowing glace, and Janice smile giving him her approval. Ryan lowered his head with a hopeful sigh.


The lights were bright, and the stands were full of spectators and excited fans. This was Northwestern’s first home game and first game of the season.

The excitement and energy was off the charts. The cheerleaders were working the crowd with their chants, high kicks and flips, while the Wildcat mascot danced around on the field as the band played their victory songs, such as the theme for Rocky and the Norte Dame Victory March. The sweet smell of Carmel popcorn and buttery popcorn could be smelled coming from the concession stands. Brye, Ryan, Mitch and Janice found their seats in the stands and chatted as they waited for the game to Begin.

After the singing of the National Anthem, the game was set to start. Northwestern’s Horn and the drum section played a heart pounding selection as the Team members busted through the Wildcat’s banner. The crowds were on their feet stomping to the beat, cheering as Running Back number 21, Joel Masterson, Tackle… number 43, Melvin Tank, Kicker… number 11, Jaxson Phillips, and Wide Receiver… number 8, Emmett Bates along with the rest of the team made their way to the field, encouraging the fans to stand and cheer.

Whistles and claps filled the stadium with the first kick off, The Northern Illinois Huskies verses The Northwestern Wildcats. The game was close the first three quarters causing a major uproar within the stadium. Mitch yelled at the referees, the coaches; calling bad calls, and he also yelled at the fans from the other team, calling them sore losers.

With fifty-seven seconds left in the fourthquarter Bates made a compete pass to Masterson who rushed to the right of the Huskies right guard for fifty-nine yards for a TOUCHDOWN…. Phillips kicked an extra point…GOOD bringing the final score 43 to 42 the Wildcats win!!!!!

The crowds went wild, Mitch grabbed Janice around the waist jumping up and down shouting cheers along with Brye and Ryan who gave each other double high –fives, dancing on the steps of the bleachers.


The victory party was held a Manison on campus that one of the fraternities rented out. Ryan and Brye showed up a little later due to hanging out with Brye’s parents after the game. When they arrived the party was in full effect. Students were littered about in the front lawn and porch. As they walked up they could hear the thunderous bass of Ludicris’s ‘My Chicks Bad,’ vibrating through the window pane.

Once inside the house, crowded with students, some dancing while others stood against the wall watching and conversing with one another, drinking beer and mixed drinks, Brye and Ryan made their way over to the serving bar in the dining area to get themselves a drink. The topic for the evening was Running Back Joel Masterson who won the winning touchdown bringing the Wildcats to their 1st Victory.

“Hey, aren’t you Masterson’s little brother?” One of the guys standing by the cooler asked before taking a long swig of his corona.

“Yepp…”Brye answered proudly with a huge grin on his face and his chest puffed up.

“You got some big shoes to fill little man.” The guy laughed taking another sip before turning and walking away. Ryan and Brye grinned at each other before Ryan lifted the lid on the cooler. Brye reached in and pulled out two beers, handing one to Ryan.

“Man this is awesome….” Ryan said in awe as he looked around the room. This is my first frat party.” He exclaimed uncapping his beer.

Brye took a long quenching drink and nodded, “Yeah, me too…this is great!” He shoved his hands in the pocket of his jeans and stood next to Ryan, both of them checking out the place.

“What about her?” Ryan asked referring to a classmate standing with a group of girls, who looked like they were waiting for someone to ask them to dance.

“Which one?” Brye looked to the group of girls to his left.

“The one with the long red hair, looking this way.”

“Fuck, you’re kidding right?”

“Why, what’s wrong with her? She’s in my literature class, she’s cute…smart and her name is not Candy.” Ryan teased.

“I don’t know man, she’s just not my type.” Brye sighed dismissingly. Ryan had a confused expression on his face..

“Fine, I give up; let’s go find something to eat….something meaty.” Ryan laughed. They were heading toward the kitchen when there was a commotion at the front door. Someone shouted THEY’RE HERE…THEY’RE HERE!!!! Ryan and Brye stood back watching the crowd part like the ‘ Red Sea ’ allowing Tank, Jaxson, Emmett, and Joel to walk through. All hands were high in the air giving them the high-fives.

“The Champs are in…the party can now begin.” Tank stood in the middle of the dance floor and started to dance to Lloyd’s ‘Set me Free.’ Repeating the lyrics, “I’m a Beast, I’m a dog take me off the leash so I can set it off.” Joel, Emmett and Jaxson were already dancing with some girls that ran up too them.

“Oh My God!…oh my god, Joel you were awesome.” The young girl squealed excitingly.

“Thanks sweetheart.” Joel said as they danced, kissing her sweetly on the cheek. Emmett who was dancing next to them leaned over giving Joel a hard high-five.

“Hell Yeah…” Emmett yelled over the music bobbing his head to the beat.

HEY GUYS OVER HERE!” A voice called out from the serving bar where Brye and Ryan were standing.

“Thanks for the dance.” Joel said into her ear, then nodded to the bar.”

“Oh My god…any time Joel.” The girl said sounding all giddy. The guys made their way over. Joel spotted Ryan immediately. They shared a glanceand smiled.

“What’s up Losers?” Jaxson greeted Brye and Ryan in his traditional fashion.

“Fuck off Jaxson.” Brye retorted.

“So… how was Candy?” Jaxson chuckled in to his fist.

“Yeah…about that punk.” Brye started to speak.

“Candy?” Tank asked in shock, “You hooked him up with Candy?” Tank let out a hardy laugh. “Damn man.” He continued to laugh.

“Wait…You hooked my brother up with a stripper?” Joel asked incredulity, “Man I should kick your ass for that one.” Joel eyed Jaxson with one eyebrow raised.

“Hey…I was only trying to help.” Jaxson fringed innocence holding his hands up in defense.

“Never and I mean never let this fool find you a date.” Joel told his younger brother. Ryan laughed and shook his head.

“You guys were great today.” Ryan commended, though he really meant Joel.

“Thanks.” They said in unison.

Eric, Tank’s roommate was pouring Patron shots. He handed one to each of the guys. “Drink up fellas." While another guy walked up pouring salt on the back of their hands.

“Where’s the lime?” Emmett asked running his hand through his fire red hair.

“Right here.” Eric passed around a bowl with sliced limes in it. Ryan watched as Joel licked his tongue over the back of his hand, then took the shot before squeezing the lime into his mouth.

“Yeah….that’s what I’m talking about…smooth.” Joel licked the salt from the side of his mouth. Joel caught Ryan starring at him and gave a slight wink causing Ryan to blush.

“Funk…one more.” Tank laughed.

“I want one.” Brye said.

“You sure you can handle this?” Eric asked, “This is for the big boys.” He joked.

“Yeah…give him one, Ryan too.” Jaxson laughed.

“No…no way.” Ryan declined waving his hands over his chest.

Joel laughed, “Awww come on I’ll do it with you.” He offered.

“Yeah, it’s party.” Brye insisted.

“Yeah…” everyone agreed.

“Come on…” Joel pleaded.

Ryan eyed Joel who was nodding yes. “Okay..okay.” Ryan conceded, rolling his eyes toward the ceiling.

“Hell Yes…” Brye shouted.

Eric passed the salt around and everyone took his turn using it. Next, he filled their shot glassed with tequila and handed Brye and Ryan a fresh glass along with a lime.

“Here’s to the Wildcats and a wonderful victory.” Eric said licking the salt off the back his hand. Ryan was about to lick his own hand when Joel reached for it and seductively placed it to his mouth; he slowly licked the salt off sucking between his thumb and forefinger.

“Oh my god, he’s licking hand.” Ryan thought wowed at Joel’s action, as he watched his warm tongue touch is skin sending a tingling feeling straight to his groin.

Joel slowly placed his hand to Ryan’s lips for him to do the same. Ryan hesitantly lowered his head, never taking his eyes off Joel’s, placing his mouth to Joel’s hand. Joel’s breath hitched and he bit his lower lip enjoying the feel of Ryan’s soft mouth against his flesh. All eyes were on them.

“Well…” Jaxson’s voice broke them from their trance like state. “You guys gonna drink or are you going to lick each others hand all night.” He teased.

Everyone including Brye and already taken their shots. Joel held his glass up as if he was toasting with Ryan and threw his back. Ryan slowing brought his too his mouth and smelled it before sipping it.

“You don’t sip it Ryan.” Emmett laughed uncapping a bottle of Bud light. “You swallow it down fast.” He laughed taking a sip of his beer.

Joel gave Ryan a sexy wink and a slow nod motioning him to drink. “Here goes…” Ryan said as he gulped it down. He drew his brows together and puckered his lips feeling a slight burn in his throat as the liquid went down. Joel tilted his head back, motioning for him to open his mouth. He opened wide allowing Joel to squeeze the lime juice inside.

Ryan swallowed hard and started coughing uncontrollably. Brye quickly handed him a beer. “Hey drink this.” He said watching Ryan’s reddened checks.

“You alright Ryan.” Joel asked with concern.

“Yeah…yeah… I’m good.” Ryan managed to speak feeling a little dizzy.

The guys were all standing around talking when the hypnotizing sounds of violins and bass of The Eurythmics, ‘Sweet Dreams,’ pumped through the speakers followed by the seductive and captivating voice of Annie Lennox pulled everyone on to the dance floor.

Ahhh…shit,” Joel closed his eyes feeling the music and the smoothness of the Patron. He licked the corner of his mouth tasting the residue of salt and lime.

“Dance with me.” Joel asked with pleading eyes grabbing Ryan’s hand, “Come on.” He didn’t wait for an answer as he pulled him on the dance floor.

Um…Joel…I can’t dance.” He yelled over the music.

“Just follow me.” Joel called back over his shoulder. Someone handed him a beer as he made his way through the crowd. Ryan gave Brye a pleading look for help but, he was fairing no better as he was being pulled onto the dance floor as well, by some random chick.

Once on the floor Joel pulled Ryan in close with one hand while he held his beer in the other. The sound of the music was intoxicating and Ryan felt himself starting to relax, enjoying the feel of Joel’s strong body next to his. They swayed back and forth to the beat, stepping closer together until theirhips were touching, grinding each other.

Feeling the beat over take his body Ryan threw his head back exposing the side of his neck to Joel, who licked his lips as they continued their slow grind. The room was warm... the music; loud. Ryan brought his head back straight locking eyes with Joel’s seductive ones and without thinking tilted his head back again and closed his eyes. He knew Joel picked up on his unspoken signal when he felt his lips and tongue against his neck, kissing him.

Ryan felt his body getting weaker and warmer as Joel’s mouth caressed his neck and shoulder right there on the dance floor. Ryan lowered his head coming mouth to mouth with Joel. What started out as just a meeting of the lips turned into something more…something hot it was like no one else existed. Joel’s tongue delved deeper into Ryan’s mouth as he pulled him tighter into his embrace, kissing him madly…passionately.

Ryan could not believe this was happening, his mind told him to stop, but his body disobeyed, this felt too good.

“I want you Ryan.” Joel whispered breathlessly into Ryan’s ear nodding toward the stairs, taking Ryan’s hand he called over his shoulder, “We’ll be back…”


Ryan followed behind Joel holding his hand tightly as he moved through the crowd, no one seemed to notice them or they just didn’t care or maybe this was the norm. As they passed through the tightly packed room, Joel received a few ‘congratulations,’ along with some pats on the back. He nodded gracefully and continued their journey guiding Ryan to the top of the stairs, slowly as if in slow motion down to the end of the hall.

Ryan wondered if Joel had been here in this room before with other guys. So many things were going through Ryan’s mind it was overwhelming. He watched as Joel slowly opened the door and with a slight nod and a gestured of the hand motioned for him to enter first.

“After you.” He smiled as ran his hand down to the small of Ryan’s back.

Ryan walked in feeling a little hesitant as he looked around the room absorbing it all in. He inhaled deeply feeling like ‘this is it’… this was the room he would lose his virginity in. Would he look different somehow…feel different he wondered? He turned his head coming face to face with Joel, whose eyes appeared darker than usual. He ran his tongue over his lips to moisten them, as he ran his fingers through his hair feeling nervous and scared.

The room was dark and amazingly warm for this time of year. Ryan felt as if he could barely breathe, yet Joel seemed so relaxed. He felt Joel lean into him, pressing his chest against his back as he slowly wrapped his arms around Ryan’s waist pulling him into his embrace.

The warmth of Joel’s breath as his lips tenderly touched the side of his neck caused Ryan to tremble. The way Joel was touching him, the way he held him steady with one hand as he ran the other between his legs pressing the palm of his hand firmly again Ryan’s growing erection, the warmth of his hand could be felt through his jeans. The touch embarrassed Ryan for some reason, though he didn’t understand why, his body was just responding to the stimulation of Joel’s hand and it felt good, he had never been touched this way before….Never been wanted the way Joel whispered in his ear, telling him how bad he wanted him.

Joel slowly turned Ryan around to face him gently lifting his chin, bringing them face to face. He licked the corner of his mouth seductively before pressing his lips on Ryan’s. His kiss; demanding… claiming Ryan’s mouth and tongue as if he owned them, kissing him fervently, urgently. Joel’s mouth was sweet, laced with a hint of tequila and cinnamon.

Everything was happening so fast. The moans that filled the air were Ryan’s own as he kissed him back, leaning into Joel savoring the feel of their bodies grinding together. Ryan wrapped his arms tightly around him, feeling suspended in time.

They continued to kiss inexorability as Joel walked Ryan backwards toward the bed. Joel broke the kiss trying to catch his breath, resting his forehead against Ryan’s, a mixture of nerves, excitement and want was radiating between them.

Joel looked into Ryan’s brown eye’s seeing a range of emotion in them, but the one that was the most evident had to be trust, because as scared as Ryan was he trusted Joel for some unexplainable reason.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Joel whispered into Ryan’s ear as he kissed it softly.

“Um…hum” Ryan nodded trying to catch his breath, “I’m just scared.” He replied faintly, struggling to speak.

“Okay…” Joel spoke quietly as he combed his fingers through Ryan’s hair. “You’re so beautiful you know that?” He smiled as he placed the palm of his hand gently to Ryan’s face. Ryan swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat and closed his eyes falling into Joel’s soothing touch.

Joel lowered him down onto the bed slowly, carefully and stood before him as his pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his strong muscular chest. Ryan’s breathing became shallow as he watched Joel run his fingers through his soft black curls, his question echoing in his mind... ‘Was he ready?’

Joel knelt down in front of Ryan and ran his hands under the hem of his shirt gathering the fabric between his fingers; his hand lightly touched Ryan’s skin as he pulled it over his head, causing the muscles in Ryan’s stomach to quiver leaving him feeling venerable.

Ryan sat on the edge of the bed and anxiously watched Joel unzip his jeans, pulling them down slowly past his hips tugging on one side then the other, revealing a pair of hunter green boxer briefs that hugged his thighs perfectly.

“You need help?” Joel asked teasingly noticing that Ryan was still fully dressed.

“Oh…” Ryan smiled shyly looking down at his jeans then back to Joel, “Um… no I got it.” He answered as he fumbled with his zipper. Joel stood back and waited. He eyed Ryan carefully making him feel even more uneasy, as though he was under a spotlight. He struggled with his zipper while still sitting on the bed.

“You know it works better if you lean back or stand up.” Joel nodded with one eyebrow raised.

“Yeah…” Ryan laughed softly as he stood up. Now all eyes really were on him, Joel’s alluring blue ones and hecouldn't stall on longer. He quickly unzipped his jeans and noticed the smile of approval on Joel’s face as he approached him closing the space between. Ryan pushed his jeans past his hips allowing them to fall to the ground.

With a sexy grin, Joel slid his finger under the waistband of Ryan’s underwear playing teasingly with the elastic before he helped Ryan pull them down exposing his fully erected member. Ryan’s first impulse was to cover himself with his hands…to hide it from Joel’s view, which must have been obvious to him, because he quickly grabbed Ryan’s hand.

“No…” Joel shook his head. Their eyes locked, neither one breaking the stare, unaware they were coming closer together until their lips touched, gentle at first. The initial contact sent waves of warmth throughout Ryan’s body arousing him even more. His tongue parted Joel’s lips forcing its way inside without resistance, filling the inside of his mouth, tasting the warm sweetness inside. Their eyes closed…their hands roaming…caressing… becoming familiar with each other’s body. The room was indeed spinning out of control. Ryan felt light headed…dizzy as Joel lowered him back onto the bed.

Ryan scooted further on the bed resting his head on the pillows behind him as he watched Joel pulled down his underwear and stepped out of them. Ryan’s mouth was agape and his breath hitched as he noticed the size of Joel’s cock, the thickness of it, as he hung suspended in the air. His body was perfect even with the surgical scar on the right side of his abdomen.

Joel crawled up toward Ryan, hovering over his body. He tenderly kissed his inner thigh and felt it tremble under his tongue. He placed his both hands on Ryan’s thighs to steady him…caressing them in an effort to calm him.

“Ryan, what’s wrong?” Concern evident in the tone he used.

Ryan held his breath for a second closing his eyes tightly then whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Joel asked with confusion.

Ryan bit his bottom lip and covered his face with his hands as if he was trying to hide his shame. “I’m sorry Joel, I’ve never done this before, and I don’t know what to do.” He confessed speaking between his fingers

“Done what...this?” Joel asked referring to their current situation as if he already knew the answer.

Ryan pressed his lips tightly together and nodded a quick confirming yes. Joel sighed heavily and mouthed the words ‘shit'as he drug his hand down his face. He sighed and gently placed hands on Ryan’s and removed them.

“Ryan…” He whispered looking kindly into his eyes, “You’ve never had sex before?”

“No…” Ryan answered defensively, “I mean I’m only eighteen, it’s not like…”

“I know…I know.” Joel tried to reassure him. Ryan closed his eyes again trying to hide behind the darkness. “Look at me Ryan…please.” Joel tilted his head slighting hoping the see those beautiful browns he was becoming so fond of. “I didn’t mean to sound insulting, I promise…Hell you’re right you are only eighteen…I get it. I just didn’t think.”

Ryan’s eye fluttered open when he felt Joel get off the bed. He handed Ryan his clothes before putting his underwear back on. Ryan didn’t know what to feel or what to think as he sat up pulling his shirt over his head, forcing his arms through the sleeves. He watched Joel pull up his jeans and zip them.

“Are…are you mad?” Ryan asked feeling guilt ridden, “I mean we can still do, I want to.” He shrugged his shoulder, shoving his hand in the pocket of his jeans.

“Come here…” Joel held out his hand. Ryan walked over careful with his steps and placed his hand into Joel’s. He stood in front of him afraid to look in his eyes so he looked at the floor instead. Placing his arm around Ryan’s waist, he pulled him closer and tenderly lifted his face to meet his.

“I’m sorry Ryan…things just got out of hand. The drinking…the music, I wasn’t thinking.” He bit his lower lip as he tried to make eye contact with Ryan.

“You don’t want…”

“Oh…I want.” Joel nodded quickly. “Believe me I want, hell I want so bad it hurts…Literally.” He said jokingly looking down at the budge in his jeans, trying to lighten the mood, which worked because Ryan returned his comment with a smile.

Joel inhaled deeply, “But your first time should not be like this, at some frat party with a bunch of guys getting drunk off their ass, waiting in line…taking a number to get into this room to get laid. Hell everyone knows why we come up here, your first time should be special.” He added as he ran the pad of his thumb down Ryan’s cheek.


Shhhh…” Joel placed his finger to Ryan’s lips. “I would love to be your first…honored actually, but only when you’re ready…clear head and absolutely sure.”

“Really?” Ryan asked with surprised.

“Really…I’ll wait for you Ryan; this…this would have been a mistake.”

“What does that mean…you’ll wait for me?” Ryan questioned pressing his lips together.

“I think you know what that means.”

“Joel you don’t have too…” Ryan defended.

“I know, but I want too. I like you Ryan, and I want to get to know you…hang out, actually take you out on a date, burgers and a movie or something you know?”

“A movie…you mean like a date…date?”

“No like a date…date.” Joel laughed, “Of course a date…unless you don’t want too.” Joel pulled back with a questioning gaze.

“Wow…” Ryan sighed in a daze like state.

Okaayyy…” Joel looked confused. “Is that a yes…maybe?”

Ryan nodded quickly…”Yes…yes, are you kidding me, I’ve had this “mad” crush on you since you knocked me over on the first day of school.” He laughed grinning from ear to ear.

“Good…, you’re adorable you know that? Come on let’s get out of here…” Joel nodded toward the door. “I’m sure there’s a long line waiting to get in, hell I’m surprised they didn’t start knocking.” Joel joked; Ryan just shook his head feeling as if he was walking on air…

Joel was right about one thing, he did want his first time to be special and being with Joel would have made it special… but he was glad they decided to wait. Ryan glanced over at Joel admiringly as they walked down the stairs hand in hand, thinking, Brye was right, Joel would be perfect.


The party was still going strong, the living room was still tightly packed with dancers, dancing to the Black Eyed Peas, ‘Imma Be’ just as Joel’s foot hit the bottom stair, Jace appeared out of nowhere pulling Joel’s hand out of Ryan’s dragging him to the living room.

“Dance with me!” He yells over the music. Joel felt Ryan slip from his grasp and before he could do anything there was a throng of people between them, Ryan was gone from sight. Joel sighed already in the middle of the dance floor not interested in dancing as he scooped out the area looking for Ryan. Jace noticed Joel’s distraction and danced seductively around him.

“So, how was he?” Jace asked suggestively while moving with the beat. Joel sighed disgustedly shaking his head without a response.

Awww…come on Joel, was he good to you?” The tone in Jace’s voice was laced with sarcasm and jealousy.

“Cool it.” Joel said in a harsh tone.

“What…you don’t want to share, you want to keep him for yourself…hell.” Jace smiled a devilish grin, “I want to fuck him.” He chucked with in a drunken stupor.

“Fuck you Jace, I’m out.” Joel threw his hands in the air dismissively and turned to leave, leaving Jace standing in the middle of the dance floor.


Soooo…” Brye inquired bouncing his brows suggestively.

Soooo….what?” Ryan repeated nonchalantly as he took a sip of his beer looking at Brye from the corner of his eyes. Ryan and Brye were standing outside on the back porch with a few other students talking, smoking, and just getting some air.

“Did you do it…you know” Brye bobbed is head, gesturing with his hands.

A huge smile appeared on Ryan’s face as he leaned over and whispered, “He was amazing…amazing.”

Brye’s eyes got wide as saucers and his mouth fell open with shock, “Wow, that good?” he asked incredulity. “Oh my god….” He cupped his hand over his mouth.

“Yes…and no.” Ryan teased.

“Yes and no…what the fuck does that mean?”

“Yes…Joel is amazing.” Ryan replied in an infatuated tone, ‘And no we didn’t do anything…we decided to wait.” Ryan stated as fact.

“What…you decided to wait?” Brye asked rhetorically, shaking his head in disbelief. “Are you fuckin kidding me? He asked this time actually wanting an answer.

“Yep…he’s gonna take me to a movie.”

“The movies…like a date, kind of movie?”

“Yep…” Ryan smiled a toothy grin.

“Cool, well my good man, you can wait if you want…but me, I have women to conquer, hell I’m getting laid.” He slapped Ryan twice on the back. “I hope.” He winked with a light chuckle. “Hey I’m gonna get another beer…want one?”

“Nah…I’m good.” Ryan declined, holding up his bottle.

“Okay…I’ll be right back…unless some beautiful senior decides she can’t resist me and wants to jump my bones.” Brye laughed as he walked inside. When he opened the door ‘How Low Can You Go.’ By Ludacris, could be heard blaring through the speakers.

Ryan just smiled, listening to the idle chatter and breathe a sigh of relief, as he looked out into the starry night sky. He heard the door opened and smiled when he saw Joel step out.

“Hey…there you are,” Joel smiled. “I’ve been looking for you.”

“Really…” Ryan asked skeptically drawing his brows together.

“Is that like your favorite word or something?” Joel chuckled.

“What?” Ryan looked confused.

“Never mind…I was wondering if you wanted to get out of here.”

“Get out of here, as in leave with you?” Ryan inquired with a curious smile.

“Okay…why do you keep answering my question with a question?” Joel asked looking a bit bewildered.

“Oh…I’m sorry, sure.” Ryan smiled shyly, ‘Where do you want to go?”

“Anywhere…I don’t care.” Joel shrugged his shoulder, “I just need to get out of here. Clear my head, maybe grab a burger or something, then I’ll walk you back to your dorm.”

“Okay…”Ryan nodded excitedly. “It’s a little chilly out.” Ryan noticed as he rubbed his hands briskly over his arms and shoulders in an attempt to generate some body heat.

“Here…”Joel removed his purple and white varsity athlete’s jacket that all the team members wore, and handed it to Ryan. “Put this on.”

“Thank you.” Ryan smiled as Joel helped him slip his arms into the sleeves of the jacket.

“Let’s go.” Joel grabbed Ryan’s hand and heading out the back gate just as Brye was walking out of the house.

He smiled, “That’s it Ryan, go for it.” He laughed taking a sip of beer, then called out, “You boys don’t behave…okay.”

“Hey, where are they going?” A voice asked over Byre’s shoulder.

Brye turned coming face to face with Jace. “Um…I don’t know.” Brye answered with a smirk, shrugged one shoulder, and walked away.

“I don’t think so Joel…I don’t think so.” Jace said with malice in his voice as he watched Ryan and Joel walk out of his view.

TBC.... Ryan and Brye Meet up with Colin and Jace has plans for Joel....
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I thought I had some of the plot figured out. WRONG! Oh well, I'll keep trying. :great:


While there was no sex, which was a good thing for both of the guys, the encounter was quite erotic. Very well done, Kim!


Great chapter! :worship:

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On 08/27/2011 03:39 PM, Conner said:
I thought I had some of the plot figured out. WRONG! Oh well, I'll keep trying. :great:


While there was no sex, which was a good thing for both of the guys, the encounter was quite erotic. Very well done, Kim!


Great chapter! :worship:

Hahaha...Wrong eh? yes keep trying its fun. Joel is a pretty descent guy. He had Ryan up there, but thought better of if. Glad you liked it...I try :D

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Omy! HOT! yes... expected, NO!!!

way to keep us wondering, Kim! :D

intriguing to say the least! lol.

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On 02/27/2012 01:43 AM, Frostina said:
Omy! HOT! yes... expected, NO!!!

way to keep us wondering, Kim! :D

intriguing to say the least! lol.

Thank you...*blushes* It just wasnt time...but the attraction is there for sure...again I'm so glad you're digging School Daze...


Kim :)

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On 09/13/2012 09:23 AM, Slytherin said:
*deep sigh* you have done it again Kim, great story wub.png
You likely eh? lol School Daze is actually one of my favs I had a lot of fun with those crazy kids...hehehe


Thank you again for reading my lil ole stories I'm so glad you're enjoying them. Comments fuel the writers soul and you're keeping well fed ;)


Kim :D

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What a good story. Things are going so well, I guess this Jace idiot just has to fuck things up. Love the characters. The Mastersons are pretty accepting. Can't wait to read more.





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On 03/22/2013 02:06 PM, johnnyjon1 said:
What a good story. Things are going so well, I guess this Jace idiot just has to fuck things up. Love the characters. The Mastersons are pretty accepting. Can't wait to read more.





Thank you, Randy, so glad you're enjoying the story. What a plesent surprise to find someone reading it... It put a huge smile on my face...

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