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Posing for the Pack  3. For The Alpha

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Ira and the pack are faced with a deadly enemy, one that has come for more than just Ira and his pups. With so many long-kept secrets coming to light the pack will have to come together and accept their new reality. With the pups ready to be born Ira will have to lean on his alpha and his friends to keep his newborns safe. Nothing will stop Ira and his alpha from keeping their pups safe, but it might take more than just the two of them and the pack to stop Hexis from destroying them all. 

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.

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Welcome back, guys! Ira says "Moos farts" and all that good stuff he's saving the better curses for when he's having the pups. :2thumbs:

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