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Fire and Icing

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Cocky firefighter Logan O'Donoghue is a total hothead. And that’s precisely why Aiden Kashima, a young culinary student and aspiring pastry chef, can’t stand him. But after a devastating fire destroys his apartment, Aiden finds himself taking up a bed in Logan’s fire station.

The tension and lust between them quickly blazes into a red-hot romance. Aiden may have a talent for baking sweets, but first he has to learn that love doesn't come with a recipe.

Fire and Icing takes place in the same universe as My Last Day Without You, but it's a standalone story. You don't need to read one to understand or enjoy the other (though I'd encourage it anyway)!

Copyright © 2017 QuinnDK; All Rights Reserved.

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Haven’t even started and I can’t wait hope u finish soon

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