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Maverick Cattle Company - 5. Chapter 5

Darrin glanced at the blond young man he was helping with yet another homework assignment. Zach had developed a habit of visiting him frequently and seemed to have become quite comfortable. Usually the visits were just a few minutes, and Darrin didn't mind them. But today was different. Zach seemed more high-strung than usual as they looked over the nutrition equations that he was trying to solve. The longer they worked, the more irritated Darrin became with Zach's inability to focus. Darrin's frustration was compounded by the fact that the work was somewhat of a struggle for him too, since nutrition wasn't his area of specialization. As they'd worked, horizontal surfaces in Darrin's office had become more and more buried with paper as Zach jumped back and forth between different notes.

"What about this? If the protein's at this level wouldn't the TDN be higher?" asked Zach.

"Not necessarily," replied Darrin, "It could be that you need more . . ."

The technical discussion continued for quite some time. Zach moved beside Darrin as they worked through problem after problem. At some point Darrin realized that Zach understood how to do the work now, he was just getting Darrin to finish his homework.

Leaning back Darrin smiled at him. "I think you've got it, Zach. You can finish the rest of these."

Zach looked a little sheepish, "Yeah, I think I can. Thanks for the help Dr. Anderson."

"No problem, Zach. You know you can stop by anytime," Darrin paused for a moment and then continued, "How's everything else going?"

"Oh," said Zach, "Ok, I guess."

"Anything I can help with?"

"No. My roommate moved out when I told him I was gay. He said he wasn't rooming with a fag. We were friends in high school . . . "

"Sorry, Zach. Some people just don't get it. Maybe he will reconsider," said Darrin with genuine concern.

"Maybe, but I don't think so. He's the Baptist minister's son."

"Oh," said Darrin thinking it probably was a lost cause, "Well, it's his problem. You didn't do anything wrong."

"He was cute . . ."

"Zach, if he wasn't interested then he wasn't. You can't try to convert someone. It doesn't work that way," said Darrin.

"I know, Dr. Anderson. I just have all these feelings, about a lot of things. And I don't know how to deal with them," said Zach softly.

"Well, talk to your friends. Join the Gay-Straight Alliance if you haven't already. You need to talk to someone to help you sort out your feelings. But it's easier when you aren't guessing about the sexuality of the other person. "

Darrin noticed Zach looked a little flushed and he seemed to be moving closer. Darrin wasn't certain what was going on.

"Zach?" said Darrin, "I think we're done, unless there's something else."

"Yes, sir," said Zach, but didn't move. Darrin started to wonder what was going on. It wasn't like Zach was going to try anything physical because he was very small, shorter than Mitch, and very slender. He definitely fell into the category of twink. But his proximity was starting to bother Darrin. They were close enough that Darrin was starting to feel claustrophobic.

"You know, I've never done anything with a guy. Nothing," said Zach softly.

"Zach, I think you need to—"

Zach moved suddenly and grabbed Darrin's face. Darting in, he kissed Darrin hard. Darrin was so shocked that he froze as the kiss continued for several seconds. Zach broke the kiss and saw the look of disbelief on Darrin face.

"Oh my god, oh my god, I'm so sorry. Oh god. I just . . . holy fuck," stammered Zach. Turning he grabbed his book bag and shoved everything inside and ran out the door.

Darrin was sitting staring at the doorway Zach had just fled through. He was unable to put thought to action, his shock leaving him numb. Gradually he regained his senses and realized they had worked long past sunset. Moving on autopilot he gathered his things and left.

Driving home, Darrin considered what he should do. He knew Mitch would be very upset, and probably jealous. He wondered if just this once it wouldn't be better to not tell Mitch everything. He had almost convinced himself of the wisdom of keeping it to himself by the time he got home.

Mitch looked up as Darrin walked through the door and did not like the look on his face. But he'd had a bad day, everything he touched had gone wrong, so he hoped he was just reading way too much into his expression. With a sigh, he tried to pull himself out of the funk he was in and greet his husband.

"Hey Darrin, how was your day?"

"Oh, what? Oh, it was fine, just fine."

"Something wrong, spill it," said Mitch with a frown.

"Damn it," whispered Darrin as the tension that was starting to recede recoiled into something ten times worse. "Yeah, I had a weird deal with a student."

"What'd ya mean 'weird deal'?" asked Mitch, his jaw tightening.

"He kissed me," said Darrin softly.

Mitch's response was immediate and explosive; his body shook at the thought of someone else kissing his husband. Turning to Darrin with fury blazing from his eyes he shouted, "Was it good? Is he cute? You ready to do a little chicken hawk'n?"

Darrin looked at Mitch with shock on his face. He'd known Mitch would be upset, but this was far worse than anything he'd anticipated.

"No, No! It wasn't anything like that. He just kissed me. He's just a little blond twink," Darrin tried to explain.

"A twink! You've fallen for a twink! So all that crap you've been feeding me about me being sexy was bullshit then!" yelled Mitch.

"No! I haven't fallen for anyone else. You know I love your body! Jeez, Mitch! You're over-reacting!" said Darrin.

"Over-reacting huh! So what'd you do when he kissed you? Did you resist? Did you punch him? What did you fuck'n do other than enjoy your little blond haired twink?"

Darrin started to answer, but words failed him. Staring at the floor he tried to replay the incident in his mind, but couldn't. What had he done? Why didn't he push Zach away? Was it his fault?

Mitch watched Darrin, taking his introspection as guilt. Consumed with anger he stomped out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Darrin ran to the door, thinking he would follow Mitch and try to explain. Instead he stood and watched as Mitch disappeared inside of the guesthouse. He again contemplated going after him, but decided that he couldn't reason with Mitch right now. He needed to clear his own thoughts before he could deal with Mitch's anger.

Walking back into the living room he saw Josh in the shadows of his doorway. "Go to bed, Josh. Everything will be fine. I just need to talk to Mitch."

"You kissed a student?" said Josh with a tone of disbelief.

"No. A student kissed me, and took me by surprise."

"Oh," said Josh, turning he quietly shut his door.

Darrin heard the click of Josh's door as it latched and then walked to his bedroom. He fell across the bed and lay with his face buried in Mitch's pillow. He lay unmoving through the night, breathing the smell of his lover, never able to fall asleep. As the morning light began to illuminate the room he crawled out of their bed. Without turning on a light, he turned on the shower and stepped in without undressing. As the cold water soaked his clothes, Darrin desperately wondered what he was going to do.

Less than 100 yards away the other half of the couple was also stirring from his sleepless night. Mitch knew he had over-reacted. But for one of the few times in his life he felt less than confident about himself. How could he compete with a little blond twink for god's sake. He was about as opposite of that as it was possible to be. His black hair was even starting to show a few gray threads. He wasn't going to lose Darrin without a fight though. If he needed to change himself to keep Darrin happy, then he would. There wasn't much he could do to change his appearance, but there was one thing he could do if Darrin liked bare skin.

Mitch climbed out of bed and got a pair of cattle clippers they'd left in the house a few weeks before. Striping, he looked down at his hair coated chest, which he'd always been proud of, and sighed. Steeling himself, he flipped on the clippers and quickly ran them up his chest, leaving a wide swath of denuded skin. As the hair drifted off the clippers, he considered his body. Maybe this would be enough, he sure hoped so.


Darrin left without seeing Mitch. Fortunately, he had a busy day so he didn't have a lot of time to think about the previous night. He had almost made it through work when he looked up from an unexpected knock on his door.


"Ah, yeah. Sorry."

Darrin took a deep breath, not condemning the young man but determined to get him to understand the problem he had created. "What can I do for you, Zach?" said Darrin.

"I needed to tell you I'm so sorry about yesterday. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am," said Zach.

Darrin sighed, wondering why all this crap became his to deal with, "It's ok, Zach. I know you're working through a lot of stuff, but I'm not your solution. Ok?"

"I know. I'm not sure why I did it. I'm embarrassed and hope I haven't ruined our friendship," said Zach quietly.

"No, of course not. But you can't do that again, ever. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I won't. I swear," said Zach as he stared at the floor.

"Alright, then we're good."

"I hope I didn't cause any trouble for you at home. I really just got wrapped up in the moment."

"Ah, well let's just say you owe my husband an apology. But we'll be fine," said Darrin quietly, hoping he was telling the truth. Darrin thought back on last night and their fight. He still wasn't sure what to do, but he knew he had to do something. After a few minutes of contemplation he, realized that Zach was still standing at his door.

"Was there something else, Zach?" asked Darrin patiently.

"Ahhh, yeah. Is it still ok if I come to the prom?"

The sudden change in topic threw Darrin for a second, but he quickly realized what Zach was talking about. Slowly letting out his breath, he wondered if it was smart to let Zach too close to Mitch. He decided that Mitch would eventually understand what happened. But if he told Zach he couldn't attend the prom, probably the second time he'd heard that same statement, he would be crushed.

"Of course you can, Zach. Everyone's welcome," said Darrin with conviction.

"Great!" said Zach as a smile broke across his face, "I was really looking forward to it. I think it will be fun. I know a lot of my friends are coming too! Thank you so much!"

Darrin's smile froze, wondering now what kind of monster he and Mitch were creating with this prom for Josh.


A little later Darrin was trying to wrap up things for the day when Emma appeared at his door. She looked positively bubbly and to his surprise immediately started talking about the prom.

"You know, Darrin. I think you may have quite a crowd at this little get together. I ran into the advisor for the GLBT center on campus and they said the students were getting really excited about going. Apparently a lot of them never went to their high school prom and this is going to be their chance to do it all over again."

"Oh no," said Darrin with a chuckle, "Mitch and I were afraid no one would show up. Apparently we're going to have the opposite problem. Crap! What're we going to do?"

"And that's why I'm here!" said Dr. Ruck with a charming smile. Immediately she started outlining a battle plan that would have made MacArthur envious. She soon had plans for preventing the punch from being spiked, keeping everyone chaste and providing bathrooms for the crowd, just to name a few. Darrin eventually stopped trying to contribute and just wrote notes. Her ideas were great and he couldn't really improve on them. As the conversation wound down it seemed that she had covered everything. Finally Emma stopped and looked at Darrin.

"How is the prep at the ranch going?"

"Well, it was going ok . . ." said Darrin.

"Oh? What happened?"

Darrin paused, not sure he wanted to share something this personal and worried about the ramifications for tenure if it became general knowledge that a student had kissed him. Finally he decided this particular bit information he couldn't share, even with Dr. Ruck.

"Just a family disagreement. Nothing that we can't deal with," said Darrin slowly.

Emma looked intently at Darrin and then shrugged, "Alright."

Darrin nodded, sure the woman had worked out some of the problem on her own, or it was possible that the campus gossip chain was working full bore. He didn't want to withhold information from her, but he felt that he had to protect Mitch and himself from any possible problem. He watched as she left his office without another word, hoping he hadn't just offended his biggest ally in the department.  Sighing, he gathered up his paperwork and got ready to head home and deal with Mitch.


Josh had worried about Darrin and Mitch all day. He'd never seen Mitch blow up like that, and he was confused about why Darrin had let the student kiss him. He'd heard everything that was said last night, and he was worried. He went through the day dazed, wondering if there was anything he could do to help. He'd been largely mute through lunch and was ready to go home. He moved down the hallway without noticing who was around him, stopping in front of his locker. While he was putting homework in his book bag, Josh felt a presence behind him. Turning he found Tony leering at him. Josh looked around for any of Tony's cronies, not sure what was happening. Tony had largely lost his cadre of football players with the scene Ross created, but he was still playing the part of the football player stud and made other peoples lives miserable.

"Get lost, Tony. I don't need your shit today," replied Josh.

"What's wrong Joshie? You gotta get home to fuck your two dads?"

Josh hit Tony like an enraged bull, catching him by the throat and pinning him to the wall. Tony's eyes bugged out as he grabbed Josh's arm and felt unbendable muscle and sinew that months of hard physical labor had built. In spite of Tony's weight advantage, Josh had him immobilized and helpless. Leaning in with a look of rage, Josh moved within inches of Tony's reddening face.

"Trash talk me all you want. But don't you ever talk about Darrin and Mitch again. Do you hear me! Never! Or so help me God . . ."

Josh's anger crested as all the things Tony had done crashed down on him. He suddenly wanted give this troublemaker back some of the pain he'd delivered. Josh saw Tony's eyes bulge as he pulled back his fist, his arm muscles coiled to deliver a devastating blow to Tony's face. Josh's focus was broken when he felt a cool touch on his arm. Looking back he saw Ross watching them.

"He's not worth it."

Josh's jaw dropped as he looked at Ross. The younger man was gently resting his hand on Josh's arm. As the two looked at each other, Josh could feel a deep sadness in Ross' dark brown eyes.

"Don't hit him, Josh. He isn't worth the trouble it would cause you," said Ross quietly. Looking around, a slight smile showed up on his face. "Besides, his buds have already deserted him."

Josh considered Ross for a second and then turned back to Tony. "Don't fuck with me again, Barra. And if you ever do anything to hurt Darrin and Mitch, I'll come down on you like a tall pine!"

Josh released the linebacker and watched him slide down the wall into a heap. Turning back to Ross he nodded. "Thanks. You're right. He wasn't worth it." Josh smiled broadly and threw one arm over his shoulder as they headed toward the door.

"So, have you heard about the alternative prom at the ranch?" Josh asked with a smile.


Josh walked into the silent house, wondering where everyone was. He quietly opened the fridge and pulled out a can of pop. Cracking the top, he headed toward his room, worried about the guys. As he walked across the living room he heard,

"Josh? You home?"

Josh stopped, of course recognizing Mitch's voice. "Yeah. You . . .ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Mitch said, and paused, "Ah, Josh. Can you help me for a minute?"

"Sure, you know I'll help if I can. What do you need?"

"Could you come into the bedroom?" asked Mitch.

"I guess so."

Josh dropped his bag at his door and headed to the guy's room. Walking through the door, he saw Mitch standing in the bathroom without a shirt. Josh admired Mitch's muscular torso for a moment, but something seemed wrong.

"What's up, Mitch?" asked Josh.

Mitch turned to look at him, and Josh gasped. "Oh my god! You've shaved, everything."

"Yes, but I can't do my back. Can you shave it for me?" Mitch looked at him hopefully, holding the shaving cream and a razor.

Josh's mouth moved, but he was unable to speak. Finally he blurted out, "Why the fuck did you shave everything?" Josh had another thought and his eyes bugged at Mitch. "Did you shave . . . everything!" asked Josh. Immediately he started to stammer, "Never mind, I don't want to know. But why'd you do this? Were you that mad at Darrin?"

"So you heard last night's argument?" asked Mitch with a sad look on his face.

"It was hard not to," said Josh quietly.

"I'm sorry, Josh. You shouldn't of heard that," said Mitch with a slight scowl, "To answer your question, I'm doing whatever it takes to keep my husband. If he likes young guys, well, I thought maybe he's like me smooth."

"Shit. You really think so? I dunno," said Josh as his eye's scrutinized Mitch's chest.

"Josh, will you do it? I did the rest of it myself. But I can't reach my back," asked Mitch.

"Yeah, I guess so. But then I'm going to the movies or something. Cause I don't want to be here when Darrin gets home."

Josh took the equipment Mitch handed to him and looked at Mitch's back. He quickly realized that it wouldn't take much, there are only a few small patches of hair. Moving quickly, he lathered the spots and made short work of scraping them smooth and wiping Mitch's back. Once finished, Josh sat everything down on the counter and stepped back to survey his work.

"I think I got everything. There wasn't a whole lot that needed shaved."

"Thanks. I appreciate it. Don't worry, I won't ask you to do that again," said Mitch.

"It's ok, I'm just not sure . . . well I'm just worried is all," said Josh.

"It'll be fine," Mitch walked over and fished a couple of $20 bills from his wallet and handed them to Josh, "Here's something for supper and whatever else you need." Mitch paused and looked a little sheepish, "And Josh, thanks. I appreciate the help. I know it was kinda odd to ask you to do it. But there wasn't anyone else around."

Josh laughed as he took the money, "Don't worry about it. I hope you guys get things worked out soon. I hate it when you're fighting." Josh smiled and companionably slapped Mitch on the shoulder, "Hey, at least you didn't ask me to shave your butt!"

Mitch turned red and laughed along with Josh, thinking that it was a good thing that Josh didn't know that he had considered asking him to do that too. But good sense had kicked in.


Darrin arrived to a dark house. Cringing at the thought that Mitch was still mad at him, he looked at the guesthouse, but it was dark too. Sighing deeply he trudged into the house, ready to spend a night alone. Turning the corner, he was shocked to see the table covered with a white tablecloth and lit with candles. His eyes traveled from the table to the man standing behind it. Mitch was wearing a skintight white shirt that accentuated his muscles beautifully. His jeans were dark blue new Wranglers that were starched and did a great job of highlighting his substantial package. His husband looked amazing, but there was something wrong. Darrin was trying to puzzle out the problem when Mitch held up his hand.

"Don't say anything. Just let me talk," said Mitch.

Darrin nodded and leaned against the counter to listen to what Mitch had to say.

"Good," said Mitch, relaxing a little. "First, I'm sorry about blowing up last night. It'd been a bad day and that was just too much. I'm sure it felt good to have someone . . . do that. But I don't want to lose you. I'm no twink, Darrin. I don't think I was a twink when I was 16, and I'm damn sure not now. But I don't want to lose you, so all I can do is try to give you more of what you want, to make you happy."

A look of horror swept Darrin's face. He glanced around and tried desperately to work out what Mitch had done. He felt like it was just at the tip of his fingers, but couldn't quite get it.

"No. Mitch. What did you do?"

Mitch grabbed the fitted white shirt and pulled it over his head, exposing an expanse of glistening olive skin, and not one hair in sight. Lifting his arms, he exposed his hairless armpits, and Darrin dropped into a chair in shock.

"Everything? Even?" asked Darrin.

"Well I just pruned the bush good. I was so proud when that came in when I was 12, I just couldn't stand to shave it off."

"Thank god!" said Darrin with a laugh, "I don't know how I'd of felt about a husband who looked like he hadn't gone through puberty. Well, you know, other than the adult sized pecker."

"So you like it then? It turns you on?" asked Mitch.

Darrin paused for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts. He remembered why Mitch had done this and carefully began.

"I'm not sure how I feel about it, or if it turns me on. Mitch, I'm not looking for a kid to be with, I love you! I love that you look, act and smell like a man. Kids don't do it for me, you do. And Zach is about as stereotypical twink as would be possible. He doesn't even come close to competing with my husband for hotness," explained Darrin.

"But you said you liked the twink look," said Mitch, feeling a little insecure.

"No, you never gave me a chance to explain. I paused too long, and you exploded. It's flattering that Zach thought I was desirable. And Mitch, I never want to jeopardize what we have. But . . ."

Darrin continued with a sly smile, "It is kinda hot. You're fucking ripped. I've never noticed how chiseled your muscles are before. Maybe we could keep it, for a little while."

"Yeah? You think it's hot?"

"Oh yeah, I think its really sexy," said Darrin.

Looking down Darrin saw the meal that Mitch had ready for him. It wasn't fancy, Mitch didn't do fancy, but the steak, fried okra and baked potato looked delicious. Darrin looked into Mitch's smiling face and walked over and kissed him. Running his hands down Mitch's chest, Darrin enjoyed the feeling of smooth skin under his hands. They kissed gently and then slowly separated. Darrin looked at the hot muscular body in front of him and licked his lips with desire. Glancing back at the table, he decided that patience was a virtue in this case.

"Let's eat, then I want to see what else you've got that's still hidden," said Darrin. He watched as Mitch turned to sit down and noticed his back was equally smooth. Curious, he questioned Mitch.

"How'd you get your back too? I don't see how you reached it."

"Josh did it for me," said Mitch, "And I sent him to the movies so we'd have some time together."

Darrin shook his head, slightly embarrassed that Josh had been dragged into this. But he moved to his chair and soon they were both enjoying a great meal. Once they'd finished, Mitch pulled a coconut cream pie from the refrigerator and cut them a large piece to share. He sat down beside Darrin and they chatted about their day while they enjoyed the pie. Darrin told Mitch about Zach's apology and the extensive plans that Emma had helped with. Mitch finished the last bit of crust and then took their dish to the sink. Turning back to Darrin he flexed slightly and smiled.

"So. What were you think'n we could do for the rest of the evening?" said Mitch with a smirk.

"And Josh is gone?" questioned Darrin.

"Yup, I don't expect him back until late."

Darrin got up and walked over to Mitch. Wrapping his arms around Mitch's trim waist he pulled them into a kiss. Darrin was intrigued with the smooth Mitch. It all felt and smelled so different that it was almost like a different man. After several sensuous minutes of kissing, Darrin slowly sank to his knees in front of Mitch. Reaching up he opened the button on Mitch's jeans and slowly unzipped the stiff fabric. With each millimeter of zipper he lowered, Darrin saw more bare skin. When he reached the base of his man's cock, there was a short wreath of hair surrounding it. Darrin looked up and smiled.

"You didn't leave much did you."

"No, just a little short hedge," said Mitch with a smile.

"Well let's get you out of these and see what else there is," said Darrin.

He pushed Mitch against the counter and then pulled off each boot and sock, sniffing them and smiling. He gripped the jeans and started wiggling them over Mitch's hips. As the Wranglers pooled around his feet, Darrin realized that Mitch hadn't been kidding, there was no hair in sight. Darrin leaned back on his heels as Mitch stepped out of the last of his clothes. Mitch had a beautiful body, and if you liked bare, muscular men, this version of Mitch would have you creaming your pants. While Darrin wasn't immune to Mitch's Abercrombie & Fitch look, he was still coming to terms with it. He decided to stop overthinking it and just enjoy the novelty. It was so different; it was like a different guy, a nice safe fantasy. He looked deep into Mitch's dark brown eyes and then moved back to his knees and sucked Mitch's thickening cock into his mouth. Rolling his tongue around the engorged head he started tasting this new Mitch.

"Oh fuck yeah. That feels amazing," said Mitch with a sigh.

Darrin redoubled his efforts, pressing Mitch's cock into his mouth. With his eyes closed he missed the familiar touch of Mitch's pubic hair against his face. Caressing Mitch and finding bare skin was strangely erotic, like he had never been with his husband before. Darrin worked over Mitch's cock carefully, his head moving to catch all the spots that he knew Mitch loved. Soon he had Mitch pressing against him and moaning.

"Oh yeah baby. That feels so good. Holy fuck that's amazing!" said Mitch between gasps.

Darrin backed his head off Mitch's now rock hard cock. Slowly moving until just the tip was between his lips, he dug his tongue into the hole, sucking precum from it. Once the last of the sweet nectar was sucked out, Darrin released it.

"Let's go to the bedroom, lover. I want to touch this body all over until you're squirming," said Darrin with a grin.

Mitch pushed himself off the counter and padded to the bedroom. Darrin walked right behind him, enjoying the view. Once they were in the bedroom Mitch turned to Darrin and wrapped his arms around him. They kissed softly, tenderly showing their love for each other as their desire built. Mitch worked his hands between them and unbuttoned Darrin's shirt. Pressing it over Darrin's shoulders, he let the shirt flutter to the floor. As their  chests rubbed against each other, Mitch's breath hissed between his teeth.

"What's wrong, babe?" asked Darrin.

"Nothing, it's just been a very long time since I felt a hairy chest against my bare skin."

"Is it good?"

"Ummm, it's different. But fuck you're sexy," said Mitch. Running his hands over Darrin's chest like he'd never seen it before, Mitch slowly slid to his knees. Unzipping the fly in Darrin's slacks, he pulled out his throbbing cock and immediately sank it deep in his throat. Grabbing Darrin's muscular ass, he enjoyed the feel of butt flexing in his hands as their lovemaking became more passionate. Mitch released all but Darrin's cockhead, jacking him as his tongue swirled around it. Eventually he fished Darrin's sack out of his pants and nestled his face under it. Sucking in his nuts one at the time Mitch carefully gave each one a tongue bath.

"Shit! That feels amazing! Damn I'm close. I could fuck'n blow," said Darrin through a sigh.

Mitch's pulse raced as he dove forward, wanting to bring his man off. Tonguing along the underside of Darrin's thick cock, his hand was a blur as he worked to bring his man to climax. The racing fist increased the volume of Darrin's cries until Mitch could tell they were at the edge. He raced to start tongue fucking Mitch's dick.

"Oh god! Oh god! Fuck'n coming!" screamed Darrin.

Mitch pulled off and rubbed Darrin's cock against his face. Darrin's cock flexed in his hand and started shooting cum over Mitch. Mitch closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of hot cum coating his face. His tongue darted out to taste Darrin's delicious man juice. Soon the flow stopped and Mitch looked up at Darrin, knowing he was covered with cum. Darrin gave a smile of pleasure and slowly lowered himself so he and Mitch were face to face. Wrapping his hands around Mitch's head he started licking and sucking every last trail of cum from his husband's face. Soon he was clean, his face glistening softly from the coating of saliva. Darrin looked at Mitch and smiled.

"I think it's your turn now, lover."

Darrin moved forward, pressing Mitch onto his back. Gazing down at the handsome man on the floor under him, he gave Mitch a wicked look. Standing up, Darrin quickly stripped as he moved into the bathroom. Coming back, he tossed one of their huge towels to Mitch.

"Lay on that. It'll make it easier to clean up afterwards," said Darrin.

"And are we gonna to be messy?" asked Mitch with a grin.

"Oh yes! I'm gonna be very messy!"

Darrin waited until Mitch was on the towel and pulled out a bottle of baby oil that he'd retrieved. Holding it above Mitch he started squirting it over his husband's hairless body and then rubbed it slowly over him. The slick substance quickly coated Mitch, and glistened in the light as his muscles flexed with pleasure. Darrin ran his hands over Mitch's bare stomach, missing the growth of hair that had been part of Mitch's original allure for him. The feeling of Mitch squirming under him brought Darrin back to the present. Sliding his hands up Mitch's hot torso, he carefully oiled his nipples and then tweaked and rubbed oil into them for several minutes. Darrin kissed Mitch and then started working his way down his desirable body. He lifted each leg, kissing Mitch's foot and then sliding his hand behind each knee. Pushing forward he sighed with heat as he exposed Mitch's hole. A broad smile broke across his face as he looked down. He was delighted to find the one place Mitch hadn't been able to shear. His butt crack was as hairy as ever, and Darrin found a strange delight in finding something familiar. He looked up at Mitch with a leer.

"Couldn't shave back here huh, stud?"

"No. I got most of the cheeks shaved but wasn't going to take a chance on cutting something important around the goods. And I sure couldn't ask Josh!" said Mitch with a smile.

Darrin started laughing hysterically, "Oh my god, no. I'm so glad you didn't ask Josh. He would have been in treatment for years to get rid of that image."

Mitch laughed and then motioned Darrin back down, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. I believe you were about to rim me before you so rudely stopped!"

Darrin smiled and then pressed his face against Mitch's familiar hairy crack. He was immediately overwhelmed with the flavors and scents he found there. Long minutes passed while Darrin explored Mitch's ass, licking and kissing it, flicking his tongue over his exposed hole. As he writhed under the attention, Darrin could feel Mitch's body start to contract. Knowing the signs of an impending orgasm, he dumped the rest of the bottle of oil over Mitch's crotch. Straddling him, Darrin quickly impaling himself on Mitch's twitching cock. Darrin felt a bolt of pain at the rapid entry, but pressed on anyway, wanting Mitch to be buried inside him when he shot. Darrin hit bottom, grinding against Mitch slick bare skin and groaning. The pain was bearable, and the pleasure was rapidly intensifying.  Mitch bucked up once and then grabbed Darrin, pinning him against his groin. Darrin felt Mitch's hot load as it filled his ass. Leaning forward, he rubbed his chest against Mitch as his seed emptied itself into Darrin. Soon they lay panting on each other, enjoying the afterglow of wonderful lovemaking.

"That was amazing. Oh god, that was fuck'n amazing," said Mitch.

"Damn straight it was. Holy shit!"

They cuddled on the floor. Touching and embracing, they reconnected after their latest struggle, but eventually they started feeling the hard floor.

"I think it's time to get cleaned up," said Mitch.

"Yeah," said Darrin, standing up. He reached down and tried to grab Mitch, but slid off his oiled skin. Laughing he looked at Mitch, "Looks like you're on your own big boy. For some reason you're all oily."

Mitch laughed and pushed himself up, snagging the towel as he came to his feet. "Yeah, and I wonder how I got that way?"

Darrin chuckled and pushed Mitch ahead of him to the shower. They carefully washed each other until all traces of the oil were gone. Stepping out, Darrin grabbed a clean towel and quickly ran it over himself before carefully drying Mitch. They lay side-by-side in bed and talked about their life together until they drifted off to sleep.


Josh quietly walked into the house, having taken off his boots on the porch. The house seemed so quiet, he hoped everything was fixed. Curiosity finally overcame him and he moved silently until he could look into their room. He could dimly see Mitch spooned against Darrin under their shared sheet. Josh smiled to himself, knowing that they had worked out their problem.

Josh turned and entered his room. Undressing quickly, he couldn't help but lay awake and wonder if he'd ever be lucky enough to find a husband who would work at the relationship the way Darrin and Mitch did. Eventually he drifted off to sleep, guardedly optimistic about leading a happy life.


Darrin woke early the next morning. His arm draped over the man beside him. At first he started, wondering who was beside him. But immediately following the question was the answer, it was Mitch of course. Darrin laid there, his hand traveling over the bare chest under his hand, feeling the slight stubble that had already appeared. He had to admit, Mitch looked hot shaved, but that wasn't how Darrin wanted him. He liked Mitch with a full pelt. It excited him, turned him on, and most importantly it was how Mitch really was. He felt Mitch stir under his arm.

"Morning, sunshine," said Darrin.

"Morn'n," muttered Mitch.

After a few minutes of silence they both started to talk. Laughing, Darrin nudged Mitch.

"Go ahead, what were you going to say."

"Ok, well you know how you tell me we need to talk all the time. Well, I don't think I can do the shaving. It was fun last night, but it just didn't feel like me. Sorry," said Mitch.

Darrin leaned over and kissed Mitch's stubble coated face, "Dumbass, that's what I was going to say too. It was hot, and damn you're sexy that way. But it just didn't feel right. And besides, I like my hairy Mitch."

Mitch turned his head and kissed Darrin softly. "Good, glad that's settled. Now we better get breakfast started. The boy will be up soon and he'll be starving as usual."

Darrin laughed in agreement and they both moved to climb out of the bed.


Darrin smiled as he watched the white stretch limo pull up beside their barn. The door quickly opened to reveal a slender young woman dressed in a long white prom gown. He cringed at the thought of what was going to happen when she moved across the bare dirt to get inside. But Darrin had to smile when she very practically gathered her dress and pulled it up until it was several inches above the ground, showing the white cowboy boots she was wearing. Hearing a chuckle behind him he turned to see Mitch watching the same scene.

"You just gotta love ag school students," said Mitch.

"Yup," said Darrin, "They're nothing if not practical."  He watched as the first girl was joined by a second from the same limo. The pair kissed and then moved toward the barn to join the growing crowd. He was amazed at how the prom had shaped up. Over the past several weeks things had just started being dropped off. Their barn was a huge cavernous building, and Darrin had no idea why the previous owners had put in a concrete floor, but he was glad they had. Now it was festooned with decorations in a Mardi Gras theme and they had enough food to feed several hundred people. Between the volunteer chaperones and Emma's help, things seemed to be going pretty well. The portable dance floor someone had delivered was already getting a workout, and the kids looked amazing. There were tux's and dresses galore, along with a few less conventionally dressed people. No one seemed to care. Everyone was there to have fun, and they were succeeding.

As the evening wore on Darrin had to chuckle when a few of the couples were escorted back into the dance from the darkness. From their flushed faces and embarrassed looks, it appeared at some of them had gotten fairly far along before being caught. But the people doing sweeps were pretty determined that this prom wasn't going to be remembered for it's great sex. This was of course Emma's planning and Darrin had to smile as he watched Emma work through the crowd with all the poise of a seasoned politician, and the focus of a five-star general.

As the evening unrolled, the guests just kept coming. Darrin noticed that some of the couples were not same sex. At first he wondered about it, but he finally marked it up to a change in perspective. Who someone was with just wasn't an issue to these kids. It was about the person, not who they slept with. Darrin had a feeling that Josh alone was partly responsible for the turn out. He was becoming a popular kid. As the crowd started to look like it needed another adult, Darrin shrugged his shoulders and moved to help out. He just hoped that at some point he and Mitch could take a slow dance around the floor too.


Josh looked at himself in the mirror. He liked the black tux that he'd picked out for the prom. It was fitted, showing off his muscular body to its best advantage. He was very much looking forward to the event and planned to dance with everyone, male or female, before the night was over. With the fastening of last button on his vest, he walked out the door and into a scene that was considerably busier than he'd anticipated. He stood on the porch and watched as a steady stream of people arrived. The pasture they'd set aside for parking was rapidly filling, as was the barn.

As he wandered through the dance, several people greeted him. He'd been a little concerned about it when Darrin had first proposed the idea, but he hadn't wanted to discourage him. But he was amazed at how well everything looked. Lots of his friends had donated stuff, as well as people who knew Mitch and Darrin. That woman Darrin worked with, Dr. Ruck, intimidated Josh, but she had worked hard at making everything really nice. He smiled broadly as Karen and Lisa danced past him. He knew they had both been looking forward to the dance. They had been together for several years, and Karen had told Josh about the white boots with gold stitching that she'd used a big chunk of this year's calf check to buy. Josh turned when he felt a presence at his side and found Ross standing beside him.

"Hey Ross, how are you tonight?" said Josh.

"Great actually. I wasn't too sure about this party, but it looks kick ass, Josh."

"Yeah, well Darrin gets most of the credit," he said motioning to Darrin walking through, "I thought it would be lame too. But damn if he didn't pull it off."

"Where did all this stuff come from? I mean, you have more shit than they have at the real prom," asked Ross.

"Mostly it's loaned. Some people gave money too. The college group helped. It's been amazing. Everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves," said Josh with a smile.

"It's great, Josh. Thanks so much for inviting me. Especially after . . ."

Josh smiled a little sadly at Ross and gripped his shoulder. "That wasn't your fault. You didn't convince him to screw around with everyone with a d—Well you know."

"Yeah, but usually I get caught in the splatter when shit hits the fan though," said Ross with a lopsided grin. "I appreciate it."

Josh pushed him toward the dance floor, "Stop taking about our asshole ex. Go. Dance."

"I would but . . ."

"What?" asked Josh.

"Well I'd really like to dance with Kirk. I know he's not gay or bi or anything. But I'd like to dance with him."

"Is he here?" said Josh.

"Yeah, he came with Tiffany," he said pointing to the golden blond couple on the floor.

Josh grinned at Ross and dragged him onto the floor to the slow dancing couple. Tapping Kirk on the shoulder he waited until the baseball player turned to look at him.

"Ross would like to cut in for one dance," said Josh with a smile.

"Sure!" said Kirk, "I'll get something to drink."

"No," replied Josh with a grin, "Not with Tiff, with you!"

Kirk's mouth made a tight "o" as he looked at Ross. Then with a smile and a wink he replied, "Sure, what the hell. Just no cupping my ass!"

Ross laughed and nodded, flashing a look at Josh as he stepped in to Tiffany's spot that was a mix of 'I'll get you for this' and 'Oh my god, thank you'. Josh took Tiffany's hand to escort her off the floor. As he stepped he realized that she wasn't budging. Turning to see an undecipherable look on her face.

"Sorry, Tiff. I hope you aren't too upset. But it was kinda Ross' dream."

"Oh god no! He's welcome to Kirk for a little while. That boy could be an exchange student, he has Roman hands and Russian fingers," she said through a throaty chuckle, "No Mister, that look was for you. You don't really think you're getting out of dancing with me do you?"

Josh laughed and nodded, "No Ma'am. I'm available to dance with you anytime you'd like."

"Good, then get your little ass over here and show a girl a good time."

Josh took Tiffany's hand and soon they were gliding across the floor. Josh was having a great time and having friends like Tiffany and Kirk attend meant a lot to him.


Emma Ruck looked around the room feeling very pleased with herself. She knew of course that it wasn't just her work. But she felt that she had made a major contribution. She was good at organizing events, just as she had told Darrin. But what she hadn't told Darrin was the GLBT group on campus had a special spot in her heart. Not because she was gay, because she wasn't, but because she had seen herself the shift in attitude toward non-heterosexual people over the years. When she first came to college they were considered fringe pariahs, but had demanded rights and recognition and she thought things were slowly improving. She'd never understood the issue herself so it wasn't happening at the speed she would like. But to survive to be senior faculty you had to be resilient, and she was nothing if not tenacious.  The combination allowed her to help when she found the opportunity.

As she looked around at the kids dancing she had to wipe a tear from her eye. Over the years she had lost a few students who couldn't reconcile who and what they were with the outside pressures. She still mourned their loss while celebrating tonight's success. As she watched the couples change and shift between sexes she had to shake her head. This was exactly as it should be. Letting people be who and what they were. They realized that dancing with someone didn't mean you wanted to sleep with them. It was just all in good fun.

Feeling very good about things she watched for several more minutes before seeing someone frantically motioning her over. She smiled to herself as she moved quickly to help, the successful field commander rallying her troops.


Mitch leaned against the porch column and watched as one of the college kids made his way toward him. He drained the last of the beer from the bottle he'd smuggled out of the house against Darrin's orders, and sat it beside the wall. Turning back, he realized the kid was apparently looking for him since he was coming through the yard gate to the house. Looking him over it was obvious the boy had put in a lot of time trying to make himself look good, and look older. He'd succeeded half way; he looked very good. But he also looked very young. The dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose and the short spiked blond hair didn't help. Neither did the fact that he was shorter than Mitch, and very slender. Mitch chuckled to himself at the thought of this kid trying to buy beer. He was going to be carded for a very long time to come. Mitch watched curiously as he stepped onto the porch and held out his hand.

"Evening, sir. I'm Zach Delong," said the kid.

"Evening, I'm Mitch McRichards. Is there something I can do to help you?" said Mitch as he shook hands.

"Yes, sir. There is. You are Dr. Anderson's husband, right?" said Zach.

"Yes . . ." replied Mitch, wondering where this was going.

"Yes. Well. I owe you an apology then. A huge apology."

"Why?" asked Mitch, with one eyebrow almost buried in his hairline.

"Well, sir. Well. Oh hell . . . I kissed Dr. Anderson. I was way outta line and I've already apologized to him. But I also needed to tell you how sorry I am. I still can't believe I did it. I should've came out to talk with you sooner, but frankly sir, I was just chicken shit scared to do it."

Mitch stared at Zach, a slight scowl on his face hiding the fact that inside he was laughing hysterically at himself. This was the kid that got him to shave his whole body. This guy looked 13 on a good day. Mitch had been right about one thing though; they could not possibly have looked any less alike. Zach was a typical pale blond with porcelain white skin and a few freckles. There was just no way to describe him other than cute. Finally getting his initial reaction under control he started talking,

"Zach, I accept your apology. I know sometimes things happen in the heat of the moment. But make no mistake about it, I am a very jealous man and if it happened again we'll need to settle it man to man," said Mitch.

"Yes, sir. I mean, no sir. It won't happen again sir. I can guarantee you that," stammered Zach.

Mitch held out his hand again and Zach immediately met him and they shook hands. With a small smile Mitch released Zach's hand.

"And Zach, one more thing."

"Yes, sir?"

"It's Mitch, please stop calling me sir. It makes me feel damn old!"

Zach grinned, "Yes si—. Ok, Mitch. And thanks."

Mitch sent him back to the prom with a wave of his hand. Smiling, he watched Zach move back into the barn, almost bouncing with each step. He felt a presence at his side and turned to see Darrin standing there. He smiled broadly, leaned over and kissed his husband.

"I met your lover," teased Mitch.

"Oh," said Darrin.

"For that I made myself itch like a mother fucker?" said Mitch quietly.

Darrin started laughing, losing all possibility of decorum he was soon puddled at the base of the wall laughing hysterically. When he glanced up to see Mitch looking at him with a look of disgust, itching his chest, it all started again. Eventually Darrin was gasping for air and his laughing stopped. Mitch shook his head and held out a hand, helping Darrin to his feet.

"You know, it isn't that funny," grumbled Mitch.

"Oh babe, yes it is," said Darrin with a snicker. "And thank you for not crushing the kid. He's still trying to adjust. He hasn't told very many people he's not straight. I have a feeling this prom was a huge thing for him."

"He looks like a fuck'n puppy! Who could hurt him," said Mitch with a sigh. With a chuckle he continued, "I did tell him I was a jealous man, and if it happened again we'd have to settle it man to man."

Darrin laughed softly, "Jeez, I'll probably have to meet with him in the library so he'll have witnesses."

"Might not be a bad plan," said Mitch with a laugh. "Tonight when this is over though, you're rubbing me down with lotion. This shits itching like crazy."

"Consider it done."


"You wanna dance?" Josh heard softly from his side. Turning he found an extremely cute college guy standing grinning like an opossum at him. Josh smiled back, enjoying the warmth being generated from the smaller man. Josh hesitated only a second before responding.

"Sure! But I think they're doing a slow dance next . . ."

"I know. That's why I asked," said the cute blond.

Smiling, Josh took his hand and they walked onto the floor with the other couples. Moving close against each other, Josh could feel the heat radiating from his partner. Tucking his head down he said, "I'm Josh by the way."

He heard, "I'm Zach. Thanks for dancing with me. I know I'm probably taking you away from your date or your friends."

"Nope, no date. Got dumped a while back. And my friends all seem to be busy with their dates," said Josh with a chuckle. As they quietly moved across the floor, Josh felt himself relax with Zach. His face was tucked against Josh in a sweet way as they danced, making Josh feel protective of him. Josh could almost feel a healing salve coating some lingering wounds from his previous relationship, which he hadn't realized were there until they were gone. He was disappointed when the song faded away. Josh thought he felt hesitancy in Zach when the older boy pulled away.

"Thanks, Josh. That was a great dance," said Zach quietly.

"It was, wasn't it," said Josh. With a pause Josh continued, "Do you have to leave? Maybe we could dance some more."

Zach's face exploded into a smile. "No, I don't have to be anywhere. I'd love to dance with you again."

Over the next few hours Josh and Zach danced again and again. There were other people scattered in for both of them, but they gravitated back to each other often. Eventually they were both exhausted, and needed to take care of a call of nature.

"Josh, man. I gotta pee, and there's a long line at the port-a-potty," said Zach in a whisper.

Without a word Josh grabbed him by the hand and tugged him along. Soon they were at the door to the guesthouse and Josh was fumbling for the hidden key. Once the door was open they surged through, giggling with the feeling they were doing something slightly bad. They raced for the bathroom, Josh practically picking Zach up as they jokingly wrestled for the toilet. Quickly out of breath, Josh signaled surrender.

"Ok, ok. I'm gonna piss myself if we keep horsing around. Come on, it's not like we haven't seen another guys dick before. We can pee together."

"Fine, just hurry. My bladder is about to explode," said Zach through clinched teeth.

Moving to opposite sides of the toilet, they quickly unzipped and aimed at white outline in the dim room. Almost immediately two strong streams started hitting the water.

"Oh yeah, that's much better," said Josh as his cock poured out the results of a night of sugary punch. Zach sighed in agreement, but was equally focused on draining his bladder. As Zach's stream thinned to a trickle, he glanced over at Josh and saw his enormous cock. Quickly turning his head back so he wouldn't seem to be staring, Zach felt his cock start to stiffen and knew it would soon be rock hard at the thought of the other boy's endowment. He quickly shoved it back into his trousers, and then looked over to see Josh shake off the last few drops of pee. He meant to just glance, but he was fixated on the length of manhood that Josh was tucking back into his pants. As it disappeared, Zach jumped as Josh cleared his throat.

"I think you're really cute, Zach," said Josh in a whisper.

Zach felt his body turn to jelly. He quietly groaned as Josh leaned toward him and kissed his lips tenderly.

"We could, relax, here for a little while. No one will miss us," said Josh with a smile.

"Yeah. Sure. That sounds amazing!" said Zach as he fought to keep from hyperventilating.

Josh led the smaller man into the bedroom. Sitting side-by-side on the mattress they quietly contemplated each other for several long moments. Josh leaned in and wrapped his arm around Zach's slender body. He could feel the older boy tremble under his touch, his breathing shallow and ragged as they started making out. Josh ran his fingers slowly over Zach's face, feeling the soft skin and almost hairless face. Leaning in, Josh kissed him softly on the tip of his nose and then let his fingers trail through Zach's spiked hair. Josh chuckled softly at the tiny blond bayonets of hair that covered Zach's head. Feeling Josh's fingers in his hair, Zach put his hands over Josh's and gave him a lopsided smile.

"Sorry, I have to gel it. Otherwise it won't do shit," admitted Zach.

Josh continued to run his fingers through Zach's hair, seemingly fascinated by it.

"No, it's cool. I like your hair," said Josh.

Josh ran his thumb along the edge of Zach's jaw, and he whimpered with pleasure at the touch. Josh leaned in and planted a soft kiss just under his ear. He heard the blond boy moan again at his touch and was surprised by how excited the older boys response made him. Focusing on covering Zach's porcelain skin with soft kisses, soon Zach had crawled onto his lap, their crotches grinding against each other as Josh tasted him.

Zach was pressed against Josh, panting hard as his desire built. He grabbed Josh's face and kissed him, driving his tongue through Josh's smooth lips. Their faces smashed against each other as they fought to bury their tongues deeper inside the others face. Zach ran his hands down Josh's back, clutching his ass cheeks as they kissed. Eventually they collapsed onto the bed with Josh climbing on top. Zach reached up and started to undo Josh's shirt. He whispered to Josh with a slight shake in his voice,

"This will be my first time. I'm not really sure what to do. God, you've got me so hard I could come like this."

Josh paused and then kissed Zach, separating from the smaller man. Josh knew if this was going to be Zach's first time he wanted it to be better than his had been. He didn't want it to be a desperate struggle in a dim, cold bedroom. He looked down to a look of panic on Zach's face.

"I'm sorry. I ruined the moment didn't I. Damn! I'm so fucking stupid sometimes," said Zach as the tears started to gather on the edges of his eyes.

Josh reached down and wiped Zach's eyes, leaning down to kiss him again. "No, Zach. You didn't do anything wrong. But I want your first time to be special. I'd like for it not to just be a quick fuck on prom night." Josh chuckled as he ran his fingers over Zach's face. He wanted this, his cock still hard as steel, but not now, and not like this.

Zach moved to get up, looking very dejected. "Yeah, ok. I guess you'll call me sometime then."

"Nah," said Josh with a smile, "I'm not good with phone calls. Why don't you come out next Friday and have dinner with us. Then we can chill and watch movies or something."

Zach's face broke into a smile, "Really? Sure! Friday would be great. I can bring some movies too. But I guess I should warn you. I'm a sci/fi geek."

Josh laughed and ran his hands over the smaller man, "I have the whole Star War's set. I think I'm a member of the same club."


Darrin stood shoulder to shoulder with Mitch, watching the couples drift off as the party wound down. Overall it had seemed like a success. Everyone had seemed happy, well except for the kid who got caught trying to spike the punch. By the time Doug got finished with him, he was almost in tears. But the DJ, another volunteer, was great and kept the dance music cranked. Darrin was still a little surprised at the mix of couples they'd had. And no one seemed to care who was dancing with who. Which was perfect as far as he was concerned.

"You did really good, babe."

Darrin turned to smile at his husband, "We all did good. I hope everyone had a great time. It was fantastic how everyone pitched in to help."

"Yeah," agreed Mitch, "I was kinda amazed at how many folks helped, and not just parents either. It was just a great night."

About that time they noticed Josh walking back toward the barn arm in arm with someone. As they got in the brighter light, Mitch recognized Zach and started chuckling.

"Looks like you have been dumped, old man," said Mitch as he nodded toward the pair.

"Well crap, that didn't take too long," laughed Darrin, "Just get a guy close to his age in a pair of pants that fit fine and Zach drops me like last weeks news."

The two chuckled at the change of circumstances. Both were happy that Josh and Zach had found each other. Not exactly sure what it would mean for Josh, or Zach, but they knew it had to be better than how Tony treated Josh. Darrin leaned in and kissed Mitch, laying his arm across his muscular shoulders. Reflecting on the evening, he asked Mitch,

"Did you have a prom?"

Mitch hesitated before he answered, "Sorta. But it wasn't something I'd want to do again."

"I went. Asked a girl to go with me," said Darrin with a peculiar look on his face, "Afterwards we were dragging main and I asked her if she wanted to go parking. I thought she'd tell me no, but she said sure. It scared me so bad I took her home."

Mitch chuckled and stuck his arm around Darrin's waist. "Yeah, denial ain't just a river in Egypt. Looks like this was as much our prom as anyone's."

Darrin got a look that would have made Loki proud and turned to Mitch, "You know. A lot of people lose their virginity at their prom."

Mitch barked out a laugh, "I think that ship has sailed for us a long time ago, babe."

"Oh, maybe we can recall the memories," said Darrin with a leer at Mitch. "Lets get this crap cleaned up and send everyone home."

"Sounds like a plan!" said Mitch with enthusiasm. They started toward the largely deserted barn. But as chance would have it, they saw Josh walking Zach to his car, kissing him before opening the car door.

"We're going to be seeing more of Zach aren't we," said Mitch.

"Yup! I'd say we are definitely going to be seeing more of Mr. Delong."

A short time later, after the last partyer had left, Darrin and Mitch found themselves in their bedroom. Walking over to Darrin, Mitch wrapped his arms around him and kissed him.

"So, you took her home huh?" said Mitch with a smile.

Darrin's face turned red, and his ears were almost glowing, "Yeah, I felt really bad too. But I didn't know what to do. I thought she'd turn me down and no one would know."

"Did she tell anyone?" asked Mitch.

Darrin thought for a second and his eyebrows went up, "You know. I hadn't thought about it before, but no, she didn't tell anyone."

"High school sucked," said Mitch quietly.

"Yes, you're right on that one."

"But adulthood is pretty fucking amazing," Mitch said with a smile. "What do you say we have the post prom night we wished we'd had?"

Darrin ran his hands over Mitch's muscular chest, grabbing his pecs and then nestling his face against Mitch's neck.

"You smell amazing. Damn, just your smell makes me horny as hell," said Darrin quietly. He opened Mitch's shirt and kissed the short black hairs that decorated his chest. Darrin smiled at the post-shaving stubble, glad it was coming back in because Mitch was continually complaining about how bad it itched. Darrin opened his mouth and ran his tongue slowly over his skin, tasting the faint flavor of musky dried sweat. Running his hands over Mitch's shoulders he gently pushed the shirt off his husband's body and abandoned it to the floor.

Darrin pressed his lips against Mitch's and kissed him hard. Breaking the kiss he lifted Mitch's arms and put them behind his head. Darrin did miss the dense black hair that normally inhabited Mitch's armpits. It harbored and protected those delicious tastes that he so loved, but it was still tantalizingly fragrant as he pressed his face under Mitch's arms. Licking slowly he devoured first one pit and then the other as their lovemaking slowly built in tempo. Mitch was obviously enjoying the attention since Darrin could feel his arm muscles trembling from the treatment he was getting. He lapped and licked until every speck of Mitch's flavor was sucked into his mouth for him to savor. He reluctantly pulled his face out of the spit soaked pits and then kissed Mitch with more than a little heat. Running his fingers down Mitch's torso, he grabbed his nipples and squeezed them hard.

"How about you get out that little leather number you got for Christmas, babe. I think we can put it to good use tonight. I'll grab the stuff from the bathroom," said Darrin in a strained voice. Mitch practically sprinted to the closet to get the harness and was back before Darrin had retrieved the lube. Mitch grinned and handed the leather web to Darrin and then stripped completely, standing with a raging erection and practically panting with need.

Mitch was thrilled that Darrin was taking an aggressive role this time. They were usually in sync about their fun and tonight he really wanted to be taken. He had the feeling that Darrin wanted to take him too. Being exposed in front of Darrin was really turning him on tonight and just added to his submissive role. Mitch watched as Darrin unsnapped the cock ring and hefted it in his hand. He sighed softly when Darrin's hot hand wrapped around his balls and pulled them down tight, running the cold steel ring up the stretched skin. Just as his pleasure was beginning to mount he felt a sharp thump against the underside of his cock head.

"Hey! What the fuck?" he said with a yelp.

"Your dick is too fuck'n big when it's hard. I was trying to make it go down," said Darrin with a smile, not looking repentant in the least.

Mitch noticed it had worked though; his rampant erection was diminished to a nice soft chubby. He winced slightly as Darrin threaded his cock through the ring and then let it go. He gasp with pleasure as Darrin's hot mouth surrounded his flaccid cock and began licking. Mitch quickly regained his raging hardon and enjoyed the sensations as Darrin expertly serviced his cock. He felt his dick slowly slide out of Darrin's mouth and then slap against his taut stomach. Mitch groaned at the feeling of the stiff leather being tugged over his skin and buckled into place. He was suddenly pulled against Darrin's still clothed body and kissed hard. His left nipple was twisted until Mitch was moaning into Darrin's mouth. Stepping back he watched as Darrin surveyed his body.

"Damn. You're so hot. I'm gonna fuck you until you cream tonight," said Darrin with obvious lust.

Mitch smiled seductively and moved to kneel on the edge of the bed. He made sure his legs were spread widely and his hairy hole was in full view. Looking back he shot Darrin a look of pure lust.

"How about this lover? Is this what you had in mind?" teased Mitch.

"Damn!" said Darrin, followed by his clothes scattering around the room as he stripped. He squatted behind Mitch and immediately drove his tongue deep inside his gut. Darrin was hot and horny and wanted his man in the worst kind of way.  He held Mitch's harness tightly while his tongue dove deeper and deeper into his hole. Sitting back on his heels, Darrin ran his hands over Mitch's ass.

"I'll be glad when hair is covering your ass again. I love your tight, round hairy butt," said Darrin.

Mitch laughed and wiggled his ass at Darrin, "Yeah, well no one will be happier to have it grown back than me. It itches like a mother fucker!"

"Let me see if I can't help that some, stud," replied Darrin with a smile.

Mitch watched Darrin grab the bottle of lube and squirted it into the top of his crack. As it slowly ran downward Mitch gasped at the wonderful sensation. Darrin's hot fingers quickly started running through it and Mitch's butt was soon coated with the slick substance. As the cool lube covered his ass it did help the irritation, but created an itch of another kind. He felt Darrin explore his butt, gently letting his finger dip into Mitch's hole, inflaming Mitch's desire to have Darrin inside of him. The gentle touches stopped and he gasped as Darrin plunged two fingers into his hungry butt.

"Oh shit! Oh! Damn you, that feels good," moaned Mitch.

Darrin grabbed a handful of leather from Mitch's back and started finger fucking him hard. Mitch relished the stretch and slight ache as his man opened him for fucking. The sensations built and Mitch let his head sink as he focused on the sensations pulsing from his hole. Suddenly Darrin twisted his hand and found Mitch's prostate.

"Oh holy shit! Yes. Yes! That's it!" yelled Mitch.

Darrin rammed his fingers harder, adding a third digit to the assault on Mitch's prostate. Mitch felt his other hand caressing him, touching his nipples, running up his back, but not touching his aching cock. A sigh of disappointment slipped from between Mitch's lips as Darrin's fingers slipped out. But when he looked back, he sighed in lustful anticipation as he watched Darrin lubed his rigid cock. When the dark red head pushed against Mitch's entrance he relaxed and moaned with pleasure as it slid inside him. He knew once Darrin was past the last gateway he would plunge himself in, and Mitch was not disappointed. With a snap of his hips, Mitch was filled with cock and his body was trembling with need.

"Oh hell yes! That's what I like. God damn you have a tight ass!" yelled Darrin.

With that declaration Mitch got the pounding he desired. Both of them were panting with lust and exertion as they moved from position to position, with Darrin leading the dance. Their final choice was Mitch pinned under Darrin with his back on the floor and his ass curled around so that each time Darrin drove himself into Mitch's ass, it was a direct hit on his prostate. Mitch was soon trembling, threads of precum being flung from his dripping cock as his orgasm started rolling over him.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Shit! Yes, hit it. Damn I'm about to come!" said Mitch through gasps for air.

Darrin's face took on a look of determination as he managed to increase his speed. Mitch screamed with pleasure as Darrin rammed himself over and over across Mitch's swollen prostate. He felt his muscles lock and his orgasm began. Darrin's cock driving through his clenched muscles just increased his pleasure. With a gasp Mitch felt his first jet of cum explode from his hard cock. Mitch groaned as the shot hit Darrin in the chest, coating his hairy pecs with cream. Mitch's body was awash in the sensations of his climax when he heard a growl from Darrin.

"Oh fuck yes! Damn! Coming!"

"Oh god yes, babe. Fill my hole!" said Mitch.

Mitch drifted through the end of his orgasm. Almost limp, he distantly felt Darrin's cock convulsing inside of him and the wonderful wet sound and feeling of a freshly fucked ass comforting him. He felt Darrin's last tremor and opened his eyes to the sight of his husband moving to kiss him gently.

"Damn! That's what I missed at prom?" said Darrin with a smile.

"Only if you'd taken me to the prom, lover," quipped Mitch.


Josh wandered through the dark house. He'd just gotten back from the traditional post-prom party, but he really thought it was nothing compared to the actual prom this time. He wasn't sure how he felt about Zach, but he was interested in finding out. The make out session had been amazing, much better than anything that he'd ever done with Tony. Zach gave the impression that he cared about what Josh was feeling and he seemed very romantic. Josh smiled at the thought of being Zach's first, but he wanted it to be good. He had been doing some checking on the internet after the talk Mitch had given him, and he felt much more prepared to do things right. He'd see how their evening went on Friday, but anyone who was a sci/fi geek couldn't be that bad in Josh's book.

He glanced down the hall at the darkened door to the guy's room. He figured they were exhausted and sound asleep by now. He hoped they hadn't been too bored tonight. He had to think of some way to show them how much it meant to him that they had done all this work. He softly closed the door to his room with a happy smile on his face.

Mitch snickered quietly when he heard the door to Josh's room shut. He turned his head back to Darrin and kissed him gently.

"Sounds like it's time for us to get off the floor and clean up," he whispered to Darrin.

"Yeah, lucky for us he didn't get home until late."

Mitch nodded with a gleeful smile, "Yeah, I think we might of been a little loud again."

Darrin softly chuckled in agreement and helped Mitch up from the floor. They soon had quietly cleaned up from their lovemaking and crawled into bed. As Mitch spooned around Darrin he softly whispered into his ear, "Happy prom, College."

Darrin glanced back with a smile and then snuggled against Mitch. They quickly fell asleep, very content.


Zach sat bouncing his legs as his nervousness built. He was sitting in a deserted driveway a few miles from the ranch in his Prius. Otherwise he would have arrived almost an hour early. He'd had butterflies about this evening all week. Josh had been his dream at the prom. Zach had felt like it was really his prom, instead of Josh's. But in some ways the younger man had seemed more mature and balanced than himself. Their make-out session at the prom had almost resulted in Zach coming in his pants, but Josh had stopped them just short. Zach had been overjoyed when Josh had asked him on a date, and was surprised that it was dinner at the ranch. He wasn't sure how it was going to be, having dinner with his professor and his partner. But to get some time with Josh, Zach was willing to visit with them. They'd seemed pretty cool at the prom anyway.

Zach looked at his watch, 5 minutes, he should be ok to go now. Scooting around in the driveway and then down the county road, he soon found himself knocking on Josh's door. Just as he was about to knock again, it opened to reveal a stunning looking young man.

"Hey Zack, come on in," said Josh in greeting.

"Hi Josh, sorry I'm early."

Josh glanced at the wall clock and smiled, "You're not early. Darrin says if you're not 10 minutes early, then you're late."

Zach chuckled, "Yeah, my Dad says that too."

Zach stepped inside the house and followed Josh into the kitchen. Zach couldn't help but stare at Josh's denim encased ass and the rippling arm muscles showing from his sleeveless shirt. The little wisps of hair that were poking from underneath the arm holes were making Zach hard already. The larger boy in front of him had the muscular build that some people were blessed with. And the heavy work around the ranch had pumped his muscles from nice to 'oh damn'. Zach paused to look around the room, wondering where everyone else was.

As if to read his mind Josh said, "Darrin and Mitch went to dinner and a late movie. They won't be home for hours. I hope you don't mind being here alone. I thought I'd cook us dinner and we could watch 'Return of the Jedi' and chill."

"Sounds great. 'Return of the Jedi' is good, almost as good as 'Revenge of the Sith'," Zach said with a chuckle.

"No way, man! Jedi is kick ass!" said Josh with a smile as he put the food on the table.

"Ok, ok. I give. You can be right," said Zach with a chuckle.

Josh motioned to the table and Zach sat where he'd indicated. Looking over the table, Zach had to smile at the man's man meal Josh had lain out. Masses of meat and potatoes were spread across the table, with a passing nod at a vegetable in the wedge salads that were covered with bleu cheese and bacon. He would have eaten burnt mac & cheese to be with Josh, but with the first crunchy bite of the iceberg lettuce Zach had to smile with pleasure.

"This is really good. Thank you for cooking. That's a lot of work," said Zach.

"Well," began Josh, "Mitch and Darrin did help some. Darrin say's I don't cook much better than Mitch. But I have pie from the café. And it's damn good!"

Zach chuckled and relaxed further. After the first few minutes Zach found that he was very comfortable with the younger man. They talked about common interests and Zach told him about his first year in college. By the end of the meal they both felt much calmer with the other. As they sat eating pie, Zach looked up at Josh with a shy smile.

"What?" asked Josh.

"This is really good pie, and you are incredibly good looking," said Zach.

Josh was confounded. He could not remember anyone, other than the guys, telling him he was good looking. And he didn't really believe Darrin and Mitch, they had to tell him he looked good. He still saw himself as a skinny, gangly adolescent. So Zach's comment and smile had sent shivers through him.

"Thanks," he said, "You're really cute too. I wish I looked as good."

Zach laughed at Josh and then grabbed his hand. "I think we should go watch the movie before we're drowning in syrupy talk."

They cleaned up and moved into the living room. Soon they were both engrossed in the movie and Zach had snuggled against Josh. Josh smiled at the smaller man and put his arm over Zach's shoulders and pulled him tight. As the movie continued they began to touch and caress each other in small ways. By the time the ending credits were rolling across the screen, Zach was lying on top of Josh, kissing him passionately. Josh could feel their hard cocks grind against each other as he ran his fingers down Zach's back. Zach grabbed Josh's shirt and pulled it off. Tossing it to the floor, he dove onto Josh's chest. Nineteen years of repressed passion broke free in a torrent, engulfing Zach as he passionately explored Josh. Zach soon discovered that Josh had sensitive nipples and attacked them with his teeth like they were the last morsels of cake at a Baptist wedding.

Zach felt himself being lifted as Josh stood. Zach realized what was happening and wrapped his legs around Josh's torso and started biting down on his neck. Josh moaned softly and then walked to his bedroom carrying Zach. Closing the door behind him, Josh took Zach to the bed and laid him down gently. Zach arched against Josh's torso and started covering his exposed chest with kisses. Wiggling out, Zach leaped from the bed and started undressing Josh, beginning with his boots. Without thinking he lifted Josh's sock covered feet to his face and then inhaling. Realizing what he'd done he looked at Josh.

"Sorry, I guess that was kind of sick, huh", said Zach quietly.

"Does it make you hard to sniff my raunchy feet?" asked Josh.

"Ah, yeah. Sorry. I can leave if you'd like," said Zach with a forlorn sound to his voice.

Josh smiled and pressed his other socked foot against the side of Zach's face. "Why? You still have another sock to sniff," said Josh with a smile.

Zach paused for a second as he processed what Josh had said, and then a smile broke across his face. Gathering both feet in his hands, he pressed his face against them and his senses were soon overwhelmed with the smell of Josh.

Zach was afraid he'd blown it when he got a little freaky and sniffed Josh's feet. But Josh didn't seem to care, and he was almost high on the smell now. He moved upward, rubbing the inside of Josh's denim covered thigh. Enjoying the muscles rippling under his hands he wondered how far this was going tonight. He wanted Josh so badly, but he didn't want to push anyone further than they were ready. Soon his hands slid over Josh's package and he was kneading it, feeling the hard cock inside. Looking up he sought permission to open the present.

Josh nodded, giving his approval, and the smaller boy almost ripped the jeans opening them. Zach nearly creamed himself at the sight of the huge cock snaking its way under the tight white briefs until it was almost at Josh's hip. Reaching to Josh's sides he grabbed material and pulled, yanking off jeans and underwear, leaving Josh completely naked.

Zach looked over Josh as the larger boy watched him with a smirk. Zach couldn't imagine a more beautiful body. The only hair covering his torso was a dense treasure trail traveling from his navel to his slightly trimmed bush. The sex muscles curling around his hips were deep and pointed right at the main object of Zach's desire. He leaned forward and slowly wrapped his hand around the first cock he'd handled other than his own. It was large, huge in comparison to his own, thick and dripping precum.  It had a slight mushroom head that was deep red. He stroked it once, fascinated at the amount of clear honey that ran from the head.

"Zach, come here," Josh said gently.

Zach moved quietly until he was standing in front of Josh. Feeling the work roughed hands over his neck, he gasped and started moving his hips. He wanted to scream with pleasure as Josh began to gently undress him. His chest was on fire from Josh's soft touches. Zach felt hands on his pants and he grabbed them.

"No, please don't. I'll just do you," begged Zach.

"If you don't want to that ok, Zach. But why not?"

"I'm . . . small. Especially compared to—" Zach said as he motioned to Josh's thick manhood.

"Is it big enough that it can run from you to me?" asked Josh with a smile as he continued to touch Zach.

Zach gasped slightly as Josh's hands moved over his chest. Zach was delirious with the combination of fabric and hot finger tips that started rubbing his nipples. The shocks that ran through his system overloaded his brain for several delightful moments before he realized that Josh had talked to him.

"Yeah, sure it's long enough to touch you. How could it not be?" said Zach with a confused tone in his voice.

"Then it's big enough, Zach. Now relax."

Zach felt Josh's big hands over his chest and heard the soft whisper of fabric as the buttons on his shirt were opened. His body tensed in reaction to Josh's soft touches and gentle kisses. Zach's cock was throbbing by the time he felt the soft touch of Josh's fingers opening his pants. As they slowly slid down his legs, Zach moaned at the touch of Josh's fingers over the short blond colored hair on his legs. Kicking off his shoes, Zach was soon stripped to his tight briefs and his body tingled as Josh slipped his fingers over the stretched fabric. He rubbed the head of Zach's cock, lingering at the quickly growing wet spot. Flicking his fingers into the waistband, Josh started pushing them down until Zach's cock flipped out of the confinement. Zach watched Josh for any signs of disappointment, and saw only a smile of pleasure. Josh looked up and met Zach's eyes as he touched his face gently.

"You're beautiful, Zach. Everything is perfect. Turn around and let me see that little butt," said Josh quietly.

Zach turned on shaking legs until his butt was in front of Josh. He felt fingers gently grasp his ass and then tug at it gently.

"Damn! What a fine bubble butt you've got. Fuck!"

Zach smiled over his shoulder at Josh and let the larger boy turn him back so they were facing each other. Josh ran his hands up Zach's chest and started massaging his nipples as they kissed with increasing passion. Josh let one hand slide down Zach's pale chest, teasing its way through the short blond pubic hair until he wrapped his hand around Zach's hard cock. As he squeezed it, Zach bucked forward and groaned.

"Oh god, that feels amazing. Your hand is so big and hot. Shit! Oh shit! No! No! No! Not now!" yelled Zach.

Josh pushed down his foreskin, feeling Zach's body tremble and then explode. Zach's cock blasted off its first volley and left a stripe of white cream across Josh's chest. More lines of pleasure followed as 19 years of desire exploded from Zach. When his body shook with the final ripple of passion, they were both covered in cum. Josh slid his hand through the hot cream, smearing it over both of them while Zach gasped for breath. Finally his heart slowed and he was able to speak.

"Sorry, man. You touched it, and it was over. I couldn't stop," said Zach in apology.

"How long before your gun reloads?" asked Josh with a smile.

Zach's eyebrows flashed up and he smiled "Not long, not long at all. And while I'm reloading . . ." Zach smiled and cast a significant glance at Josh's long hard shaft. Josh smiled and leaned back onto the bed, letting his hard cock jut from his pelvis.

"Go for it," said Josh.

Zach moved forward, wrapping his hand around the velvet covered steel. Sliding his hand over its length he smeared the precum over it. A little hesitant, Zach wanted it to feel amazing for Josh. His hand trembled at the thought that this handsome stud was letting Zach touch him. He felt gentle hands caress his shoulders and he looked up to meet Josh's crystal blue eyes.

"Relax, it's all good. What you're doing feels great," said Josh with a charming smile.

Zach smiled back and let out a shuddering sigh. Tightening his hold on Josh's dick he started gliding his hand up and down its length. As he relaxed he became more adventuresome. Soon he was caressing Josh while his fist flew up and down the hard cock. When he let his fingers trail down Josh's hair dusted balls, Josh let out a loud moan. Zach smiled and rolled them in his fingers, enjoying the chorus of sex noises coming from Josh. Letting his hand slide a little lower, he rubbed against the patch of skin just before Josh's hole. He was stunned at the reaction. Josh's body locked as he let out a scream of pleasure.

"Shit! Holy hell! Do that! Fuck!" yelled Josh.

Zach rubbed hard against Josh's sweet spot. He got a thrill watching the other boy's body buck as he worked on his cock and perineum. As Josh's cries reached a new level, Zach could feel his body lock and shake. For a second Zach was frightened, but when the first jet of erupting cum splattered against him, he knew what was happening. Zach leaned in and the second jet of cum caught him across the face leaving a hot trail. Josh's body was twisting violently as his nuts emptied their contents. When the last bit of cum had oozed out of his dick, Josh collapsed against the bed panting.

"Oh god, man. That was amazing. Fuck!" said Josh between gasps.

"So, I did alright?" questioned Zach.

Josh looked up and started laughing, "Alright? Damn! I don't know what you did down there but god it felt good."

"Cool! I was just trying to make it feel good for you," said Zach as he beamed.

"Come here," said Josh gruffly as he tugged the smaller man on top of him. They kissed passionately as cum smeared across their bare torsos. Zach lasted a few minutes before he moved off Josh.

"I think we need a towel, or something, to clean us up."

Josh waved vaguely to the bathroom, thinking to himself that the cum felt kind of sexy, but Zach was probably right. Zach was back quickly from the bathroom with a towel and a wet washcloth. He cleaned himself off and then focused on Josh. By the time Zach thought they were clean enough, Josh had another woody. Glancing over at Zach's crotch he saw he was in the same situation.  Josh wondered how Zach would feel about a mutual blow-job when he looked up to see Zach with a couple of condoms in his hand.

"I brought these. You know, in case. I wanna be safe. But I'm not rushing. Just letting—" Zach was stopped by Josh's hand over his mouth. Josh let go and picked up one of the condoms and looked at it briefly.

"I think that sounds amazing. But let's use my condoms, yours have spermicide on them and apparently that tastes like ass," said Josh with a twinkle in his eye.

Retrieving condoms for both of them, Josh pulled Zach on the bed beside him. Leaning down he nursed gently on his nipples as he unrolled the condom over Zach's stiff prick. With a final kiss on the freckles covering the tip of his nose, Josh released him. Zach moved immediately and sat across Josh's thighs. He jacked Josh a few times and then applied the latex sheath to his thick cock. Zach crawled up Josh's body, pushing him against the bed and started laying kisses sensuously down his throat. Reaching the bottom of his neck, Zach planted one last kiss and then cradled his head under Josh's chin with a soft sigh. Josh reached down and caressed his lover's body and spoke softly,

"What's wrong, Zach? Is everything ok?"

Zach looked up with glistening eyes, a bright smile covering his face. "Everything is perfect. This is just how I imagined my first time. Everything is just so amazing. You're amazing."

Josh cradled the smaller man in his arms. Glad that he could give Zach his dream. And realizing that Zach's careful attention had already made him feel so much more than Tony ever had. They laid quietly for a few minutes before he felt Zach slide down his body. Zach's smooth skin felt so amazing that Josh was lost in the pleasure of the moment. His lust spiked as Zach gently took the head of his cock between his lips and started licking it. Josh could feel his hot little tongue dancing over his cock head and was amazed at how horny it made him. He watched his thick cock disappear into Zach's mouth and then slide out coated with spit. He reached down and caressed Zach's ass, loving its tight round shape. Josh let his finger slide up and down the crack, slowly letting it dip inside until he was rubbing over Zach's hole.

"Oh shit! Shit. Shit. Shit! Keep doing that! Fuck your finger feels so damn good," yelled Zach.

Josh grabbed Zach's leg and pulled him until he was lying on top. Josh watched Zach's dancing cock in front of him for a few seconds, and then sucked it into his mouth. His rock hard cock was a perfect fit; Josh sucked it in to its root. He grabbed Zach's ass cheeks and pried them apart, enjoying the scent of boy ass as it cascaded into his senses. Quickly wetting his finger, Josh was soon teasing Zach's hole with his finger as he sucked his cock.

Zach was also creating amazing sensations for Josh as he sucked and licked his cock. Unable to deep throat it, he started running his tongue up its length and focused on the head. Zach was also teasing Josh's sweet spot again, hoping he would get as good of a reaction as last time. After their earlier hair trigger responses, this time they were both able to last much longer. But longer for a teenager is relative and in a matter of minutes both of their bodies were signally the beginning of their climax.

The ripples of pleasure coursed through Zach. The teasing Josh was doing at his hole was driving him insane. He wanted the thick finger buried inside his gut, but he wasn't sure Josh wanted that. But Josh's skillful oral work on his cock, in conjunction with the teasing soon had Zach plunging over the edge. His small body started bucking with release as he pumped the condom full of cum. Josh held him tight, sucking his latex covered cock as he spewed cum. Zach was still in the final throes of his orgasm when he plunged back on Josh's cock, somehow managing to get it's entire thick length down his throat, triggering Josh's eruption. Zach held on like a determined bronc rider as Josh slammed his cock into his mouth with each wave of lust. With a final thrust, he squirted the last of his juice into the rubber. They collapsed side by side, gasping for air as their second climax of the night left them both breathless. After several minutes Josh sat up and looked at Zach, who had his eyes closed, and saw a look of great contentment on his face. He ran his hand over Zach's arm and smiled when his eyes fluttered open.

"We probably should clean up," said Zach softly.

Without another word he retrieved the towel and cloth from earlier and cleaned them both. Once they had flushed the rubbers, they felt no need for clothing and lay together on the bed cuddling.

"Is it ok if we just stay like this for a little while?" asked Zach softly.

"Sure, babe. Sure. We'll rest for a little while and still be up long before the guys get home," answered Josh.

"Good, cause this feels really nice," said Zach in a whisper.

"Yeah, really nice."


Mitch pulled his head away from Josh's door and smiled at Darrin. "Yeah, definitely two set of snores coming from there. Apparently Josh had a sleep over tonight."

"Yeah, sleep over," said Darrin with a smirk.

"Sure! Had S'mores and watched cartoons all night long," said Mitch with a grin.

"Only if they found porn cartoons!" said Darrin with a laugh as they disappeared into their bedroom.

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