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Maverick Cattle Company - 6. Chapter 6

Darrin walked out of the bathroom, drying himself from his shower. Standing at the door, he slowed when he realized that Mitch was using his computer. Not that he really minded, but Mitch had a tendency to look through his porn stash and give critiques, which definitely cut down on the erotic quality. When Mitch looked up with a quirky smile on his face, he knew this was going to be no exception.

Darrin focused on drying his neither region, hoping if he didn't encourage Mitch that he wouldn't start the commentary. But, of course, he had underestimated the amount of fun Mitch had teasing him about it. He knew it wasn't even that Mitch minded that he had the porn; they had jacked off on several occasions while they watched videos. But the fact that he could get Darrin so rattled was a great source of fun for Mitch. Sighing with resignation, Darrin tossed the towel back into the bathroom, walked over to the bed and looked at the screen. He cringed a little at the sight of a written page, knowing Mitch was about to give it a reality check.

"Mitch, what are you doing?"

"Reading your porn favorites," he said with a look of pure devilry on his face.

"Look at this one. This guy has a 15-inch long cock that's as big as his wrist and he shoved it up a 16-year-old kid's virgin ass with no lube and the kid moaned with pleasure." Mitch smiled at Darrin. "Do you think he would moan with pleasure? I think the kid should run screaming at the sight of it. I know I would. And what would you do if you were packing a 15-inch cock? I mean if you got an erection would it rip a hole in your pants?"

"Damn it, Mitch. You know it's just porn. It's for fun. You're thinking about it too much," said Darrin with an exasperated sigh.

"Yeah, yeah, you keep telling me that. What about this video? This guy says it feels amazing. It just looked uncomfortable to me," Mitch announced with a smirk.

Darrin sat down beside Mitch to watch the video. It was from one of his favorite amateur websites and the position did look . . . involved. But the bottom seemed to be enjoying himself, if the volume of his moans were any indication. As Darrin watched, his cock started to stiffening.

"Well, someone's getting excited. Want to see how it feels?" asked Mitch with a leer on his face.

"Um, well," stammered Darrin.

Mitch sat the computer aside, stood on the bed and started stripping. His eyes never left Darrin as he wiggled out of his tight t-shirt and then opened his pants. Once they were pooled around his ankles, he plopped down on the bed and kicked his feet in the air, yanking them off. Looking back at the computer screen, he smiled and then kissed Darrin.

"Do you think we need an example?"

Darrin took Mitch's face in his hands, enjoying his rough face as always, and kissed him gently before reaching over and shutting the computer. "No, I think I can remember where everything goes. Let's see, I think they started here . . ."

Darrin put his hand in the center of Mitch's chest and pushed him backwards. Mitch fell across the bed and then pulled himself up on his elbows. He smiled as Darrin pulled him to the edge of the bed, then knelt between his legs. Darrin leaned forward and kissed his balls, garnering a soft sigh from Mitch. Wrapping his hand around Mitch's nuts, Darrin stretched them toward his mouth and ran his tongue over their lightly furred skin. Mitch lay back with a sigh, letting his fingers run through the hair on his chest. He was glad it was back, even if it wasn't as long as it had been. Actually, he liked it clipped a little and he doubted that Darrin noticed. When his fingers grazed his erect nipples, Mitch let out a sigh of pleasure.

"Oh yeah, babe. That feels nice. Remember the rimming, there's lots of rimming in this video," said Mitch with a chuckle.

Darrin lifted his head and smiled at his husband. "Yes, I'm getting to the rimming. And I get to sit on your face too. I'm looking forward to that."

Mitch responded with a goofy grin as he ran his tongue over his lips. Lifting his legs to his shoulders, Mitch spread his butt as much as he could. Darrin pulled his ass cheeks open wider and wedged his face in Mitch's crack. He gasped softly when Darrin's hot tongue hit his hole. Enjoying the overwhelming sensations, Mitch was able only to grunt with pleasure as his ass was drilled. As his hole was coated with spit, Mitch's chorus of moans reached a new level. He felt the sting of a slap across his ass, and then Darrin's weight as he lay on top of Mitch. He sighed as Darrin's lips pressed against his, his tongue demanding entry. Mitch wrapped his legs around Darrin's waist, his heels digging into his ass as they kissed passionately. Their hunger built for several minutes as they kissed with increasing heat. Mitch grabbed Darrin by his hair and pulled him back.

"I think you said something about me getting to eat your ass. We're doing a valid experiment, so we have to be accurate," said Mitch with a smile.

"No, we definitely don't want to mess up the experiment," countered Darrin.

Darrin crawled up Mitch, intentionally grinding himself against his man as he moved. Grabbing the headboard, Darrin held on tight as he rubbed his hard cock over Mitch's face. Darrin grinned as his cock coated his man's cheeks with trails of precum. Moving up, he lowered his muscular butt, ready for Mitch's talented tongue.

Mitch watched as Darrin's ass descended, loving the clean musky smell Darrin always had after a shower. Digging his fingers into Darrin's meaty thighs, he pulled him down and buried his face in his crack. Mitch's tongue quickly penetrated his husband's hole, driving in deeply. Mitch felt Darrin start to grind against his face as he buried his tongue inside. Prying his ass wider, Mitch feasted on the hole in front of him. Slipping his fingers beside his tongue, he pried open Darrin's ass and drilled his tongue deeper and deeper. He loved the dripping hairy hole in front of him, watching as it convulsed and slowly closed once he relented his assault. Mitch pushed Darrin up, and then followed him, wrapping his arms lovingly around him. They gave each other hard, passion filled kisses as their granite hard cocks slid over each other. Breaking the kiss with a gasp, Mitch playfully pushed Darrin against the wall.

"I'm going to fuck the cum outta you!" said Mitch through clenched teeth.

"You gonna fuck me like the video, babe?" asked Darrin.

"Oh yeah, the experiment is not over," said Mitch with a lusty grin.

Darrin groaned and crawled into the floor, pitching his hips up until his throbbing cock was pointed at his face. He looked over at Mitch, and saw raw need painted across his face. His breath came in gasps as he watched Mitch walk behind him and rub his hard dick over the exposed trench of Darrin's ass. As his butt was coated with the drool from Mitch's cock, Darrin's level of desire escalated. His need built with each pass, until by the time Mitch started dipping his cockhead into his hole, Darrin was wracked with need.

"Damn it, babe. Fuck me already. I need that pole inside me," said Darrin as he groaned.

"You want it, fucker? You want what the guy in the video is getting?" quizzed Mitch with a sneer.

"God damn it, yes!"

Mitch cocked himself forward and drove himself into Darrin's slick ass. Piercing Darrin's gut, he buried himself deep inside his husband, and then paused, shaking slightly.

"Oh hell! Fuck yes! Shit! That feels amazing! Fuck, you hit everything good," screamed Darrin.

Mitch pulled out slowly, watching Darrin squirm on the floor under him. As he pushed back in again, the precum flowed out of Darrin's hard cock. Building speed, Mitch started fucking Darrin hard, pile driving his cock in deep with each thrust. Darrin was reduced to whines and gasps as his husband took his ass. Mitch focused on the tight hole he was pillaging, driving his thick hard cock in again and again, his breath coming in gasps. The angle was putting a new and amazing pressure on Mitch's cock, which drove him to fuck Darrin harder. Time froze as the two bodies merged in tough, masculine sex. When Darrin's cries became screams of orgasm, Mitch hammered in his cock one last time and pinned Darrin with it.

Darrin's climax could only be called full body. His legs shook as his gut convulsed around Mitch's thick intruder. Soon waves of heat were engulfing him and the first shots of cum rocketed out of his dick, coating his face. Mitch started rotating his hips slightly as his own orgasm built. The motion took Darrin to another plane of pleasure, reduced his body to a puddle of shaking muscles as his orgasm raced onward. Eventually, with a few shudders, the last drop of cum trailed from Darrin's cock and added itself to the coating on his face. Gasping for breath and long past the point of no return, Mitch jackhammered his throbbing cock into Darrin's tunnel. With a few ragged final thrusts, Mitch buried himself inside Darrin and started emptying his nuts. The ripples of pleasure were overwhelming as his seed filled Darrin. When the final spasm had rolled through his body, Mitch slowly pulled out with a wet sound and slapped his softening cock against his husband's hole. He watched as cum slowly seeped out, and smiling, Mitch rubbed his semi-stiff cock through the cum and then slowly slid back into Darrin's ass.

"Fuck! You're a greedy bastard!" said Darrin through a moan.

Mitch watched his husband's body respond to the added stimulation. But Mitch only wanted a few final thrusts before Darrin's ass ejected his soft cock. Kneeling behind Darrin, he ran his tongue through the cum pool and then flicked it into his mouth, loving the taste of Darrin as it drifted through his mouth. Hearing a soft sigh, he looked down and smiled.

"So, was it as good as it looked on the video?" asked Mitch

"Oh god! You have no idea! I thought I was going to shoot my whole body through my dick," said Darrin with a chuckle.

Mitch leaned over and kissed Darrin's ass cheek and then slowly helped him off his shoulders.

"Well, I guess some of that damn porn is right," said Mitch with a smile.

"I can't wait to try that on you," said Darrin.

Mitch slapped Darrin hard on the ass and walked toward the bathroom to get a towel. "You already did it, remember prom night?"

Darrin looked at him with a look of confusion but then realization dawned on him. "Well shit, you're right. We did." Darrin paused for a minute and then asked, "Did you like it?"

"Hell yeah! You're right, it hit all the good spots."

Mitch leaned down, kissing Darrin's still sprawled form on the floor and then carefully wiped off his face and torso. Tossing the towel through the bathroom door, he reached back and grabbed Darrin's hand and pulled him up. They stood and kissed gently for several minutes and then lay across the bed. Darrin spooned against Mitch as they gently drifted off to sleep.


 The next morning, Darrin watched Mitch dig into a huge plate of bacon, eggs and biscuits like he hadn't eaten in weeks, while he slowly sipped his morning breakfast shake. Mitch looked over at him and snickered.

"You know, you keep drinking little cans of diet drink and people are going to think you're gay or something," said Mitch with a smirk.

"Oh shut up. I work at a desk all day. If I ate like you I'd weigh a ton."

"You're missing some damn fine thick-cut bacon, fried crispy just like you like, nice flakey biscuit, sunny side up eggs . . ." teased Mitch.

"Oh shut the fuck up! That's just evil. Except the eggs, you can have your damn runny eggs."

Mitch laughed and ran a piece of biscuit through the warm yoke and then popped it into his mouth. "Yum, damn fine!"

Darrin turned his head and made retching noises and then looked back at Mitch with a grin. He then made an attempt to change subjects.

"You know, Josh is graduating from high school in a few weeks."

"Yeah, so?" replied Mitch.

"Well, are we going? I guess we need to get him something and throw him a little party too?" said Darrin.

"Oh. Yeah. I don't know. You think we should talk to him about it?" asked Mitch

"Ask him about what?" came a grumble from across the living room as Josh walked in pulling on a shirt.

"Your graduation. We didn't know if you'd want us to come or not," said Darrin.

Josh looked at them in confusion. "Why would you not come? You're my family?"

Mitch swallowed the lump that rose in his throat and then he looked at Darrin he caught him wiping an eye quickly. Taking a breath to regain control, Mitch smiled and nodded at Josh.

"Ok, well that's settled then. We'll come to graduation," said Mitch.

"I was going to invite Zach too. You think that'd be ok?" said Josh.

"I don't see why not. You might as well," said Mitch.

"Well, he seems kinda scared of you, Mitch," said Josh.

Mitch chuckled, "He's probably still afraid I'm going to beat him like a drum for kissing Darrin."

Josh's eyes grew as he took in the information and he looked from one man to the other. "It was Zach that kissed you? I didn't know. No one told me. Damnit! Are you ok with me dating him?"

"Calm down, Josh. He apologized, to both of us. But more importantly, we're glad you're happy," explained Darrin. "So if you want to date him. That's fine with us. But I thought you already knew it was Zach."

"Ah, no. Apparently I need to chat with him," said Josh with a firm look on his face.

Darrin lost himself in thought as the other two reviewed the day ahead of them. Recalling their conversation, he realized that the resident gay couple had just agreed to attend the gay senior's graduation, with his boyfriend. Nope, it didn't have disaster written all over it at all.


Josh gasped, laughing as he thumped the blond head in his lap. "Hey! Watch the teeth!"

Zach giggled around Josh's cock as he ran his tongue over its latex covering. Josh was trying to focus on driving home while Zach was doing his best to get him to nut before they arrived. They had a bet going, but neither really cared. Josh gasped and tried to spread his legs wider when Zach rubbed two fingers on his perineum.

"Hey! No fair! You know how crazy that makes me," said Josh through a loud moan.

The disqualification claim just pushed Zach to try harder. For mile after country mile, he sucked, licked and rubbed on Josh, trying desperately to get him to shoot. Zach could feel Josh's body lock several times as the impending orgasm was fought down. As they pulled into the driveway, Zach rammed his finger into Josh's butt in a desperate attempt to win.

"Oh fuck!" screamed Josh, "Shit! Goddamn it! I'm fuck'n coming!"

Josh slammed on the brakes a handful of feet inside the gate and started filling the condom with cum. Zach kept wiggling his finger inside Josh's butt as the orgasm took him away. After several minutes of muscle straining climax, Josh collapsed against the pickup seat in a boneless pose. Zach slowly pulled his finger out of Josh, not sure if he was in trouble since that was the first time he'd put his finger into Josh. He carefully cleaned his finger with the tissues he'd stored in the pickup and then removed Josh's condom and wiped off his dick. Looking up, he saw Josh's smiling face as he stared at the roof with closed eyes. As Zach watched his eyes popped open and he looked down at Zach with a smirk.

"Well you won, you cheating little fucker!"

"I didn't cheat!" insisted Zach.

"You said blow job, a blow job does not include fingering my ass," said Josh with a smile.

"Say's who?"

"Say's everyone, you big ole cheater," chuckled Josh.

"Nope, I won!" said Zach with a smile, "And you are gonna pay up!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. What are you taking as the prize?" asked Josh.

"I don't know yet. I'll have to think on it," said Zach.

Josh smacked Zach on the shoulder in a good-natured gesture and then jumped out of the truck and headed for the house. As they entered, it seemed quieter than usual to Josh. Walking through the kitchen he spotted a note on the counter. Scanning it quickly, he turned to Zach with a smile.

"They're gone until late, and might not be home until tomorrow. We have a whole night to ourselves," said Josh with a big grin.

Zach chuckled and ran his hand over the bigger man's face. "We better fix a big dinner then, cause you're going to need your energy, big boy."

"Hmm, sounds like another challenge."

"Oh no! I've already won and I've decided you're my slave for the night. That's what I won."

"Oh really? Your slave, huh. Maybe your sex slave?" asked Josh with a sneer.

"Hush bitch! You'll do what I tell you to do," said Zach in a fake domme's voice. Zach felt Josh stiffen under his touch and turned to see a conflicted look on his face. Certain something was wrong, but not sure what it was, he moved so they were looking at each other.

"What? I didn't mean to upset you with the sex slave stuff. I was just teasing," said Zach in a low voice.

Josh tried to smile but the action of his face didn't reach his eyes. "It wasn't the sex slave, I know you were just playing. But I don't like being called a bitch. I know a lot of people use it being playful, but I really don't like being called that. Sorry, I guess Darrin and Mitch have wore off on me."

"Oh. Ok. Well I promise I'll never do that again. Sorry," said Zach in a clipped tone.

Josh took the smaller boy's face in his hands and forced him to meet his eyes. "Zach, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. And it's not your fault, we've never talked about it."

Zach looked at Josh for several long minutes, finally releasing his held breath. "Ok, sorry I got upset. I'll try to not do it again, but I thought it was funny so if I do just tell me," said Zach. "Anytime something is bugging you, you should tell me."

"Are you sure? Because there is something else we need to talk about," said Josh.

Zach nodded quietly, wondering what might be wrong.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were the one who kissed Darrin?" asked Josh quietly.

Zach gave Josh a wild-eyed look and started to speak several times. Finally he began. "Well, I guess I was afraid it would screw things up between us. I was hoping you knew already and was ok with it."

"Did you know how much trouble it caused between Darrin and Mitch?"

"Really? Dr. Anderson said something about problems, but said it would be fine," said Zach quietly.

Josh let out a sigh and then fixed Zach with a look. "If there is one thing that I've learned from Mitch and Darrin it's that you have to be honest with each other. You have to be honest with me, Zach. It can't be half-truths or white lies either. If I can't trust you 100% then we can't become much more than we are now."

Zach gave Josh a miserable look, "And what are we now?"

"You're my boyfriend, of course!" replied Josh.

"Really? I'm your boyfriend?" said Zach with disbelief in his voice.

"Yes, what did you think we were?" asked Josh.

"Well . . . I'd hoped boyfriends," said Zach.

"Definitely," said Josh with a smile, "We all good now?"

"Yes," said Zach with a beaming smile.

"Good!" said Josh, "Now, how about supper. I'm starved!"

"You're always starved! I can't believe you eat so much," said Zach with a chuckle.

"Yeah, yeah . . . feed me Seymour!" said Josh with a chuckle.

Josh, with Zach helping, soon put together a respectable meal from the contents of the refrigerator. They chatted about their respective days as they ate, enjoying the companionship. Once they'd finished, they worked together to clean up, with Josh touching Zach every chance he got. By the time they finished, Zach was rock hard and ready for more action. He looked around to see Josh standing beside him with a tender look on his face, and felt his hand running over his back.

"Now what, Master?" asked Josh in a low voice.

Zach's body trembled at those words and he replied with a quaking voice. "You don't have to do that."

"I don't have to do anything, but it sounds kinda fun," said Josh with a smile.

"So you'll do whatever I tell you?" questioned Zach.

"Sure!" replied Josh, knowing that Zach would not ask for anything that he wouldn't be willing to do. "What do you want, Master."

Zach slowly wrapped his arms around Josh's neck and pulled the bigger man down until he could reach Josh's ear. Zach whispered, "I want you to fuck me until I come screaming."

Josh pulled away so he could look into Zach's eyes. What he saw was tenderness and caring, but he needed to be certain.

"Zach, you sure? It sounds great, but there's no hurry. I'm kinda big, I mean we'll go really slow, but it's still probably gonna hurt," said Josh gently.

"I know, I've been reading too, but we have all night. I'm sure it will be amazing, and I want it to be you."

Josh teared up slightly as he listened to Zach. With a soft smile and a nod he agreed, mentally committing himself to making it as good as he could for Zach. Leaning down, he kissed the cute boy in front of him.

"That sounds awesome, Zach. What do you want to do first?"

"Well you were telling me about their shower. It sounds fun, do you think we could use it to . . . clean up and stuff?"

Josh smiled from ear to ear. "Yeah, I don't see a problem. I think it would be fun."

The pair raced to Josh's bedroom and quickly stripped, leaving clothes strewn around the room like a whirlwind had hit. They moved quietly through the guy's bedroom, both with a nagging feeling they were intruding. But when they stepped into the bathroom, Zach was awestruck. The masses of gleaming chrome and stainless fixtures were impressive, as was the huge tub to one side. But it was the enormous glass cube that dominated the room that drew their focus. Josh walked over and started adjusting all the jets as Zach watched. Once everything was set, he took Zach's hand and pulled him into the shower.

Snapping out of his spell, Zach kissed Josh, then grabbed a washcloth and filled it with soap. Lifting Josh's arm, he got the pungent aroma of a day's sweat. Working the cloth, he soon had the dark hair under both arms matted with soap. Moving to Josh's chest, Zach nursed first one nipple and then the other before beginning to gently cover his torso with suds. He let the cloth go south, dipping into Josh's navel, running his finger into it gently as he listened to Josh's soft sighs. Zach washed across Josh's treasure trail, coating the thick black line with soap. He teasingly ran the cloth across Josh's flat abdomen, but avoided touching his flexing cock. Pushing Josh backward, he smiled as the younger man's ass found the bench.

"Sit down, take a load off," quipped Zach.

Josh ran his hand over Zach's face. "Oh, I have a load to get off alright."

Zach giggled, kneeled in front of Josh, and then picked up one of his big feet and held it carefully against his face to inhale its scent.

Josh saw Zach's cock flex with each sniff and smiled that his little bed partner got off on his stinky feet. Josh let out a sigh as Zach started carefully cleaning his feet and then legs. The feeling of the soft cloth made his body tremble. Soon Zach reached the top of his muscular thighs and looked up at Josh.

Josh pushed his legs apart and stood, his big balls dangling between his muscular legs as he looked down at Zach.

"I think you still need to work on a few spots," said Josh with a smile.

"Hmm, I'm saving the best for last," said Zach.

He reached up, gently wrapped his fingers around Josh's nuts and started washing them. Once they were dripping with soap, Zach let his fingers glide backward and rub over Josh's sweet spot. The second he touched it, Josh let out a huge sigh and Zach felt a tremor travel through his body. Smiling to himself, Zach could feel Josh's body shake from the stimulation. As he watched the stream of precum being pumped out of Josh's cock, he slowly ran the cloth over Josh's sensitive perineum. Zach watched as Josh started caressing himself, lightly fingering his own nipples.

In response, Zach pushed back further, rubbing across Josh's butthole. After long amazing minutes of Zach's teasing, Josh wanted more. Moving slowly, he laid his torso across the bench, presenting his muscular ass to Zach. Smiling with lustful delight, Zach pried Josh's ass open and started cleaning it carefully. He quickly had suds running down Josh's crack, hiding his gateway from Zach. Looking at it with fascination, he dropped the washcloth to the floor and started rubbing his soap-coated finger against Josh's hole. Pressing it forward slowly, he soon found his digit buried inside his boyfriend. Mesmerized, he watched his slim finger slip in and out with increasing speed, pressing it deeper without effort until a loud moan brought Zach out of his revelry. Freezing, he looked up to see Josh's contorted face looking back at him.

"That feels amazing Zach. But I think I better get you ready before I unload in the shower," said Josh in a rumbling voice.

Josh picked up the cloth and squirted more liquid soap into it. Smiling at his smaller lover, he ran the soapy cloth over his spiked hair. Zach sighed softly as the suds dripped down his closed eyes and he felt the texture of the cloth glide over the back of his neck. Josh's hands tenderly caressed his almost hairless face as the streams of water washed the soap from him. Josh leaned down and kissed him gently as his hands ran over Zach's silky smooth back.

"Damn, you're hot," whispered Josh.

Zach moaned softly, loving the feel of Josh's work-roughened hands as they gripped his round ass. Josh released Zach and guided him onto the bench. He mimicked Zach's actions as he cleaned the college boy's feet and legs. Josh knelt on the shower floor and ran the soapy cloth over Zach's thighs, his straining cock flexing with each touch, a steady stream of precum flowing from it. Josh loved the look of Zach's cock when he was rock hard. The foreskin slipped down and looked like a collar around his deep red cockhead. The stream of precum increased as the smaller man struggled to not unload. Josh wisely avoided touching Zach's cock, knowing he would explode with the slightest touch. Gripping Zach by the hips, Josh moved him so he was kneeling on the bench, his ass exposed.

Taking the soapy cloth, Josh started washing Zach's ass. He gently ran his cloth-covered hand over Zach's tight round butt. With each pass, Josh let his fingers glide deeper into the crevice splitting Zach's ass. When his fingers reached their goal, Josh applied more pressure teasing Zach's hole with the cloth.

"Oh god," moaned Zach. "That feels so good, don't stop."

Josh tossed the cloth aside and gripped Zach's butt cheeks in his hands. Josh flicked a finger against Zach's tiny, hairless pink hole, watching it convulse with each touch. The teasing had its desired effect and Zach was soon bucking beneath his hands. Josh ran a hand over Zach's body, coating it with suds. Moving down again, he pushed the tip of his soap-coated finger into Zach's butt.

"Oh fuck! Holy fucking shit!" screamed Zach.

Josh slowly rotated his finger, letting the soap lube Zach's hole as his finger slid in with little resistance. Once he had bottomed out, Josh paused for a few moments to let Zach adjust. As soon as Josh was sure Zach was in no pain, he started searching for Zach's prostate. Once he found the firm bulb, Josh stroked it with his finger, hoping he was doing it right.

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! What're you doing? Oh! Oh hell, no no no. Oh! God!" screamed Zach.

With a final guttural scream, Zach's body convulsed and coated the shower wall with boy spunk. Josh stroked his swollen prostate as Zach emptied his balls onto the glass wall. With his body shaking, Zach fell against Josh, his breath coming in gasps. Josh cradled the smaller boy, gently caressing his skin as he recovered from his orgasm. Zach turned and kissed Josh with a smile.

"Oh my god! That was amazing! I've never came so hard," said Zach.

"That's only the beginning," said Josh, "Let's get out."

Josh guided Zach out of the shower and dried his slender body. Zach took the towel from Josh and carefully dried his lover, exploring his body as never before. He paid particular attention to Josh's groin and ass, until he felt hands tugging at him. They kissed gently and Josh caressed Zach's face.

"Any more and I'm going to explode," said Josh with a smile.

Taking Zach by the hand, Josh led him into his bedroom and carefully closed the door. Josh guided Zach to the bed and softly laid him down. Crawling beside him, Josh started kissing along his neck. Soon he had Zach's ear between his teeth and the smaller man was moaning louder and louder. Josh's hand splayed across Zach's smooth pale chest, caressing it softly. Josh felt Zach's hard nipples glide under his hand and started rubbing them as he moved down to suck on Zach's neck. Zach was writhing as the passion built.

"Oh shit, Josh. That feels so good," said Zach as he gasped for air.

Josh lifted up, smiling at the responsive partner under him and ran his hand lower. Running his fingers through the soft texture of Zach's blonde bush, Josh felt his own hard cock flex in response. Without a word, he turned Zach on his stomach and Josh lay on the bed between his spread legs, grabbed his ass in both hands and pried it apart. He wanted to do this, he wanted to taste Zach, but he wasn't sure. How would he feel? How would Zach feel? It was always a taboo spot in Josh's world. But as he opened it, all he smelled was soap with a slight earthy tang, nothing bad or repulsive. Josh moved closer and inhaled again, filling his senses with Zach's masculinity. It was the final piece of foreplay for Josh and without another thought he ran his tongue over Zach's pale pink hole.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" screamed Zach, "Oh my god! What are you doing?"

Josh lifted his face, pressing his finger against Zach's wet hole. "I'm rimming you, now just enjoy it," said Josh with a chuckle.

Zach grabbed a pillow and buried his face in it as Josh continued his assault on his virgin ass. He was soon reduced to a wordless state of bliss as Josh's tongue buried itself in his gut.

Josh wondered why he had been so reluctant about tonguing Zach. The reactions of the smaller man alone were amazing, and as he felt Zach's hole gradually take him in, he wanted more. He began ramming his tongue into Zach's hole, burying it deeper and deeper as Zach's gateway opened for him, and in a few minutes, Josh had his face buried in Zach's ass, flicking and driving his tongue inside Zach's tender hole. As lust built inside of Josh, he moved his face back and swiped his tongue over Zach's pucker while he watched his boyfriend's heaving body. Moving quickly, he retrieved the lube and squirted his hand full of the slick gel. As he moved his wet fingers across Zach's ass, Zach trembled.

"Put 'em in! Oh god please put 'em in!" yelled Zach as his swollen ass was teased mercilessly. Without a word, Josh slowly sank one finger completely inside of Zach. The little bottom's cries were mounting with each new experience, and this was no exception, as his cries became screams of pleasure. Working slowly, Josh inserted two, and eventually three fingers inside his lover over the course of many long minutes. By the time he was finished, he was easily sliding three fingers in and out of Zach, the smaller boy whimpering with need.

"Please Josh! Slam your fat cock inside me! Oh damn! Just fuck me!"

Deciding it was time, Josh let his fingers slowly slip out of Zach's ass, which was greeted by a moan of disappointment. He wrapped his hands around Zach's waist and rolled him to his back. At first Josh thought Zach had shot his load from the size of the wet spot, but realized it was precum drooled from Zach's steel hard dick. Not touching Zach's cock, Josh ran his hands over his slender torso and then leaned in and gave him a hard kiss. Pulling back, he stared into Zach's blue eyes and smiled.

"Ready to lose your cherry?" asked Josh.

"Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me already!" whimpered Zach.

"Ok, but you're on top. Then you can control everything"

Zach nodded in agreement and Josh pulled him against his chest and rolled them so Zach was sitting on top of him. Reaching over, Josh retrieved a condom and handed it to Zach. He smiled, ripped open the wrapper, and quickly sheathed Josh's granite hard cock. Zach grabbed the lube and gave Josh's dick a thick coating and then knelt over it. Reaching between his legs, Zach positioned Josh's cock against his hole and pressed down. Josh watch as pleasure, and discomfort, flash across Zach's face as he was stretched beyond anything previously and with a final shove and an audible gasp from Zach, the bulbous head popped inside his outer portal.

"Take it slow, Zach. There's no rush. Just relax, don't hurt yourself. Push out some, it'll make it easier," whispered Josh in his ear.

Zach nodded in agreement and Josh could feel the vise like grip of his ass lessen. With a multitude of groans and sighs, Zach slowly pressed Josh deeper inside him. As the last few millimeters of cock entered him, Zach let out a noise that could only be called blissful.

"Shit, this feels amazing! I never imagined it would be so good," said Zach through his sighs of contentment.

Josh ran his hands over Zach's chest, enjoying the pleasure that was enveloping Zach. Josh watched as Zach started rocking slowly, feeling his cock rub back and forth inside his lover. Zach's passion grew as he started riding Josh's cock. Soon his head was thrown back as he plunged Josh's thick hard cock over and over into his virgin butt. Josh watched as Zach's cock flopped back and forth with each motion of his hips. Josh knew neither of them would last long, but he wanted to be certain that Zach's first time was as good as he could make it. Josh ran his hands over Zach's flat stomach and then his chest, taking his nipples between his fingers and twisting them. With that, Zach started rammed himself onto Josh's cock.

"Yes! Fuck! So good. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" screamed Zach.

Without touching himself, Zach's cock exploded as he furiously rode Josh. Without touching himself, his dick started shooting cum over Josh's chest. His cries became animalistic as the waves of climax crested and then buried Zach in their pleasure. Engulfed in the sensation of his first fuck, Zach reached down and twisted Josh's nipples hard. The initial pain shot through Josh and he bucked hard into Zach. The sensation quickly changed as the nipple play signaled the beginning of Josh's orgasm. Josh grabbed Zach's hips, pinning him on his exploding cock. Josh felt cum rocket from his nuts over and over as the results of their extended foreplay showed in the volume of semen he shot.

After a few moments they came down from their orgasmic highs. Zach collapsed onto Josh and curled into a ball as he tried to catch his breath. Josh smiled as he ran his hands over the small man laying on him.

"How was that, Zach?"

"Oh. My. God. It was amazing. Better than I imagined," said Zach quietly.

"Are you . . . sore?" asked Josh.

Zach paused for a minute, feeling Josh's softening cock still in his ass.

"Maybe a little, but mostly it just feels fantastic!" said Zach.

"Good, I'm glad," said Josh with a contented smile.

The pair lay in quiet contentment for several long minutes before Zach lifted himself up, letting Josh's still plump cock slip out. Quickly he scurried to the bathroom and brought back a cloth, cleaning Josh thoroughly. He slipped the condom off and wrapped it in a piece of toilet paper he had brought and flushed the condom. Taking care of everything else, he crawled back into the bed with Josh, pulling his muscular arm over him.

Josh kissed the back of Zach's neck, content that Zach had lost his virginity in a way that he had only dreamed about. He pulled his lover against him and shortly they both had drifted off to sleep.


Darrin looked up a second before Dr. Ruck tapped on his door frame. Her hand froze in mid-air and she looked at Darrin.

"Do you mind if I come in for a few minutes?" she asked.

"No, certainly not," replied Darrin with some trepidation. "What can I do for you?"

"Well . . . it's more what do you know," replied Emma with a grimace.

"Like what?" asked Darrin.

"Were you aware the Boorman is spreading rumors about you?"

"No, what kind of rumors?" asked Darrin.

"Mostly the typical homophobic shit," said Ruck with a fierce face, "My concern is the more immediate things that might jeopardize your tenure. Like kissing a male student . . ."

Darrin rubbed his hands over his face and sighed. "Well I made a poor choice on that one to not share the information with you. I didn't kiss the student though, he kissed me. And he has since apologized, to me, and Mitch. He's actually dating Josh now . . . I know, it doesn't sound very good."

Emma laughed and shook her head, "Students get crushes, especially on faculty they are working with. It won't take much damage control to stop that rumor."

She paused for a moment and then continued, "Darrin, you can trust me. I promise you, if there is a problem, I'll tell you about it. I won't wait until your mid-point review and drop a bombshell."

"Yes ma'am, I know," said Darrin sheepishly.

"Good, that's settled. Now, have you gotten any word back from our grant? I remember the first review deadline being . . ."


Darrin watched as both Josh and Mitch paced the living room. Mitch had finally decided on foundation animals for their cow herd and the animals were being delivered today. But Darrin had not been able to go on the trip when they were selected, Josh had gone instead. So Mitch was more concerned than he might have been otherwise. The breed Mitch had selected was Santa Gertrudis and Darrin didn't know much about them other than they could take the Oklahoma heat. They had bought 50 cows and two bulls to start the herd, which was a sizable investment for their new ranch. But the steers they had grown out last winter had provided a good return on their investment and Darrin trusted Mitch's judgment, but the other two were making him apprehensive just from their nervousness. He decided he knew what would distract them and with an ornery grin he turned to Josh.

"So, Josh, I hear you think we should have goats," said Darrin with an innocent smile.

Mitch stopped in mid stride and turned to Darrin and Josh both. "No, no damn goats. They eat everything and you can't keep them in. Besides, there's no market for them."

"Yes there is," retorted Josh, "there are some pretty big markets in Texas already. And with some of the new immigrant groups, the demand for cabrito is increasing."

"No, no goats. They just tear up shit, get into everything. No goats," said Mitch adamantly.

"Worse than a one-ton Santa Gertrudis bull? I don't think so. And they would help clear out the brush. You know, they like eating trees. Also, have you thought about . . ."

Darrin couldn't help but chuckle. He knew this was an ongoing argument between the two and they could argue about it for hours. Personally, he though Josh had some good points, but he wasn't going to weigh in on either side. He knew he was already going to catch it later from Mitch for bringing it up anyway. As the argument stretched on Darrin glanced out the window to see dust boiling up along the road.

"Guys, I believe your cattle are arriving."

Mitch and Josh stopped in mid sentence and looked out the window. Immediately, both of them scrambled for their boots and were soon piling out the door. Darrin followed at a more sedate pace; stopping on the porch to pull on his boots and watch the trucks pull up. He smiled as Mitch and Josh helped the drivers, and Darrin was happy to let them do the work while he played the role of gentleman farmer. By the time he arrived at the corral, the first load of cows were already unloading.

The muscular, cherry red animals that poured off the trailer impressed Darrin. He hadn't made the time to research the breed like he normally would have, so he hadn't been sure what they looked like. He noticed they were a mix of polled and horned animals and while they were fairly docile, they were extremely alert.

As the first truck pulled off, Darrin did jump in to help. With all three of them working, they soon had pens full of the remarkable red cattle. Darrin stood on the corral looking over the cows and was impressed. He had to admit they were wonderful looking animals, but something about their appearance was nagging at him.

"So, what'd ya think?" asked Mitch.

Darrin turned to find Mitch and Josh waiting for his reaction. "I think they look amazing! You guys did a great job picking out a herd."

A broad smile spread across both of their faces. They all turned to look over the milling animals and Josh piped in. "Wait until you see the bulls we got. They have impressive bloodlines and their rates of gain were fantastic!"

Darrin noticed that Mitch flinched a little and remained silent. But Darrin chalked it up to nerves. They watched as a smaller gooseneck trailer pulled in with the bulls. Darrin could see the two large beef animals pacing the trailer as Mitch helped guide it into position. He and Josh moved to one side of the bull's pen and watched as Mitch cracked open the rear gate to the trailer.

The first bull raced from confinement into the open pen. Darrin admired the rippling red skin, his sleek hornless head and muscular body. As with the females, something about the bull was tugging at memories. As he felt close to solving the riddle, the second bull raced out. Darrin looked at the horns, longer ears and larger hump and everything clicked into place.

"You must be fuck'n kidding me! You bought goddamn Brahmans! You fuck'n asshole," said Darrin in a barely contained scream.

"No, they aren't Brahmans, but Brahman was used in their breeding. They aren't crazy like those cattle at the research station. Josh and I were careful to pick only animals with good dispositions," explained Mitch quietly.

Darrin looked at the two bulls just in time to see the horned bull turn and snort at them. Without another word Darrin jumped off the fence and stormed to the house. Josh moved beside Mitch as they heard the door slam when he went into the house.

"What's wrong? I thought he would be happy. What's he mad about?" questioned Josh.

"When we were in grad school Darrin had a bad run-in with a crazy Brahman bull. It almost killed him," said Mitch softly.

"Oh. What're we gonna do then," asked Josh.

Mitch looked at the youngster and clapped his hand on his shoulder. "We aren't doing anything, I'll talk with Darrin after he has time to think about it. Let's get the cattle settled in."

Mitch helped Josh get all the animals in the right pens and double checked on the two bulls before he left Josh to fill feed bunks and troughs. As he walked back to the house, Mitch tried to work out how much damage control he was going to need to do, but he just wasn't sure.

Mitch walked into the house and heard the clink of a bottle being set down. Turning the corner into the living room, he saw Darrin sprawled on the floor, staring out the window. Mitch quietly walked up and watched Darren take another long pull on his beer.

"I didn't handle that very well, did I," said Darrin.

Mitch straddled Darrin, sitting in the chair with him between his legs. He started rubbing Darrin's shoulders without saying anything. He continued for several minutes, letting his thoughts become clearer. He ran his hand down Darrin's chest and gave him a slight hug.

"I should have told you. I really don't know if it was on purpose, or I just forgot," admitted Mitch.

"The sight of that bull scared the crap out of me," said Darrin.

"I know, babe, but honestly they're big babies. Josh and I were careful to not pick any wild stock, and the Gerts have had most of the crazy bred out of them."

"Ok. I know. I'll be fine. Just give me some time. Let's go back out though. I don't want to have to have to have any more talks with Josh," said Darrin with a chuckle.

Mitch smiled and stood, teasingly rubbing his crotch against the back of Darrin's head. With a chuckle at the look he got, he helped Darrin up. Mitch wrapped his arms around Darrin and hugged him tight. Pulling back slightly, he kissed Darrin softly.

"They were the right choice, you'll see," said Mitch with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah. We'll see," said Darrin with a playful swat at Mitch. Darrin followed his husband out of the house, enjoying the view of his tight backside as they moved to help Josh settle the cattle in for the night.


"Mitch, I'm telling you, this is a bad idea," said Darrin as they walked through the door. "What if we run into one of my students? How will I explain being in a porn shop?"

"Why would you need to explain anything? You are well over the legal age to be in here, and all this shit is legal. Even in Oklahoma."

"Yeah, well how would you feel if you were shopping for sex toys and you ran into your professor?" asked Darrin.

"Jeez! You're a little worry wart ain't ya? Stop being so paranoid. Maybe we'll find something fun that you didn't see on your little website," said Mitch with a smirk.

With a sigh and a roll of his eyes, Darrin surrendered. The pair walked through the store, chuckling at some of the items, and selecting a few to buy. Just as they rounded a display of man-on-man videos, Mitch stopped Darrin with an out flung hand. Darrin looked questioningly at Mitch, who nodded down the isle at another customer.

"That's Boorman!" whispered Mitch.

"No, no way!"

"Watch him walk. It's his 'corncob up his ass' walk. But it looks like it might be something else up his ass," said Mitch with a chuckle.

Darrin watched for a few minutes and then smiled to himself. It was definitely Boorman. Darrin snickered at his armload of sex toys, including a huge purple butt plug that looked as big as his wrist. Darrin's eyes narrowed and he stepped forward; ready to confront Kevin, when he felt Mitch grab his arm.

"No, not here. You have something on him, it might be useful later," whispered Mitch.

Darrin thought a minute and sighed, "Yeah, you're right. He'd just twist it around. But the little closet case, it pisses me off."

"I know, babe. And you know how much I'd like to call him out. But I just have a feeling this will be useful later. And guess what? I have this." Mitch held up his phone. "So we can just snap a few pictures, then he won't be able to squirm out of it later."

Darrin smiled and nodded at Mitch's suggestion. They carefully moved around the store, following Boorman and taking a few photos. He had picked up several gay videos, in addition to his haul of sex toys. Darrin glanced as they walked past that section, and was surprised to discover they were all hard-core leather and bondage films. Once Boorman had made his purchase and left, Mitch turned to Darrin and started chuckling.

"Oh my god, he's a total closet case! He's a bottom boy without a top," said Mitch through his laughter.

"It's kinda sad don't you think? He hates us for being what he wishes he could be," said Darrin slowly.

"You make choices, you live with the consequences. He hates anyone who is gay because he thinks it's not normal, that includes himself," said Mitch with a scowl. "Besides, he's caused us trouble from the beginning. He deserves whatever he gets."

"Ok, ok, you're right. I'm just a soft touch, and apparently that includes assholes."

"I don't forgive assholes! But we have a ton of our own fun toys. Let's pay for them and head home," said Mitch, "Besides, one of these is for Josh!"

"Oh fuck no! Don't you dare buy Josh a dildo! Oh my god, do you want to send him into therapy?" spouted Darrin as he turned to find Mitch holding his stomach in laughter.

"What's so fuck'n funny?" asked Darrin with a scowl.

"Like I'd give Josh sex toys. You're so easy!"

Darrin looked at Mitch, his mouth hanging open as his husband continued to laugh at him. Gathering himself, he turned and marched to the counter, put their purchases on it and looked at the clerk with an expression that dared him to say anything.

Sitting in the pickup on the way home, Darrin stared intently out the window. Mitch watched him; afraid he was in one of his moody funks. Mitch saw his shoulders begin to shake and was afraid something that had happened was bringing up bad memories. But then Mitch heard the sound of soft laughter, and soon Darrin was producing a good belly laugh. He turned back to Mitch and wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes.

"I am easy sometimes, aren't I?"

Mitch rubbed his hand over Darrin's back, "That's why you're so wonderful. You are always trying to protect everyone."

"Jeez, being the bleeding heart is so tiring sometimes," said Darrin with a snort.

"Yeah it is," agreed Mitch with a laugh.


When Darrin and Mitch pulled into the driveway, they could see Josh standing in the front yard talking to someone. As they pulled closer it was obvious they were not having a cordial conversation. Josh had a severe look on his face, and his arms crossed. Parking to one side, they watched for a few minutes before they moved to get out of the pickup. As they walked to Josh's side, they could hear the conversation.

"This thing of yours has gone on long enough. Your mother and I forgive you, but you have to come home now. We've found a place that will treat you for your problem."

"Problem? What problem? My being gay? Cause that isn't a problem, it's just part of me," replied Josh stiffly.

"Josh, lower your voice to me. The church is going to pray for you. We'll fix it."

"Fix it? You are gonna fix me! I'm not broken! No real doctor considers homosexuality to be a disorder. But you've found another religious freak that says they can treat homosexuality. There is nothing to talk about here, Dad. I'm not broken and I'm not leaving the ranch. Darrin and Mitch need me!" spat out Josh.

Josh's father drew back his hand and Josh braced himself. But at the apex of his swing, his father's punch was stopped suddenly by an iron grip. Turning, he saw his wrist in Mitch's grip.

"Sir, it's time for you to go now. Josh made himself clear, and he's no longer a minor," said Mitch through gritted teeth.

"You! You two! You're going to burn in hell for converting my son. You are evil and spread evil. When Jesus comes—"

Darrin made a step toward him with a look that would ignite stone. His fists were clenched at his sides as he moved toward the man. He started to speak, and then he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Darrin, I've got this. This is one battle that I can fight on my own. I've known this day was coming since I got here in Sheriff White Cloud's car," said Josh. Then he turned to his father and began quietly.

"I am not going with you, Dad. You gave that up when you and Mom beat me a year ago. I'm not broken, and I'm not going to hell because I'm gay. You need to actually read the bible instead of spouting what other people tell you. Because I have read it, done my research, and I don't agree with your interpretation. You can't pick some things and not other because they aren't convenient. You also talk about the original bible, but it doesn't exist. Everything has been filtered through 2,000 years of interpretation. My God doesn't punish people who love each other and are doing no harm.

You threw me out of the house, but after a year you want me back? I would have been homeless and living on the street if it weren't for these men. They've taken care of me, fed me and helped me grow into a man that you, well Grandpa anyway, would be proud of. If it weren't for them, well, I probably wouldn't be alive," Josh took a deep breath and shook his head.

"Now, if you want to be around me, you are the one who has to change, not me."

The older man looked at his son and then clenched his jaw. He jerked his hand free of Mitch's grip and stormed back to his pickup. Josh stood with crossed arms and watched as his father sped down the driveway. As the pickup disappeared into the distance, he let out a long sigh. Darrin walked up behind him and put his arm over his shoulder.

"It could be worse. He's still alive, at least as long as they're alive there's a chance that they will understand. My dad died first. But I'm not sure he would have ever understood," said Darrin.

"Darrin, they beat me so bad that the Sheriff had to rescue me and bring me here. They ignored me for a year, and then came back with a 'cure'. I don't think it's going to change for them either," said Josh with tears that were barely held back.

"You are our family, Josh. Darrin and I want you to stay as long as you'd like. You always have a home with us," said Mitch as he walked up beside Josh on his other side.

Josh turned and smiled at Mitch, "Thanks Mitch. I appreciate that. A lot of kids like me aren't lucky and end up homeless and turning tricks to feed themselves. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you've done."

Josh hugged them both and smiled weakly. Darrin and Mitch each hugged him in turn. They sat down on the steps together and quietly watched the crimson sunset. The quiet time together seemed to dispel the tension of the encounter. Mitch looked at Darrin and winked just before he reached down and started tickling Josh. He quickly discovered his most vulnerable spots and soon had him squirming on the floor laughing hysterically. Mitch stepped back and chuckled as Josh caught his breath, having successfully dismissed the pall that had hung over them. Mitch helped Josh up and then gently shoved him toward the door. As he moved forward, Mitch cast a grin at Darrin and started.

"You know, Josh. We picked up a di—"

Mitch was cut off by a sharp whack on the back of the head from Darrin. Looking over with an unrepentant smile, he followed the other two into their house for a nice family meal.


Mitch walked out of the bedroom swinging something hot pink that looked vaguely familiar to Darrin. As he got closer, Darrin blushed deep red when he recognized the double-headed dildo from the adult store they had went to a few weeks before. Darrin covered his face with both hands and moaned as Mitch became more and more lurid with the toy. As Mitch started doing his version of a stripper dance, Darrin peeked between his fingers.

"Damn, Mitch. What were we thinking to buy that thing?"

"I think we thought we'd be having fuck'n hot sex. That's what I think," replied Mitch.

"I don't even know how to use it," said Darrin with a slight smile.

"Let's go see what it'll do! Josh is gone for awhile."

Darrin nodded in agreement, took Mitch's offered hand and followed him into the bedroom. Closing the door behind them, Darrin walked behind Mitch, running his hands over Mitch's muscular chest.

"Have I mentioned lately how much I love you?" whispered Darrin.

"Yup, but it's always good to hear," said Mitch as he turned in Darrin's arms, "I love you too, handsome. A lot."

They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. Their souls poured into each other as the feelings of tenderness overwhelmed them both. Darrin let his lips trail down Mitch's neck, kissing lower until he reached the hollow at the base of his neck. He heard a soft sigh from Mitch and held him close. After a few more moments, Darrin felt Mitch's tongue tracing along the rim of his ear. The tingling ran down his body, and he sighed softly as he felt Mitch's teeth close on his ear lobe.

"Damn, that feels good," said Darrin quietly.

He grasped Mitch's t-shirt and tugged it upward, exposing his hairy chest. He leaned in and took a deep breath, the scent of his man curled through his brain as his hands relished the texture of his body. Darrin tugged the shirt off and let it drop to the floor, then quickly peeled his own shirt off and took Mitch back in his arms. Their explorations were slow and deliberate with delicate touches trailing over each other's bodies. Soon their cocks were rock hard, and ready.

They gently undressed each other and climbed into bed. Mitch held the dildo up and grinned at Darrin.

"So, I think we should start with you and see how it feels," said Mitch with a grin.

"Hmm, sounds great to me. Get me ready, babe."

Mitch coated Darrin's hole with lube and then slid in a finger. Working it slowly, he ran his free hand over Darrin's body as he explored his depths. Soon he was up to three fingers and Darrin was writhing on the bed beside him. He slowly let his fingers slide out and then ran his hand up and down Darrin ass.

"Oh god, Mitch. I'm ready, put it in," said Darrin.

Mitch took the hot pink length of gel and covered it with lube. Feeding one end into Darrin, he soon had over half it's length buried inside his husband. Sliding it slowly back and forth, he watched as Darrin relaxed and started to move in the same rhythm. Mitch enjoyed the show as Darrin's hand curled around his own pecs and then started rubbing his hard nipples. Mitch smiled as Darrin closed his eyes, losing himself in the hot sex. Mitch continued until he knew Darrin was buried in the sensations, and then stopped.

"Oh fuck. Don't stop! Screw me," begged Darrin.

"Time to share, babe. Move up a little, I'm pretty sure we need to be ass to ass for this to work" said Mitch with a smile.

Darrin moved up, resting on his elbows he watched Mitch move into place. He felt the wonderful tickle of Mitch's hairy ass rubbing against his own and enjoyed the sight of Mitch prepared himself. Darrin's cock flexed and belched out a blob of precum when the other head of the pink dildo slipped into Mitch's ass.

Their legs interlocked as their asses started grinding against each other. Darrin's fist wrapped around his cock and he started stroking it slowly. The motion of the toy was slow and shallow, causing passion to build as they gently moved as much as possible without losing the dildo. Soon though, while they were enjoying it, they were both giggling.

"Is it just me, or is this a little . . . odd," asked Mitch with a chuckle in his voice.

"It feels good, but it is kinda weird, yeah," said Darrin with a laugh.

"Race ya to get off!" said Mitch as he grabbed his cock and started pounding it. Darrin grinned and jacked his cock fast; knowing all the slow build up was going make him have a hair trigger. Darrin felt his orgasm begin just as Mitch signaled the beginning of his climax. As Darrin's cock exploded, he felt the first stream of Mitch's jizz land across his stomach. With volley after volley of cream crisscrossing their torsos, Mitch and Darrin finished emptying their nuts. They collapsed against the bed as the sex toy slowly slid out of their butts. As it left Mitch's ass with a wet slurp, he started laughing.

"Babe, we've tried a lot of things, and I want to try more. But this one I'll pass on doing again," said Mitch with a smile.

Darrin chuckled, "Yeah, it wasn't really all that I thought it would be either."

Mitch lifted up the lube-covered dildo and laughed again, "Yeah, I think we can retire the giant pink worm!"

Darrin chuckled and levered himself off the bed. Kissing his man first, he then dragged him to the bathroom to shower off the evidence of their latest fun time.


Mitch sat in the hot high school gym, on a hard folding chair, and kept his thoughts to himself. He was dressed in a suit and tie and looked even more uncomfortable than he was. If someone had told him a year ago that he would be sitting in the parents section for a young man's high school graduation, he would have laughed at them. But that's exactly where he was. Josh had made it very clear that he wanted them in the parent's section. After the showdown with his father, Josh hadn't heard another word from them and Josh had not said anything either. He and Darrin hadn't argued with his choice and had agreed to attend. So, now Mitch was sitting in a monkey suit, and squirming in discomfort.

"Stop it! You're worse than a little kid in church!" said Darrin under his breath.

"This suit itches, and it's hot," whined Mitch.

"Stop bitch'n!" ordered Darrin. "We're here to see Josh graduate, you'll survive an hour in a suit."

Mitch settled back on his chair, his arms crossed, looking very unhappy and uncomfortable as they waited. Darrin chuckled and settled back, watching the crowd around them. He knew this wouldn't take very long. There couldn't be more than 75 or 80 kids graduating. A few speeches to listen to, the parade across the stage, and it would be over.

The typical greetings and words of wisdom from various adults started off the events. Soon the graduates were parading across the stage as the ceremony wound to an end. Mitch and Darrin cheered and whistled as Josh got his diploma, and were rewarded with a beaming smile from him. As Darrin thought the ceremony was about to end, Josh walked back onto the stage. From the look on his face, Darrin was afraid he was about to do something either really brave, or really stupid, and probably a little of both.

Josh began the typical student response, talking about his positive high school experiences. But as the speech continued, there were more and more pregnant pauses in Josh's delivery. Finally he raised his head and looked over the crowd.

"I do love this school, I really do. And I have some great friends here. But I was also beaten by my parents when I tried to tell them I was gay. Fortunately for me, Darrin and Mitch agreed to take me in, and they've given me a home. Otherwise, I would be one of the thousands of gay teenagers who are homeless, or worse dead. It was a really bad time a year ago, but the guys saved me.

When this school decided that same-sex couples shouldn't be at the school prom, they threw a kick-ass prom at the ranch. Sorry for the cussing, but it was. When a guy I thought was in love with me dumped me, they were there to help pick up the pieces. I've become a better man because of them, not because of some of the—"

Suddenly the microphone went dead; everyone was looking around trying to figure out what had happened. In moments, they saw the high school principal walk onto the stage.

"That will conclude the graduation ceremony for today. If you will—"

Mitch was about to jump to his feet, when the woman a few rows over beat him to it.

"No! Earl you turn that darn speaker back on and let this boy finish!"

"Now, Charlene. That wasn't the approved speech. You know the rules."

"Bullshit!" boomed a loud male voice from the other side of the room. "Turn the damn thing back on. I may not agree with him, but last time I checked we do have freedom of speech."

Soon the comments were ricocheting from all around. Most were defending Josh; a few were siding with the principal. Darrin could see this was getting ugly. Then he glanced at the stage and saw that from somewhere Josh had gotten a bullhorn so he could be heard over the uproar.

"Hey!" yelled Josh.

The crowd hushed and looked at him. Darrin watched him take a deep breath and begin to speak.

"It wasn't my intention to start an riot. I just wanted to say what I was feeling. I'm very thankful to those two men who I consider my dads. And to say that you shouldn't judge people. This high school needs to be more accepting of everyone, not just the majority. That's all. I'm finished."

As Josh turned to walk off, Darrin and Mitch rose as a unit and started clapping. Moment's later almost the entire graduating class followed suit. Soon the din was deafening as the crowd reacted. The principal tried to regain control several times but finally gave up. Motioning to the back, he had the doors opened and people began stream out to their celebrations.

 Josh was standing waiting on them as they made their way out. Wrapping his arms around them both, Mitch could see the tears rolling down his face.

"I hadn't planned to do that, I swear. I'm really sorry if I embarrassed you," said Josh in a tear filled voice.

"Josh, that was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. We weren't embarrassed at all," said Mitch with Darrin nodding in agreement.

Josh sobbed and wiped his eyes on his sleeve, "Damn, I'm crying like a big ole baby."

Mitch smiled and pulled Josh into a hug, "It's ok. You're entitled to cry when you feel like crying."

Darrin patted him on the back, "You did a great job, Josh. I think you left them with a great message."

Just then Zach and Emma Ruck walked up. Emma immediately embraced Josh, then kissed his cheek. He blushed as she wiped the lipstick off his face and then grabbed him by his shoulders.

"Damn fine speech, Josh. Damn fine! I'm proud to know you."

"Thank you, ma'am. It just kinda happened. I wasn't really planning to try and start a riot!" said Josh with a shaky chuckle.

"They needed a riot! Damn, principal."

Turning, she acknowledged Darrin and Mitch. When they looked back, Zach had found his way to Josh's side and was looking at him with adoring eyes. Darrin turned back to Emma with a smile and asked, "Why are you here, Emma?"

"A friend's kid was graduating, so I had a front row seat for the whole thing. Wouldn't have missed it for the world!" explained Emma.

After a few more minutes of small talk and a lot of photos with Josh in every possible combination of people, they headed to their pickups. Josh had driven himself, and Zach rode with him. Everyone arrived at the ranch at the same time. Mitch and Josh raced for the door, resulting in good-natured jostling to see who was the first one through. Finally Josh burst through the door, to be confronted with a table filled with cake and presents. Turning, Josh grabbed both men and pulled them into a hug. Releasing them, he glanced over the table. Looking up with tears again in his eyes, he started—

"Thanks guys, this really wasn't necessary though," said Josh quietly.

"Shut up and open your presents," said Mitch with a chuckle.

Josh smiled and tore into the packages. He soon found a new watch, wallet, and cash from friends and sympathetic relatives. One long, flat package he looked at suspiciously and opened it to find a pair of assless briefs. Embarrassed, he glanced up at the pair but it was Zach who was turning red.

"Those were for later . . ." said Zach in a low voice.

"Woohoo! Someone's get'n lucky," squealed Mitch. Darrin casually reached up and popped him in the back of the head, amid ruckus laughter.

Once everything was opened, Darrin disappeared into the bedroom and brought back an envelope, which he handed to Josh. Unsealing it carefully, he pulled out the document and read it. He glanced up at Darrin in disbelief and read it again. Finally letting it drop at his side, he looked over both men.

"This is too much. I can't let you give me this," said Josh quietly.

"What are we going to do with it? We're both very finished with school," replied Mitch as his smile broadened.

Josh shook his head in disbelief. Finally Zach leaned over to see what it was. Josh opened the letter so he could see that Darrin was giving Josh his faculty tuition release from the university.

"Usually it can only be used by immediate family, but since you're our foster son, they let me do it."

"I'm your foster son?" asked Josh with a tremble in his voice.

"Yup, the Sheriff helped set that one up," said Mitch as he pulled paperwork from a cubbyhole in the desk beside him.

Josh looked at everything, staring from one document to the other. Finally he looked up at Darrin and Josh. "I get to go to college? I never thought I'd be able to do that, especially after . . ."

"Yup, your college is paid for. If you go to grad school though, you're on your own!" said Mitch with a chuckle.

Josh laughed with a little shake in his voice. He sat at the table with a thud and watched in silence as the cake was cut and passed around. By the time everyone had finished their celebratory piece of cake, Josh had calmed down and was having a good time. They enjoyed each others company as they talked about the day for quite some time, but eventually Mitch could see that the boys were ready to begin their own celebration.

"You guys must have something planned. Go ahead, get going. Darrin and I will clean up here."

Zach nodded eagerly and smiled at Mitch. "Yes sir, I do have plans. Thank you, sir."

Mitch shook his head that Zach was still so nervous around him. But he waved them both off and watched out the door while Darrin cleaned the table.

"Josh is going to get a piece of ass tonight isn't he?" said Darrin.

"Oh yeah, and my guess is Zach is a screamer."

Darrin laughed as Mitch came to help him clean up.


Zach closed the door to his dorm room, glad that his roommate went home for the weekend. Pulling Josh further inside the room, he guided him into one of the two chairs. Zach grabbed two beers from his dorm refrigerator and offered one to Josh.

"Thanks Zach, but the last time I drank beer I puked and I haven't really gotten over it. You got any DP in there?"

"Sure!" said Zach as he grabbed Josh a bottle of Dr. Pepper. He darted in for a quick kiss as he handed it to Josh.

"You don't need to kiss and run. You can smooch all you want," said Josh with a chuckle.

With that invitation, Zach straddled Josh's lap and gave him a heated kiss. Josh could feel Zach's hard cock as it ground against his own growing cock as they started making out. Zach opened Josh's shirt and was soon nursing on his erect nipples, causing Josh to sigh softly as the sensations filled his body. He looked at Zach and saw his little hair-trigger boy was working toward his first orgasm of the evening. Josh let his hands roam over the smaller man, opening his shirt and rubbing his work-roughened thumbs over Zach's nipples. When the gentle touches caused an eruption of loud moans, Josh reached up, pinching the nipples hard and then rolling them between his fingers.

"Oh shit, yes. Damn that feels good," said Zach.

Josh leaned in and gently blew in Zach's ear, enjoying the soft moan it garnered. Moving lower, he bit down on Zach's neck and sucked while he continued the nipple play. The combination was enough to send Zach over the edge and with deep grunts of pleasure; he soaked his underwear with boy juice. Josh looked down and smiled as a wet spot grew rapidly at the end of Zach's cloth covered cock. After a few minutes, Zach's body relaxed as his orgasm receded.

"Sorry, Josh. I always shoot too fast. I never mean to, you just get me so hot."

"It's ok, Zach. You reload just as fast and I love that I can make you cum like that," said Josh as he caressed his lover.

"Hmm, give me a minute. I have a surprise for you."

Zach climbed off Josh and went to the restroom to clean up. He returned shortly, stripped bare with his still hard cock leading the way. He climbed back on Josh's lap and leaned in to give his chest soft nips with his teeth while tugging on the trail of hair that disappeared into Josh's pants. Josh sighed as the delicious sensations traveled through his body, and then watched Zach move until he was kneeling between Josh's legs, caressing the bulge in his pants. Carefully opening Josh's pants, Zach slowly slid them down as Josh moaned softly from the sensation of the hair on his legs sliding across the denim. Zach pulled the wadded pants off Josh's feet and tossed them aside before running his hands upward, and rubbing on Josh's cloth encased cock. Zach slowly kneaded his boyfriend's crotch until Josh's briefs were translucent with precum. Settling back on his heels, Zach rubbed his fingers over Josh's full nuts.

Letting his hands slide to the waistband, Zach curled his fingers around Josh's briefs and started tugging them down. As the base of Josh's cock was uncovered, Zach ran his tongue through Josh's bush and licked the base of his dick. Working his mouth across his groin, he soon had Josh's pubic hair matted down. Squeezing Josh's dick a final time, he pulled the briefs off, freeing Josh's heavy cock, which swung slowly upward. Zach loved the heavy veining and the almost corrugated feel of Josh's cock when it was rock hard.  Grabbing the thick shaft in his hand, Zach looked up at Josh while he slid his hand under the bed and retrieved a handful of condoms.

"I put 'em there, just in case," Zach explained as he stroked Josh's cock.

Josh nodded, panting softly as Zach rip open one of the packages. Zach's hands were trembling with emotion, making an awkward task especially difficult. After a few moments, Josh gently took the condom from him and quickly unrolled it over his dick.

Josh caressed his face, running a finger along his jaw. "It's ok, Zach. They're a pain to get on sometimes, and I think its worse since I'm . . .bigger. Just relax, tonight will be wonderful."

Zach hesitated for a moment, but saw in Josh's eyes that it really wasn't important. Released from his worry, Zach lost himself in worshiping Josh's groin, tasting and licking over it until Zach was sated on the flavors. He slowly jacked Josh's cock while he listened to the larger boy moan with pleasure.

"Ready for your surprise, Josh?" asked Zach with a shy smile.

"There's more?" asked Josh with a chuckle.

Zach turned his ass to Josh and slowly bent over. As his cheeks separated, Josh could see a small circle of blue in Zach's butthole. Reaching out slowly, Josh pushed his finger against it, causing Zach to groan loudly and precum to drool from his cock.

"What is it?" asked Josh, fascinated with this new fun.

"A butt plug, I bought it so you wouldn't need to open me. I've been wearing it all day," said Zach.

Josh gave a lecherous smile at Zach, "No wonder you shot fast, you've been getting screwed for hours."

"Fuck me, Josh. I really need for you to fill me up," said Zach as he moaned again.

"Fuck yeah! I want that little hole wrapped around my dick."

As Josh reached up to take the plug out, Zach suddenly moved again. Grabbing a towel from the floor, he handed it to Josh.

"So you won't have to get dirty . . ." explained Zach.

Josh chuckled and shook his head at Zach's cleanliness obsession. But took the cloth and gently gripped the bottom of the plug. As he slowly slid it out, Zach's moans took on a new urgency. Once it popped free, Zach was panting with need as Josh ran his finger over his gapping hole.

"Please Josh, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I'm ready, you don't have to be gentle this time."

Josh was horny and ready to give Zach exactly what he was wanting. He quickly pressed his cock against Zach's lube filled ass. Driving forward, he met no resistance, and was quickly buried to his pubs in Zach's ass.

"Oh fuck! Fuck, oh fuck! Do it Josh, take my ass," screamed Zach.

Josh pulled almost out, and then pushed back in slowly. When his slow fucking met with nothing but groans of pleasure, he increased his speed. Soon he had Zach's slender hips in a vice-like grip, his pelvis slapping against Zach's ass. The harder Josh screwed Zach, the louder his moans. Josh lost his careful control and soon had Zach on the bed, one leg pinned under him and the other on his shoulder as he drove his hard pole into Zach's tender ass. Time drew out as the pair shared their passionate lovemaking. With Zach pinned under him and his legs on Josh's shoulders, sweat was dripping from Josh as he pounded the bubble butt under him. Josh was succeeding in hitting Zach's prostate with each thrust, causing Zach to yell with building passion. As Josh rammed it with a particularly powerful thrust, Zach exploded.

"Shit! Coming! Fuck me! Harder!" gasped out Zach.

Josh rose to his toes and started wildly pounding Zach. His own orgasm had been looming, and Zach's body convulsing around his dick was all it took to lose himself in a mind-bending climax. Josh pinned Zach under him as his body shook.  He could feel his balls emptying, filling the latex sheath with his juice. Zach's body was still bucking beneath him as his own orgasm overwhelmed him. When his orgasm slipped away, he released the smaller man, letting his cock slide out as he kissed Zach gently. This time Josh got the washcloth and soaked it with warm water, cleaning first himself and then Zach.

Once he'd tossed the wet cloth onto a pile of clothes, Josh crawled into the bed behind Zach and wrapped his arms around the smaller man. Zach lifted Josh's hand to his lips and kissed him gently. Looking over his shoulder, Zach smiled at Josh.

"That was amazing," said Zach with a sigh.

Josh gently drifted his fingers over Zach's soft face and kissed him softly. "Yes, it was amazing. Mind blowing!" said Josh with a chuckle.

Zach snuggled back against Josh until he was curled inside the shelter of Josh's body. Feeling very secure, he started to drift off to sleep. With a final conscious thought Zach whispered, "I love you."

Josh pulled the slender man against him and kissed the back of his neck. "Love you too, Zach."

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Why do I get the feeling Josh's pops is gonna see the light? Either that, or Mitch is going to kick his ass... Great chapter bro, I like the developments in this story :D

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