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Wrangler Butts - 7. Chapter 7

The silence in the small pickup was overwhelming. Mitch wasn't sure what to say or do to help Darrin this time. They had spent the last few days discussing Darrin's options and had arrived at a sketchy plan. Mitch knew if Darrin's mother hadn't begged him to come, they wouldn't be on this trip now. Darrin had long ago written off his religiously homophobic father and felt his mother bore some of the blame as well.

Mitch watched out the window as the landscape scrolled past. He actually loved west Texas, from the first time he had experienced it he'd felt a freedom in the open space that he didn't feel in the heavily forested eastern part of the state where he had grown up. As he watched out his window Mitch replayed their decision for him to come with Darrin. He had offered to stay at home if it would make it easier. He couldn't imagine that Darrin bringing his boyfriend was going to lessen the tension. But Darrin had been adamant that he needed Mitch by his side. One decision that Mitch did agree with wholeheartedly was the choice to not attend the funeral. Darrin had thought it was just hypocritical to attend the funeral of a person who had . . . well there was no positive thing to be accomplished by attending.

Even though they were arriving a few days after the funeral, Mitch was certain this trip would be filled with drama. Truthfully, he was concerned about their relationship. He knew Darrin had a lot of baggage regarding his family. Mitch wasn't sure how this return to his childhood home was going to play out after years of being ostracized. The combination of factors had created a tense trip, even though the two of them hadn't had any problems over it, so far. With a silent sigh Mitch decided to try and get some idea of what he was facing.

"So your Mom knows you're coming. Who else?" asked Mitch.

Darrin glanced over, considering his answer too long before answering. "Yes, she knows. And I would imagine my sister knows too. I don't know of anyone else, but I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't activated a prayer chain."

Mitch glanced at him and said, "Prayer chain? You mean having the church pray for you, like when someone is really sick."

"Yeah, exactly."

"Why? Neither of us is sick."

Darrin laughed out a humorless chuckle. "They are trying to get God to cure me, of the evil of homosexuality."

"Oh," Mitch slumped against the seat. "This is going to be a miserable trip isn't it."

Darrin looked over at him and tried to smile, "Maybe it won't be as bad as we think."

"Maybe," said Mitch as he contemplated the situation. Trying to find some bright spot in this he spoke again, "What about your sister? What's she like?"

"I think she contributes to that church in Wichita that protests against fags at the military funerals. Does that give you any idea?"




The closer they came, the more Mitch questioned this trip. On the outskirts of town, they turned onto a well-traveled dirt road. After several miles they pulled into the driveway of a two-story white house that looked like it was straight out of a Grant Wood painting. They sat in the pickup for several minutes, steeling themselves against whatever was going to come. Finally Darrin spoke,

"Ok, we can do this. Mother asked us to come. Surely it wouldn't be to an ambush."

"She invited 'us'?" asked Mitch.

Darrin let out a deep breath. "No, she didn't invite us, she invited me." He turned to look at Mitch, "This could be a hellish week for me. Thank you for coming."

Mitch smiled and patted Darrin's leg, "It's ok, babe. I'm here for you."

When Mitch looked back to the house there was a woman standing on the porch. With her arms crossed and intent stare, she didn't seem like the welcome wagon to Mitch. As he was trying to decide what to do he heard the driver's door open.

"That's my Mom. Wait here a sec," said Darrin.

Mitch nodded and then watched as Darrin walked to the woman and began talking to her. Neither of them offered to embrace the other, and Mitch felt more and more uncomfortable as the seconds ticked by. His tension peaked when Darrin motioned him to the porch. Leaving the shelter of the pickup, Mitch walked over and stood beside Darrin.

Darrin turned and looked at his mother again. "Mother, this is Mitch. He and I share an office at school."

Mitch turned slightly so he could see Darrin's face. He quietly seethed as he contemplated Darrin explaining him as only an officemate. His feelings were in turmoil, his worse nightmare for this trip seemingly had just materialized. He considered leaving, not certain he was willing to stay, when Darrin laid his hand on Mitch's shoulder.

"Mitch is also my partner," said Darrin.

His mother looked at each of them and then said, "Business partner?"

"No, Mother. He's my husband."

Mitch's jaw dropped. This wasn't really something they had talked about. Mitch was a little pissed off that Darrin had presented their relationship that way, but part of him was also delighted. Husband certainly sounded more official and long term than boyfriend, and undoubtedly clearer than partner. Mitch realized that no one had spoken and he could almost see the word 'husband' hanging in the air. Darrin's mother finally nodded her head and turned to go back inside,

"Well come on inside. It's too cold to stand around talking out here," she said.

They filed into the house and Mitch looked around the room. It couldn't be more different from the house he grew up in. It was spotless, nothing was out of order, and no dust would dare rear its head in this room. It wasn't a room for casual relaxation, but it was the one they were ushered into. Without a word, she had left the room through a side door, only to reappear in a few seconds with a tray of ice tea. After the drinks were distributed she sat down, finally looking directly at both of them. Her next question surprised Mitch.

"Do you love each other?" she asked.

Without hesitation both answered, "Yes."

Darrin's mother visibly shuddered with their answer, burying her face into her hands. Darrin and Mitch glanced at each other. Neither of them was sure what was happening. They waited in silence. Eventually she raised her head and looked at them.

"I don't understand. I'm trying Darrin, but I still don't understand. Your sister gave me some information from PFLAG, and that helped. But this is a big step for me," she visibly braced herself and looked into Darrin's eyes, "But I know your father was wrong. You are not a mistake or an aberration."

"Ok, Mom . . ."

"Your father could be a cruel man, and absolutely inflexible."

Darrin nodded, his face unreadable.

"But he's gone. I still have time to try and fix some of my mistakes. My biggest regret is that I allowed him to keep you away from me for all these years." This time when she looked at Darrin there were tears in her eyes. "Do you think you can ever forgive me?"

Darrin looked at her, seemingly unsure of his answer. Mitch could almost see him catalog his life as he contemplated a response. But a look of determination settled on his face and Darrin answered.

"I don't know. Right now I'm not sure I can forgive you," he let out a huge breath, "But I'm willing to try. That's all I can promise."

She nodded and crossed the distance and enveloped him in a hug. Mitch could hear her soft voice as she said, "Thank you."

About that time a young woman emerged from the kitchen carrying a plate of sweets. She watched for a minute before putting her hand on the older woman's shoulder.

"Come on Mom and sit down. Darrin isn't leaving right away."

She skillfully herded her mother to her vacated chair before setting the snacks on the coffee table. Turning she looked at Darrin,

"Hi, big brother."

"Dana. How are you doing?"

"It's been not good around here," she glanced back at their mother, "But I guess it hasn't been good around here for a long time."

Darrin nodded, "No, no it hasn't. But Mom said you gave her some information from PFLAG?"

"Yes, I thought it might help."

"Thank you," said Darrin. He then remembered Mitch and motioned him over. "This is my partner, Mitch."

Dana held out a hand, which Mitch took. Their eyes met as they shook hands with Dana trying to smile at him. Mitch couldn't help but suddenly be thankful for his parents. The next time he talked with them, he was going to tell them so too.

The four of them tried to have a casual conversation. Although stilted and fragmented, they made it through the typical pleasantries. After a long silence, Darrin's mother looked at Mitch,

"How did you two meet? At some kind of club for you people?"

Mitch choked on his tea, almost spraying it across the room. He so badly wanted to say that yes, he had met her son at a gay leather bar and it was his hairy butt in assless chaps that really turned him on. But as tempting as it was he really didn't want to make this harder for Darrin. So he plastered a smile on his face and answered her questions truthfully.

"No, Mrs. Anderson. Darrin and I share an office at the university, that's how we met."

"Oh please. Diana will be fine. You don't need to call me Mrs. Anderson, although it sounds like you might be calling me Mom at some point soon," she said. Mitch looked at her as she said it. He thought that while she was saying the right words, her body language didn't agree. Mitch took another sip of his drink, thought it would be a cold day in hell before he called this woman Mom.

While Darrin and his family chatted for several minutes, the conversation felt very tense and stilted. Darrin let out a sigh and looked at his mother.

"Why did you want me here? I know you think that I'm somehow a horrible person. So why did you insist on my being here?" asked Darrin.

His mother paused for several minutes before replying. She eventually waved her hand in the direction of the pile of pamphlets that Mitch had noticed. "I asked Dana to look for why you are the way you are. I am trying to understand, I am. But I was raised that – being – with someone of the same sex was abhorrent and a choice. But those people, they call themselves 'Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays', you know, the PFLAG people," she looked at Darrin and he nodded for her to continue. "Anyway, they said it wasn't a choice, that it was how you were born."

She looked at Darrin with a tight look around her lips. "I thought it was my fault, that I had babied you too much when you were little. Your father had me convinced that you had chosen to be evil."

Darrin sighed, remembering his own struggles to come to acceptance of himself, in spite of the church hate speech that he'd been raised in and realizing that she needed some time too.

"Mother, how could me being gay be evil?" Darrin motioned to Mitch. "For that matter how could Mitch be evil? We love each other. We are both adults and know exactly how love feels. We aren't attracted to little boys. We don't recruit. We aren't trying to convert anyone. We just know we are attracted to each other.

Mitch is important to me. And I want to spend the rest of my life with him. No, we aren't perfect. No more than any other couple. But we are there for each other when things get tough," Darrin nodded at Mitch. "That's why Mitch is here, to support me. I told him he didn't have to come. But he did anyway, because he knew I needed him."

"Alright. Just give me some time, Darrin. I want to you back in my life though. Please be patient with me."

"I know, Mom. I know."

"Umm," muttered Diane.

"Yes?" said Darren.

"Well, one of my friends said . . . well. That one of you is the woman."

Darrin's face flared bright red. His mouth opened and closed like an oxygen-deprived fish. He made several false starts as he tried to answer his mother's question. Then he heard Mitch clear his throat.

"Mrs. Anderson, would you ask your daughter what her favorite sex position was?" asked Mitch.

Darrin's mother became visibly flustered when the question was posed to her in that way. "Why no. Of course not. It's none of my business."

"Well our private life is just that too, private," said Mitch.

Mitch's eye got that twinkly that Darrin had come to recognize and he knew something was coming.

"But I will tell you. Neither of us is a woman," said Mitch with a smirk.


Mitch walked into the hotel room and tossed his bag on the bed. He looked around the room, impressed with Darrin's choice. It was a large suite, with a huge whirlpool tub. He knew it was far more than Darrin could afford and wondered why he'd splurged. Seemingly reading Mitch's mind Darrin started to explain,

"The room isn't that expensive since it's during the week. I thought we would need somewhere to relax and that it would be worth the extra. Our normal Motel 6 bargain room wouldn't cut it this time."

Mitch nodded, "It's really nice, babe. I think you're right too. We are going to need some down time." He looked at Darrin with a shy smile. "What do you say we try out that tub right now?"

Darrin moved in front of Mitch and ran his hands under Mitch's shirt, lifting it over his head. The shirt was tossed to the floor and Darrin moved in, kissing Mitch softly on the lips.

"That sounds like an excellent idea," answered Darrin.

Tenderly they undressed each other. As the last article of clothing was dropped to the floor they lovingly embraced, their lips pressing together. Their torsos ground against each other as their hands explored each other's bodies. Soon their cocks were hard and sliding over each other. Coming up for breath they separated and Mitch pulled Darrin over to the tub. After adjusting the water temperature and jets, Mitch turned back and ran his hands over Darrin as it filled.

"You are so fuckin' sexy," said Mitch.

"God, I love you so much," said Darrin.

They touched and ran their hands over each other as they waited. Once the tub filled Mitch smiled and slid into the steaming water backwards. He floated to the surface, his hard cock protruding above the water.

Darrin followed more carefully, but soon was reclining against Mitch. Wiggling backward until they were fitted together, he smiled as Mitch's hard pole wedged against his back. Mitch wrapped his arms around Darrin's chest and held him close while his hands traveled up and down Darrin's hairy chest. Releasing his hold he started rubbing Darrin's back and massaging the knots out of his shoulders and neck. Darrin moaned and dropped his head as Mitch hit a particularly tight muscle in his neck.

"Oh yeah. That feels so good. You found the spot," said Darrin.

Mitch worked his thumbs into the knot, feeling it gradually loosen up. As he worked on Darrin's neck, he considered the events of the day.



"Your husband?" said Mitch.

Mitch felt Darrin's shoulders clench tighter than ever under his fingers. "Relax, I just was wondering. . . why, and why then?"

Mitch waited while Darrin considered the question. Several times it looked like he was going to speak, and then would slump down again and tighten up even more.

"Babe, just talk to me about it. I'll listen to what you have to say," said Mitch.

Darrin shrugged under his hands, "I'd say I don't know why it came out. But that wouldn't be the truth. I'm in love with you Mitch, and if we could marry . . . I'd ask you to marry me. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I guess it came out today because I wanted to make damn sure my mother understood what I was saying. 'Partner' sounds so much like a business arrangement, and boyfriend sounds like something junior high kids do. 'Husband' pretty much narrows down the ways to interpret it."

Mitch considered what Darrin had said while he continued working on his shoulders. Eventually he started explaining what he was thinking, "I love you too, Darrin. A lot. I hadn't really thought about marriage, well because we can't. I was a little shocked when you used husband to describe me, and honestly, a little hurt that you'd use it with your mother before we'd talked about it."

Darrin turned and looked into Mitch's deep brown eyes. "I can understand that. I'm sorry I hurt you, I would never intentionally do that."

"Ok," said Mitch, "But let’s not use 'husband' until we both agree on it. Ok?"

Mitch could detect a bit of hurt in Darrin's face as he digested the request. Eventually he nodded his head in agreement, "Alright, if that's what you want. I love you and I don't ever want to lose you."

During the conversation both of them had softened. But they relaxed again and Mitch started rubbing his hands over Darrin. His fingers slid over Darrin's chest and raked through his dense bush. As Darrin's member stiffened Mitch wrapped it with his fingers and started pumping it under the water. Darrin laid his head against Mitch and enjoyed the feeling of Mitch's chest hair against his back. As his body completely relaxed he felt Mitch's finger tease his cock slit and he let out a soft moan.

"Oh god yes. That feels so fuckin' good. I love your hot hands on me," said Darrin.

Mitch pinched one of Darrin's hard nipples and then rolled it between his fingers while he continued his sensual stroking. He teased Darrin, letting his hand slide low and tugged his distended nut sac, feeling the grade A balls inside. Darrin was soon writhing in Mitch's arms as he got closer to shooting. He gave Darrin a lust filled smile and then furiously worked on his nipples, one and then the other as he jerked his cock under the now tepid water.

"Fuck! Oh shit! Ahhhh!" said Darrin.

With one final twist Darrin unloaded his nuts. Mitch watched as the white jets of cum shot into the water. Looking almost like miniature jellyfish, Mitch was fascinated with each shot that Darrin unloaded into the water. His eruptions slowed and then stopped, the last of his cum floating like a small cloud around his cockhead.

"Oh shit, that was amazing. I love you playing with my nuts," said Darrin.

Mitch almost growled as his hands roamed over his lover's torso. "One of us hasn't shot his load yet. Can you think of a way to fix that?"

Darrin smiled and stood up in the tub. He tossed Mitch the small bottle of conditioner from the edge of the bath and then braced himself against the wall, pushing his ass back toward Mitch.

"How about that, stud? Think that might help you out with your little problem?"

Mitch stood; jerking his dick as he dribbled conditioner down its length. He moved his slick hand to Darrin’s butt and ran it down his crack until he hit Darrin's entrance. The end of his finger was quickly devoured as Darrin pushed back against him. Mitch pulled his finger out and dumped the remaining contents of the tiny bottle of conditioner down Darrin's crack. Moving closer he ran his cock down the slick trough, finding the opening and shoving his cock deep into Darrin's gut.

"Oh shit!" screamed Darrin.

Mitch smiled and gripped Darrin's hips tighter, plunging his rock hard dick deep and hard into his ass. Soon he felt Darrin matching his thrusts as their two bodies collided over and over again. Mitch pried Darrin’s ass wider, pulling almost out and then popping his cock deep into Darrin's gut. He long-dicked his lover until Darrin was shaking from the sensation. Feeling his orgasm begin Mitch frantically pounded into Darrin's ass, taking him hard and fast. With a last hard thrust Mitch's body locked and began pouring cum deep into Darrin. His body twitched as he shot jet after jet deep into his man. As the sensations lessened he began slowly moving in and out again. The wet sounds of a cum filled ass crowded his senses. He felt juice drip over his nuts as he slowly fucked Darrin. As his cock softened he decided for one last act in this play.

Pulling backward he let his softening cock fall out. Mitch looked at Darrin's well-used hole. Running his finger through the trail of white cream slowly running out of it he gently pushed back in a few times with his finger. Leaning down Mitch kissed Darrin between the shoulder blades. Grabbing a cloth he turned the water on and soon had them both clean. Once they toweled off Mitch snapped his wet towel at Darrin's ass.

"Hey! Watch it, bud," said Darrin.

"I am watchin' it," said Mitch. "And it's makin' me hot again."

"Oh damn, there is no juice left in my balls. And I'm hungry. Let's find some food and relax for the evening."

Mitch moved close and kissed Darrin's neck. "Sounds good. I could try to coax some more liquid protein from you, but maybe solid food would be better."

Darrin turned a little red and shook his head at Mitch. But just thinking about their recent lovemaking caused Darrin's cock to thicken again. He was always amazed at how much Mitch excited him. As they left the hotel room Darrin wondered what would be the next surprise from his lover.


 Mitch could tell Darrin was nervous on their way to the attorney's office. Once they had parked Darrin sat in the pickup, staring at the dash and making no move to open the door. Finally Mitch asked,

"What's wrong?"

"I have something to tell you. And I'm not sure how to do it," said Darrin.

"Just say it. You know you can talk to me about anything."

Mitch watched as Darrin visibly tried to summon the courage. Finally he blurted it out.

"The lawyer, he and I were- Lovers, I guess."

Mitch sat back, off balanced by Darrin's news. After absorbing the information for several long minutes he replied,

"Lovers? You 'guess'?"

Darrin let out a loud sigh. "Fuck buddies, friends with benefits, I put out and he fucked me . . . I'm not sure how to explain it."

"What happened?" asked Mitch.

"He got married. Said what we did was just a phase that he was over."


"Yeah, oh. But I wanted you to know before we went inside," said Darrin.

"Ok, it would have been nice if you had told me earlier and not waited until we are about to walk in his office, " said Mitch with a scowl. He sighed and added, "But I know this is hard for you, I'm trying to be understanding."

"I know you are Mitch. You just can't imagine how much I appreciate it." Darrin looked at his watch and then at the dark doorway. "I guess they are in there waiting. We might as well get this over with." Popping open his door Darrin walked across the short expanse of concrete and through the glass doors, leaving Mitch to trail behind.

Mitch sat in the back of the lawyer's office and watched as Darrin and his family went over his father's will. He watched the blond haired attorney and felt a knot of jealously form in his gut. He was the polar opposite of Mitch. From the almost white blond hair, to the cheeks so smooth Mitch doubted that he shaved more than once a week. This was the competition and they weren't even on the same playing field. Where Mitch was shorter than average and muscular, blondie was taller than Darrin and willowy thin. Darrin was definitely going to be explaining a few things once they were in private.

Mitch turned his focus to the tableau unfolding before him. Darrin had told his mother he didn't see any reason for him to be here, but she had finally talked him into it. Mitch had agreed to come with Darrin, knowing he would need support. But that was before he found out about the ex-lover.

The worst moment came when the will divided his father's assets got to Darrin's portion, and the attorney read 'I want nothing to go to my pervert son'. To Darrin's credit he seemed to let it roll off him, although Mitch knew it was tearing him up inside. They finally got through everything; not surprisingly almost everything went to Darrin's mother. Once the paperwork was settled she looked toward the attorney.

"So the farm is mine now. I can do whatever I want?"

"Yes, ma'am. Some paperwork will need to go through the courthouse, but it's yours."

"So I can sell it?"

Both Darrin and his sister turned toward his mother with looks of shock on their faces.

"Sell it?" said Darrin.

His mother looked at him and nodded, "Yes, your father was wrong and I intend to correct it," she turned back to the lawyer, "Blake, I want to sell the farm. So whatever paperwork needs to be done, do it."

She turned and looked at Darrin, "I know you have a lot of debt from school. I'm giving you some of the money from selling the farm. I think you deserve at least that much."

Mitch watched Darrin reel from the information. His mother and sister said their goodbyes to the lawyer and left. Mitch's eye narrowed as Blake walked around the desk and sat on the edge of it, his package thrust toward Darrin. Mitch could feel the small knot of jealously growing into a raging monster. Then Blake leaned forward and ran his hand over Darrin's neck. Every muscle in Mitch tensed, the touch lingering far too long for his tastes. He then heard the honey-toned voice of the interloper in his relationship.

"Darrin, I'm real sorry about your Dad."

Darrin seemed to start at his voice and looked up with a grunt. "Yeah, I guess."

Blake pulled a chair in front of Darrin, sat in front of him and started rubbing Darrin's thighs. Almost in a whisper he heard, "I'm sorry, Darrin. I wish things had been better between the two of you."

Mitch was seething as he sat only feet away while his boyfriend and his ex-lover had an intimate moment. Almost storming out the door, Mitch controlled himself by making an excuse for Darrin that he was recovering from what had just happened. Mitch wasn't sure what exactly it meant to Darrin, but he was sure the money would help. He looked back to the pair in time to see Blake squeeze Darrin’s knee and whisper,

"I miss you."

That was too much for Mitch. Either he and Darrin were leaving now, or Mitch was leaving alone.

"Darrin," said Mitch. When he got no reply he said again louder, "Darrin!"

This time he got a reaction as Darrin slowly looked at him. "Yeah?"

"We need to go. Now!" said Mitch.

They rose and started toward the office door. As they worked their way through the waiting area, Blake followed them. As Mitch opened the door, Blake tugged Darrin back to him and wrapped his arms tight around him. Mitch was fairly certain he whispered something to Darrin because his body tensed. Mitch was not waiting any longer. He stormed through the door, trying to slam it but was foiled by the pneumatic closer. He did manage to slam the pickup door so hard the windows rattled, and Darrin walked out a second later.

As they drove away Mitch was trying to control his fury. He had never been so mad in his life, and it was all aimed at Darrin. Mitch made the entire trip to the hotel in silence, with his arms tightly folded against his chest. He never looked at Darrin but could tell that Darrin was not really aware of him in the cab. This time the 30-minute drive was far too long and Mitch was ready to explode as they walked into the hotel room. Turning on Darrin he almost screamed,

"What the FUCK was that?"

"Was what?"

"Blondie! Blake! Whatever the fuck his name is. He was hitting on you! And you fuckin' let him! And you completely ignored me! Did you fuckin' forget that I was in the goddamn room? Was I an embarrassment, Darrin? Did you fuckin' regret that you had brought your little bitch from college home?"

Mitch turned and paced the room, anger rolling from him. He pivoted when he ran out of room and suddenly Darrin was in his face,

"What the fuck are you talking about you self-centered asshole!" yelled Darrin, "He wasn't hitting on me! He was being nice! We were friends you know! Well once he was a friend of mine."

Mitch rounded on him, "Yeah! I could see how fuckin' friendly you two were. It was fuckin' great to see my boyfriend get felt up by the blond twink!" Mitch looked Darrin in the eyes, his face contorted by the pain and anger.

"I don't care what he did. But you didn't even stop him. It was like I was nothing. I won't let you treat me like that Darrin! I swear to God I won't!"

"I don't know what the hell you are talking about. He didn't fucking touch me! Don't you think I would have done something? Goddamn Mitch! What's your fucking problem! Can't you be about someone other than you for a second? It's been fucking bad and now you want to be a fucking prick about an old friend. What the fuck!"

"He- You- Didn't. What the hell! I'm a prick and self-centered when I'm here only because you asked me to be! What about the hug, did that not happen either? I saw him whisper in your ear too. What'd he fuckin' say . . .that he loved you?"

Darrin's face screwed tighter in his fury. He sucked in a deep breath to begin another tirade. But suddenly Mitch watched the color drain from Darrin’s face,

"Yes. . . " said Darrin.

"Yes. Yes what?"

"He said he loved me. . ."

Mitch turned without another word. Darrin watched in silence, not knowing what to do while Mitch packed his bag. Mitch threw in the last of his clothes and zipped it shut with enough force that it was a miracle it didn't bust. As he threw it over his shoulder he turned to Darrin again. For the first time in a very long time Mitch had tears rolling down his face.

"I won't be second. I won't share. You go back to the blond guy. Be his bitch and he can call you to meet for a quick fuck when his wife and kids are gone. Die alone and the whore of some guy playing straight. But don't expect me to hang around. I'm outta here."

With that Mitch turned and walked out the door.


Morning found Darrin slowly driving up and down the streets, not knowing where Mitch might have gone. He'd tried calling but Mitch had his phone off. Darrin hadn't left any messages although he'd called every 5 minutes for the last 8 hours. His hope was dwindling and he knew if he didn't find Mitch soon, it might never be fixed.

Darrin had thought about what Mitch had said. He still didn't remember Blake doing more than hug him. But Mitch had never lied to him, he certainly couldn't say the same about Blake. But the last hug and the whispered 'I love you and miss you' in his ear was more than enough. If things had been reversed Darrin knew he would be devastated. He was still angry with Mitch, but for leaving instead of talking to him about it. He was usually the flaky one in this relationship, not Mitch. As he slowly drove down yet another street, he saw an all-night diner. Without a plan he was just wasting gas at this point, so he decided to stop, try to eat something, and see if he could think of where Mitch might be.

Darrin walked in and looked around a little surprised. Even at this hour it was almost full, and he couldn't remember the last time he'd seen so many cowboy hats in one place. Darrin couldn't help but laugh a little to himself at the thought of the west Texas fashion scene. The waitress saw him paused at the door and motioned him to a small corner booth. While she waited he glanced through the menu and rattled off a few choices. After she had walked away he turned and stared out the darkened glass until his breakfast arrived. Darrin's nose told him it was probably delicious, but his stomach knotted harder at the thought of food. Darrin sensed that someone was standing beside him and he looked up.

"Son, she must have ripped out your heart and done the two-step on it for a good long while from the expression on your face."

Darrin started to agree, to hide, but was suddenly just tired, tired of all of it.

"He. And he probably had good reason. But you are right about the Texas two-step."

"Do you mind?" the stranger said and motioned to the other side of the booth. Darrin shook his hand, not even caring what was next. Nothing this guy could say or do was worse than what Darrin had done to himself.

"Son, do you mind some advise from an old cowboy?"

Darrin let out a hollow laugh, "Sure, why not. This day can't get worse."

"You need to find him and fix this, whatever it is.’Cause it's pretty obvious to me that you are head over heels in love."

"Yeah. Well. I have to find him first. And he seems to be long gone," said Darrin, "I've been driving around looking for him all night."

"No luck?"

"No. I can't find him anywhere. I've looked everywhere I can think of. He couldn't have gotten a rental car yet. It's too early. And there are no flights out of the airport for another hour or so. I just can't think of where he might have went."

The old man started laughing, "Son, you are thinking too hard. The bus. I bet he's at the bus station."

Darrin's head snapped up, a smile breaking across his face. "Well shit! Sorry! But you're right! I never thought about the bus. I gotta go. I gotta get to him before he leaves. I need to find the waitress . . ."

Darrin felt a hand on his shoulder, "I got it. Go find him."

Darrin fished out a university business card out and handed it over.

"Please let me know how much I owe you. Please."

The old man took the card and tucked it into his shirt pocket.

"Git outta here, young'un. Now."

Darrin literally ran to the door.


Darrin walked into the bus station. Scanning it quickly he released a held breath when he spotted Mitch's ubiquitous cap. He slowed down, walking carefully over and sat beside Mitch. He remained silent, trying to think what to say. Finally he gave up the effort to explain it away.

"I'm sorry. You can't imagine how sorry I am," said Darrin.

"Why did you do that? Why did you let him do that?" Mitch asked quietly.

"Mitch, I honestly don't remember anything except the hug at the end. I should have taken care of that when he did it. That's my fault. I'd like to think it was still shock, but Blake and I have a history like I said, but it wasn't as good as I might have let you think." Darrin braced himself, "What you said, his whore, that's basically what I was. He'd call, come over to my place, and fuck me. There was never any kissing, any touching, no affection. I know that now. Now that I've been with you, I understand."

Mitch waved his hand, "Don't, you don't need to do this for me."

"Yes. Yes, I do. Mitch, I never want to be someone's second choice. I guess I'm thankful to Blake for at least not keeping me as his fuck buddy. Otherwise I might not have met you."

Darrin smiled through his tears, "I'll do my best. I promise I'll do better. Just don't leave me."

Mitch ran his hand through Darrin hair and smiled, "Don't do that. You don't have to promise anything like that to me." Mitch squeezed Darrin's shoulder for a second. "Come on. Let's get out of here." He pulled Darrin to his feet and then they walked out together. Just as the glass door closed behind them, Mitch reached back and smacked Darrin on the ass and then turned to smile at him.

A few minutes later they were back in their hotel room. Since neither of them had slept, and real sleep would have to wait until later, they began getting ready. Quickly they showered, separately, and were pulling on clean clothes when Mitch realized that Darrin had stopped. Mitch turned and looked at him.

"What babe?"

"You can't do that any more. This was my fault. I admit that. But you can't do that any more."

Mitch looked at Darrin with a look of confusion, "Do what?"

"Leave. You can't run when it goes bad. Please. Promise you'll never do that again," said Darrin quietly.

Mitch started to spit out an angry retort, and then realized Darrin was right. Mitch had run. Mitch never gave up easily, not that he could remember. But he had this time. Why? As he looked over at Darrin's drawn face he found his answer. For the first time in his life he was truly and really in love. And what would happen if he lost Darrin scared the shit out of him. But Darrin was right, next time he would fight tooth and nail to keep his love.

"You're right, babe. No more running," Mitch said. Then smiling he ruffled Darrin's hair. "Now come on and let's get this done. I’m ready to get back to our own place."

Darrin nodded and followed Mitch out the door.


Late morning found them wrapping up the last of details of the will and property. Darrin had started the meeting this time by introducing Mitch to Blake, and stressing the 'partner' part of the introduction. As they followed Diane and Dana out the door, Blake laid his hand on the back of Darrin's neck and leaned in again. Darrin twisted, knocking his hand loose and faced Blake.

"No, you don't get to do that. Not anymore, not ever. You made your choice, now you live with it. I won't be your convenient fuck ever again."

Blake opened and closed his mouth a few times, but no words came out. Mitch looked at Darrin, slightly shocked too. He seemed to be less and less uncertain of himself. Mitch was sure last night was part of it, but the change had been coming for months. Mitch watched as Darrin walked over to his sister.

"Hey Sis. You have a few minutes to visit?

Dana looked shaken, "Yeah, sure. Let's go for coffee."

Darrin looked at Mitch and flicked his eyes toward his mother. Mitch realized that Darrin wanted to talk to his sister alone. He put up his walls up to keep Diane's comments from getting to him and started asking her about various businesses around town. He soon had her recalling the litany of business that had opened recently, and history of each one. Darrin watched as Mitch trailed behind his mother and turned to his sister.

"Sure, coffee would be fine."

They ducked into the ubiquitous downtown café, ordered coffee, and settled into a back table. Darrin slowly swirled his cup, considering what he should say.

"So, why did you give Mom the pamphlets? Last time I knew, you were more rabidly against gays than Dad. Why the change?" asked Darrin.

Dana starred into her cup for several minutes before replying, "Can't a person change, big brother?" She looked up with a self-deprecating smile.

"It's been my experience that no, people don't usually change."

Dana let out a sigh. "I don't suppose you would believe I did it for Mom? You being gone is slowly destroying her."

"No. I'm not buying it."

"Do you remember Tiffany?"

"Sure, you two met at church. She had a kid didn't she?" said Darrin, confused by the seemingly unrelated change in topic.

"Yes, she'd had him before she before she graduated from high school."

"Ok . . ."

"He would have been 14."

Darrin waited in silence.

"He came out to his mother last year, said he was gay. She wasn't sure what to do, so she talked to our church group."


"Different people gave her different advice. Some were surprisingly accepting of him . . . most told her to throw him out of the house. They said being thrown out might cure him . . ."

"And you?"

"I didn't tell her anything. I should have Darrin, but I was quiet."

"What happened, Dana? And why did you not tell her to throw him out too. The last time we talked you would have."

"He killed himself," she said through a shuddering breath. "I didn't because of you. I couldn't image you at 13 and on your own."

Darrin shook his head, even his father, horrible as he was, didn't throw a 13-year-old boy out on his own. Pausing for a second, he looked at Dana.

"That's horrific, that his own mother drove him to kill himself. I really don't know what to say," said Darrin.

She looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. "I killed him, Darrin. I killed a boy just as surely as if had pulled the trigger. I should have said something. I should have taken him in. I don't know what to do. I don't expect forgiveness, but I can try to help when I can."

"No. You didn't kill him. But you didn't help him either. You know how hard being a teenager is anyway, Dana. Well imagine it 10 times worse as a gay teenage boy."

Dana sobbed quietly into her hands, "That poor boy. He's gone now, and his mother will probably never recover." She looked up at Darrin, "I just thought, that could have been you. I could have lost my brother."

Darrin nodded his head, "Yes, I won't lie to you and say I never thought about it. But I'm still here."

She looked at Darrin and with a small smile looked at Darrin, "I joined you know."

"Joined what?"


Darrin had to chuckle, "No one is more driven than a convert. That's good sis, I'm glad you did." Dana launched herself from the chair and wrapped her arms around Darrin. She leaned in close and whispered to him, "I'm glad you survived. I'm proud of my brother."

Darrin hugged her back, shocked at her support and apparent change of heart, and deeply touched by her words. Releasing her, he grabbed her shoulders and smiled at her. "Thanks Dana, I appreciate that."

"One other thing," said Dana with a smile, "Mitch is really hot."

With that Darrin's protective wall crumbed and he started laughing. "Yeah. Thanks. I think he's really hot too." Darrin gave her another peck on the cheek, "And speaking of Mitch, I left him entertaining Mother. I better go."

Dana laughed and nodded, "Yeah, you're right. Go save your husband."

Darrin smile at her label for Mitch and then darted for the door with a backward wave. When he walked out of the café, he saw that Mitch was leaning against the pickup still talking with his mother. He joined them and once they had both turned to him he smiled broadly.

"We have to go Mom. We'll come back and visit you sometime."

She wrapped her arms around Darrin and held him tight. In an unexpected move she reached out and pulled Mitch into the embrace. After several minutes she released them. Darrin looked at his Mother and saw a warm smile and tear filled eyes.

"I'd like that, very much," she said.

Darrin gave his mother a small kiss on the cheek and then followed Mitch and climbed into the pickup. They both waved at Diane as they drove off. Mitch sat in silence as he watched Darrin.

"What happened with your sister?"

"I found out why she is being so helpful," said Darrin.

"Why, babe. What happened?"

"A friend of hers took the 'exorcise the evil' advise to heart . . . about her 13-year-old son who had just came out to her."

Mitch felt a knot form in his stomach. From the shadow of sadness that settled on Darrin's face, he knew it was not good.

"The mom took her 'problem' to her church group. Everyone in town knew by nightfall. And they told her to throw her son out of the house. Dana didn't, but she also didn't try to save the boy."


"He didn't survive . . ."

The next few hours were quiet as both of them thought about their own stories, and that they were lucky. Eventually Mitch recalled the final parting between Darrin and his lawyer friend, which had been eclipsed by the revelation from Dana. Mitch smiled a little at the way Darrin had put Blake in his place. Eventually he realized that one of his questions remained unanswered.

"Babe, do you mind . . . " asked Mitch.

"Sure, ask me whatever you want."

"Well. Blake. He's the complete opposite of me. Why me?"

Darrin chuckled, "Because I think you are so incredibly fucking sexy. Who said that Blake was my type? I like my men masculine, hairy and hard. You fill all those requirements."

"Oh, and in case you were wondering . . ." Darrin held up his thumb and index finger and moved them about 4 inches apart.

Mitch started laughing and was soon grabbing his stomach as he gasped for air from his uncontrollable laughter. Once Mitch regained his composure, the rest of the trip was spent in relaxed conversation.


Mitch rolled to a stop in front of their house. Immediately after they came back from west Texas, Mitch had been sent to the research station for a few days to take samples. It had ran their time together short, so when he got the opportunity to leave early, he'd latched onto it. In fact, he was so eager to get back to Darrin that he hadn't taken the time to shower and change clothes. He hadn't even peeled off the tight riding chaps that he'd had on all day. But he was glad to be home, and his nuts were full of a load he had saved up for Darrin.

When Mitch quietly got out of the truck he was somewhat surprised that the house seemed completely dark. But Darrin's pickup was parked in front. He wondered if Darrin had fallen asleep after work, which happened sometimes, and just hadn't woken up. To keep from waking his lover he slipped inside and gently laid his bags down in the kitchen. He had just started toward the bedroom when he heard,

"Oh god yeah. Put it in. Give it to me."

Mitch froze. That was Darrin's voice; there was no doubt in his mind about that. But he was with someone else. Anger flared in Mitch, this was the last straw and he was out of here. As he turned to leave he remembered his promise to Darrin to never run from a situation again. Fine, if Darrin wanted to 'talk' then let him talk his way out of this.

Mitch moved quietly to the bedroom. He wanted to catch them in the act; there would be no wiggle room for Darrin to get out of the blame this time. He hoped Darrin was enjoying his ride, because he sure wasn't getting another one with Mitch. He eased around the doorframe, ready with righteous indignation to tell them both what he thought. But the sight stunned him.

Darrin was alone, completely and utterly alone. He was naked, on his knees with his butt in the air as he worked a long white dildo into his ass. Mitch watched as he slid it to the balls. Darrin's body shuddered and a huge sigh erupted from his lips.

"Oh god Mitch. You feel so good.  I love your cock inside me," said Darrin almost in a whisper.

Mitch felt his cock stiffen and expand down his jeans. He grabbed it and began stroking it slowly through the denim as he watched the scene before him. As Darrin fucked himself with the dildo, soft gasps and undecipherable words tumbled from his lips. Mitch was incredibly turned on by the sight of his man pleasuring himself. The small light on the bedside table was on and it highlighted the sensual nature of what Mitch was witnessing. He could see the lube drenched hair surrounding Darrin's distended hole and watched with fascination as Darrin's ass lips turned in and out as the invading dildo moved through his sphincter. Mitch groped himself harder as he watched Darrin's hairy ass air humping as he thrust the dildo in faster.

Mitch moved closer, his face a study in lust as he heard the wet plop of Darrin sliding the dildo from his hole. Mitch almost drooled as he saw Darrin's stretched and swollen pucker convulse over and over again from the invading toy. Mitch realized that Darrin was about to turn over. Moving to the foot of the bed he stood and fondled himself, a half smile on his face in anticipation of the fun that was about to happen. He watched as Darrin flipped himself over, his rock hard cock waving above his stomach, the dripping dildo clenched in one hand. Darrin spotted Mitch standing at the foot of the bed and froze.

"Oh fuck! Shit! Mitch, I'm so sorry. Oh goddamn. I didn't think you'd be home today."


"Oh fuck, Mitch. I know what you think. Shit."


Darrin tried to cover himself but failed miserably. His face showed his panic. "Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. I can't believe this . . ."



Finally Darrin looked at Mitch, a look of terror on his face.

"I'm bigger than that," said Mitch.

"Huh? What?"

Mitch pointed at the dildo still in Darrin's hand, "I'm bigger than that. Maybe we could get one of those kits and make you a dildo from my cock." Mitch had continued rubbing his swollen dick through the whole conversation.

"Make. From. Really!?" stammered Darrin.

"Fuck yeah! You are smokin' hot right now. I can't think of a better welcome home than to watch you get off."

"You want me to . . .finish?" asked Darrin.

"Hell yeah! Look how horny you have me." Mitch tugged on his cock, the precum soaking through his dirty jeans.

Darrin had been missing Mitch all day and thought it would be another day before he got home. He'd decided some self-pleasure while he fanaticized about Mitch might make him feel better. When Mitch had walked in on him masturbating, Darrin was terrified that Mitch was going to be hurt and upset. But it seemed to be quite the opposite, his cock looked hot and hard. When Mitch said he wanted to watch, Darrin waited for the 'but', which never came. He could tell Mitch had left directly from the working pens from the sweat stains and grime that covered him. The riding chaps he was wearing were a turn on for Darrin as they framed his bulging package with worn leather. Darrin could only image how hot Mitch's bare ass might look in them. As Mitch moved closer Darrin could smell the clean scent of sweat, leather and man that almost instantly put the steel back in his erection. He relaxed against the bed and enjoyed the view as Mitch worked his cock. Darrin moved the dildo back to his hole, rubbing it slowly. He watched Mitch; his breath came in gasps as he pushed the dildo slowly into his gut until the rubber scrotum was tight against his ass.

He moved slowly down the bed until his face was inches from Mitch's moving hand. The odor was much stronger. Mitch was definitely ripe, but it was turning Darrin on at an incredible level. Darrin moved to bite Mitch's cock, but Mitch dodged him and smiled.

"Oh no, college. I want to watch. You start chewing on my cock and I'm going to explode."

Mitch grabbed a chair and moved it close. Spreading his legs he propped his boots up on the edge of the bed and unzipped his pants, pulling his swollen cock through the fly.

"Here's some incentive, babe. You can get a good whiff of my cock now."

Darrin smiled and spread his legs until he could rest the bottoms of his bare feet against the bottom of Mitch boots. He watched Mitch and matched the thrusts of the dildo in time with the movement of Mitch’s  hand.

"Damn, you are sexy," said Darrin.

Mitch laughed, "Babe, I can't image anything hotter than you right now. I want so bad to grab you and fuck you silly!"

"Why don't you?" said Darrin with a smile.

"Some things are worth waiting for," said Mitch with a smile.

Darrin grinned in acknowledgement and then plunged the dildo inside him. He was soon lost in the feelings he was giving to himself. It made it even hotter that Mitch was watching. He lost track of time as he frigged his ass with the rubber toy while caressing himself with the other hand. Grabbing the lube, he squirted it over his chest. His slick hand ran over the twitching muscles. His hard aching nipples got particular attention, rubbing and twisting them with his slick fingers.

Darrin shifted position until he was crouching over the dildo. Looking into Mitch's eyes, Darrin began sitting down on the fake cock. Mitch ran his tongue over his lips as Darrin buried its entire length inside himself. Darrin paused, enjoying the fullness, and then came up slowly. Closing his eyes Darrin started working the plastic toy like he never had before. As the pressure built he grabbed his cock and started stroking while he frantically rode the dildo. Soon his head was thrown back as the sperm shot from his balls. Darrin shoved his hips against the bed, burying the dildo as ropes of cum shot from his throbbing dick. Remembering his audience he opened his eyes in time to see the first shot hit Mitch in the crotch, and the second only a little lower. As the rest of his ball juice spilled onto the bed Darrin smiled at the look of lust on Mitch's face. Collapsing, Darrin let his body slowly expel the dildo, enjoying the wet slurp as it slid from his drilled ass.

Mitch was shocked at how horny Darrin's performance got him. When Darrin's cum had hit him in the nuts he'd almost shot his load. It was unbelievably arousing to watch his lover pleasure himself. But Mitch wanted more; he needed to be inside of Darrin. He stood suddenly, knocking over his chair in his haste. He looked at Darrin's face as he ripped off his shirt and tossed it aside. He started to unbuckle his chaps when he heard a small sound from Darrin. He looked up to see Darrin again hard,

"What babe?"

"The chaps . . . please," whispered out Darrin.

Mitch grinned, enjoying the possibilities of this side of their lovemaking, "Just wait, lover."

Mitch frantically undressed, clothes flying over the room. Then Mitch watched Darrin as he put the chaps back on over his bare skin. Once the last leg strap was in place Mitch looked up at Darrin and smiled, flexing his pelvis forward, his dripping cock framed by his leather chaps, the front strap gliding through his full bush.

"How's that baby? Does that make you hot?"

"Oh shit. Fuck yeah! You are so fucking hot Mitch," said Darrin, he then licked his lips and almost quietly asked, "Turn around. Please. Oh fuck I bet your ass is hot in them."

Mitch smiled and turned around. He turned his head to look at Darrin and then flexed his ass, making Darrin's cock jump and slap his stomach. Just to tease him further he bent forward and reached back, with his hands clamped on his cheeks he spread them wide as Darrin gasped.

"Maybe if you're good I'll let you fuck my ass in the chaps sometime. Would you like that, baby?"

"Oh fuck. Hell yes! Damn you are sexy," Darrin almost yelled.

With that Mitch moved across the bed. Grabbing Darrin by the ankles, he lifted his legs; letting his hands slide down the back of them until they stopped at Darrin's knees. Mitch pressed them forward until Darrin's red swollen hole was exposed. Moving close, Mitch pressed his dripping cock against it and shoving forward until he was buried balls deep in Darrin's ass.

"Oh god Mitch!" Darrin almost laughed, "You're right, you are bigger."

Mitch smiled and pulled back, then flexed his hips and buried his cock inside Darrin again. Mitch soon reached a fast rhythm; pounding the ass he was buried in, enthralled in the hot, tight space that massaged his hard dick with each thrust. The rough leather of the chaps added another level of sensation. The combination of skin against skin and skin against leather left Mitch gasping with passion as his cock ripped into Darrin's ass.

Quickly Mitch felt himself go over the edge as a massive orgasm enfolded him. His body was shaking as an unending cascade of waves of pleasure washed over his body. His body locked as it squeezed out the last cum from his nuts. When Mitch regained control of himself he looked down to see white cum seeping around his cock. He watched as the white flow slowly rolled down and then dripped on the bed. Looking up he saw Darrin watching him. He lowered Darrin's legs and then collapsed on the bed beside him. Mitch took his face in both hands and pressed his lips against Darrin's.

"Thank you, baby. That was amazing. What a homecoming present."

"I thought you would be mad. But it was fucking hot. God you make me feel good," said Darrin.

Mitch caressed Darrin's face again and then raised himself on his elbow.

"Let's shower. I think I stink too much even for you," said Mitch.

Darrin smiled and lifted Mitch's arm, buried his face in his sweat drenched pit hair and his other hand running over the rough chaps. Mitch felt Darrin's wet tongue travel the length of his armpit and then his smiling face surfaced again.

"Nope, just the right amount of Mitch stink!" quipped Darrin.

Mitch chuckled, "Well come on, perv. I can't stand my own stink right now."


Darrin was sitting at his desk the next morning. Smiling as he recalled the three lovemaking sessions they had enjoyed since Mitch got back yesterday. Another hot one had started while they showered, with Darrin getting a shot at Mitch's ass. Then this morning they had taken care of the morning wood in a more - vigorous - way than normal. The combination had a shit-eating grin plastered on Darrin's face.


Somehow Darrin reacted much faster this time. He shot out of the door, to a surprising sight. Mitch was standing outside their office door with his arms crossed, staring at one of the other grad students.

"What's your fuckin' problem, Kevin?" said Mitch.

The tall blond between them looked for an escape route. Quickly realizing there wasn't one, he turned on Mitch.

"You're perverts! What you two do is just sick!" the trapped student screamed.

"How is what we do any of your business?" asked Darrin, trying to stay calm. What he wanted to do is beat this idiot until he'd never say shit like this again. But deep inside he knew it wouldn't work that way.

"God knows! And he is going to send you to hell!"

"Surely you can't be that fuckin' stupid, Kevin."

"It's a perversion of nature. Men shouldn't sleep with men! That's what it says." By now the confrontation was becoming loud and other grad students were starting to gather around them. Darrin felt a large hand on his shoulder. Glancing back he saw it was Gordy, who gave him a tense smile.

"What's a perversion is how some people twist the bible to their own feelings. If you really looked -" Mitch suddenly stopped when a small red-headed form slipped in front of him. It was Karen, Mitch knew her only peripherally. She and Darrin had a few classes together but that was about all that Mitch knew about her. He wasn't sure why she was wading in, or who's side. He watched as she took a deep breath, and turned on Kevin.

"Shut the fuck up, Boorman! Your problem has nothing to do with biblical issues. You are just fucking jealous. I've seen you checking out Mitch's ass. You're just making it evil because you can't face the fact that you are attracted to Mitch!"

Mitch watched as Kevin's face turned bright red, his mouth moved several times before he was able to speak.

"You stupid bitch! You don't know what the fuck you are talking about!"

Karen slapped him, with every ounce of strength in her small, muscular body. "That was for calling me a bitch. Want to try again!"

Kevin reeled, realizing that he'd managed to gather a very large group, none of who looked happy with him. His face contorted as he started to launch another tirade at the group,

"You're all fucked up! You are just liberal patsies for the gay agenda," Kevin shouted.

Mitch looked at him, a look of disbelief forming on his face. He then started laughing. "Liberal agenda? Shit, you are fucked up. Do you think marching orders are sent out once a week or something?"

Kevin focused on Mitch, almost snarling as he began another oratory, "Perverts! You are-"

Mitch stepped in close and put his face inches from Kevin's face, "So you want my ass? You been checking it out?"

Kevin stammered, unable to answer.

"You need to shut up now, Kevin."

Kevin glanced around the hallway, seeing the nods of agreement from the assembled students. Doubt began to replace the look of righteous indignation on his face. He turned to Mitch and Darrin and spit out,

"This isn't over!"

At that he turned and almost ran down the hallway and out of the building. The group watched him leave and then began to slowly move back to their offices or labs. Gordy squeezed Darrin's shoulder,

"Holler if you need me," said Gordy.

Darrin patted the gentle giant on the back.

"Thanks Gordy, we appreciate it."

"No problem. You guys are our closest friends, and we've been through this kind of shit before. It's nice to have someone backing you up."

Darrin nodded in acknowledgement as Mitch walked over to the two of them.

"Well that was fun, wasn't it," said Mitch.

Gordy laughed, "Oh yeah, they always are." With that he smacked Mitch on the back and walked back into the open lab door beside them.

Mitch wiggled his back and grimaced, "I wonder if he realizes that his slaps of support almost dislocate my spine."

Darrin laughed and then quieted as their defender, Karen, walked over. She stopped and then looked at both of them.

"Sorry about that . . ." she said.

"What are you sorry about? You were amazing!" said Darrin and Mitch nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, but it wasn't my fight. I should keep my mouth shut," Karen said as a smile lit up her face, "But then, I never was good at keeping my opinions to myself."

"Well thanks. It's nice to see that not everyone agrees with Kevin," said Mitch.

"Kevin is a dangerous dumbass. His kind kills people," said Karen.

Darrin looked a little perplexed, "He's definitely a dumb ass, but I don't think he'd kill anyone."

Karen's face clouded up as she shook her head, "My brother is gay, got outted by someone he thought he could trust. People like Kevin were at him unmercifully, until he couldn't take it any longer and tried to kill himself. Fortunately he survived, but a lot of people don't."

Darrin glanced over at Mitch, trying to think what to say when he looked back Karen was looking directly into his eyes. She smiled, reached up and gently slapped his cheek.

"Relax cowboy, you don't need to fix anything."

Darrin heard a snicker come from Mitch as Karen turned to walk away without another word. Darrin followed Mitch back into their office and sat down heavily in the chair.

"Well, we know who the enemy is now," said Mitch.

"We know who one of them is . . ." said Darrin.


The semester started at a dead run, and never seemed to slow down for either of them. Since both were finishing their degrees in the same semester, it was frantic and tense at home. But Darrin didn't reach the level of paranoia that had ruled his orals. Dr. Koch was pushing Mitch to defend his dissertation well before the end of the semester, and it looked like he was going to make the deadline. Mitch and Koch agreed that he was ready; his thesis was in its final form and he set the defense a few days before spring break. Mitch was getting the paper copies of his thesis ready for those people on his committee who didn't want to deal with it as a digital copy. Setting down the stack of paper he looked over at Darrin.

"College, we're almost done."

Darrin stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Mitch. He leaned back and put his hands behind his head. "Yes, yes we are. Only a few more weeks."

Mitch slowly and absent-mindedly straightened the already straight pages. "So, you've applied for jobs . . ."

"Yeah, you know I have. You proofed the applications for me."

"And you've gotten few calls."

"Yes. No on-campus interviews. But a few phone interviews."

"Ah huh," muttered Mitch.

Darrin got up and closed the door; walking back he leaned against Mitch's desk.

"What's on your mind?" asked Darrin.

"Well, we just haven't really talked about . . . us. After graduation."

"I thought we had, months ago."

"Oh, maybe so," Mitch said, turning to the task intensive stack of pages again, "Never mind then."

Darrin reached down and took Mitch's chin in his hand and turned his head so their eyes met. "I want you to come with me. I'll come with you if that's what you want, but I think you're going to have more job options than I will."

Darrin was shocked to see Mitch's body almost tremble with relief. Mitch, who never worried about this kind of stuff, had been almost in a panic over their relationship. Darrin leaned down and kissed Mitch gently,

"I want to grow old with you, Mitch. That's what I want."

Mitch looked up and smile, "Me too."


The day of his defense arrived, and Mitch was as ready as he knew how to be. His research, methods and analysis were rock solid, not that you could get away with anything else when you worked with Dr. Koch. He'd given the presentation to Darrin at least a dozen times, until Darrin had told him that he needed to relax a little. Mitch had resisted the urge to remind Darrin of how tense he was before his orals, but it was a near thing. As he watched people file in for the presentation he was glad to see a lot of friendly faces, like Gordy and Karen, and of course Darrin. After the incident at the beginning of the semester Karen had became good friends with the couple, and Gordy and Sam had been their go to hang out couple for months. A few other people that he didn't know as well also filed into the conference room.

As he scanned the crowd he was relieved to see Kevin was absent, but he did notice Kevin's advisor sitting in the corner. As the last few stragglers settled in, he began. Mitch spent the next hour talking about the work he had spent the previous two years completing. His mood buoyed up as he saw the nods of agreement and smiles of encouragement. He wrapped up with the significance of his results, then he opened the session to questions. There was the typical spattering of questions, all easily answered or explained. But as everyone was preparing to leave a voice came from the corner,

"I have questions on a few points, Mr. McRichards." Mitch glanced at the source of the voice to find Kevin's major professor, Richard Hand, flipping through pages of hand-written notes. As the rapid-fire questions began Mitch quickly realized that he was going to need to defend every point of his research, in great detail. It progressed to the point where even other faculty were sharing looks of disgust and it was readily apparently that this was a witch hunt. 30 minutes later the list of questions was exhausted and with a look of disgust Hand leaned back against the wall.

"Very well, I can find no errors in your research. But I find it inconsequential."

Mitch was at a loss for words, looking over at Dr. Koch he saw the older man's jaw clench and unclench. Koch caught Darrin's look and then slowly turned to look directly at the younger colleague,

"Thank you for that – thorough - follow up, Dick. I can assure you that the journal article has been well received and the research applauded as new insight in the area." Widening his glance he continued, "I want to thank the rest of you for attending, and now it will be the committee only portion of the defense."

The room quickly emptied as people almost fled. Mitch glanced up as Dr. Hand walked by, getting a look of disgust in return. When the door closed behind the last person, the questions from the committee began. Mitch was actually shocked that it was more a friendly discussion than any type of intense review. He eventually realized that so far as the committee was concerned he had more than addressed any questions about his research and they were just killing time for appearance. They finally did ask him to leave the room for the final discussion, but they emerged only minutes later and congratulated him heartily.

Mitch marched up the stairs to their office and met Darrin coming to find him.

"How did it go?" asked Darrin.

"Great! The committee part was a breeze. I passed!" Mitch said with a smile. He then made a dramatic flourish with his hands and grinned at Darrin, "You may now refer to me as Master Mitch."

Darrin looked at him for a second and then started laughing.

"Well, Master Mitch. Get your shit 'cause I have a trip planned for spring break. So hurry!"

"What? I can't. I have stuff to do that I can't leave," stammered Mitch.

"You can. And you will. Everything is taken care of."

"But, where?"

"Get your stuff and let's go. Maybe I'll tell you before we get there," said Darrin.


Mitch took in the South Padre Island resort as they drove to the entry. The valet opened the pickup door and Mitch struggled to keep from snickering. He didn't think many of the people staying here were driving little ass pickups, or any kind of pickup for that matter. He wasn't quite sure how to deal with the people carrying in his bags either, but he was trying to cope. When he looked at Darrin there was an equally perplexed look on his face, which made Mitch feel better. But they were guided through the process by the hotel staff and soon found themselves being ushered into the suite Darrin had reserved for their stay. The bellhop put their bags in a corner, briefly pointed out the facilities and then quietly left.

"Holy crap! This is way too expensive, babe," said Mitch.

"Don't worry about it. I already have it all paid for. I wanted a really special trip for when you passed your defense," said Darrin.

"How?" Mitch glanced around the large suite. "This place must be costing a fortune."

Darrin looked a little embarrassed and looked down. "No big deal. I just saved a little at a time."

Mitch cocked one eyebrow and looked at him. "What did you do to save extra money?"

"Well," stalled Darrin while Mitch stared intently at him, "I might have sold plasma . . ."

"Seriously!" cried Mitch, "Is that what the continual elbow wrap was really covering?"

Darrin looked up sheepishly. "Yeah. You gonna be pissed at me now?"

Mitch looked at him, paused, and then let out a laugh. "I'm not sure how I can be mad at someone for selling his blood to get me a great vacation." Mitch walked over and wrapped his arms around Darrin and pulled them together. He reached up and kissed Darrin gently.

"Thank you, babe. This is wonderful."

Darrin beamed with the acknowledgement. "I'm glad you like it. I wanted something special for you."

Mitch pressed against him, pinning Darrin against the wall. "You are so sexy and hot." He ran his hands over Darrin's chest. Finding the bottom of his shirt Mitch pulled it up and over Darrin's head. His hands roamed Darrin's tight chest, thrilling in the feeling of hot man under his hands. His fingers found Darrin's nipples and he began rubbing them as he kissed down the side of Darrin's neck.

"Oh yeah, that's so good," said Darrin.

"Oh that's just the preview, babe"

Mitch sank to his knees, unzipping Darrin's jeans and fishing out his swelling cock. He lifted it, enjoying its weight, and stuck his tongue against the base, then made a slow swipe up its length. As he arrived at the glans he drilled the tip of his tongue into Darrin's leaking slit.

"Oh fuck, yeah. God you make me feel so good," moaned Darrin.

Mitch smiled to himself and repeated the movement, over and over he moved up the length of flesh. Soon it was hard as a rock and leaking copious amounts of clear liquid. Mitch moved slightly, took the head in his mouth and started moving down its length. As he began pistoning up and down its length, Darrin's moans become louder with each pass. Turning his head slightly he plunged down again, relaxing his throat until his lips were buried in Darrin’s bush.

"Oh fuck! You took it all! Goddamn!"

Darrin grabbed his head and started face fucking him. Mitch gripped Darrin's denim covered ass with both hands as he enjoyed the skull fucking Darrin was giving him. Soon Mitch felt the cock in his mouth expand and Darrin's thrusts become more erratic. Knowing that Darrin was about to lose his load, Mitch buried the cock in his throat again.

"Shit!" screamed Darrin.

Darrin's cock started pumping out a massive load of man cream. His body shook as his balls emptied of their stored up juice. Mitch swallowed each jet as it filled his mouth, but some leaked from his lips as he tried to stay on the wildly bucking cock. When Darrin's jabs became less frantic Mitch let most of the hard dick slide out until he could drain the rest of Darrin's load from the source. Once he was satisfied that he had nursed the last drop, Mitch released it with a satisfying pop.

Darrin slowly lowered himself, joining Mitch on his knees. He put his hands on both sides of Mitch's face and then pulled him into a hard kiss. Drawing back he relished the slight tang of semen left by the kiss.

"My turn to get you off, stud," said Darrin.

Mitch shook his head, "No, I want to wait. Let the pressure build a little."

Darrin looked at him carefully. "You want to wait? You sure?"

Mitch chuckled and kissed Darrin again, "Yes, and no there is nothing wrong. You'll see when I nail your ass later."

Darrin smiled, "Umm, I love ass nailings."

Mitch laughed and started to stand up, pulling Darrin with him. "Come on and get on your swim suit. I want to go swimming."


Several hours later the pair burst back into the room, popping towels at each other, the relaxing warm sun having worked its wonders on their tension. Mitch got a particularly good snap against Darrin's ass, resulting in a retaliatory grab and them landing in a heap on the bed. Mitch's response; to tickle Darrin until he was gasping for air. Soon they fell against each other, a sweaty pile of exhausted men.

"Damn, I need a shower. I smell like coconut and sweat," said Mitch.

Darrin pushed up Mitch's arm and inhaled deeply, "I don't smell much coconut here!"

Mitch laughed and pushed him away. "You goof! Come on, let's clean up."

Mitch crawled off the bed and stripped off his damp swim trunks. Knowing Darrin was watching he made sure to bend deep to open his ass crack. He glanced back and saw Darrin staring.

"See anything you like, sailor?"

"Yeah I do!" said Darrin with a smirk.

Mitch walked toward the bathroom with a wiggle in his hairy ass. As he walked through the doorway, he froze. After a few seconds he turned and looked at Darrin.

"Ah, babe. Have you been in here yet?"

"No, why what's wrong?" said Darrin.

"Oh, nothing's wrong. Actually it's very, very right. Come look."

Darrin got up and walked across the room. When he entered the bathroom, he pivoted his head to take it all in and then let out a low whistle.

"Holy crap!"

They both smiled as they surveyed the huge room. From the veined marble floor, to the enormous tub for two, the room was amazing. But what caught both their eyes was the large walk-in shower. It was easily large enough for four people, much less the two of them. The shower walls were covered with nozzles and spray heads. They walked over and gently popped open the glass door and Mitch stepped inside. After a few seconds he had a cascade of water spraying at him from all sides. Darrin watched and licked his lips in anticipation as he watched Mitch's body hair matt down under the steady stream of water. Mitch reached over and pulled him into the enclosure and closed the door behind them.

"What do you think, babe? Isn't this whole setup fuckin' hot?" said Mitch.

"Oh hell yeah. I love it."

Mitch reached down and groped Darrin through his trunks. Darrin's head snapped back as Mitch's work roughened hands clamped down on his swelling cock. Mitch started nipping and licking down his neck. Soon Darrin was rock hard again as was evident by the tent in the front of his swimsuit. Mitch smiled and gripped both sides of the suit and slowly pulled it down. The heavily veined top of Darrin's dick was slowly revealed as Mitch lowered the shorts inch by delicious inch. As he released the final bit of glans holding it inside the drenched fabric, his dick sprang up in an arc that ended with a satisfying smack against Darrin's stomach. Reaching around he grabbed Darrin's ass cheeks and started mashing them in his muscular hands.

"You know. I haven't shot my load yet, lover. I think I wanna tap this tight ass of yours," said Mitch.

Darrin shuddered as Mitch's thick finger slid into his butt. Unable to speak he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations. Finally able to talk, he gasped out,

"Yes. Hell yes! I'd love that."

Mitch turned Darrin, pressing him against the glass. As the water streamed over them, Mitch opened Darrin's ass again and watched as his pink pucker convulsed in anticipation. Mitch rubbed his finger over the pulsing opening a few time and then buried his face between Darrin's cheeks and started feasting on man ass.

"Oh hell! Eat it, Mitch. Fucking eat my hole!"

Mitch dove in, his tongue worming its way inside of Darrin, only to withdraw and wiggle against his reddening taint. Time stood still as Mitch thoroughly and completely explored the recesses of Darrin's ass. Moving back he let the tip of his finger slide into Darrin as he looked around for something to lube his lover.

"Babe, I gotta grab some lube."

"Nooo," moaned Darrin. "Just fuck me!"

Mitch looked up dubiously, "You sure? I don't want to rip your ass up."

Darrin shook his head, "No, fuck me. I need you inside me. Now!"

With that Mitch moved into position, rubbing his granite hard dick over Darrin's distended hole and he began pushing forward. Reaching around he played with Darrin's nipples as he slowly sank deep into Darrin's gut. Darrin had moved during the invasion until his body was pressed hard against the glass.

"Oh! Fuck! Damn you're big!" cried Darrin.

"You want me to stop? I don't want to hurt you, babe."

"No. Do it! Fuck me."

Mitch pulled out, feeling his cock drag across Darrin's prostate. Mitch watched his lover shudder as he sawed back and forth over his g-spot. Soon Mitch was ratcheting up the thrusts. Both of them were far beyond anything more than grunts and moans as their bodies melded into a delicious union of man sex. Mitch shifted slightly and hit his lover's prostate hard.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fucking hell!" screamed Darrin as his body started shaking.

His ass clamped down on Mitch's dick as he ejaculated over the glass. Mitch seized his hips in a death grip and started pounding his ass. He knew it wouldn't take much more and he would unload too. Just as Darrin collapsed against the glass, Mitch's body reached its zenith and exploded. Mitch luxuriated in the feelings of orgasm that overwhelmed him. His pelvis pressed hard against Darrin and his body shuddered as stream after stream of white-hot man cream filled Darrin. With a grunt and a final thrust the last of Mitch’s semen was deposited deep in Darrin's gut. Holding his lover tight in his arms he fought to regain his breath.

"Damn, that was amazing," said Darrin with a wistful sigh.

"Oh yeah," said Mitch breathlessly. "That was amazing!"

Mitch started pumping in slightly as his cock remained at full staff. Darrin winced though and Mitch froze.

"What's wrong, babe?" asked Mitch.

Darrin moved and then Mitch could feel him tense again. Darrin looked back with an odd look on his face.

"You know the whole 'just fuck me and forget the lube' thing," said Darrin.

Mitch got a smirk on his face, "Yeah, I seem to recall that."

"Yeah. Well, fucking in a shower with no lube, leaves the fuckee sore."

"Yeah, I seem to remember that myself. Hang on, there's no painless way to do this . . ." Mitch bucked his hips back, removing himself from Darrin's torn ass. Darrin flinched and then his body visibly relaxed.

"Sorry Mitch. I thought it sounded hot. And obviously I enjoyed it!" Darrin motioned to the whitewashed glass wall. "But afterwards . . ."

Mitch laughed and squeezed Darrin tight in his arms. "It'll be fine in a few days. Come on, let's enjoy this hot shower and then go find somewhere great to eat, my treat."


Several days and innumerable lovemaking sessions later, Darrin and Mitch walked through the door to the suite. Moving into the shower they started rinsing off the salt from their swim. After a few seconds they both dropped their suits to the floor and started taking turns washing each other. This had become a relaxing activity they both enjoyed. Mitch rubbed the soap-coated cloth over Darrin's back and smiled.

"I'm going to miss this shower," said Mitch.

"Yeah, somehow the tiny tub/shower combo in our house isn't going to be the same."

Darrin took the cloth from Mitch and started working on his back. He loved the smooth tight skin and Mitch's hairy ass as he carefully cleaned him. With a last swipe across Mitch's ass he handed the washcloth to Mitch and rinsed off.

"Take your time finishing up. I'm turning into a prune from all the time in the water," said Darrin.

Mitch nodded, passingly considering it odd that Darrin had gotten out so quickly but didn't dwell on it. He did take his time and enjoyed the shower. He stepped out and grabbed one of the thick, white towels and walked into the bedroom. Immediately he stopped as he glanced around the room. Darrin had turned off all the lights, the only illumination coming from several small candles surrounding the bed. Darrin walked from a darkened part of the room, dressed only in a black jockstrap that looked amazingly hot on him. Mitch drank in his body through his eyes. He moved closer and took the towel from Mitch, without a word he carefully finished drying Mitch's body. Once he was satisfied that Mitch was completely dry, he led him to the bed. Mitch noticed a number of bottles of massage oil as they moved closer and smiled at the possibilities. Darrin pulled him close and kissed his lips gently,

"Lay down, baby. I want to make you feel good tonight," said Darrin.

Mitch willingly lay on the bed, his face buried in the pillows as he relaxed. He heard one of the bottles snap open and the unmistakable scent of cinnamon filled the air. Soon he felt Darrin's oil-coated hands on his neck. Darrin started the wonderful session, covering Mitch with oil and worked on each muscle. Mitch relaxed and was able to do little more than moan and enjoy the attention he was getting. Eventually Darrin moved to his ass and began coating it with oil too. The slight spice of the oil sent a small jolt through Mitch as Darrin dipped into his crack, rubbing warm oil over his pucker. Darrin focused on his butt and thighs for several delicious minutes before moving lower. By the time Darrin reached his feet, his body was drenched in oil, the scent of spices and pheromones were heavy in the air. When Darrin started to work on his feet, Mitch groaned even louder.

"Oh shit! That feels amazing. You now have a lifetime job giving me foot massages," said Mitch through a moan.

"That can be arranged, lover. That can be arranged. Now turn over, and I'll do your front."

Mitch slowly turned over, his cock protruding rigidly from his crotch, a glistening strand of precum trailing from its tip to his thigh. Darrin worked up his legs, coating them and enjoying the sexy dark hair that matted down and swirled with each pass of his hands. He worked upward until he almost touched Mitch's low-hanging nuts, and then stopped.

"I think we'll save the best for last," said Darrin.

With that he moved to the head of the bed, rubbing Mitch's temples and then down his neck and shoulders. As he emptied the bottle over Mitch's chest, Darrin enjoyed the feeling of wet oil coating Mitch's furry chest. He spent several long minutes rubbing oil over the turgid nipples he found. He moved slightly lower, and then jumped as he felt Mitch bite at his cock through the jock.

"Oh no you don't," said Darrin as he moved out of reach.

He moved to the side, finishing his massage with a light rub across Mitch's flat stomach. He twisted, getting another bottle and started working over Mitch's cock and balls. The slick oil matted down Mitch's dense bush, making his erection look even larger. Darrin let Mitch's slick nuts roll between his fingers, enjoying the heft of them in his hand. Moving to the looming erection, Darrin slathered thick gel over it until it looked like it was iced. With that final action, Darrin lay beside Mitch and rubbed his chest.

"How was that? Did I do alright on the massage?" said Darrin.

Mitch smiled and caressed his face, "Babe, you always do great. And this was really amazing."

"I think I want a little ride, cowboy. What do you think?"

"Fuck yeah!"

Darrin slid down Mitch's torso, kissing and caressing him as they went. Once he had moved low enough he straddled Mitch, resting his ass on Mitch's pelvis. Reaching back he gripped the base of Mitch's coated cock and aimed it at his hole. As he felt the hot and slick kiss of Mitch's dick against his butt, he slammed his hips downward, taking its full length into him in one hard thrust.

"Oh fucking hell! That feels amazing!" gasped out Darrin.

"Oh baby, goddamn! Ride it, stud. Ride my big, thick cock."

Mitch watched as Darrin paused, and then started sliding up and down Mitch's length. His eyes closed as Mitch's cock explored the depths of Darrin's ass, firing all of his pleasure centers. Soon Darrin's back was arched and his head back as he pleasured himself. Mitch caressed as much of Darrin as he could reach. The super slick surface of his cock was causing desire to flare through his system. As he watched his man riding him, Mitch also felt a gush of affection and love, realizing he couldn't imagine his life without Darrin. Quickly, his attention was drawn back to the primal display happening on his lap.

Darrin relished the wet slick feeling as his man's dick slid into him. Once he adjusted to Mitch's girth he started riding him with wild abandon. His breath came in gasps as his body tingled with arousal. Soon his entire focus was on his ass and how wonderful Mitch felt inside it. The effect built until Darrin was covered with a sheen of sweat, his head thrown back and his hands braced behind him. Impaling himself over and over the feelings of passion flooded his body. His cock whipped up and down in time with his thrusts, his prostate assaulted with Darrin controlling the pounding it was getting. His drooling cock was leaving trails of precum like a fine liquid web. The massage had his system on sexual overload. Too soon his body started the erratic movements signally his impending orgasm. He felt Mitch scrape against the interior of his body one last time, firing off the beginning of his orgasm.

Mitch enjoyed watching Darrin pleasure himself. The erotic performance was beautiful and extremely hot. Darrin looked like a contortionist in the position he had settled into and Mitch loved the way his hard cock was moving almost independently of its master. Mitch felt his cock ram against Darrin's prostate and saw his body tense in response. Darrin impaled himself completely and then started slow gyrations on Mitch's crotch, his eyes closed and his body tense. The first rope of cum shot out of his deep red cock, hitting Mitch in the face. Mitch smiled and ran his tongue over his lips for a taste of his lover's essence. The second ribbon of man cream smacked against the underside of his chin. Mitch threw his arms over his head, willing his own orgasm to delay while he enjoyed the scene before him. Darrin grunted with each contraction as his body emptied of his built up passion. As the last squirt issued from Darrin's cock, his body relaxed and he slid backward until he was laying with his head between Mitch's knees and his feet on either side of his chest. Looking around at their strange configuration he laughed,

"Damn, how did I get here?"

"I don't know, but I know what's about to happen," said Mitch.

Mitch moved quickly, his cock never leaving Darrin's hole as he surged forward, almost folding his lover in half. He grabbed Darrin's ankles and spread his legs, rubbing his oil-slicked chest against Darrin's legs. Bracing himself on the bed, he curled Darrin into position and began unleashing his lust on Darrin's ass. Slamming his entire body against him, Mitch thrust only a few times before he felt the familiar tingle in his nuts. Mitch tensed, grinding against Darrin's ass, but his delaying tactic was fruitless. He exploded with a growl, his body pulsing as he filled Darrin with his seed. Delicious waves of desire flowed through his body as he emptied his nuts. With his body's last convulsion, he collapsed on top of Darrin.

After a short recovery time, Mitch looked up at Darrin and sighed.

"God that was good. You're fucking amazing."

Darrin chuckled, "Glad you enjoyed it. I sure had a great time."

The two lay on top of each other until the air conditioning began to feel cold flowing over their fluid coated bodies. Mitch kissed the bottom of Darrin chin and began to move.

"I think we have another shower in our near future," said Mitch.

"Yeah, but I don't think I can to the post game party again."

Mitch laughed, "Come on you goof!" and pulled Darrin to his feet and to the shower.

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I don't understand why there are not a ton of reviews here. This is such hot writing and so very good in all aspects. The story is riveting as are the sex scenes. I am blown away by it all. The change in Darrin's family and the reasons for it were so heartfelt and real. The persecution at the university was so convincing too. And then this amazing love between two very hot men is such a turn on. I think even if you were not gay it would be a turn on - well, maybe not - but for a gay fellow this is such a turn on. I love the masculinity of it and the enjoyment of each other's very maleness is so damn good. Man, I am a big fan of yours. I am enjoying the long chapters too - really meaty stuff in every way. That is so, so good! Thanks for such a deeply satisfying read. Looking forward to many hours of pleasure lost in your writing. Thanks seems so inadequate for the great job here.

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"I want to grow old with you, Mitch. That's what I want."

Mitch looked up and smile, "Me too." :hug: This is so sweet and lovely :)

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To be able to describe so honestly the deep love and affection of these two men is astonishingly refreshing. You capture not only the physical movements but also the pleasure derived from the actions so accurately. I want to be them!:2thumbs:

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