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Time Will Tell - 7. Chapter 7

Long overdo i know... LIFE! It's complicated and messy! I hope you enjoy this chapter, especially the ending...

Chapter 7







“Devon you can’t just shut them out, you’ll be leaving here soon. The doctors have been monitoring you and they think by Friday you’ll be well enough to travel back with them. Now I don’t want you to leave, but darling, there is nothing here for you, except us.” Tammy says from beside me, she looks to Trent for support but he just looks like he wants to break down and cry. He has this look that it’s killing him being here, his eyes are misty, his arms are folded over his chest. Even his legs are crossed at the ankle.


“Trent?” Tammy asks.


“She’s right Devon. There is really nothing here, except us. And we can’t keep you here. You’re sperm donor is missing, thank god. Your mother and brother want to take you away from here to start new. I know this is going to be scary, believe me, I would know.” He pauses, while he clears throat, “We are always going to be there for you… How… How do you think this feels for us? We just became a couple, and this shit happened. You and Tammy have been friends for a long time. She’s the only person up till now that has known what you’ve been through. No one at school will miss you, they don’t care. But we, your friends, care, and we want you to be safe. Cared for, and loved. God, babe. I’m going to be miss you.” He finally lets a tear streak down his cheek.


“Trent it’s not that easy, I don’t know what to expect when we get to their place. I don’t know anyone there. I’m an invert; I like to stay to myself. The only reason… The only reason Tammy became a part of my life was because one day she saw me sitting by myself alone. She took it upon herself to come join me at my table in the far back corner. She wouldn’t leave me alone. In the beginning she was so fucking annoying I wanted to punch her in the mouth. But she didn’t care, she didn’t care about the glares that I would throw her way, or when I threaten to hurt her she’d just smile and laugh it away. Trent, Tammy didn’t know any of this until about two years ago when I came to school covered in bruises. I tried to make an excuse for what happened. But she wouldn’t hear of it. Tammy wouldn’t leave me alone long to enough, so I eventually had to tell her. And when I did, it took everything in me to stop her from going to the police or the principal. I made her swear, we made a blood oath that day after school. And ever since then, we have been thick as thieves.” I started to sniffle and laugh at the same time. It’s not going to be the same without my Tammy there in my life. My life is over here. God, I’m going to miss these two.


“Were back.” Says Josh as he opens the door to my room. He sounds happy. “Oh…” He says as he finally takes in the room.


“It’s fine .We’re done talking for now.” I said as I wipe the tears off my face.


“Well we went to McDonalds and bought everyone lunch. It’s about time we get something that isn’t hospital slop.” He laughs


“Thanks Josh.” Tammy says


“Yea, thanks Josh.” Trent follows


“And for you, I guessed at what you’d like so…” He hands me the bag with whatever is left inside.


“Thank Bro.” I smirk at him


He stops, turns around and looks at me. “Did you?” He tilts his head to the side.


“Nope, and you can’t prove it.” I took a bite out of my double cheese burger.


Josh looks to Tammy and Trent, but they just shrug and go back to eating. “Oh no mister. We are not doing this… Did… Did you just call me Bro?” He smiles


“You can’t prove it, so leave it…” I say as I stuff the rest of the burger into my mouth.


“I swear if you weren’t hurt and in pain I would so punch you right about now.” He huffs as he sits in the chair with another bag.


“I so want to be a fly on the wall when they get home and become brothers.” Tammy says, you can hear the happiness in her voice.


“This will surely be interesting.” Trent says


“Oh, stuff it you two.” We all have a good laugh after that. The tension in the room seemed to be going away.

"Hey where is Cindy and Jeff?” I ask Josh


He looks at me for a moment, “If you mean mom and Jeff. They are somewhere. I don’t really know.”


“You know I can’t call her that. I don’t know that woman anymore. It’s going to take some time before I get to that level.”


“At least try, I mean you took me in? What’s so different about that?” Josh asks


“Because you’re my brother. My twin! I have to accept you. Especially when these called you and Jeff! And how you showed concern! That’s what makes you different.”


“Thanks. But I didn’t do anything special. You’re my brother. Of course I would there for you.”


“Thanks. Now, what would you all like to watch on TV? All this talking is creating a headache.” I looked from Josh to Trent to Tammy. All three shrugged their shoulders.






It’s Thursday night and Devon is healing up nicely. The doctors did say that if he shows significant improvement he will be leaving with us on Friday, tomorrow. I know it will be hard for him to leave the people that he loves and trusts, but he has got to move on. Leave this town and the people behind. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have any contact with Tammy or Trent. However, he can’t stay here and live like he was. Especially now, since no one has found the sperm donor a.k.a my father. Even just saying that inside my head makes my mouth have a sour taste. That’s like spitting nails.


“Babe? Are you excited to be going home tomorrow?” Asks Jeff. We are sitting inside our room at the Marriott. Just getting back from seeing Devon. We ordered room service and it should be here soon.


“Yea, I’m excited to be going home; especially with Devon in tow.” I sighed, “I mean just imagine what his life must have been like to live here for all these years without us? The only people ever showing him love and compassion is the two that we will be leaving behind tomorrow. I just got here and I have found new friends. This will be difficult.” These thoughts are weighing heavy on my brain. Jeff gets behind me and starts to rub my shoulders. It felt really nice. “Hey, maybe after dinner we can relax in the bathtub?” I ask, as my voice came out sounding tired.


“Yea, that sounds good, a good relaxing bath to take our minds off the current problem.” Jeff whispered in my ear, creating goose bumps on my arms.


“Hey, stop that. Or the room service person will have to wait a while.” Pushing Jeff back against the headboard, he has a smirk on his lips like he knew exactly what he was doing. Sliding my hands up his legs, he spreads them wide, giving me room. Rubbing his member as it grew to his size. This enlisted a light growl from him, taking the waist band of his briefs into my hands I toy with him, by rubbing just underneath. Taking my hands out, I run them up his torso, pinching his sensitive nips. Making him growl once more. Lowering my face, I lightly trace a line to his nipple with my tongue. He grabs my head and presses it down for more contact. Jeff arches his back as the sensation runs through his body. With him moaning out in pleasure, I take my other hand and pinch his other nipple, making him moan in his throat.


“Mmm, that feels so good, baby.” He says in a husky growly voice. The sound turns me on… I love it when he growls


“I bet it does babe.” I say just above the moist nipple. Blowing cool air on it. He grabs my head more fiercely now, and smashes my lips against his nipple. Taking my right hand I dig into his skin as I travel down to his member, playing with it just outside, rubbing the fabric against the skin.


I lower my face with my tongue as I travel back to his beating member. His dick has the right amount of curve with his length. It hits the spot everything single fucking time. With my fingers I dig them under the waist band and tug just enough for him to know to lift his ass. As the briefs give away his dick slaps his stomach, making an audible sound. “Someone’s excited!” I exclaimed


“I wonder why that might be, mister.” He says, as he looks down at me with a radiant smile. I love this man.


Wthout saying anything else, I lick his member, from his base to his tip. Jeff doesn’t touch me; he runs his hands up and down his upper body, pinching his nipples, playing with his body. I open my lips and take just the tip of him. Making a sucking movement. This drives him crazy as he arches back and tries not to take my head into his hands. With one hand I wrap around his base and jerk him slowly, as I lower more of my mouth onto him. With every inch taken into my mouth he moans more openly. I start to hum as his bush tickles my lips. Jeff makes a sound that has me smiling even with my mouth and throat full of him. I love pleasing him. It only takes a few bobs of my head, Jeff’s breathing and shaking tells me he’s almost to the point of no return. Sucking harder, I felt his member expand in my mouth. “I’m going to cum, babe. Get ready!” His voice is hoarse from all the moaning. He releases his seed into my mouth; most of it went down my throat so I didn’t taste it. **Knock** **Knock** came from the door. That must be room service. Making Jeff and myself jump. Once he got done with releasing his seed, I run my tongue over the sensitive head, and kiss him on the lips.


Jumping from the bed, I look at Jeff trying to struggle putting something over himself. Making me laugh! Just as I open the door with a smile. “You must be room service, come in!” I say happily.

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Copyrighted ® (This story contains violence, sexual encounters and drugs… Under no circumstances do I condone violence or drugs. Any publically recognizable names, places, or surrounding, belongs to the author and owner of this story. This is story is not for sale or profitable. It’s purely for entertainment purposes.<br />If you feel that this story is not for you, or that it is too violent let me know. I am happy to neither accept nor reject any critics, criticism, advice, and or problems. Thank you, Remijay author and owner. Copyrighted ®
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Yay I missed these guys. I get where Devon is coming from mom has questions she needs to answer. I just don't understand how a parent can take off with just one child. The worst part is she'd separated twins. They have such a bond that its near impossible to break. Take your time with the story you're adulting. I tried and failed miserably at it.also 

Loved the ending:hug:

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19 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Yay I missed these guys. I get where Devon is coming from mom has questions she needs to answer. I just don't understand how a parent can take off with just one child. The worst part is she'd separated twins. They have such a bond that its near impossible to break. Take your time with the story you're adulting. I tried and failed miserably at it.also 

Loved the ending:hug:

Thanks for the kind words. She will answer Devon's questions soon in the coming chapters. 

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B).............. I'm wondering how well Devon will adjust to his new home, obviously he has Josh to show his around and introduce to his friends. But Devon has ten years of self-preservation by being introverted and invisible to people, that is going to be very hard for him to break out of his shell. Trent is going to be a mess for awhile and I don't see it for them to get together again, unless Trent has homophobic parents and they find out and kick him out. But I guess we first find out the reasons mamma 'Cindy' left like a thief in the night abandoning Devon in the first place.  Great chapter!

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I'm very happy with the story so far, I especially like that the connection between the twins is renewed, please give us a chapter similar to this one that gives Trent and Devon some hope that their relationship will continue and gives them a hot loving memory to hang onto.

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I wish Josh could see things from Devon’s point of view. He can’t understand why Devon can’t call Cindy mom and obviously it’s because she hasn’t been one. For the most part she seems to be a good mom to Josh but she hasn’t been in Devon’s life since she walked out with his brother in tow. It’ll take time to forgive her and if she had any hint his father was abusive I could never forgive her if I was him. Regardless I don’t think I can wrap my mind around any excuse she gives for leaving him behind and not having any contact with him. She’ll probably say his dad forbade contact but I’m sure she could have legally gotten the right to be in his life if she had tried.

Edited by NimirRaj

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