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Time Will Tell - 9. Goodbye For Now

I know this chapter is a week late. Sorry, i couldnt decide if i wanted to write more or leave it as it were. LOL


As you know, this chapter is the end of Like if Colorado. Onto new things.

Here is goes, Devon leaves Colorado. On to new and better things. Personally I don’t know how I feel about this chapter. I’m excited but worried at the same time. This chapter is going to be very hard to read and write. All of emotions are going to be flying around… Hang on tight and hope you last!


Chapter 9

Goodbye for now




This is it… The last hours that I will be here. My boyfriend and I just made love for the first time, and let me tell you. I can still very much feel him in me. Ha! Take that Karma. However, when we came down from our high and our heart rates returned to normal I look at Trent with love and affection. I can’t believe we just did it, and now I have to leave him shortly. Man, talk about whip lash of the brain and emotions. I felt like a fucking girl on her period. Don’t take that the wrong way ladies.


I start to tear up, my throat closes and it stings. I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to be one of those people. But, lately I didn’t have control of my emotions. This reminds me of the time that my mother and brother left me, the time that my father beat so bad, that even other schoolmates noticed. Regardless of how bad those times seemed I always had hope. Just staring at Trent had me wanting to cling to him and hold him, never wanting to let go. My heart hurt, it felt like it is being crushed by a press. With each breath I took, I felt the press come down just a little bit more.


“Babe?” Trent asks, concerned. He touched my shoulder in a soft soothing way. That one touch, is all it took, my body jerked. Big tears welled up in my eyes. The crushing feeling became more powerful. I put my head in my hands and sobbed. I couldn’t take it much more. If this is the feeling of just knowing I will be leaving. What will happen when I finally do? “Shhh! IT will be okay, you’ll see.” Trent took me into arms and cradled my body. Rocking me back and forth.


There was a knock on the door that had us looking at it. I wiped my eyes as I breathed in a huge lung full. ‘Please don’t let it be the doctor. Please don’t let it be the doctor.’ I whispered inside my head.


When the door opened Tammy stood there with a knowing grin. In her hand she had a coffee and a bag of chips. “Did we have fun in here?” She laughs


“No.” Trent and I say


“Oh, so my nose is wrong then? Because it smells like you two just got done having it.” She puts her hand on her hip and looks at us. Trent and I look at each other, shrugs our shoulders. “if that wasn’t a dead giveaway, then the sweat looks you both have is a more of a good reason to suspect.” She giggles


“Shove it! So what?” I said


“You don’t have to tell me. But I’m glad you guys have finally done it?” She crinkles her nose.


“Thanks?” I said


“You’re welcome. Anyway, I ran into the Doctor while I waited outside. He said that he would be around later to check on you and possibly discharge you.”


“Isn’t that wonderful news.” I sarcastically say


“Don’t be like that. It might seem like the end now, but just give it a chance. You might just like it down there.” Tammy says


“I’ve heard that before.” I pouted





I couldn’t stop crying, I hurt. The memories that I have of Tammy and I or of Trent and I. They will live on forever in my heart. Just knowing that I had great friends when the time came. I never wished for them to see what my life was like. I never wished for them to be a part of it. But I’m thankful that they were.


“What are you thinking about?” Trent asks.


“Honestly. You and Tammy.” I sniffled


“I hope they are good thoughts…” He said, but a knock sounded on the door. Which could only be one person. Everyone else is already in my room.


“You look better than what you did when you came in. I’m happy to say that you have done well. It’s time for you to go home.” He says as he looks at everyone in the room. While they wore smiles, I frowned. Because I knew within an hour I’ll be boarding a plane to Arizona.


“So what do you say? You want to get out of here and enjoy some freedom?” He asks


“I wont say that I’m excited to be leaving here but the freedom part sounds good.” I chuckle


“Good. I’ll leave these with you…” He pauses, and looks down. “I’ll need you to sign some of these Mom.” He says


“Yea, no problem. So he is discharged?” She asks


“As of 16:40 he is, oh, I mean 4:40. Military time just comes out.” He laughs as he walks out the room. “Oh, and good luck with everything Devon. I hope I never have to see you in here again.” He smiles and closes the door behind him.


Everyone jumps up in excitement. While I try to disappear. The fear of the unknown, the anxiety of leaving here. Everything became too much too soon. I wanted to cry, to throw things, to yell. But I did none of those things. I whimpered as I looked at Trent and Tammy. This is real, I have to leave. Tears poured out my eyes as I looked at them.


“Devon?” Josh asks


Clearing my throat, I look at my brother, “Yea?” I ask


“Arent you excited?”


“NO!” I shouted out. The look of shock on everyones face showed they have heard me. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to have to start over again. I didn’t want to break up with my boyfriend. I didn’t want to have to change anything.


“I’m sorry Devon, I know for certain that you don’t want to leave here, or leave Tammy and Trent. But the sad reality is, there is nothing left for you here.” My brother says


“I know…” I whispered out, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have shouted. Everything is a little too much right now. Can you guys give me a few minutes to get dressed and everything?”


“Of course. C’mon everyone, that includes you too Trent.” My brother says with a knowing smile.


“Actually I kind of need his help.” I say with a blush


“Sure you do.” Everyone laughs as they leave the room.


Trents helps by giving me my clothes. He stands there in front of me. Making sure that I don’t fall. When it comes to tying my shoes, I looked at Trent, “Can you help me with those please?”


“Yea, no problem. I know your ribs are still sore.” He smiles as he bends down to one knee. Hes so tender and loving. How did I get so lucky?


“You’re sweet.” I say as he stands back up.


“Thanks, babe.” He kisses me on my lips and fixes my hair.


“Ready?” He asks, of course not.




He takes my hand and leads me to the door. With one last look at the room, I sigh. Here’s to starting a new chapter in my life. When we left the room and stood in the hallway everyone around started to clap. Don’t ask me why. Because I haven’t left my room all week. But my family has been here they must have struck up a conversation regarding me. Blushing, I bow my head. This is so embarrassing.


“This is so great.” Trent says from beside me


Looking up still blushing, I smile. “Thanks everyone.”


“Get well soon young man. Onto better things.”


When everyone slowly stopped clapping, the nurse came over and handed me a envelope. “Don’t open it until you get on the plane. Okay?” She asks, nod my head.


“Thanks.” I mumbled out


“You’re welcome.”


“You have to get into the wheelchair though, I’m afraid. Hospital policy.” She made a face that had me laughing


Waving as we got onto the elevator. When the doors closed it became quiet. Way too quiet all of sudden. Josh put his hand on my shoulder, and I lay my over his. I looked at him with a smile. Maybe this won’t be so bad. Here’s to hoping.



The front of the hospital is right in front me, and I can see the sunlight. Out there is the real world, out there is freedom. I can’t wait to actually feel the wind on my cheek, or smell the air. It’s been way too long. As the nurse wheels the chair outside. The air whooshes by us. I take in a huge lung full. I missed it. The taste, the smell, the feel of Colorado. I’m never going to forget the time that I have spent here.


“You are alright, Devon?” Asks Josh.


Nodded, but he didn’t see, “Yea… Yes, I’m fine. I just don’t know what is to come, you know.” You could say that I’m apprehensive or nervous.


“You’ll get used to it. It’s not like you’re leaving forever. This place is beautiful to say the least. You can always come back and see your friends. But I think you’ll love where you’re going.”


He’s said this before. I know what to expect when I get there. I just don’t know anything about anything when I do finally get there. I definitely didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to be in a house with a woman that abandoned me. I didn’t want to start over. I wish that it never came to this. I’m leaving behind my only friends. And it hurt, like really hurt. I couldn’t stop the tears that pooled around my eyes. Thankfully none of them fell.


Wiping my eyes. I got up and walked the short distance to the taxi van that Cindy or my brother called. Looking back at hospital, I knew I wouldn’t miss it, but that was my solitude for a week. Sighing, I climbed in an slid over to the window. Trent sat next to me, and held my hand immediately. Tammy sat beside him, while Josh and Jeff took the last row. My mo… Cindy sat up front with the driver.


“Hello we are going to Meadow Lake Airport.” She spoke to the driver.






Looking over at Devon as the driver takes off has me worried. He has his head against the window, looking out at the scenery. Trent has his hand clasped with Devon’s. Tammy keeps dabbing her eyes. I know this is all hard on them. But there wasn’t much we could do. Either it was this or put him in the system. We didn’t want that, and I knew Devon wouldn’t either. So why does it seem like we are dragging him away from his comfort zone?


“Are we going to stop back by the house?” Devon says


“I mean we don’t really have to. We can just buy you new things.” My mother says nonchalantly.


“I’m not going on the plane looking like this.” He did have a point. His clothes did little to hide the fact that he is living poorly.


“How about we stop at the mall then?” My mother says


“I guess that will have to do.” He pouts. Is it bad that I find him cute and adorable when he does that?


“Hey, look at this way, you’ll be leaving here with a new set of clothes and possibly something else.” I added


“Alright.” He sighs


“Devon I’m only trying to help.” My mother looks back at him with a sad smile.


“I know.” He meekly spoke


“Good,” She looks towards the driver, “Change of plans, can you take us to the nearest mall?”


“Of course ma’am.” Thankfully, it the mall is only up the road. I think.


The taxi pulls over at the entrance to let us out. My mother chats with the driver. While us five just stare the big building in front of us. Taking in a deep breath, I let it out slowly.

“It’ll be fine. We are only going to get a few things…” Jeff says


“Yea, just a few things.” Letting the air blow out my mouth. Looking towards Devon, you can the apprehension he has. “It’ll be fine. You have us.” I said with a smile.


“Alright. Let’s just get this over with shall we?” Devon says. He takes Trent’s hand and walks into the mall with us following him. The place doesn’t look too crowded. At least to me it doesn’t.


“What store do you want to start in Devon?” I ask


“Hmm…” He mumbles


“How about Abercrombie?” I say, for me, it’s the store to be in. The latest fashion and designer jeans.


“I guess.” He says not so enthusiastically.


“Alright, if not there are others. Here,” I take his hand and pull him over, not without some effort though. “You choose.” He looks at me and then at the rest of us. “Have you ever been to this mall, Devon?” I ask, he didn’t say anything. But he did shake his head no. “Alright, how about to we start at GAP, and work our way to the front of the mall, deal?” I say


“Sure.” He says with a faint smile.


“There’s the spirit.” I laugh.



We spent a total of $200 dollars and went to every possible store that sells guy clothing. Devon just didn’t know what he wanted. He finally took me aside and said that he has never been to a mall or clothing store. I looked at him like he was crazy, but I had think about it for a moment. Maybe, he isn’t crazy. Just never had the experience of being in a mall. Or anywhere. That’s saddening. All in all we took about two hours, to finally get out of the mall. Thank god. Plus we also bought a new cell phone. Immediately he programmed Tammy and Trent’s phone number. What kid doesn’t like a cell phone? This way he can text and call anytime he wants. At first he didn’t believe us, kept denying everything. And when it finally came to him picking a phone, he stood there. I’m starting to see this other side of Devon. The side that’s insecure and vulnerable.


We got back into the van and we left for the airport. Again, Devon lays his head on the window and stares out at the open scenery. I’m starting to worry about him. He’s going to need therapy, and a solid foundation to lean on.


Once we reached the gates to the airport. Devon raises his head and looks at the huge plane. “Is that the plane we will be flying in?” He face showed how nervous but excited he is.


“I do believe so Devon. Have you ever flown before?” Ask my mother.


“No.” He said while shaking his head. When the doors opened we were on our way again.


“It’s Devon, you’ll probably like it. A lot of people do their first time.” I said while smirking


“Thanks, I hope so.”


Once we got close to the Jet. You could hear Devon sniffling back tears and snot. Just seeing him go through this, had me thinking that I would never want to go through it myself.

“I’m going to help them put our things on the plane. We’ll give you guys some time.” With that, we got out.


“I do hope this isn’t the last time they see each other. I want to see Devon happy for once.” I said


“Devon will be fine. After all if he can survive a man beating him for ten years, then he can survive anything. I just hope we can help him.” My mother says from beside me, as she reaches for a baffle bag. Nodding my head in agreement. We handed off our bags to the people.


We stood by as they exit the van; their eyes sparkled with the lights. They all have been crying. Either tears of sorrow or tears of happiness. I would like to think that they are a little of both. This can only get better with time. Only time will tell.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Look for more coming this week. :)

Copyrighted ® (This story contains violence, sexual encounters and drugs… Under no circumstances do I condone violence or drugs. Any publically recognizable names, places, or surrounding, belongs to the author and owner of this story. This is story is not for sale or profitable. It’s purely for entertainment purposes.<br />If you feel that this story is not for you, or that it is too violent let me know. I am happy to neither accept nor reject any critics, criticism, advice, and or problems. Thank you, Remijay author and owner. Copyrighted ®
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I hope they find that no account father of his and give you some of own medicine.  And that mother of his,just dragging him to another place. Hadn't the poor kid been through enough. Oh sorry love the story anxiously waiting for the next chapter.

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I agree with @Crazyd1965  Devon has been treated like crap for the last 10 years by  his father and a mother that abandoned him. And now she shows up and drags him away from his only friends.  These people that he is leaving with are practically strangers to him.  I wish they had set up some system other than calling or texting. 


Thanks for the chapter 

Edited by glennish
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B)............ That was a tough chapter to read, must have been harder to write. Josh is right about Devon needing some therapy. But his mother is rather dismissive saying 'if he could survive 10 years of beatings.........!' WTF!  Yeah, he did. but he also had been isolated from everyone including his mother and twin brother (who both seem to be living the high life). Damn what teen hasn't gone to the mall, his brother is catching on but his mother seems ignorant. Then there is leaving the BF and his BFGF, so I guess he has a right to be a bit angry and sad. 

Great chapter

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On 10/3/2017 at 1:40 PM, Benji said:

B)............ That was a tough chapter to read, must have been harder to write. Josh is right about Devon needing some therapy. But his mother is rather dismissive saying 'if he could survive 10 years of beatings.........!' WTF!  Yeah, he did. but he also had been isolated from everyone including his mother and twin brother (who both seem to be living the high life). Damn what teen hasn't gone to the mall, his brother is catching on but his mother seems ignorant. Then there is leaving the BF and his BFGF, so I guess he has a right to be a bit angry and sad. 

Great chapter

Thank you for the comment @Benji. He will most likely need therapy, probably in the coming book. *Hint hint* When Devon was in the hospital they bonded, like brothers are supposed to. His mother ignorance, i dont know if she even knows. LOL We all know long distance distance relationships dont work out. But for the few that have tried it and succeeded, congrats. But i wasnt one of the lucky ones. They all have their own reasons to be angry and upset. This chapter was very hard to write. My struggle right now is the mother's piece. (Spoiler Alert) Cindy has her own chapter coming soon. Maybe that will shine some light on you're questions. 


Thank you again for the comment @Benji

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