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Twist of Fate - 9. Chapter 9

Thank you for paiently waiting. I've been having difficulty with this one..




This chapter does touch on violence. I do not condone violence, rape, or drugs that prevent someone from protecting themselves.*

Chapter 9


This isn’t supposed to happen. This isn’t supposed to be happening to me. Jason, he… he shouldn’t have kissed me that night. He knew the consequences of it. But he did and it felt right. But why does it feel that my life is over? I have everything now. I have the guy, the friends, and the family that loves me.


So why am I sitting in a darkened corner holding my legs to my chest. Hoping they don’t find me. I’m trying my hardest not to make a sound. It hurts. The pain that they have done already is enough make me wish for death. How can kids be so cruel, so mean, so uncaring?


“Shhhh, I think I hear him.” I heard one voice say. Don’t ask me their names because I couldn’t tell you. As they near where I’m hiding I heard one say, “He wouldn’t have gotten away if someone was watching him like we told the dumbass to do.”


The feet of these teenagers were getting closer, and closer, to me. My breath started to hitch up a little making my already broken rib hurt worse. God, I hope they just walk right pass me and not look behind. Please that’s all I ask. Please please please…. I beg of thy.


Imagine yourself in my position. Curled up in a ball, shaking like a wet cat. Your body is probably covered in bruises, fat puffy lip, most likely a gash in the eye brow. Your arms hurt from being dragged. And your ass feels like it’s been through a gangbang. I know this isn’t something that a normal person would imagine. But if you haven’t paid close attention so far, neither would I. How did this happen? Who is doing this to me. Is all I have running through my head. Plus hoping that I find my way out of here. There has got to be a way.


As the foot steps of these guys come closer to me, I panick. Biting my lip in hopes that I can keep quiet as they walk pass me. I see the first of many arms and legs slowly walk past. They haven’t seen me yet.




10 hours earlier


When Jason finished kissing me, I had a raging hard on. I couldn’t help but to whimper as he backed away from me. Fighting the temptation of reaching behind his head and yanking him back to me for more.


“That…” he clears his throat, “that was intense, more intense than I originally thought.” He snickers.


All I could do was nod my head yes. My mind was still brown from the hot make out session. With my hand I lay it on his chest. And with my head I lay it on his shoulder. This felt right, to right. Like it was just meant to, you know. Everything fit, like a brand new glove. Or like a puzzle, every piece fit perfectly. But why does it feel like something is missing? Like the last puzzle piece can’t be found. I’m scratching my brain trying to figure this out, while Jason rubs my back softly.


“Do you want something to drink, Aiden?” he whispered


“Sure, whatever. It doesn’t matter.” When he disappeared back inside I sighed out loud. This night has definitely changed for the better. Instead the cute ginger stranger Logan. I have a very attractive boyfriend, Jason.


Leaning against the banister, porch railing, I resumed looking at the back yard. Staring up at the stars. Wondering just how this night will end.
I didn’t hear them approaching I didn’t even notice people were in the yard with us. They must have seen everything. The next thing I felt was a hand grasping my arm, while another hand grasped the other arm. All the while someone was duct taping my mouth, holding something to my face forcing me to inhale.


Everything started to go black and fuzzy. I wanted to scream out, I wanted to protest them doing this to me. Just when things were starting to look up. I guess this is fate!




They all walked passed me without even glancing down. When they were about halfway up the hallway, I crept out of my hiding spot. Making sure that my bare feet didn’t make a sound to alert them back this way. I tried my best to check every door and to check every hallway that came into view.


This place seemed like a maze of corridors and doors. I don’t see how anyone could remember which way to go. I can’t even for the life of me remember which direction I came from. All the hallways looked the same. Getting a little irritated and annoyed with myself. I almost gave up hope. Giving into the temptation that fate didn’t want me to get out of here alive.


Breathing in slowly, I held my left side and checked one last door. With a twist of the handle it opened. To my delight. The room itself has old school desks stacked against one wall. It smelled of mold, dirt, and the type of smell that makes you cover you noise.


As I quickly walk over to the window to look out. I bump into the teacher’s desk. Praying that I didn’t make enough noise to attract unwanted people. Breathing in once more, trying to calm my already beating heart, and hoping that I don’t cause myself to have an anxiety attack.


I pull up on my window. It didn’t even move. I try once more with all my might, hurting my broken rib more. It creaked open, a little at time. I hesitantly took a look behind me in hopes that no body heard it. What I saw were shadows dancing behind the door. With one last chance of getting out of here, I lifted the window again. Not caring if they heard it this time or not. I didn’t even look back as the window opened just wide enough for me squeeze through.


With all my courage, I fell from the window. Landing with a thud. The ground came to quick, and my back didn’t like it. I wheezed and coughed a few times. However, I got up and limped my way past the window and the corner of the school building. Looking to my left and right. I lightly jogged across the street to a house. The lights were out and I didn’t want to disturb the darkness with asking for help. So I crept along the house, having hands moving across the cracked faded paint.


Arriving at the back yard, I saw clothes swaying on a line. “Thank the stars” I said in a whisper. Nearly giving myself a heart attack. I haven’t even spoken since I awoke some hours ago.


The clothes on the line looked to be of a teenager. Hopefully they fit me. I don’t want to get stopped for indecent exposure. That would not go over very well. Grabbing the clothes, I put them on as fast I could. Given my state, things took a little bit. Slipping on the pants and the hoodie. Again I’m really thankful to this family for still using the line instead of a dryer.


Ducking out of their backyard I quickly turn right, in hopes that it will get me in the right direction for home or close to one of my friends houses.


If knowing my city like I do. There is only two abandoned schools. One on the east side of town and one on the west side. North and south still had their doors open. Shit I should have looked at the school’s name before I left the street. However that’s okay. I’ve lived in this city all my life. I can’t very well get lost in it, can I? Ha! That’s funny. Making me giggle, which again reminded me of my problems. Left side damaged, ass probably tore open. Bleeding eye brow, split fat lip, do I have a black eye as well. You know I don’t actually want to know. The less the better. For now.


Coming to the street named Forrester, I knew exactly where I am. And I’m not far from… wouldn’t you know Jason’s house. His new one. I believe. This cannot be a coincidence, could it? A bunch of teenagers kidnap me, rape me, kick my ass, and when I escape, I’m close to my boyfriend’s house? This isn’t making sense. One minute, of course. It’s his football friends. The same team I’m on. The same team that worships Jason.


“God damnit, son of a mother fucking asshole!!!” yes I swore, I’m allowed to swear especially after finding out that Jason might have had a hand in this the whole fucking time. The person who I thought was actually going to be there to catch me when I fell. The only person who knew exactly how I felt. He even kissed me first, not once but all together six times.


Turning to the left, I started towards the only other person who could help me. Courtney! I kept looking behind me, call me paranoid but knowing or at least hinting that Jason’s football team mates were up to this didn’t make me feel any safer. If anything it made my skin crawl with fear.


Going as fast I could without actually running. I came to Courtney’s street without any problems. Unfortunately her house is the last one on the right. I can do this, I have to do this. Or they will find me. No doubt they know where we all live. So with what little energy I have left, I started down the street. Hoping that I make it to her house, just to say that I have made it somewhere safe.


With every sound that echoed into the night, my anxiety went up a notch, along with my heart beat. I didn’t know which one would win. I couldn’t take the chaos that fate has thrown in my path. What will come of this? Will I ever trust someone again? Can I trust someone again? By that I mean romantically.


Reaching Courtney’s porch, I steadied myself for the reality that I'm about to be bringing to one of my friend’s life. With a sigh I slowly made my way up to her door and knocked. Praying beyond praying that she be the one to answer the door.
I knocked harder, than before. “Who is it?” Courtney asked.


“It’s,” clearing my voice, “It’s me Court. Open the door.” My voice cracked then.


With a swoosh of the door my friend stood there with a shocked expression. “Aiden, is that really you?” She asked.


I couldn’t speak. As my overloaded brain shut down and emotion took over. My eyes filled with huge tears, and body shook with every heart wrenching sob… “oh my poor boy!” She hugged me tight, I clung to her like she was the only thing standing between life and death.

*Ps, I normally don’t like to write this sort of stuff. It makes me tear up. And I hate having my characters go through something like what Aiden did. Comments, likes and reviews on the forum is greatly appreciated. Thank you 😃

Comment, like, and review on forum. Thank you love ya bunches xoxox

This story belongs to the Author. Any characters or places said in the stories is coincidences. (2016) (Remijay) All Rights Reserved
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Wow, heavy chapter.  But unfortunately, a very realistic chapter.  Oh I hope Jason wasn't involved in this.....

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I'm pretty sure Jason did not have anything to do with the kidnapping, assault and rape of Aiden. Somebody who was at that party should know though, with Aiden suddenly missing a puzzled Jason would likely to look for Court and ask if she knew where he was. 10 hours is a long time to be missing and those guys had a lot of time beating him up, there is no way they should get away with this, besides I don't think Aiden could talk Court out of calling the police. Brutal chapter!

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