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The Arcana Archives of Carmi'Esis - 1. Grasp What I Can

Veronica Aspheraltz
House of Vladimir
The Library of Agni

I tried, believe me I did,
but when the world has come crashing,
and everything that I know of is ending,
I wasn’t really sure if I was still living,
or a human corpse that was rotting,
but surely I’ll fight against fate’s bidding.

If there is something bigger out there,
I hope He shows up, if He will dare,
His playthings are simply everywhere,
against Him, I will surely glare.
I thought He’s mighty, just and fair,
but sadly, it seems He just doesn’t care.

Such terribly misery is what I see,
it catches up to me, no matter how I flee,
I crumbled down, just when I thought I was free,
but He could’ve saved me with a divine decree.
Alas, everything was still up to me,
that’s when I cursed my own destiny.

So I picked up my sword and fight,
I couldn’t trust any but my own might,
a fate for myself is within my sight,
braving forward, I uphold my right.
A dozen delusions, all seemed bright,
but in reality, I’ve abandoned the light.

Truly, all hope I have abandoned,
and after all calculations I reckoned,
we, mortals, have all been burdened.
No matter how great we have cautioned,
the gates of Tartaros, to us had fastened,
thus, we’ve no choice but to be hardened.

Against my own fate, I was sent,
the Issi Misselo, I would have bent,
the strands of it, I’ll force to repent,
smash it if I can, even it’s just a dent.
No, it’s not really yet over yet,
in the end, I’ll grasp what I can’t.

Copyright © 2017 Solus Magus; All Rights Reserved.

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