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Charming: Part I - 3. Chapter Three

Zev growled as he grabbed Lucky by the front of his shirt, dragging him out of his chair and out of the office room. He then pushed Lucky against a wall and pinned him against it with Zev’s arm pressed against his chest. Lucky winced from the pressure that was being applied on him, his breathing squeezed as the man looked at him with angry eyes. With exposed teeth, Lucky feared that he was going to go back to the police station in a body bag.

Lucky also felt…strange. With the proximity of Zev’s body against him and his hot breath seething onto Lucky’s face, he could not stop thinking that if this was a different situation, he would have been totally into it.

A scruffy, sexy man pressed against him, overpowering him was one of Lucky’s major fantasies. Just to be ordered and pushed around was enough to get him hard. However, this was definitely not the time to be thinking about such things as the situation continued to deescalate. Maybe he should drop the hopeless romantic thing and get laid if being threatened by a police officer made him think like that.

“Thought you could get away, huh?” Zev grunted, pressing his arm harder against Lucky’s chest which caused those inappropriate thoughts to intensify.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Cindi shouted, pulling at Zev by the back of his collar.

“This doesn’t concern you, Miss,” Zev said, not taking his eyes off Lucky.

“How-How the hell did you find me?” Lucky demanded, his breathing short.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m taking you back to the station with a whole new list of charges that will make you regret that were ever born,” Zev scolded, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and forcing Lucky to turn around.

“You’re not arresting him!” Cheri said.

“Don’t interfere with police business, Miss or I’ll have this place shut down for prostitution as well,” Zev warned as he tried to handcuff Lucky who was struggling under his grip.

Unfortunately for Lucky, Zev managed to handcuff him and Zev pulled him by the collar of his shirt as they walked with both Cindi and Cheri protesting Zev to stop. They soon were outside and as they walked through the parking lot, Zev halted suddenly and Lucky looked to see a group of men surrounding an expensive-looking car.

“Shit,” Zev muttered, releasing his hold on Lucky and forcing him to sit down the ground. “Stay there.”

Cindi and Cheri stopped by Lucky, all three watching Zev as he stopped by the group of men who all turned when he asked them what they were doing with an authoritative voice.

One of the men with a half-smoked cigarette hanging between his lips said, “Nothing, officer.”

“It doesn’t look like nothing to me,” Zev asserted with his hands on his hips.

“We were just checking it out is all,” another man said. The man then stepped closer to Zev before saying, “No way… You’re one of us.”

Zev scoffed. “I have little in common your kind anymore. Now just away from the car and there won’t be any trouble here.”

“Or what? There’s ten of us and only one of you…traitor,” the same man said, taking a few more steps forward.

Zev stood his ground as he placed a hand on his sheathed gun as a warning. “Don’t.”

The man with the cigarette chuckled before taking his cigarette and throwing it on the ground. He then turned his head to the other men who began walking toward Zev as well. Turning his head back to him, his face looked completely different, like a wolf. His face was morphed to look more angular, more predatory and the other men also changed physically as they growled and got closer to Zev who did not looked deterred.

The men then attacked with their hands protruding claws and their mouths bearing sharp teeth. Lucky watched as Zev deflected each of the men attacks and gave them a taste of his own fists. One of them attempted to launch his entire body onto Zev, but he managed to grab the man by the neck and throw against two other men, all collapsing onto the ground. He then grabbed another man by the shoulder and punched him repeatedly in the torso.

If these were ordinary humans, they would have been defeated after the first round, either by Zev’s attacks or after running away scared, but they continued to get back up on their feet and attacked Zev with the same energy and ferocity. Lucky watched as Zev started getting clawed and punched, and though he still stood his ground, Lucky knew that one of Zev could not defeat ten of their kind.

Then when Lucky saw one of them jump onto Zev’s back and bite him viciously on the shoulder, he turned to Cindi and said, “Cindi! Do you have my car key?”

“Yeah, but—”

“Use it to unlock my handcuffs. Now!”

Cindi did not ask any questions as she quickly took Lucky’s car key and easily unlocked his handcuffs. He then took it from her hand and with the flick of his wrist, a sword extended from his hand.

“You two call nine-one-one. I’ll handle this,” Lucky assured.

Cindi and Cheri looked at each other before running back inside. With his sword equipped, Lucky ran towards the group of men and began his assault.

Gripping his sword with both hands, Lucky swiped upward and slashed the back of one of the men facing away from him. He howled in response before collapsing onto the ground. Another man saw what happened and with a growl, ran towards Lucky with his claws aimed at his face. However, Lucky easily dodged the attack and few others from the wolf-man hybrid before slashing his sword across the man’s chest. Blood spewed out and the man fell to his knees, allowing Lucky to kick the man’s head.

With another of those creatures defeated, Lucky continued to attack as Zev regained his footing and resumed his onslaught, kneeing a man several times in the stomach before turning him around and kicking him away towards Lucky. He swiped his sword and slashed the man before he collapsed on the ground too.

“Behind you!” Zev shouted.

Lucky turned around and ducked just before another goon attempted to punch him from behind. Lucky then stabbed the man in the stomach while he was crouched and pulled out his sword as he stood back up. And just as Lucky backed away, a man was tossed by Zev and collided with the other man, both falling to the ground in a heap.

One man decided to sprint towards Lucky like he was infected with rabies, most likely an attempt to scare him. But he was undeterred as he attacked the crazed man with his sword, blood spilling out of his wound before collapsing to the ground like a ragdoll next to Lucky’s feet. And Zev was crouched down, punching another one in the face repeatedly, blood staining his fist and splattering on the cold pavement.

Three more men remained. However, Lucky pointed his sword at them as a warning, causing two of them to back away. One man, though, the first one to talk was smiling sinisterly before positioning himself on his hands and feet. Unnatural sounds were heard as the man’s clothes started tearing away, and then his bare skin like it was mere cloth as well, revealing a large, black-furred body that lunged forward at them.

Gripping his sword tightly, Lucky was about to attack the beastly creature, but was suddenly pushed to the side by Zev and with his chest puffed, a large force of wind was blown from his mouth. The creature halted its movement, trying not to be blown away with its claws gripping the ground as a lifeline. However, the wind continued to blast and the creature was blown a short distance away like a newspaper. Then the wind was blown the other direction, into Zev’s mouth and the creature was hurled toward them like a cannon ball.

Zev then snatched Lucky’s sword away and just when the creature was about to hit them, Zev positioned the sword, so that it penetrated the beast through the torso, the tip exiting through its back. The creature cried out in pain as Zev lifted the beast with the sword and its fur began sagging, falling apart in pieces, revealing a pale, shaking and nude man who was begging for the pain to stop. Zev sneered before motioning the sword and tossing the once scary-looking creature to the ground like a piece of trash.

The two remaining men, looking at their defeated comrades, both backed away slowly before turning around and running away. The other men were not as fortunate as they groaned and cried out in pain from the wounds inflicted on them by Lucky and Zev.

“Man…wasn’t that something,” Lucky commented.

Lucky turned to Zev, about to ask him if he was okay when his own sword was placed against his neck, the cold metal scrapping his skin.

“Don’t you move,” Zev warned.

“What are you doing?” Lucky asked, surprised.

“Don’t think for a second that your help will get you out of the trouble you’re currently in,” Zev said.

“What—What are you talking about? I helped you because I thought you needed it!”

“I didn’t need your help. I would’ve resorted to my other strategy if I needed to,” Zev stated.

“What? You mean turn into a wolf creature?” Lucky asked angrily.

Zev narrowed his eyes at Lucky. “I’m not like them… Not anymore.”

Lucky furrowed his eyebrows at that statement when he saw an object appear at the corner of his eye. Turning his head to the side, he noticed the object was coming closer, he noticed it was a car without its headlights on driving at a very fast speed directly towards them. It was too fast and just as Zev turned his head to see what it was, Lucky pushed him back.

Lucky attempted to move as well, but it was too late. The car crashed against his body with such a tremendous force and he felt himself hit the windshield before everything went black.

Copyright © 2017 Superpride; All Rights Reserved.
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Sweeeet, Zev is a werewolf!!!!  I wonder if the rest of the police force knows this fact....Lucky could have a blackmail card against Zev.  At least now we know how Zev tracked him down.   Do I detect the possibility of a romance between the Prince and the Wolf????


Eagerly waiting for more, and to find out if Lucky is OK.  Thanks for the chapter!!

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There's definitely a connection between him and wolves, the main antagonist in several fairy and fable tales who are known for their disguises and eating characters whole.  So it's not surprising that their kind are stealing cars and committing other crimes, but Zev being a police officer, a person who enforces the law,  is strange to say the least.  You can say he is like a K9, sniffing for evidence and he most likely sniffed for Lucky.  One has to wonder what Zev had to smell to track Lucky to Cheri's establishment.  Hahaha.  Anyways, thanks for your latest comment and looking forward to more!

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Oh wow...what a cliffhanger...poor Lucky...just can't get lucky...maybe Zev will drop the "badazz" persona long enough to see that Lucky might just be his "Lucky Charm"!! Loving this....:2thumbs: :heart:

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6 hours ago, Onim said:

Oh wow...what a cliffhanger...poor Lucky...just can't get lucky...maybe Zev will drop the "badazz" persona long enough to see that Lucky might just be his "Lucky Charm"!! Loving this....:2thumbs: :heart:


Lucky is very unlucky indeed.  Hopefully Zev will stop huffing and puffing after realizing Lucky is more than just another spoiled prince.  Thanks for providing your thoughts!

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