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The Obdurate Avidity - 22. Chapter 22



It seemed like we had been lying next to each other for only a moment, even though more than an hour had passed.  I could feel his smooth, bare skin against me, as the warmth of his body radiated deep within my own, along with the wonderful smell of not too fruity, not too perfumy.  His head fit perfectly under my chin and his soft hair was tickling my neck, with our arms wrapped around each other.  I was in heaven.  This was what it was all about.  Being with someone you cared about as close to each other as humanly possible.  Every once in a while I could feel him kiss my chest while I circled the small of his back with my fingers for the sole purpose of feeling goose bumps spread across his body.  Everything was perfect, until…

“ADRIAN!!! ARE YOU HOME?!!!”  Alas all good things come to an end.  The yell of my mother coming in the front door forced my heart to skip a beat, and James instantly jumped out from under the blankets, away from my embrace.  Before I could even register what was happening, he was already putting his socks on.

“GAH!  Adrian, hurry up!  What if she comes upstairs?”  James giggled nervously.

“Umm, then I will be naked and comfortable!” I returned with a stretch of regret.

“Well, ummmm, this is one of those awkward situations I would rather not have to explain to your mommy.  Come on please?” he begged and tossed me my clothes.

“Hehe, I’m leaking!” I replied with an awkward smile as a warm liquid trickled down the back of my thigh.

“Is it all over your sheets?” he giggled curiously.

“I think so…  Guess I’m gonna have to try and wash these sheets again.  We need to figure out some kind of system that doesn’t make me have do laundry.”  I then climbed off of the bed and turned back around to examine the smeared, wet stain that James bestowed upon my, ermmmm, bottom.

“ADRIAN!  I need a hand!” my mom bellowed up the stairs, only this time she sounded much, much closer than before.

James’s face became flush with panic.  “Oh shit! Adrian! She’s coming up stairs, hurry!”

“Don’t worry, I got it covered...  OKAY MOM!!! COMING!!!” I yelled back at her, and then whispered, just loud enough for James to hear, “right after I get my clothes on and cover up James’s cum stains.”

“Ack! Shut up!”  James tossed my shirt at me, rushed across the room and disappeared inside the closet.

“Ha ha ha, what’s that gonna do?  She knows you’re here,” I teased.

“I got scared, okay?  You’re too slow,” he whispered from behind the closet door.

“Well we’re safe now, I’m ready.  Let’s go see what dear old mother needs.”

   We made our way down the stairs, hopping two at a time, to see what my mom so urgently needed us for.  She was standing at the bottom of the stairs with her left hand on the banister mount with a smile on her face.  James, who was standing in front of me, came to a sudden stop, causing me to bump into him slightly, which I took to my full advantage and gave a sly squeeze to his soft mound of a behind.  Oh my… wet.  I instantly went a little red, as James turned his toward me with an awkward look of panic when he realized his backside was wet, which is about the time when James realized he must have sat on the wrong part of the bed.

“What have you two been up to?  I’ve been yelling.” her look, one that only a mother could produce, made us feel instantly guilty.

“Uh, we were playing Pariah,” I lied, even though I knew she’d be able to tell.

“Hmm, well, okay.  I got a bunch of groceries in the car.  Can you boys help me bring them in?”  Looking into both of our eyes must have said it all.  She had called our bluff.  I just hope she left it at that.

“No Problem, Moms.”  I hopped in front of James and grabbed his shoes so that he could venture in behind us without a problem…  I hoped.

   We quickly threw on our shoes, and I guided my mom to the kitchen to start putting things away while me and James ran back and forth hauling in the groceries.  James walked in behind me on the way in and in front of me on the way out every time.  Poor guy, hehe; my mom had so many groceries we had to take four trips, so at the very moment we were done, James said he had to run home to check in and that he would be right back.

“All right, see you in a bit, buddy,” I said with a two-faced grin.  He looked back with a scowl and left out the back door, avoiding turning his back to my mom at all costs.

“Yup, okay,” was all he said closing the door behind him.

I helped Mom put everything away then ran to my room to clean up a little bit, but not before taking some time to clean up… myself.  It felt like I was going to crap myself, but knew it was something… else.  In the end, I decided it best to grab a quick shower and just change into some clean clothes.  I threw on some silky basketball shorts and matching white shirt.  It felt so awesome on my skin, like being caressed with the tips of feathers all over.  Mmmm comfy.


“Adrian! James is back!” my mom yelled up the stairs, which echoed up the laundry chute and chimed throughout the entire house.  With a smile on my face, I hopped back down the stairs to meet James in the kitchen, who was eating a large chocolate chip cookie.

“Took you long enough,” I teased.

“Yeah sorry, I had to help my mom clean up the kitchen a bit,” James explained.

“That’s cool, I grabbed a shower.”

“Wanna bum around outside?  It’s nice out.”  A smirk crossed James face when he said that, which piqued my curiosity.

“Okay,” I answered, and turned back around to throw on my shoes.

“Thanks for the cookie Mrs. Conner.”  James raised the cookie in the air, and turned to open the door.

“You’re welcome James,” Mother replied, throwing some cans inside the pantry.


I followed in behind James to the backyard; he seemed to be trying to get away from me.  He looked back with a strange smile on his face, as his pace quickened.  I didn’t know what to make of this, so I attempted to follow him.  He would look back every few steps, making sure that I was still following him, and then he would continue to move away from me.  Watching him hop across the ditch between our yards, he began to sprint toward a tree.  What was going on?

“NOW!!!” James yelled, startling me.

Just after he said that, I heard someone giggling from behind me.  Turning to get a better look, something hit me right in the side of the head.  It felt weird; it was soft yet dense at the same time.  Before it could register my back grew cold and my ears filled with water.  I was soaked!  Looking back toward James, who was laughing hysterically, another one smashed open against my leg soaking my shorts and my shoes.

“GAHHH AHHHH!!! GOD! That’s COLD!” I screamed and turned to face Austin, who had a huge wagon of water balloons.  “Don’t you dare, AUSTIN!!! ARGGHHHHH!!!” I screamed some more as James began to shower me in even more wetness.  Austin began to laugh so hard that when he attempted to chuck another balloon it just dropped to the ground and rolled toward me.  Without a thought, I jumped forward, doing a barrel roll to the ground, as I leapt toward the orange sphere of rubber and liquid, just as I was bombarded by yet another balloon, which caused me to fall off course in mid-air.  With a thud and a partial roll, I grabbed the balloon, pivoting myself toward James, who was about to grab another balloon.


“PUT down YOUR weapon!!! AND NO ONE GETS WET!!!” I warned, holding the balloon in a defensive stance, awaiting the right moment to catapult it toward James.

“You’re in NO position to BARGAIN! SURRENDER NOW!” James demanded.

“NEVER!!!”  I heaved the water ball toward James and watched as it soared through the air, directly at him.  Before James could respond, the balloon burst against his belly and caused him to fall back.

“AHHH!!! DAMN IT!” he cried, as he fell back in shock.

Before I was finished celebrating my victory, Austin began tossing more balloons at me, one after another, as fast as his little arms could manage.  Giggles were flowing through the air as freely as birds flew, while an army of colours swarmed toward me like a squadron of fighter jets. 

In a panic, I ran and jumped toward some abandoned balloons that were lying on the grass.  The balloons were crashing and bursting against me from all directions, as I grabbed a nice, ripe blue one off of the ground and rolled to the side while heaving the balloon at Austin.  The balloon splashed against the boy’s bare foot and burst up his leg, causing Austin to scream in one of the embarrassing high-pitched tones that only a school girl should produce, and he fell backward and tripped over the wagon.  With all the balloons bouncing out and scattering around him, now was my chance!

   Jumping to my feet, I kicked into high gear and ran toward Austin, who was sprawled out on his back, soaked in a frenzy of water and color.  Standing directly over him, with a leg on either side of his torso, I grabbed some balloons and greedily gathered them in my shirt, which I was using as a massive pocket.  James spared no mercy and was heaving the balloons at me one after the other.  The balloons crashed against my back and burst all over me and Austin.

“I’m SORRY! NO!!! PLEASE!!” he pleaded in laughter while holding his hands up, over his face defensively.

“OH REALLY!?” I chuckled and popped a balloon over his bare chest.

“AHHHH!!! COLD!!!! YES, YES-yes!!! I AM!” he screamed this time.  What a little cutie, hehe.

With that, I decided to leave him alone, but just as I was turning from him to concentrate on James, he grabbed another balloon and chucked it hard against my chin.  It burst across my face and dripped down my chest and stomach, soaking me entirely, so I turned back around.

Lifting his legs, he kicked his feet against my knees, which caused me to stumble back and fall to his right, directly on top of three more balloons. The pocket of collected balloons in my shirt was emptied in less than a second, and a large, loud burst of balloons gushed out from my sides and drenched not only me, but the grass around me for a good three-foot radius from my stomach.

“ARGHHHHHHHH, AHHHH!!! YOU LITTLE!!” I shouted and moaned in shock as I rolled away from him, only to be followed by a series of bursting balloons, all thrown by the little puke.

“Never trust a McDowell!” Austin said proudly, and he grabbed as many balloons as he could and ran off.

I was completely disorientated as I attempted to regain my balance and climb to my feet.  Tearing my shirt up and over my head and dropping it to the ground, I grabbed two balloons and cautiously walked over to where James once was.  The yards were now empty; both boys were nowhere to be seen.  I scanned the area as carefully as I could, as my mind attempted to be aware of everything.  Suddenly, I heard the squeaking of wheels followed closely by a few short giggles from James, but when I turned around no one was there.

I crouched as close as I could to the ground in the direction of the squeaking.  But when I got close, the squeaking was behind me again.  When I turned I saw Austin behind a tree, on guard, as James snuck in behind his house, toting the little red, rusted wagon in behind him.  If I wasn’t so paranoid just then, I would have started laughing hysterically at the site of James trying not to destroy his heels with the tiny wagon so close in behind him.

   It was then that I decided a new plan was in order, and I ran toward the bushes on the side of his house, keeping down low.  Crawling in the leaves and twigs I ventured around to the front of his house and off to the other side.  I hadn’t been there before.  It was filled with nothing but dirt and dead branches and covered in old trees and darkness.  So cool.  It was at that moment I saw him.  He was crouched behind a fallen tree trunk that spanned the entire side of the house.  The bark had been stripped from it years ago, leaving a nice, smooth surface.  It was shaped in a sort of bell-curve, with its highest point in the middle, its top lying flat in the dirt in front of me, and its bottom was barely in the ground, with large dried roots sticking out of the earth like a surfacing giant octopus.  That’s where James was hiding: tucked away between the mangled, dead roots, as if he were jailed in a cage.

   Before I made my move, Austin came around the corner and told James that he had lost me.  James said something and pointed toward the outskirts of his yard and Austin ran off in that direction.  Now was my chance!

“HRGGHH RAWRRRRRRRR!!!” I shouted in my most horrid of war cries and heaved a balloon at James.  The purple mound burst against his shoulder, causing him to scream and scurry with his stupid squeaky wagon in behind him.  This shouldn’t be hard to catch up….

   Running in behind him, I hopped over the tree trunk, tucked my knees to my chest then thrust them backward in mid-air, drawing back my right hand that held a nice, ripe-for-the-bursting balloon.  Whipping my arm forward, I released the object from my hand and watched it soar toward him.  It crashed into the centre of the wagon and burst a couple of balloons on contact.  After doing so, it bounced up and crashed into James’s behind causing him to jump forward with a yelp and fall to the ground.

Before I even made contact with the ground, another balloon hit me in the side and burst against my hip and stomach.  In a startle I too fell to the ground.

   Austin ran at me and leaped on top of me, straddling my stomach in an attempt to hold me down.  He grabbed my arms and pinned them to the grass, as James rolled and tossed a balloon at my head.  As it splashed upward Austin screamed and fell back in between my legs in an awkward bend that left him momentarily stuck.  Sliding out from under him, I rolled backward toward James and grabbed the back wheels of his wagon and tipped it over.

Austin struggled to roll onto his hands and knees and scurried across the grass toward the scattered balloons, with James crawling close behind him. Bending down and grabbing the last balloon that was near the wagon, I chucked it at Austin and watched it crash against his thigh and burst up against his backside and soak his leg and back.  He fell toward James, grabbing hold of his hip, and the two tumbled clumsily to the ground, bursting a couple more balloons in the process.

“Don’t ever mess with a Conner!” I teased, taking a stance and raising my left foot over top the tipped wagon with both knuckles firmly at my hips.

“Oh, so you think this is the end?” James smirked.

“You can’t win! You’re out numbered!” Austin cried out while reaching for a balloon and tossing it at me.

   Without even thinking I leapt in the air raised my left knee toward my chest, spinning my body in a quick circle.  The balloon made contact with my right heel and was sent back at Austin, crashing against his shoulder.

“Holy shit!” Austin screamed.

“HEY! Watch your language!” James warned with a grin and slapped Austin’s shoulder lightly.

“Sorry…  How’d you do that?” Austin asked in excitement.

“He’s a cheater! That’s how!” James smiled at me.

“Wow that was one hell of a fluke, hehehe. Bet I couldn’t do that again,” I chuckled nervously..

“James… I think we should give up,” Austin looked around the grass. “I think we’re out of balloons anyway.”

“Well that was fun.  Guess you weren’t helping your mom after all, huh?”  I said to James with a smile.

“Nope, Austin had a bunch of balloons that were impossible to blow up…  So I fixed them,” he explained and poked out his tongue.

“We better clean up all this garbage before mom gets mad,” Austin realized and climbed to his feet to pick up some balloon shrapnel.

   With that said, we all began to collect the remains of our game.  It was horrible, the little pieces of rubber were scattered everywhere.  Some in places I didn’t think were possible.  Like stuck in between the bark crevices of a few trees, and lodged into the siding of James’s house.  The majority of the debris was scattered in the ditch between our houses.  I hadn’t realized just how many balloons they had filled.  God, no wonder it took him so long to come back.

All together it took a good half hour before we were convinced all of the pieces were safely in the garbage.  Upon the official announcement of being done, we all lay back on the grass and followed the clouds as they ventured across the sky, absorbing the warm summer’s heat.

   Austin was lying in between me and James with his arms sprawled out over ours.  This was actually the first time I had spent any time with Austin.  He wasn’t a bad kid.  I wonder why James never lets him hang with us.  Guess it’s a brother thing.  I’m guessing if I had a little brother I wouldn’t want to be stuck with him all the time either.  But, all in all, he’s a good kid.  Didn’t look much like James though, which I found weird.  His hair was near the same length, maybe a bit longer, and his build was thin and boney, but it suited him.  His blond hair curled a little at the ends, and his eyes were more of a brown.  I wonder how James managed to look so different from the rest of his family.  God seemed to have gotten their eye colours mixed up though.  James has brown hair, which usually resulted in brown eyes… but they were blue, and Austin has blond hair but brown eyes.  Hehe, maybe that explains all the clashing colours in their house.  Of course they seemed to pull it off nicely.  Austin was bound to be a heartthrob when he got older.

   It was then I felt like a complete perv, and I shook off any and all thoughts of James’s little brother and continued to look at the sky.  The clouds were large and fluffy today, perfect shape-chasing weather.  There was what looked to be a squid nearing the edge of the horizon, and a gigantic elephant directly above us.

“Hey look!  A Platypus!” Austin giggled.

“Where?”  James replied, trying to follow Austin’s finger in the air.

“Right there next to the big cloud,” he whispered.

“I dunno, looks more like a beaver,” I decided.

“That’s because the beak fell off and went in the elephants bum,” Austin blurted out, instantly spraying spit into his hands as he covered his mouth while trying to muffle his laughter, which immediately caused me and James to burst out in an uproar of laughter.

   Austin kicked his knees into his chest and rolled toward me while holding his sides.  Looking at his reddened face, I gently shoved him back at James and watched him roll away as I giggled some more.

“EWE!!! Gross! Get away from me!” James squealed, rolling away from Austin who had burst out a stream of saliva at James’s face from between his fingers which were pressed tightly against his mouth.

“HAHAHHAa hahha I’m sorry!  I didn’t….. HehhEHHEHEheheheh hahaha mean.. hehe to!!”  Austin was laughing so hard he let out a loud sharp sounding fart from his behind… which was pointed toward me.

“GAH!!! That’s nasty!” In a panic, I did a backwards head-over-heels roll away from the sulfur-like smell.

“HAHAHAHHAHA! HooohoooHOOOOOOOOO” Austin rolled over again reaching for James’s arm.

“Get out of here ya puke!” James giggled, giving Austin another shove.  It was then Austin froze.  The look of panic flooded his face, and his laughter stopped immediately.

“OH GOD!!!”  Austin held his hands to his butt, “I need to POOOOH!!!”  He screamed and climbed to his feet, and bolted toward the door.

“OH WOW GROSS!!! HAHAHAHAhahhahahahaHAHAHA!”  I had to grab my sides in a frenzy of laughter-induced pain.

“I think he pooped himself! Did you smell that?!”  James blurted while climbing to his knees.

“Yeah, it did smell rather fresh, didn’t it?”  I chuckled.

“Ewe, don’t ever say it like that ever again.”  A look of revulsion grew across James’s face.

“What’s the matter?  Weak stomach?”  I teased

“No, but I think that cookie I ate disagrees with the smell.”

“You gonna spew?” I smiled at him.

“Nah, just a bit of a queasy knot,” he decided.

“Oh, well if you do… can you go over there, ‘cause I don’t want to get soaked again.”  I requested with a tease.

“I’m fine,” James poked out his tongue. “Thanks for caring.”

   I smiled and sat up to look at him.  He was joking, but his facial expression looked so serious that it kind of hurt deep in my chest to see.  I looked to the grass, avoiding the glare James was expelling from his body.  Noting that I looked hurt he came and sat next to me as close as he publicly could.

“I was kidding silly, I’m sorry,” he nudged my shoulder with his own and smiled.

“I know, my insides are just being stupid, don’t worry about it.”

“Well quit being such a ninny,” he teased.

“A ninny?  What does that mean anyway?”

“About as much as ‘ginormous’ I guess…”  He smiled and looked down at his knees with a chuckle when he noticed my memory clicking in.

“If you want to add words to my dictionary, you gotta fill out a request form first,” I explained.

“Oh really?  Well maybe it’s from my own dictionary.”

“You can’t have your own dictionary, that’s way too much to remember.  If life had more of a vocabulary and we had to remember all of my words and your words we’d never make any sense of each other,” I explained.

“But… You’re not making any sense now…” he teased.

“Exactly! See what you’ve done!?”

“Oh shut up!  FINE!  I get it….”  James rose to his feet and hovered over me.

“Whatcha doing?”  I asked, looking up at this wonder before me.

“Submitting my request,” he smiled, as he turned his cheek toward me and lifted his leg…..




“OH GOD!!! What did you two eat?! WOW!” I waved my hands to move the air away from me in a frantic and desperate manner.

“I couldn’t tell you that,” he smiled.

“You’re right, I probably don’t wanna know.”  I smiled back as I raised a hand for him to help me up.

“JAMES!!! DINNER’S READY!!!”  Austin screamed from the bathroom window.

“Hmmm, guess I’ll catch up with you later?” James said while waving at his brother.

“Yeah, it’s probably dinner time for me too.  Give me a call after?”  I asked.

“Sure.  Love you,” he said with a smile as he began to head toward his house.

“Love you too,” I replied with a warm chest and a large smile as I hopped back across the ditch toward my house.

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