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Time May Change Me.  2. Absolute Beginners

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When you 'come out' it's not always over in one go, sometimes it's more complicated. When you've found the person you love you don't want to be apart, sometimes it's not that easy. Alex and Matty must confront the obstacles thrown in front of them and deal with an episode from the past that they thought was all over with, but which comes back with disastrous consequences.



For Emi,

you were hoping I would continue the story.



The sequel to I'll Kiss You in the Rain,

which you really should read first for the complete story.


Copyright © 2017 William King; All Rights Reserved.

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"Oh to be young and feel love's keen sting!"

                             -Albus Dumbledore


Where does love take us?  How far are you willing to go for love?  What lengths will you go to in order to hold on to one's first love?  These are the questions that confront young Alex as he experiences the pain of love that is being pulled away from him.  But Alex is not willing to let go without a fight, and along the way he digs himself into a deeper and more complicated mess, trying to hold on to that which he knows he cannot keep.  In the end, Alex cannot change time, but time may indeed change Alex.


This story is an adventure into the wide unknown, a story of stretching and breaking the boundaries.  It comes with a portion of pain, as young love often does.  But the real story is in the journey, the testing, and the promise of what lies over the next horizon.  Alex is young and desperate.  Sometimes he makes poor decisions.  But he is driven by love, and that makes so many of us irrational.


What would you do for love?

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