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Dracken Awakening - 6. Chapter 6

The Burrow was in utter chaos. Molly Weasley had gone to Gringotts to withdraw some money and was told that the vault had been closed and that she in fact owed them money. She couldn’t understand what happened. She decided to have Ron and Ginny see if they could lend her some money as they should have plenty.

“Ron, you and Ginny must buy your own school supplies this year, something has happened to my account and I can’t withdraw the money for them. Remember to make sure that they aren’t expensive. We don’t want Harry to suspect anything.”

“Mum, that’s not fair. That money is supposed to be for us to spend on anything we want. You and Dad are the ones that are supposed to buy our school supplies,” whined Ron.

“Ron, let’s just go get the money and we will get your shopping out of the way while we’re there,” said Molly as she ushered Ron and Ginny to the fireplace.

Ron grabbed some floo powder and snarled, “Diagon Alley!”

When he stepped through into the Leaky Cauldron he decided to not wait for his mum and sister. As he stormed through the pub he swiped at the ashes on his clothes. He took out his wand and tapped out the pattern on the wall in the back that opened into the alley. Wizards and witches alike stayed out of his way as he stormed through the crowds to Gringotts.

He went to the first goblin and demanded to get money out of his vault. “I’m sorry Mr. Weasley, but that vault has been closed.”

“What do you mean it’s been closed? I didn’t close it!”

“Director Ragnok would like to speak with you. Please follow me.” The goblin hoped off his stool and waited for Ron to follow him down the hallway.

Ron growled but followed him down the hall only to stop in front of an ornate wood door with a gold handle. The goblin knocked on the door and waited for the command to enter. Once the command was given the door was opened and the goblin stepped to the side to allow Ron to enter. Ron was so startled by the armed goblins that stood on the other side of the room that he jumped when the door was slammed shut.

Ron looked at the goblin behind the ornate desk and shrunk back when the goblin smiled because it looked like an ugly sneer. Ron quickly gathered himself and proudly walked to one of the chairs in front of the desk where he promptly seated himself. He ignored the growls from the warriors in the back of the room as he stared at the Director. He refused to cower in front of someone he considered a non-important beast. What he forgot in his pride is that the so-called beasts handled all the money in the wizarding world.

“Mister Weasley, it has come to our attention that you have been receiving money from the Potter account without his permission- “

“Professor Dumbledore as his magical guardian gave it to me,” Ron interrupted.

“As I was saying before you interrupted. Lord Potter has been emancipated since he competed in the Tri-Wizard tournament and therefore any money taken out of his account without permission whether by you personally or by Dumbledore is theft and we do not tolerate theft of any kind here at Gringotts. Therefore, any money you received has been taken out of your vault, along with a monetary penalty with interest. Because of this your vault has been closed and you still owe Lord Potter $25,000 galleons. You have no choice but to work it off in our mines.”

Ron decided to take his chances and tried to run out of the room. What he hadn’t noticed was that while the Director spoke to him the guards had moved into place and blocked the only exit to the office. The guards held their weapons in front of them and there was no mistaking their intent to use deadly force if it was needed.

Molly waited for Ron outside the bank and began to worry when he didn’t come out right away. She knew they shouldn’t be too busy in the middle of the day because of everyone being at work. Ginny had gone off to get her supplies because she had already taken some money out of her account a few days prior. Molly finally decided to meet Ginny at Madame Maikins where she was getting her robes for school along with some new every day clothes.


Charlie, Neville and Harry all decided to go to Gringotts so Harry’s mates could be added to his accounts. They decided to simply have a bond contract with only two witnesses and file it with the bank. Neville sent Luna a note to have her meet them at the bank. Charlie also sent a quick note to Bill to have him meet them there.

They got to the bank and were lucky enough to have missed the Weasley matriarch. Harry stepped up to the teller that was in the corner of the bank because he knew that he was the floor supervisor and would have the authority to select the ritual room and let Bill and Luna know where to go when they got there.

Harry bowed briefly to show respect to the goblin. “Good afternoon Master Sharptooth. I am here to request a ritual room and Master goblin to perform a bonding ceremony between me and my mates. I also need to add them to my account so they have the authority to withdraw funds when needed.”

Sharptooth was shocked that this wizard would show the proper respect to a goblin. “Lord Potter=Black, Griphook will show you to the room after he adds your mates to your account. May your gold overflow.”

“May your enemies fall at your feet.”

Griphook came and motioned for Harry to follow him. They stopped at Griphook’s office where they quickly got all the paperwork completed so that Neville and Charlie had access to the Potter and Black accounts as his mates. He also decided to make a will so that they would be taken care of if something were to happen. Charlie and Neville decided to also make up their wills for the same reason. They also added the others in the mateship to their accounts.

Charlie felt overwhelmed being mated to two Lords. He felt like he wasn’t good enough for them since he was only a dragon handler. He didn’t feel like he could contribute financially. With him being a dominant he felt like he should be able to provide for his submissive but he felt inadequate because Harry had the financial backing of two Ancient and Noble houses.

There was a knock on the door. A goblin entered and said, “Master Griphook the ritual room is ready for Lord Potter-Black and his mates. Their witnesses are here and it seems like the entire Weasley family except the youngest and their mother are here for master Charlie.”

“Thank you Bludgner.” Griphook stood which let Harry’s party know to follow the goblins to the ritual room.

Charlie was shocked when he walked in and saw his family there. Bill must have seen the look on his face because he chuckled and said, “Did you really think you could get bonded and your family wouldn’t be here? As soon as I told them everyone rushed to get ready. Harry is like a little brother to us. Of course, we will be there for him.”

“Bill, thank you and your family for coming. I knew Charlie would probably forget to tell you guys, but I also knew he would regret it if you weren’t here. Neville and I both know how important family is to him, as well as the rest of you Weasleys.”

“Harry, why isn’t Ron here? I thought you two were best friends?”

“Bill, now isn’t the time for this. I think we need to have a family meeting following the bonding,” said Mr. Weasley.

“Master Griphook, is it possible to rent a conference room after the bonding so we can talk privately?” Harry asked.

“Of course, Lord Potter-Black.”

The group followed the goblin down the hall to a set of golden double doors that had a warrior on either side of the doors. They each stood there with what looked like a snarl upon their faces and while they knew they had done nothing wrong, the party still felt worried until they walked through the doors into the ritual room that held a circle with an alter in the center and was surrounded by runes.

“Lord Potter-Black, Lord Longbottom and Mr. Weasley please step into the center of the circle and surround the alter.”

The three men did as requested and entered the circle. They reached out and clasped each other’s hands and formed a circle around the alter where a pewter bowl sat with silver athame. Their family stood outside the circle and clasped hands as they witnessed the bonding.

Harry picked up the athame and sliced his left hand letting seven drops of blood fall into the bowl. He passed the knife to Neville and performed a quick healing spell on his hand. Neville followed Harry’s lead and did the same before he handed the athame to Charlie. Harry quickly healed Neville’s hand and then Charlie’s once they had added their blood to the bowl.

Charlie handed the athame back to Harry, who then used the tip to stir the blood in the bowl. Harry stirred the blood seven times until a golden light shone from the bowl and encompassed the three mates.

The family and goblins shielded their eyes. When Bill brought his hand down he heard a plink sound of metal being dropped into something like a metal bowl. The light had dissipated and Harry saw three platinum bands inside the bowl. He reached in and took one of the rings in his hand. Him and Charlie both placed the ring onto Neville’s left hand. They each kissed the ring once it was in place. Neville took the next ring and together with Harry placed it onto Charlie’s left hand where he and Harry both kissed it. Charlie took the final ring and with Neville placed it on Harry’s left ring finger. They each raised Harry’s hand and placed a gentle kiss on the ring.

Once they all had their rings they turned to their family. “I am pleased to present the Potter-Black-Longbottom family,” said Master Griphook.

Arthur looked a little upset because it seemed like Charlie was abandoning his family by not having Weasley in the family name. Charlie must have sensed it because he said, “Dad, I am not abandoning the family. I simply felt that it would be easier for me to drop my name then it would be for one of the to drop theirs. There are other Weasley boys to carry on the name, whereas Neville and Harry are the last of their lines. I am still a Weasley, just not by name anymore.”

Arthur nodded his head because he could understand where Charlie was coming from and realized it was not a slight on the family.

Griphook led the party out of the ritual chamber to a conference room where they would talk undisturbed. Harry decided it would be best for him to start off the meeting.

“I know I have just joined your family but I feel you have the right to know why I chose not to invite my ‘best friend’.” Harry used his hands to around the quote of best friend. “I attended the private will reading of my godfather and was surprised at some of the content. It seems that he was not as unobservant as some people would like to believe. You see he as my godfather and guardian got an accounting of my all my accounts here at Gringotts. It seems like there have been withdrawals coming out since the day my parents died. How could I as a baby withdraw money from my account. For bloody sake Ron, Ginny and Molly have been getting money from my accounts before I even knew you guys existed. Ron was paid to be my friend and Ginny and Molly are determined that I marry Ginny and no one else. I have loved you guys like family and to find out that the woman I thought of as a surrogate mother had been stealing from me and plotting to dose me with love potions is a little hard to handle.”

“What do you mean they’ve been stealing from you? That’s not possible. Molly wouldn’t do that, she loves you like a son.” Arthur started to turn as red as his hair. Bill stepped forward and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Dad, Ginny’s obsession with Harry is not healthy. I never expected for mum reading her those stories about The Boy Who Lived would lead to her dosing him with love potions, but I have noticed her obsession and always wanting to know where he is, who he’s with, and what he’s doing at all times. She followed him everywhere he went while at Hogwarts. When we were there for the Tri-Wizard tournament I could see that she was getting worse. I mean she threw a fit when he didn’t ask her to the Yule ball or that she wasn’t what he would miss the most for the second task.”

“Bill’s right dad.”

“We didn’t know about the theft, but we knew about the falsehood of ickle Ronnikins feelings as a best friend of Harry Potter. He wants the praise and fame that comes from it, but doesn’t want to put in the work to have an actual friendship.” George turned to Harry and said, “I would be careful of the know it all bookworm as well. She wants to get her hands on the books in the Black and Potter family libraries. She counted on the permission being granted by Padfoot in his will. After all that is what Dumbledore promised her. She’s counting on her friendship with you Harry to get her in the door at the Ministry. Her goals of changing the regulations on werewolves is admiral. I think she got caught up in her passion and is going about things in the wrong way. I know you Harry and I know you want the same changes because of Remus. Talk to her and get her to see how she is going about this is the wrong way.”

“I can’t simply forgive that she took money from me. I would have gladly given it to her and your family if I’d known I had it and they had asked.”

“We know Harry. We don’t blame you for cutting them out of your life. You need to talk to them, especially Hermione. There is no redemption for Ron, Ginny, and Molly; but I think Hermione is a different story.”

“Alright, I will talk to her.”

“Lord Potter-Black, we have frozen the vaults of the thieves and returned the money stolen from you with interest. The Headmaster, Madam Weasley, the youngest children and Miss Granger will all be put on trial by the goblins. We do not condone thievery and will punish it harshly. If you want to punish through the wizards you’re welcome to, but we will not allow them to go unpunished. If we have to make an example of them we will.”

Arthur looked at his boys. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could Molly or any of his kids do this to Harry?

Harry knew this had to be hard on the Weasleys and he knew the twins didn’t blame him for it but he worried about Mr. Weasley and Bill. Mr. Weasley was like a father to him. He worried this would change how they saw him and that he would lose the only family he had known.

“Harry, you can stop worrying. You are still family to us. Nothing will change that.”

George and Fred looked at each other, but it was Draco who spoke. “Look Potter. I know we have never gotten along and I know you are important to Fred and George which means that you are important to me. I will help you in any way I can.”

“Malfoy, I may not like you but for the sake of the twins I will work with to get along with you. As far as I’m concerned Ron and Ginny can go to the deepest pits the goblin tunnels have. Arthur, I don’t want to hurt you but I want you to know I will never set foot in the Burrow again if Molly and Ginny are there because I will not take the chance of getting dosed with love potions.”

“Harry, I don’t blame you. I understand where you are coming from. I also understand if you feel I have betrayed you by not noticing what they were doing.”

“Arthur, it is not your fault and I don’t blame you at all. Some people are simply able to hide their true motives better than others.”

“Mister Weasley, I have been informed that your youngest son Ronald has been detained and will be standing trial later today for his theft from the house of Potter. I will leave it up to you to turn your wife and daughter over to us or to the DMLE. Based on evidence given to us by the late Lord Black they will have the additional charge of attempted line theft.”

“Master Griphook, as soon as I get home I will bring them to you to face up for their crimes. Also, I, Arthur Billius Weasley do hereby remove Mary Molly Weasley nee Prewitt, Ginevra Molly Weasley, and Ronald Billius Weasley from the house of Weasley. So mote it be.”

“I, Charles William Potter-Black-Longbottom nee Weasley do hereby remove Mary Molly Prewitt, Ginevra Molly Prewitt, and Ronald Billius Prewitt from the house of Prewitt. So mote it be.”

“Charlie, you realize they have now been completely disowned and are now considered to be no named?” asked Bill.

“Yes, Bill. I know what I did. No one will get away with hurting one of my mates and they have brought shame upon the names of Weasley and Prewitt.”

Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowlings, everything else belongs to me.
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Awesome chapter. Its nice to see someone else reading between the lines. I always thought Ginny was a little obsessive. I hope Hermione can be saved. I also anxiously await more plays on Dumbledores name.

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On 03/11/2017 10:03 PM, Wesley8890 said:

Awesome chapter. Its nice to see someone else reading between the lines. I always thought Ginny was a little obsessive. I hope Hermione can be saved. I also anxiously await more plays on Dumbledores name.

I do have a touch of evil in me.

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I loved the chapter! Keep up the great writing, I can't wait to see what comes next.

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I liked this chapter alot I just hope we don't have to wait over a year to see the next one :-).

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On 03/14/2017 06:43 AM, tiger721boi said:

I liked this chapter alot I just hope we don't have to wait over a year to see the next one :-).

I am so sorry about that. I am working on the next chapter and it shouldn't take me a year to get it posted.

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Mmmmm, Not sure what to say, having just read the story in one go so far i am intrigued.

This is the FIRST Harry Potter fan story I have ever read, after reading the originals of JK which to be honest transported me in to the world of HP and felt as if I was there I didn't want to read any other.

This on the other hand was really good, the betrayal by "friends" and those who were supposed to watch over him and those who were kept away who could have changed his life have changed the whole HP story line.

Reading this has taken me down a path I had not expected and I am enjoying the rush.

As other's have said, we hope the next chapter is being sent by magic quill as we speak, and not wait to long.



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Great story! I love how you're uniting unlikely mates together, the twins and Malfoy together is a nice touch. Keep the story coming😃

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