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Found 1 result

  1. For a while now I have been composing a response to The Secret Life of Billy Chase. The response is Brandon's Blog, an online diary he keeps that is where he puts his thoughts, his experiences, his dreams, his poetry...and his heartaches. Brandon signed his first entry with 'Brandon...Smiling' and so this story is named. Thanks to the support of Atruefan who has been reading my response and who has given me positive feedback he was kind enough to sponsor me before Comsie The Great. His Alluring Majesty read my first chapter and gave his blessing for its release. Alas, though I wish he had the time, I don't think Comsie can always Beta Read this work though I would dearly love it if he could. I love his story so much that I want to remain faithful to it in Brandon's perspective. In that spirit I was wondering if any of you, his true fans and particularly of the Billy Chase Chronicle would like to Beta Read Brandon Smiling for me so that I stay the course. Brandon became a special character for me because the way Comsie wrote him greatly reminded me of myself at 14-15. This uncanny connection compelled me to start writing again after several years of lying fallow. This is a work from my heart and has aspects of my own experience being gay growing up. I greatly admire Comsie for his adept insight into such a character as mine as my experience was a fairly common one and one that many can connect with. This is how Comsie writes his characters. They are reflections of us and possibly as we could have been or would have meant to be. Anyway, I hope you guys might help out if you want. I would sure appreciate it. Love, MrM

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