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Found 13 results

  1. Hey Guys! Ive received requests for another community blog. I’m hoping for some interaction from this very large community! I asked for some ideas that would interest you into participation. This idea comes from similar suggestions by @Kitt and @Cia What brought you to Gay Authors? Why do you stay? The first question is kind of a fluke for me. I was following a story by an author on another site, where I lost track of story. I know you’re dying to know author. It was @Comicality. When I did a Google search, story popped up. I clicked on without paying attention. The site was completely different. TaDa! I found GA. I read here for a few years, before I became a member. Why do I stay? This question is multi-layered. I’m a typical male, sure I like porn. I however am not big into porn stories. Of course I read them. However; I’m more cerebral. I like stories with substance. Not (Yeah...Give it to me) without a plot. The majority of stories are higher quality. The authors here strive for more. . Finally, I enjoy the engagement. The site is brimming with interesting dialogue and topics. I’ve met wonderful people. Made good friends. GA allows me to interact with my favorite authors. They know I’m reading and support them. GA offers me stories with characters like me. There are some differences with straight and gay couples. It’s nice to be able to identify completely with a story. I appreciate that GA is inclusive to all though. A diverse community. Take the challenge! Share your reasoning with the GA community.
  2. BlindAmbition

    GA Participation!

    Hello GA family, I'm bringing this to you, in hopes for your contribution. Since my last blog, I've been asked multiple times when next is... Well one coming shortly. I'm not going to ruin the surprise. I'm asking for assistance on future blog entries. I want my blog to be community participation. Whether I spend time talking to you. You all matter to me. I'm volunteering to be the big ole GA gay ambassador of love and community. Any ideas on topics you'd like to participate in.... I've got spirit, How about You?
  3. BlindAmbition

    What's in a screen name?

    I ask this mostly out of curiosity. With many unique and individualized names... Why did you choose your GA name? I was asked this very question by @William King. We discussed me doing this blog a couple months ago. I carry the same interest with names like @Lux Apollo or @SolarMaxx. As for my name Mr. King. The name @BlindAmbition is a mantra. It signifies power to me. Many already know I'm blind. While this disability doesn't define me. It gave me strength, courage, and will to adapt. Ambition reminds me to reach for the stars, don't stagnate in life. Pursue my dreams, no matter how great my challenge. so I ask again... What's in a screen name? Take the challenge and answer. Inquiring minds want to know!
  4. BlindAmbition

    Thank You GA Community!

    Thank you, A couple of months ago I posted a blog entry Who Are You? It was something to learn about people on GA. It did very well. I'm grateful for that. After that I had many people tell me they enjoyed it. People like Dodger. A presence and character I enjoy seeing. Some of you may know, he is selective about what he visits. So if he pops up I think I did good. Its the selective ones that make me nervous. Am I liked enough for people to visit. This doesn't refer to Dodger. He has always showed friendship and concern when I was about to leave GA. Not long after this blog entry I was approached by William King. He wanted me to do a blog on screen names. William was curious about the roots of my name. It was something I've considered about many names as well. William said he was busy with many things. He couldn't do it. Told me to consider doing it. I was the right person to do it with the success of first blog. This turned into What's in a Screen Name? This started the pressure for me. Not William's fault. I've had self issues for years. Doubt, hate, the list goes on. I have very good friends on GA, but still feel somewhat isolated. When I'm not comfortable I shutdown. I also have a hard time starting conversations. This is due to me being introverted and a submissive personality. I started posting poetry on GA. Something I've done for myself for years. Along with my journal. Recently many have been about lifestyle and things I've been dealing with. Topics which make some people uncomfortable. That's ok... However, for me I've felt an outsider on GA and Poetry Society. Nothing intentional.. Also just part of my doubt and sensitive nature. Anyways... My blog entry Whats in a screen name? was successful. The community involvement I wanted. I thank you for that. For the one always feeling on the outside... I'm happy you enjoyed and participated. I would love to do more to involve the community. However, the fear of rejection often appears. I've been given ideas for more. To those people, I really am considering them. I just have to build myself up again. Right now I have some personal issues that require my time and attention. The year has continued to keep me off-center. Leaving me unsettled, without focus or control. These entries and community interactions are what I would like to create more of. Much Love, jp
  5. Hunter Thomson

    Potential Anthology Idea

    Many of you will probably know that outside of my writing here and the small pile of pseudo-educational jobs I do, I'm also a political activist and one-time candidate. This is not a blog post to go on and on about my politics, but simply to set the context for everything else. Five years ago I helped pass an anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia school board policy, and since then I've had the distinct pleasure of watching people become less worried about anti-LGBTQ discrimination in my hometown's schools. Since then, other school board and countries have moved towards greater legal acceptance of LGBTQ rights and freedoms, but many youth still feel like they can't come out for fear of or familial rejection. I'm working with some of my activist friends in the real world to help create an anthology, based on the Chicken Soup books, that would showcase the lived experiences of ordinary LGBTQ people coming out in all aspects of their lives and showing that things do get better. I'm looking to eventually have 101 stories, just like the series I'm using as my template, and different sections where the stories could be found, such as coming out to parents, to siblings, at work, to friends and a few other sections that could possibly make sense. I'm the first to admit that my circle of friends is not terribly diverse, and that we also come from very similar backgrounds as activists (which I fully admit are not the same as normal humans. Our lives are much less joyful.) which may not resonate with everyone else. I'd be honoured to have people submit their stories, or if this is something the community wants to do together and publish, we can find a way to make that happen. I want this to happen, so it will happen; I'd like it to happen with the people I've met here, all the writers and the people who know how to spin a good yarn and help potentially use our writing gifts to help out kids. Thanks for reading, and hopefully thanks for your support.
  6. Interesting article in today's NYT about the experience of being gay and the effects of same-sex marriage in the Southern United States. The article writes of the experiences of four couples and compares the year 2013 to present day 2015. I found the article and the included video to be quite moving and wanted to share it with you. There is an option at the end of the article to submit your own personal experiences. If anyone would like to include their own narrative about the new reality here, then you're very welcome to share (remember, no political discussions). I included the link for those who would like to read the article and watch the video. Struggling for Gay Equality in the South
  7. Former Member

    GA wide RPG? Ideas welcome!

    So this is kind of an offshoot from the story by authors. The idea of a roleplaying game across the GA community was born somewhere and I personally think it's a great idea! So here we can talk about if this is something we really want to happen. I think there definitely need to be rules (like Persinette has mentioned in the other thread) and there really should be someone like a Game Master to push plots and stuff. Since we're all on a writing community, I have high hopes this won't turn into a mary-sue angst fest. So yea! Feel free to share your thoughts, I really hope we can get this off the ground! https://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/37277-a-story-by-authors/#entry427659 <-- link back to where the idea was born! Hope to hear from ya! MYI
  8. scotty94

    a story by authors

    Dear GA Authors, just had an amazing idea, I want to write the first chapter of a story then let a different author write each chapter afterwards, so everyone sort of contributes to the story. I know some though will need to be put on to it I just though It will be a good ideas and it will be a good way to see how writers interpret other peoples work. I have seen it done before so I reckon it will be something good to do. all your replies and suggestion are greatly appreciated. yours, scotty94
  9. scotty94


    animals why do we as a nation love animals so much, is it because they offer us comfort and friendships, or they just make a house feel like home. the reason I love animals is they way I was brought up. I always had animals around me mostly cats and dogs with the occasional reptile and fish thrown in to the mix. I like the feeling you get when you can love something that can love you back be human or animals. due to my own experience I prefer small animals that I can pick up and play with and shoe affection to, whereas it is literally impossible to pick up a full grown stallion they more then likely pick up you. so why do you love animals comfort please leave comment and feedback in the space below all are appreciated. yours, scotty94
  10. scotty94

    what is your favourite sport

    dear all GA members I enjoy a range of different sport from swimming to football, badminton to ice skating. the reason I play sports I like working in a team and it is something I enjoy, I like to be active and out going and will try everything once. what sport do you enjoy and why please leave reply and feed back an I will get back to you. yours, Scotty 94
  11. scotty94

    lesbian themed stories

    Dear all GA members I was having a chat with my mates the other day and they mentioned GA, I told then I was a member, then my mate jumped in and said that he wanted to become a member but after reading a few story on the site he noticed they were a all between gay males, he then said he wished there were a few lesbian themed stores on the site, So this got me thinking should there be a section where people who post lesbian themed stories be included on the site, it is in effect a gay relationship just with females instead of males. Please leave comments and feedback of what you think. yours, scotty94
  12. Just out of curiosity. The other day I was at a supermarket, I think I immediately spotted one girl who was probably a lesbian (though my gaydar is very broken). I think the girl spotted me also, though I don't think it was that difficult. I was like wearing a lemony yellow T-shirt with "Viva Tequila" written on it, and a pair of Nantucket red cargo shorts. Basically I was just this short from flaming.... Don't know why I dressed up that way, but I guess I just felt like it. Anyways, she was doing stocking, then she dropped whatever she was working on to ask me if I needed help with anything, and then she followed up on me. Very personal service, which I don't think I'd get if I were just any guy in the supermarket. Then some time ago I was somewhat depressed and decided to treat myself with an expensive dinner (by myself, of course...). I couldn't help but thought the waitress who waited on me was a working as a drag queen at her other work place.... But anyways, I left her more tips than I usually give, especially she was so nice to me. Anyone got any similar experience? Do you like giving or receiving preferential treatment from LGBT community?
  13. Hello Everyone! I Love this site and the community that you have formed! I'm the editor of a gender queer E'zine, and have spoken with Myr, and the others that run this site for you. They have agreed to allow me to post this call for submissions here as an opportunity for those of you that write non-fiction. Our E'zine is part of a larger community site who's mission is to provide world-class education, and a place of safety for ALL those who do not fit into gender stereotypes. We are doing this as a service to our community. We too believe in developing and promoting gay writers. All authors who's writing is chosen for publication on our site will be encouraged to include active links to their work here. Submission details are below. Spectrum is a magazine dedicated to providing a place for gender queer individuals to speak out about information and issues that affect us all. The gender queer spectrum includes those who identify as Trans, Bi-gendered, Femme, Butch, boi, Androgynous, Agendered, and many other gender terms that are not well known yet. This is a place dedicated to honoring the full expression of gender that humanity is capable of. As a publication of ideas and perspectives, we offer a forum through which gender queer writers, scholars, and readers can use the internet to deeply explore themes of interest to our rich blend of identities. We trace our roots to our gender queer pioneers at places like Stonewall that existed all over the world. We welcome and encourage today's emerging queers as they discover their own gender identity and expression. Spectrum looks to spark discussion that is informed, and current while providing a much needed link to the history of the gender queer movement. Submissions We accept submissions of news, reviews, opinion, commentary, and nonfiction that has a gender queer subject/slant/impact and pertains to the following categories; ** News & Politics, Love & Sex, Media & Arts, Hero's & History, Gender Theory, Non-Traditional Families, Global Events. **Feel free to contact us before writing to gauge the usefulness of your story idea, but note that any and all manuscripts are submitted on speculation. We print the best and most appropriate material to meet the needs and expectations of our readers at the time. Your submission may not be accepted if we may have similar stories already, a backlog of features, or have already covered the topic in a recent issue. Don't be discouraged; your piece might be perfect for a future issue. We will keep it in our archives for just such a purpose. We are happy to work with new writers who are queer or have insights of interest to our readers. All individuals who's work is accepted will have a unique author profile which will include a bio and publication history. Word Count Due to the wide ranging subject matter we do not have a maximum word count. We are looking for concise event and review material as well as feature length articles. Minimum word count for reviews is 450. How To Submit Send submissions to Tribequeer@gmail.com: – Attach the story in RTF or DOC formats. – In the subject line put the SUBMISSION (in all caps), your name and word count. – In then body of the email, put your name, pen-name (if any), contact information, a short bio, two to three lines, as well as any credits or relevant websites you wish to plug. – The story should be double-spaced, in a readable font, and as you originally formatted it; paragraphs indented, italicized words in italics, etc. It is helpful to our editors if you follow standard manuscript guidelines (Though no story will be rejected for failure to follow them to the letter). Response Time Spectrum will respond to your submission as soon as possible; our policy is to have a response to all submissions within 1 month. Editorial Caveat Stories should be thoroughly proofread before submission. We do understand that minor mistakes will slip by and we will correct them before publication on the website. Minor grammatical changes may be made to the story; however, we will seek the author’s permission before publication. Publishing Rights We do not ask for first North American publishing rights to your work; whatever you send us can be submitted again to another publication. If you do send us a piece that has already been published or exhibited elsewhere, please include the name of the venue and the date of your publication/exhibit so that we can post the appropriate credits. However, we do ask that you not send us any simultaneous submissions.

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