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Found 7 results

  1. October brings us a nice long month to read, a full 28 days, so I wanted to feature a series. Carlos Hazday's Atlantis Shift series delves into the mystical world under the waves that so fascinates many due to the very mystery it still holds on the planet, and I couldn't pass it up. It's also another older feature from his early days showing his creativity from the beginning and his growth since then. You'll get to know more about these stories and Carlos in my interview at the end of the month, so make sure you read up and come back on October 29th! Atlantis Shift Series by Carlos Hazday Tidal Power Length: 8,373 Description: Two ancient species join forces to battle a common enemy. A Reader Said: I think I agree with most guys here in that you left us wanting more! After reading the story I have an entirely new appreciation for dolphins that I never even knew existed The wolves are still my favorite, though! ~albertnothlit Detskoye Porno Length: 8,858 Description: The dolphins of Nova Scotia return in an all new adventure! A Reader Said: Definitely interested in more. I like all three of the shifter groups we've met - the wolves, dolphins and the dragons. Great story. ~avidreadr Don't forget to come back for the Discussion Day on Monday, October 29th!
  2. Time Will Tell... will you read this month's CSR story by Remijay? This recently finished story is one that also stood the test of time. It began six years ago with chapter one and just finished in August with chapter fifteen. There's a tale to tell about writing the story just as much as there is in the story itself, I'm sure, and I can't wait to bring more about both to you on the last Monday of the month on the Discussion Day, September 24th. Time Will Tell by Remijay Length: 35,267 Description: Two twin boys, and gay. How to tell this story is simple but complicated. Devon a boy of 16 struggling with difficulties of a home life. Josh a boy of the same age, that has everything he wants, but one thing, his brother. Both are struggling with their past and maybe present. Hopefully they find each other. Together they might overcome, what is to come. A Reader Said: Well you did end with a bang and it was a good ending. ~ NimirRaj Don't forget to come back on Monday, Sept. 24th, for the Discussion Day.
  3. Oh, how the world turns... for so many in the upper hemisphere, summer is coming to a close and that means school is beginning again. And with school, we think of teenagers and all that comes with them--the angst and pain of growing up and fitting in or maybe not fitting in. One of our recent promotions to the ranks of Promising Authors, Aceinthehole is one of the site authors who has written a popular story featuring a story that is "a slice of reality of broken people. The ups and downs of growing up" (review by mogwhy). Intrigued by that review and the others on the story, I'm going to take a leap and feature a story that so many readers seem to have been drawn to already even though it's a lot longer than a normal feature. So take advantage of these few last lazy days, if you have them, and enjoy August's CSR feature before the Discussion day on Monday, August 27th. The Hidden Ones: The Spotlight by Aceinthehole Length: 188,633 Description: Imagine your perfect life. What’s it like? Are you rich? Are you popular? Do you have a million cars? Well 17 year old Teddy Haner doesn't have to imagine. Being student body president, and captain of his lacrosse team…he has everything! However when a new mysterious friend flips his world upside down, and starts to ascend to stardom, he finds that there’s a lot more to life than popularity. A Reader Said: Great story about the rejected kid and the most popular one in school and what they want in life. but keep a box of kleenex nearby for some of the chapters. ~tabaqui Remember to come back and share your thoughts on the Discussion day on Monday, August 27th.
  4. Happy April! This year is moving right along, isn't it? Well let's take a moment to read a story that might seem too good to be true... but yes, it just might make the characters' dreams come true! Part of a series, let's start at the beginning with X-Dream Makeover by Cris Kane! X-Dream Makeover by Cris Kane Length: 40,362 Description: A mysterious shop in San Francisco's Chinatown draws customers who wish to transform their lives. A Reader Said: If you want to make changes in yourself, Mr. Lee is glad to help. These four stories have Mr. Lee and his unusual shop in common. Each story can stand alone, but I think reading them in order gives the reader a clearer picture of what is happening. These were easy to read and very enjoyable! Yet in spite of being lots of fun to read, the message I got was "be careful what you wish for." ~JeffreyL Remember to read the story and come back on the last Monday of the month, April 30th, to share your thoughts!
  5. This month we have a lot of focus on love, love, love! But sometimes that doesn't come in the form you think it does, especially when the world is an entirely different place. This month's feature combines moments both light and dark, so I hope you'll enjoy it and come back on Monday, February 26th to share your thoughts! All We Have Now by David AB Length: 42,836 Description: It has almost been a year since the world ended. The majority of the population died, came back as mindless and highly aggressive creatures and killed most of the rest. Cody is one of the last survivors. He is small, sensitive, innocent and about to starve to death. While he is desperately trying to find food, he gets attacked and then saved at the last second by Troy, who is a hardened brute. Cody hates him, but knows he is probably his only chance to survive the winter, so he sticks with him. A Reader Said: Lol so I didn't realize that was the final chapter. I've been waiting and waiting and just now read that was the end for "Part 1." Great story so far! I hope there is more on the way! ~ semaj565
  6. October is here! Can you feel the seasons changing? Year after year, the seasons change and some things stay the same... but not everything has to. Sometimes you get a second chance, and this month's feature is all about that. So enjoy this thrilling contemporary novel, and make sure you're ready for the Discussion day at the end of the month. Mr. Brightside by mitchelll Length: 76,407 Description: Four years ago as a college sophomore, Jason betrayed his best friend and roommate. Now he has a second chance...will he have the courage to take it? A Reader Said: What a ride! So glad that Shane and Jason got their happy ending. Thanks for a wonderful story Mitchelll. I'm a little sad to see it end though. ~ Defiance19 Don't forget this month's Discussion Day will take place on Monday, October 30th!
  7. September is upon us! Can you believe it? The year has been flowing by so fast. So how about another feature this month for your reading enjoyment? This month's pick has hockey, romance, and some comedy... what are you waiting for? My Last Day Without You by QuinnDK Length: 57,445 Description: Henrik Ford is the hottest hockey captain in the NHL. Ezra Grayson is a young artist trapped in a frustrating day job. Neither man has romance on their minds, but when a chance encounter brings them together, their undeniable chemistry is off the charts. The problem? Henrik is only in town for one day. Ezra has a rule against long distance dating. Can Henrik convince him they have something worth fighting for before he has to leave town? A lot can happen in just one day... A Reader Said: What a delightful epilogue! Thanks for one more peek at these guys. You have finished this story nicely, but don't let it stop you from thinking about writing another story about Henrik and Ezra. ~JeffreyL Remember, this month's Discussion Day will be Monday, September 25th!

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