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Found 3 results

  1. Renee Stevens

    Classic Author Special Review

    We hope everyone had a great weekend! Today is a "review" day and to help you start your week off, the review team has put together a special review featuring some stories by our Classic Authors. If you haven't read these, hopefully these reviews will make you want to add them to your reading list. A huge thank you goes out to the review team for helping keep the blog supplied with reviews. Sandy Altimexis Reviewer: Lisa Status: Complete Word Count: 11,123 Sandy’s so cute he steals every scene he’s in, which is great because he’s in all of them! Sandy is the narrator of this humorous, emotional, and heartwarming story. Sandy happens to be a golden retriever. Which is why, of course, I chose to read the story in the first place! Because who can resist reading a story from a dog’s POV? The story begins when Sandy is just a wee puppy and is given to a five-year-old boy named Timmy. Sandy and Timmy become inseparable. The story doesn’t get going until Sandy’s eight and Timmy’s thirteen. I’m not going to give away any spoilers, so I won’t tell you what happens at that point. I will tell you, however, what I loved about the story. I constantly found myself laughing at how Sandy describes things that we humans do, such as: 'Timmy got out of bed, leavin’ the covers all rumpled the way I like ’em, an’ he walked into his bathroom, lifted the seat on the big water bowl an’ let loose a steady stream. What a shame it was to waste a perfectly good bowl of water like that!’ And now I know why dogs love to drink the toilet water! Another endearing quality Sandy has is the way he leaves off all the ‘g’s and shortens the words ‘them’, ‘and’, along with many other words. I think it’s comical the way his ‘voice’ is written. Sandy, a Dog’s Tale is also a story about growing up and realizing you might not be right all of the time. It’s about coming to terms with the fact your life might not be all warm and cozy in that little box you squeezed you and your family in. And I’m talking about the adults in the story, not the kids! Put it on your “To Read List” if you need to, but definitely, check it out when you have time. It’s a really good story. Plus, how can you resist that cute dog on the front page?? Don’t you want to read all about him and his family? Category: Fiction Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance Tags: teen, gay, under 18, north america, animals, parents Rating: Mature Ticking Dabeagle Reviewer: Puppilull Status: Complete Word Count: 50,195 Starting a new school is never easy and Sean is nervous. Perhaps he has reason to be, as he finds himself thrust in the middle of students who are out of his league, at least financially. Sean is on an academic scholarship, coming from nothing and finding himself thrown into a very different world. Already on Day 1, he ends up in hot water, bumping into the resident bully and his sidekick. However, he also makes a friend that day, the instant way, by intervening in another fight. His new friend Harrison introduces him to his circle of friends at school and the story takes off. It takes us through a rollercoaster of events, shaking the lives of our protagonists. Like all of Dabeagle's stories, the characters are so well written you instantly feel like you know them. The story is told firmly with the voices of the young and show us the world through their eyes - a world where adults merely visit. The group of friends are witty and intelligent, the banter entertaining. The arrogance of youth can be annoying, but soon the reader gets to see the cracks in the façade. Beneath the superficial exterior, there are secrets this group of friends would rather not share with anyone. Dark, unsettling and infuriating secrets. How will that affect the friendship? The story is engrossing with a lightness and tempo to the writing that draws you in and keeps you going forward. Also, it doesn’t shy away from troubling subject matter, giving it a depth beyond the traditional “high school boy meets boy” stories. The varied vocabulary is a treat in itself, embellishing the story without turning it into a dictionary. So read it! Category: Fiction Genres: Romance, Mystery Tags: teen, gay, coming of age, crime Rating: Mature Desert Dropping DomLuka Reviewer: Spikey582 Status: Complete Word Count: 368,980 This is a story that I happened across just searching through completed stories on the site not long after I joined in 2015. Little did I know at the time, this is probably one of the better-known stories among those in the ‘classic’ category, and with good reason, as this is still my favorite among the exemplary writing of DomLuka. Sixteen-year-old Rory’s life gets turned upside down when he loses his mother to cancer. This might sound obvious, as a loss like that is bound to change anyone’s life. But for Rory, things change in ways he never expected. His mother’s dying wish is that, after she’s gone, Rory should go live with his father. A father he never met, and never knew anything about while his mother was still alive. Rory, without much say of his own, is whisked away from the only family he’s ever known --- his grandmother --- and shipped off to Arizona to start a new life among complete strangers. I can’t possibly give a full and fair synopsis of this amazing story in such a short review. That little summary of the inciting incident doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this story is about. It’s one part coming-of-age tale, one part coming-out story, one part family drama, and one part romance. There’s probably some other genres that cross over into this story as well. Suffice it to say, this story is packed full of something for everyone. Seriously, there’s a reason people still talk about this story a decade after it first posted. If you haven’t read anything by DomLuka, Desert Droppings is a great introduction to an awesome author. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance Tags: teen, anal, oral Rating: Mature Mistletoe and Handgrenades K.C. Reviewer: Litlover Status: Complete Word Count: 5,835 I’ve always been a fan of K.C.’s work and this story is no exception. It’s not a long tale, but --- pardon the pun --- it packs a wallop in only a few thousand words. This story is about AJ, a man who has just had his world blown apart by someone he thought loved him. As he picks his way through the pieces of his heart he receives more bad news that has him packing up and leaving his previous life behind. In his journey to rebuild, not only his life, but a home he’d once loved, he runs into someone from his past who brings with him fond memories of first loves and summertime kisses. I think my only issue with this story was the length; it was only one chapter. There was so much more I would have liked to know. I would recommend you read Mistletoe and Handgrenades yourself to find out what happens to AJ, although I warn you, by the end, you’ll want more. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance Tags: mature adult, gay, friendship, holiday Rating: Everyone The Summer of Aaron Luc Reviewer: Timothy M. Status: Complete Word Count: 21,854 Let me introduce you to one of the most poignant and beautiful stories which I read shortly after I joined GA. It never fails to squeeze my heart and bring tears to my eyes as I hold my breath and hope for love to conquer fear and the dreaded age gap. At the beginning of the story, Justin is contemplating jumping off a cliff, literally, but then he encounters Aaron who distracts him from the woes of having been dumped by his partner after fourteen years of catering to his wishes. The mutual attraction between the high school teacher and the eighteen-year-old is fairly obvious, but Justin knows all the reasons why he shouldn’t give in to temptation. He may be vulnerable, but he’s also sensible and honorable, two traits, which together with his kindness, make me admire him as he struggles with loneliness. The pace of the story is slow but every word pulls you deeper. Justin may find it easy to resist the offer of physical intimacy, but as the summer progresses so does their mutual closeness of mind and heart. Justin ends up at the mental cliff of whether to leap into the love and relationship offered by Aaron, for the summer or forever. Of all the stories by this Classic GA author, this is my absolute favorite, and I heartily recommend it. Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: young adult Rating: Mature
  2. Renee Stevens

    Premium Special Review

    Today we have a treat for you! You don't just get one review, you get (counts)...eight! Gay Authors has always managed to remain free to its members, one of the ways that it has managed to do so is through its Premium Subscribers. Members choose to help support the site and keep it going by purchasing Premium Content which consists of a number of stories that are only available on the site by purchasing Premium. There are many great stories to be found in the Premium section, and today, the review team has decided to share some of their favorites. Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes layla Reviewer: LitLover Word Count: 117,309 Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes by Layla is one of my favourites on this site. It’s the story of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, pain, betrayal and ultimately finding love, trust and acceptance. The two main characters, Caden and Rhys, are good men facing trials in their lives not of their own making. Rhys had an accident, which left him with a badly injured leg, and a permanent limp. Since the accident he’s felt like a shadow of his former self and tends to lash out at those close to him when he feels hurt or threatened. Rhys also has a terrible habit of assuming everyone thinks less of him, and immediately goes on the defensive whenever he meets anyone new. Caden is a shy, reserved man who is often perceived as aloof to those who don’t know him well. His best and only friends in the world are his two large dogs. Because he’s been ostracized by his stepmother and the household staff, and all but ignored by his father his whole life, Caden tends to retreat into himself: walking the wild moors of his home as a near mute, rather than engaging with those around him. Faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage to one another it’s an uphill climb to get past their own insecurities before they can even make the effort to scale each other’s protective walls. Complicating matters along their journey to find love and trust, they face betrayal and outside attempts to destroy their fledgling relationship. Broken Prince and Mismatched eyes is a twenty-two chapter roller coaster ride of emotions but, in my opinion, the journey and the angst are worth every second. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Historical, Romance Tags: mature adult, adult, gay, serious, love Rating: Mature Coin in the Fountain comicfan Reviewer: Timothy M. Word Count: 6,844 Let me start out by saying you should not expect a HEA when reading this fairy tale. Comicfan rips away the sugary, Disneyfied glamour of magic and love, and we’re faced with the much darker and primeval version of the Old World fairy tales found in the Grimm Brothers’ collections and the later writings of the famous Dane H.C. Andersen. Here, selfish fools pay the price, and the cautious may escape danger by heeding the warnings of the old crone. Never look back – don’t eat and drink with the fey – avoid the easy shortcuts – don’t mess with magic – beware the butterfly effect. The story revolves around the ancient concept of wishing wells and the risk of making the wrong wish. But comicfan renews the tradition and brings it into the modern world. One family member in each of three generations faces the severe and permanent consequences of their choice. Did I feel sorry for them? No, actually not. I shook my head in sadness, but the logic was inescapable. Originally, fairy tales were told as warnings and moral guidelines, and this story follows the proud tradition. The story makes us ask difficult questions like: Would I be able to resist the temptation? Would I believe in old wives’ tales? Would I try to circumvent the conditions of the wishing well? Would I do the right thing, when my wish went awry? Read the story and tell us your answers. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance Tags: teen, magic, gay, north america, modern Rating: Everyone Comfort Only RCMills Reviewer: Timothy M. Word count: 52,560 Are you a fan of Dayne Mora’s E.P.I.C. stories? Then I bet you’ll like Comfort Only, which displays the same wit and catchy phrases. Especially the first chapters left me chuckling and reading the same sentences several times, to admire the brilliant word play. Judging by the comments left on the story I’m not the only one to regularly. There are several well-known story elements here. The chatty and bratty BFF, who unbeknownst to himself makes a crucial difference in the life of a repressed guy with a difficult home life. The obnoxiously selfish but witty guy who pokes wicked fun at his (of course) irritating roommate, his ex-girlfriend, his teachers, his best friend’s younger brother and anyone else he feels deserves it. But we forgive him, because his caustic wit is also used against himself, and his loyalty to his best friend knows no limits. There’s also an über-intelligent nerd, a mega-annoying girlfriend who sees nothing wrong with ‘kissing’ all her ex-boyfriends, a metrosexual fashionista, an unexpected love twist, and some painfully hot sex. But RCMills blends all of these elements in breath-taking ways which at times leave you as confused and gob-smacked as the main character, whose POV we follow. There is no traditional happy ending, yet I was left with the hope that love would prevail and dreams come true. Comfort Only was one of the unexpected bonus stories which made me feel I got extra value for my Premium membership. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama Tags: college, anal, oral, psychology, modern Rating: Mature Do Over dkstories Reviewer: Spikey582 Word Count: 303,971 What if you could go back in time and relive your childhood a second time, only this time with full knowledge of all the things that went wrong the first time? That is essentially the basic premise of Do Over by dkstories. In an experiment gone wrong, Davey Jones, a man in his 30s, has his consciousness transported back into his twelve-year-old body. There are a ton of themes and conflicts presented throughout this story. Davey, a man living in 2004, goes back to 1981, with all the memories of growing up in this era. At first, the conflict mostly hinges on Davey wondering if and when his mind will be brought back into the future. When he starts to realize that will never happen, he is presented with multiple conflicts of what horrible tragedies he should try to prevent. He tries first within his own family, and then with his memories of the era, world events. How much should he change? Will the changes he makes be for the better, or for the worse? This very brief synopsis of the plot barely scratches the surface of the themes and events covered in this tale: the AIDS crisis, which was in its earliest and darkest days (then known as the “gay plague”); there’s the anti-gay politics of the era with the Moral Majority; the gay rights movement; and, of course, the most prevalent conflict of the era -- the Cold War. All of which Davey, with his knowledge and attitudes of the future, gets thrust right in the midst of. I think what I liked most about this story was that it had such a mix of genres. It was an alternate-history story, a coming of age story, a romance, and an action/adventure story, all rolled into one. Spanning 40 chapters, this story has a lot to offer. So check it out; you won’t be disappointed. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi Tags: gay, alternate earth, coming of age, 20th century Rating: Mature In Enemy Hands M.A. Church Reviewer: Puppilull Word Count: 78,128 A handsome prince on a space mission vital to the survival of his planet meets a tall, dark and equally handsome stranger. Sounds like the start of a true romance novel, right? But what if both of our protagonists behave a bit like arrogant bastards, neither wanting to show any weakness in front of the other? And what if the stranger is in fact a highly skilled assassin with possible vampiric tendencies belonging to a very reclusive race known for not taking any prisoners? And he captures said prince, holding him against his will? That would throw quite a few spanners in the works for possible romance…. Meet Prince Varo, brought up in a culture of tough warriors and expected to be even tougher than most. After his mission goes awry, he crashes in his spaceship in an attempt at final glory. With no such luck and after ending up in the worst possible situation, he knows he has to do his utmost to get away. If only to appease his more than slightly insane father. The only problem is someone else is equally hellbent on keeping him there. Enter Adlar, a highly skilled warrior and fighter, who realizes just what a treasure Varo truly is. On more than one level. M.A. Church manages to keep the tension between Varo and Adlar without turning either of them into silly caricatures of romance protagonists. Throughout the book, there is an undercurrent of need and want, push and pull that is definitely sexy but there is much more to story. These two characters lead us through an intriguing dance, although without much of the usual misunderstanding and doubt. Our guys actually talk to each other, eventually at least. When they aren’t busy trying to fight for dominance. Or fighting their need to submit… And what a lovely fight it is. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi Tags: aliens, gay, off-planet, space, fighting, future Rating: Mature MetaWolf Series JohnAR Reviewer: Puppilull Word Count: 998,294 Anyone who’s spoken to me for more than five seconds knows I have a serious addiction problem. My addiction is the amazing MetaWolf series by JohnAR. It’s a series of eight books, or actually nine if you include the prompt collection (and you have to include the prompt collection to really get to know these characters). It’s the story of lonely nerd Colt, very smart but not very liked. As he escapes his past to college, he hopes his life will turn around. With no such luck, he resigns himself to simply enduring the last years of college. Then he encounters three guys who change his world. Not only on a personal level, but his whole view of the world. He is brought into the eternal fight between wolf shifters and vampires. As he and his wolves struggle to figure out how to incorporate an odd nerd as their Meta (i e the one calling the shots, out-ranking even the Alpha), their pack gains wolf after wolf, growing in strength and preparing for their fate. All this while having to battle vampire attacks and other dangerous situations. From there, the story unfolds in many unexpected ways. Meta can be read in different ways. It can be read as an action story of a man and his hunky wolves, with all the fighting and naughty sex. Who doesn’t like some hot, kinky action once in a while? If that is your fancy, not many do it better than JohnAR. It is also the story of a group of men, all pushed around by life and mistreated in various ways, learning how to trust and eventually love each other. This personal journey of our guys had me crying more than once, and I feel a definite connection to Colt and his life as a smart but not very popular person. One big part of Meta is trying to figure out what it all means. Throughout the series, there are clues and red herrings distributed liberally. The story incorporates various myths and historic events, from ancient Greece, parts of Asia and also more recent times. For a true nerd, this is like an Easter egg hunt. Each little detail you manage to figure out, makes you go “Ha!” and feel very pleased with yourself. Then at the end you’ll go “Huh?” and realize you have to reread the whole series to really get what it’s about. But don’t let the nerdness discourage you from reading. Above all, this is a series about love, loyalty, friendship, courage and determination. You will fall in love with at least one of the wolves, quite possibly more. And even though I have very strong feelings about Colt, I realize he’s not the easiest character to fall in love with. However, I have no doubt you’ll root for him and want what’s best for him. After all, if a pack of wolf shifters make him the center of their world, he can’t be all bad? Category: Fiction Genres: Mystery Tags: were-creatures, vampire, adult, gay, fetish, menage Rating: Mature Ship Logs of the Santa Claus Mann Ramblings Reviewer: Renee Stevens Word Count: 200,394 If I wasn’t already a fan of Mann Ramblings, this series would have changed that. The Ship Logs of the Santa Claus consists of three books at the moment: The Luxorian Fugitive, A Cook’s Tale, and Priest & Pariah. If I’m being honest, this review is hard to write. Not because I didn’t enjoy the stories, I did, but reviewing it as a series is difficult because each story has a different feel and what works for one wouldn’t really work for the others. Mann Ramblings has done a wonderful job building a true community of flawed individuals and making us empathize with each and every one as they struggle to accept and overcome the various obstacles put in their path. And there are a lot of obstacles! So, what is this series about? Well, let’s take a look at it. Needing an escape following a devastating civil war on Alpha Centauri, Captain Marc Danverse has created a life for himself and his crew on board the Santa Claus, a cargo vessel that travels through space transporting various cargo, and occasionally passengers. The one thing that sets the Santa Claus apart from other ships? The rule of no women and no hetero on board. That’s right, no women or straight men allowed. Marc has his reasons, and takes a lot of flak for the rule, but it creates a very accepting community for his crew to live in. Sure, there are issues like there is everywhere else, but the one thing no one has to worry about is being judged for preferring other men. But these stories aren’t just about Marc, in fact, Marc plays a supporting role for the most part. Instead, the three Santa Claus stories focus on his crew as they work their way through a number of obstacles. Whether it’s nightmares, medical issues, violence, guilt, self-image, or just memories of the past, the men of the Santa Claus work to persevere over the injustices life has thrown at them. If you decide to read Mann’s Ship Logs of the Santa Claus series, which I highly recommend you do, prepare yourself to run through a gamut of emotions. If you’re anything like me, there will be times you laugh, cry, and shake your head at the antics of the Santa Claus crew. But when all is said and done, you’ll hopefully be cheering for them as they each work toward making a better life for themselves. And when it ends, if you’re like me, you’ll be anxiously waiting to see whose story Mann will tell next. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi Tags: mature adult, gay, psionics, anal, military, future, bdsm Rating: Mature Social Skills Sara Alva Reviewer: Aditus Word Count: 105,010 There always comes this moment where I remember a scene from Sara Alva’s Social Skills, and I can’t resist looking it up, then I wind up reading just a few more pages and before I know it, I’m at the end! The story draws me in every time. So, why is that? The main plot is quickly told: Connor, a shy, diligent college freshman, plays the violin in the student orchestra. He meets Jared while tutoring football players who need to keep up their grades. They fall in love, they fall out of love… But will they be together in the end? The question What comes next? was always present on my mind while reading the book. It spurred me on until I turned the last page, still out of breath. However, it’s these wonderful, multifaceted characters who come alive in my head and never let me forget them that make Social Skills so special to me. I suffer with Connor, who bravely battles social anxiety and general awkwardness with the help of his music—and later with Jared’s love. I feel for Jared, who is conflicted, as he wants to live up to his recently-deceased father’s legacy as a successful football player, even though he knows he will never be as good as his dad. Then there is his sexuality. For Connor, Jared not only acknowledges he is gay, but acts on it for the first time, albeit in secrecy. Well-developed side characters underpin the events perfectly, bringing out certain aspects of the main characters, and generally spicing up the story. Rebecca, Connor’s stand partner in the orchestra, who became Connor’s best friend almost from the minute they met, is my all-time favorite. She is nosy, meddlesome, supportive, and inspiring. She is also a perfect role model for Connor, embracing her otherness instead of fighting it. I could go on and tell you about Ronnie, Ray, Tate, A.J., and Beth, but you have to see for yourself how they pull the plot in different directions. There is one other aspect of Social Skills I really like. It’s the familiarity with the campus—buildings, secret passages, routines described as only an insider can know. It makes the story much more genuine. Oh, I almost forgot the music. You should listen to it while reading the story. It’s perfect; each piece sets the respective scene. Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: young adult, gay, first time, coming of age, music, modern Rating: Mature
  3. The Anthology Review Did you miss the posting of the fall anthology? Maybe you saw it but were wondering: Exactly what is an anthology and why should I read it? Anthologies have themes, and contributions have to be self-contained short stories that incorporate that theme in some aspect. This is a chance for authors to be inspired to write something new, especially if they’re struggling with their current project, just need a break, or are trying out writing for the first time. The anthologies garner a lot of attention and are a great way for authors to gain new readers. If an author wants to expand their reader base, the anthologies can give new readers a short glimpse of the writer’s style. For readers there are also gains to be gotten from the anthologies—apart from getting a bunch of new stories all at once. It’s fun to see the different interpretations of the themes, both by familiar and new authors. Reading a short story can be a good introduction to a range of GA authors rather than trawling through the whole list of stories. Readers might read one story and be inspired to check out other works by the author—and maybe even find a new favorite author. To celebrate the release of the fall anthology, the review team wanted to showcase some of the past anthology entries. The team chose Nature’s Wrath—the first anthology from 2014—as the focus of our reviews. The River Ran Backwards by Aaron Penrose Reviewer: Renee Stevens Word Count: 11,979 The River Runs Backward is a very strong story with a great cast of supporting characters. The main character is River, and the story is told from his point of view. I sincerely enjoyed the entire story, but I think my favorite part was how River associated himself with the Mississippi River. Whether the author, Aaron Penrose, meant to do it or not, this story shows that one change in circumstance can be the catalyst for making things better. In The River Ran Backwards, that catalyst comes in the form of Matthew. River has no friends, he’s the target for bullying at his school, and he has some emotional/personality issues. River has lost hope of things ever getting better, especially when his parents explain to him that they are committing him to a mental institution. River is exceptionally smart, but he’s not crazy, or is he? He needs to escape the fate that his parents have outlined for him, but in doing so, he runs into Matthew. Matthew who stares at him, but never says anything. Matthew that awakens something in River that he’s never felt before. It is Matthew who changes the way River sees himself. Only time will tell if that change is for the better. I’d strongly recommend this story. This is the first—and only—story by Aaron that I have read, but the strength of the writing and the emotions that it invokes, ensure that it will not be the last. A Ranger’s Duty by Myr Reviewer: Timothy M. Word Count: 3,929 Some readers dislike when authors use an Anthology theme to test or introduce new story settings and characters which are reused in later anthologies. The Nature’s Wrath had at least two such stories, and I for one am glad Cia was inspired to start her Maze for Three series, and that Aditus continued the Four Perspective series. While short stories can be nice too, I often end up investing myself in characters which interest me and I long to know more. So the one thing worse than having a story continue via anthologies is not having that happening. A good example is Myr’s story A Ranger’s Duty, which quickly became a favorite of mine. I loved the world which was shown and hinted at, and the main character Ryn, who is a King’s Ranger. His duty leads him to venture into the path of a vicious snow storm, showing the wrath of nature at its deadliest. His mission is to rescue a caravan heading into danger and what he finds may chance his life forever. There’s magic and honor and an aching loneliness in Ryn, which calls to the reader. I desperately want to read more so I was pleased the story note said ‘This story will continue in a future Anthology and it exists in a larger world I am writing.’ Thus I keep hoping for an Anthology theme which inspires Myr to continue the tale. Maybe Blindsided or The Forgotten will do the trick, but otherwise Myr has lots of themes in the Special Anthology for 2016 to choose from. Please join me in begging for more after you've enjoyed reading the first installment of the story. The Storm Singer by TMcCallahan Reviewer: Aditus Word Count: 3,444 When I read the title The Storm Singer, I was immediately intrigued. It sounded mysterious and ominous to me, and I could hardly wait to get home and see what it was about. I then learned about the tiny planet Gadet, and its quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and sometimes acerbic people. As their planet is rich in the rare metal cacese and the gemstone caruni, the planet is wealthy. They only have one real problem—storms, but their scientists developed a warning system, so they thought they were in control again, until they are not. Hit simultaneously by a multitude of different storms for weeks, the people of Gadet are facing ultimate destruction when, seemingly out of nowhere, the storm singer appears in his jet-black starship and promises to save them—for a price. And drama unfolds. TMcCallahan describes everything so beautifully and with much detail, I thought I was there and I knew exactly how everyone ticked. The characters are designed to antagonize each other, and in the end, I kept mumbling nononono, not that it helped. This is a wonderful interpretation of the anthology’s theme Nature’s Wrath. It also helps that the Storm Singer is really hot, IMHO. Maybe it’s a little farfetched, but I understood ‘The Storm Singer’ as a fable. And the moral of the story is… Miah’s Maze by Cia Reviewer: Puppilull Word Count: 9,758 Have you ever felt like you want to let loose and just take a break from your life? Have you pondered the consequences of doing so? I bet you never imagined being hunted down by alien shifters would be one of them. For Miah, that’s what happens when he decides to throw caution to the wind and celebrate passing his final exams. On a future Earth, alien shifters have sought refuge and been allowed to stay, even though some wants them gone. To satisfy human thrill-seekers, someone has arranged for the opportunity to be hunted by the shifters. Hunted as prey. Not the kind of fun a responsible young man from the countryside should seek, now is it? Miah finds himself intrigued by the idea, even though he tries to deny it to himself. The aliens keep to themselves and cause no problems, as Miah sees it. Of course, he’s never met any as far as he can tell. He's too busy focusing on his studies and getting his degree. On his last day in the city he finally decides to act like an irresponsible college student, telling himself he should at least once in his life. Will he regret his decision when things take a turn? Maybe even for the worse? I guess you’ll find out when reading the story. Miah’s Maze is part one of a five-part story now turned e-book. A story of an unexpected and life-changing encounter, shaking Miah’s world completely. Could it be experiencing something you never wanted is exactly what you need? And can getting lost lead you to exactly where you’re supposed to be? These are by no means all of the stories from the Nature's Wrath anthology, there are many more wonderful stories for you to take a look at. You can read all of the Nature's Wrath stories here.

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