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Found 211 results

  1. Featured Story: Predator Prey

    Well, we're at the start of another week and this week we are going to look at a story written by Parker Owens called "Predator Prey". If you like what spikey has to say in the review, why not go check out the story and leave the author a review! Also, if you've read a story you've enjoyed lately, and would like to see it featured in the GA News Blog, simply shoot me a PM and send me a review. I'm always looking for reviews. Predator Prey Parker Owens Reviewer: spikey582 Status: Complete Word Count: 75,843 Being part of the Review Team here on GA, I often find myself on the look-out for what will be the next story I review. So, I pretty much had my eye on this fantastic story since about mid-2017 when Parker Owens posted the final chapter. In Predator Prey, Parker Owens introduces us to a character, who’s extremely hard to care about at the beginning of this tale. This person is a predator, preying on vulnerable people, using and abusing them in the worst ways possible, and then tossing them aside on the hunt for his next victim. Something happens to the predator early on in this story, the tables are turned on him, and he becomes the victim of another predator possibly even worse than he is. He has to leave, to get away for his own safety. But, the question becomes, who will he turn to? He has no friends, no potential allies, just fellow predators and past victims. So, who does such a person turn to for help. And, possibly more importantly, does he even deserve help in the first place? I personally think this story is some of the best writing that Parker Owens has posted to the site. The main character is every bit as reprehensible as I described, and yet through Parker’s talented prose, I found myself finding sympathy with this predator. I became enthralled with his story, eventually finding myself caring about him, and rooting for him to overcome his struggles, even those of his own making. I don’t want to say too much more for fear of potentially spoiling something. I will say, this story definitely does start out in a dark place. However, it doesn’t stay there. It is the epitome of a roller coaster ride, filled with drama, romance, and thrills to satisfy all. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance Tags: young adult, gay, university, rape, modern, abuse Rating: Mature
  2. Featured Story: Shifter

    Well, it's the start of a new week, and for today's schedule, we're bringing you Puppilull's review of Shifter by skinnydragon. Featured story days are a great way to highlight one of the many stories that can be found in GA Stories. With so many stories, it's easy for a single story to get lost in the shuffle. If you're reading a story that you would like to do a blog review and bring attention to, PM me (Renee). Now, onto the review. Hopefully you enjoy Puppilull's review enough to go check out Shifter for yourself! Shifter skinnydragon Reviewer: Puppilull Status: Complete Word Count: 2,034 It’s strange how a story of a mere 2,000 words can take you on such a journey. In this case, it's a journey into the twisted mind of the main character. When writing this review, I read my comments to the story from my first reading. Hypnotic and intense were words I used to describe it and I still think they sum up Shifter rather well. Throughout the story, the reader is left in the dark about a lot of details surrounding the main character. Who is he? With only a vague outline, there’s yet enough of a backstory to give you a definite sense of him as a person. It’s written as a frenzied, sketchy account of events, based of a collection of grim memories. What particularly impressed me was the way the story is written or rather constructed. In the most fascinating way, skinnydragon uses repetition of words and phrases to emphasize the theme of the story in an almost hypnotic manner. Each and every word needs to be read slowly and deliberately, so don’t read this while rushed. Take your time to savor the excellence of the crafting of sentences. This short story had a deep impact on me. Both because of the story itself and because of the brilliant way it is written. It could all too easily have been simply an exercise in technique, but instead it leaves the reader feeling disturbed and upset at having entered someone’s mind. And not just anyone’s mind - a twisted mind that gives Brett Easton Ellis a run for his money. So when you read it, be prepared to carry it with you for a long time. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. It’s just that good. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama Tags: young adult, violent, dark Rating: Mature
  3. Featured Story: Confide/ant

    Monday, Monday, Monday. What could we possibly have for you on a Monday? Oh yeah! We have a new featured story for you. This week, courtesy of Lisa, we are taking a look at Confide/ant by Sasha Distan. Remember, if you're reading a story (or have read one) that you'd like to see featured in the blog, simply write a review and send it to me! Confide/ant Sasha Distan Reviewer: Lisa Status: Complete Word Count: 47,554 Sasha’s third most recent story centers around Marty, a sexy high school rock star (Hrishi’s words, not mine) and Hrishi, a short, geeky high school nerd computer freak (Marty’s words, not mine). Can these polar opposites find a common ground? Besides all the hot sex they’re engaged in. Oh no, not sex, “sexy stuff” is how Marty justifies it. Marty and Hrishi have this chemistry that jumps off the page. Even when they’re fighting and exchanging words (which is extremely often!), their chemistry is palpable. There is conflict, of course. It wouldn’t be a great story without conflict. Hrishi never hides who he is. Marty, on the other hand, spends his whole life hiding who he is. Hrishi refuses to be anyone’s dirty little secret, and he lets Marty know that in no uncertain terms. He is adamant they will never move forward physically, until Marty proves to him he’s not afraid to call out people who make homophobic slurs. Marty has a hard time doing this because he doesn’t want people to even think he’s anything but straight, and defending Hrishi against disparaging words might make others question him. Naturally, it’s Marty’s best friend and band mate, Leon, who makes the most homophobic comments. Can Mr. Rock Star defend Hrishi in front of others? Can he ever come out to his friends ─ to his family? Can the rock star and the computer nerd find happiness? Will they ever stop arguing? Inquiring minds want to know! And you will too if you read the story. Confide/ant is one of the most enjoyable stories I’ve read. I loved it so much I never wanted it to end. In fact, I purposely waited seven months to read the last few chapters just to prolong the ending. This is a story I could read over and over ─ not because of the scorching hot sex, but because of the amazing chemistry Marty and Hrishi have together. If this were a published book, I’d be the first in line to buy it. Thank you, Sasha, for another awesome story! Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: young adult, adult, gay, fighting, parents, interracial Rating: Mature
  4. Classic Author Special Review

    We hope everyone had a great weekend! Today is a "review" day and to help you start your week off, the review team has put together a special review featuring some stories by our Classic Authors. If you haven't read these, hopefully these reviews will make you want to add them to your reading list. A huge thank you goes out to the review team for helping keep the blog supplied with reviews. Sandy Altimexis Reviewer: Lisa Status: Complete Word Count: 11,123 Sandy’s so cute he steals every scene he’s in, which is great because he’s in all of them! Sandy is the narrator of this humorous, emotional, and heartwarming story. Sandy happens to be a golden retriever. Which is why, of course, I chose to read the story in the first place! Because who can resist reading a story from a dog’s POV? The story begins when Sandy is just a wee puppy and is given to a five-year-old boy named Timmy. Sandy and Timmy become inseparable. The story doesn’t get going until Sandy’s eight and Timmy’s thirteen. I’m not going to give away any spoilers, so I won’t tell you what happens at that point. I will tell you, however, what I loved about the story. I constantly found myself laughing at how Sandy describes things that we humans do, such as: 'Timmy got out of bed, leavin’ the covers all rumpled the way I like ’em, an’ he walked into his bathroom, lifted the seat on the big water bowl an’ let loose a steady stream. What a shame it was to waste a perfectly good bowl of water like that!’ And now I know why dogs love to drink the toilet water! Another endearing quality Sandy has is the way he leaves off all the ‘g’s and shortens the words ‘them’, ‘and’, along with many other words. I think it’s comical the way his ‘voice’ is written. Sandy, a Dog’s Tale is also a story about growing up and realizing you might not be right all of the time. It’s about coming to terms with the fact your life might not be all warm and cozy in that little box you squeezed you and your family in. And I’m talking about the adults in the story, not the kids! Put it on your “To Read List” if you need to, but definitely, check it out when you have time. It’s a really good story. Plus, how can you resist that cute dog on the front page?? Don’t you want to read all about him and his family? Category: Fiction Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance Tags: teen, gay, under 18, north america, animals, parents Rating: Mature Ticking Dabeagle Reviewer: Puppilull Status: Complete Word Count: 50,195 Starting a new school is never easy and Sean is nervous. Perhaps he has reason to be, as he finds himself thrust in the middle of students who are out of his league, at least financially. Sean is on an academic scholarship, coming from nothing and finding himself thrown into a very different world. Already on Day 1, he ends up in hot water, bumping into the resident bully and his sidekick. However, he also makes a friend that day, the instant way, by intervening in another fight. His new friend Harrison introduces him to his circle of friends at school and the story takes off. It takes us through a rollercoaster of events, shaking the lives of our protagonists. Like all of Dabeagle's stories, the characters are so well written you instantly feel like you know them. The story is told firmly with the voices of the young and show us the world through their eyes - a world where adults merely visit. The group of friends are witty and intelligent, the banter entertaining. The arrogance of youth can be annoying, but soon the reader gets to see the cracks in the façade. Beneath the superficial exterior, there are secrets this group of friends would rather not share with anyone. Dark, unsettling and infuriating secrets. How will that affect the friendship? The story is engrossing with a lightness and tempo to the writing that draws you in and keeps you going forward. Also, it doesn’t shy away from troubling subject matter, giving it a depth beyond the traditional “high school boy meets boy” stories. The varied vocabulary is a treat in itself, embellishing the story without turning it into a dictionary. So read it! Category: Fiction Genres: Romance, Mystery Tags: teen, gay, coming of age, crime Rating: Mature Desert Dropping DomLuka Reviewer: Spikey582 Status: Complete Word Count: 368,980 This is a story that I happened across just searching through completed stories on the site not long after I joined in 2015. Little did I know at the time, this is probably one of the better-known stories among those in the ‘classic’ category, and with good reason, as this is still my favorite among the exemplary writing of DomLuka. Sixteen-year-old Rory’s life gets turned upside down when he loses his mother to cancer. This might sound obvious, as a loss like that is bound to change anyone’s life. But for Rory, things change in ways he never expected. His mother’s dying wish is that, after she’s gone, Rory should go live with his father. A father he never met, and never knew anything about while his mother was still alive. Rory, without much say of his own, is whisked away from the only family he’s ever known --- his grandmother --- and shipped off to Arizona to start a new life among complete strangers. I can’t possibly give a full and fair synopsis of this amazing story in such a short review. That little summary of the inciting incident doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this story is about. It’s one part coming-of-age tale, one part coming-out story, one part family drama, and one part romance. There’s probably some other genres that cross over into this story as well. Suffice it to say, this story is packed full of something for everyone. Seriously, there’s a reason people still talk about this story a decade after it first posted. If you haven’t read anything by DomLuka, Desert Droppings is a great introduction to an awesome author. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance Tags: teen, anal, oral Rating: Mature Mistletoe and Handgrenades K.C. Reviewer: Litlover Status: Complete Word Count: 5,835 I’ve always been a fan of K.C.’s work and this story is no exception. It’s not a long tale, but --- pardon the pun --- it packs a wallop in only a few thousand words. This story is about AJ, a man who has just had his world blown apart by someone he thought loved him. As he picks his way through the pieces of his heart he receives more bad news that has him packing up and leaving his previous life behind. In his journey to rebuild, not only his life, but a home he’d once loved, he runs into someone from his past who brings with him fond memories of first loves and summertime kisses. I think my only issue with this story was the length; it was only one chapter. There was so much more I would have liked to know. I would recommend you read Mistletoe and Handgrenades yourself to find out what happens to AJ, although I warn you, by the end, you’ll want more. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance Tags: mature adult, gay, friendship, holiday Rating: Everyone The Summer of Aaron Luc Reviewer: Timothy M. Status: Complete Word Count: 21,854 Let me introduce you to one of the most poignant and beautiful stories which I read shortly after I joined GA. It never fails to squeeze my heart and bring tears to my eyes as I hold my breath and hope for love to conquer fear and the dreaded age gap. At the beginning of the story, Justin is contemplating jumping off a cliff, literally, but then he encounters Aaron who distracts him from the woes of having been dumped by his partner after fourteen years of catering to his wishes. The mutual attraction between the high school teacher and the eighteen-year-old is fairly obvious, but Justin knows all the reasons why he shouldn’t give in to temptation. He may be vulnerable, but he’s also sensible and honorable, two traits, which together with his kindness, make me admire him as he struggles with loneliness. The pace of the story is slow but every word pulls you deeper. Justin may find it easy to resist the offer of physical intimacy, but as the summer progresses so does their mutual closeness of mind and heart. Justin ends up at the mental cliff of whether to leap into the love and relationship offered by Aaron, for the summer or forever. Of all the stories by this Classic GA author, this is my absolute favorite, and I heartily recommend it. Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: young adult Rating: Mature
  5. Featured Story: Christmas at Famous-Barr

    Well, we're at the start of another week and, to finish off the year, we are going to look at a story written by AC Benus called "Christmas at Famous-Barr". If you like what Timothy M has to say in the review, why not go check out the story and leave the author a review! Also, if you've read a story you've enjoyed lately, and would like to see it featured in the GA News Blog, simply shoot me a PM and send me a review. I'm always looking for reviews. Christmas at Famous-Barr AC Benus Reviewer : Timothy M. Status : Complete Word Count : 279,124 Who wants to get in the mood for Christmas? Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas you can simply enjoy a series of eight well-written and heartwarming tales with a most unusual main character. AC Benus’ impressive chronicle of Famous-Barr, a Saint Louis department store, takes us through more than a century, beginning in 1880 (story VIII) and ending in 2005 (story I). You can either read them chronologically, or you can read them in the order they were posted, starting with story III (Katie’s Sketchbook) from 1976 and my personal favorite story VI (It Had to Be Good) from 1929. It’s difficult to give justice to the huge amount of research AC did to get every detail right. There are pictures and links to documents and historical facts, both in the stories themselves, in the story topic, and in AC’s Famous-Barr blog, which are also well worth a visit. All of this is weaved together with an amazing set of main characters who capture our hearts as we follow their struggles to do the right thing and find love. Their stories will make you laugh and cry, whether the love is gay, straight, parental, sisterly, or even the love of working in a special place alongside your colleagues. Famous-Barr turns out to be an example of what we today would call an inclusive and socially aware work place. Long before corporate social responsibility, CSR, became a buzz word, this department store showed progressive thinking and behavior towards both employees and customers, irrespective of gender, race, and orientation. AC Benus depicts not only how narrow minds and tradition caused injustice but also how the influence of kind and clever Famousites (the nickname for the staff) made all the difference needed to set matters right. What better Christmas presents could you possibly get than acceptance and recognition of your worth as a human being? Now, before you get bored or scared off by all this philosophical stuff, let me assure you that Christmas at Famous-Barr has plenty of fun, tender, dramatic, and holiday-spirited moments. Not to mention vivid descriptions of the beautiful Santalands, Christmas window exhibitions, decorations, events, and presents, which are bound to make you either nostalgic or envious of the Saint Louis inhabitants and visitors who were lucky enough to experience these holiday miracles in person. Famous-Barr actually invented the concept of a department store Santa ! Visit Famous-Barr and find the true Christmas spirit of giving joy to those you love. No matter what your preference is, you’ll find a tale to suit your taste. Happy Holiday. Category: Fiction Genres: Historical, Comedy, Drama, Romance Tags: christmas, philosophy, psychology, parents, child, coming of age Rating: Everyone/Teen
  6. Featured Story: Personal Banking

    Well, it's the start of a new week, and for today's schedule, we're bringing you Puppilull's review of Personal Banking by Refugium. Featured story days are a great way to highlight one of the many stories that can be found in GA Stories. With so many stories, it's easy for a single story to get lost in the shuffle. If you're reading a story that you would like to do a blog review and bring attention to, PM me (Renee). Now, onto the review. Hopefully you enjoy Puppilull's review enough to go check out Personal Banking for yourself! Personal Banking Refugium Reviewer : Puppilull Status : Complete Word Count : 18,202 You know how sometimes you just want to escape for a little while? Go somewhere you can forget your everyday musts and simply have fun? But you don’t really have the time? If so, I have the perfect story for you! It’s humorous, sexy and the chapters are short enough to sneak in at a minibreak (or by all means, binge the whole thing at once…). The story is Personal Banking by Refugium and it’s about a man needing a loan to cover his debts. Sounds like you might as well look at your own, fun-filled life, doesn’t it? Well, only if your bank contacts consist of not one, but two very sexy loan officers who make your mind go to inappropriate places. The main character, Richard Andrews, is in trouble. He needs a loan to consolidate some debts he’s struggling with, but he doesn’t have any collateral. His attractive loan officer is willing to stretch the rules to give him the loan, provided Rich lives up to certain requirements—very specific requirements regarding his everyday life, such as no frivolous spending, no drinking and no drugs. And, of course, personal meetings once a week to ensure payments are being made to clear the debt. The loan officer Mr. Phillips turns out to be somewhat of a mystery man with an unclear agenda and a knack for confusing his client. Rich tries to be the perfect client but can’t help himself as he lusts after Mr. Phillips, trying to figure out if his bank man is in fact interested or merely polite. More than once, Rich loses himself in steamy daydreaming when he should be paying attention. And then there is the other guy, Jose, who leaves no question about where his interests lie. Maybe he’s the one Rich should be focusing his attention on? This story is written with an underlying humor that makes you giggle practically continuously. It’s lighthearted and quick paced which makes for the perfect distraction. At the same time, you feel strongly for the characters, especially Rich. A word of warning, though. Reading at a break at work would be ill-advised. There is some sex in this story—steamy sex that will have your cheeks turn at least a nice shade of pink. A slight element of dominance and submission adds to the tension between our characters. Throw in some jealousy and the cocktail gets rather potent. As a reader, you are kept in the dark about why Mr. Phillips makes Rich jump through all those hoops, and you are as puzzled as he is. His overactive imagination plays tricks on him as he interprets everything that happens as signs and then feels stupid when things turn out differently. The twists and turns of the story will make you jump to the next chapter and then the next, giving you pure reading fun. Category: Fiction Genres: Comedy, Drama Tags: mature adult, adult, gay, work place, urban, north america Rating: Mature
  7. Featured Story: Miss Silver Pretty-Pink Toes

    Being the start of a new week, Monday's are also a good time to take a look at some of the different stories that can be found on Gay Authors. With so many great works, it can be easy to overlook one and Monday's provide an opportunity for us to help make one of them stand out and maybe catch your interest. Today, we're bringing you a review by AC Benus of Mikiesboy's story "Miss Silver Pretty-Pink Toes." Enjoy! Miss Silver Pretty-Pink-Toes Mikiesboy Reviewer: AC Benus Status: Complete Word Count: 5,622 Mikiesboy’s range is pretty amazing. How many of us have thought of tackling a fairytale, and doing it old-school? In Miss Silver Pretty-Pink-Toes you will encounter a beautiful goat who suffers a horrible fate: humanifacation! Her curse is to be set adrift among the caprice of mankind and to try to make her way back. Along the way, she meets unlikely love, and pure devotion – which she will need to return to her original form. We also meet a one-eyed goat, a massive slime-covered snapping turtle and an evil toad. In this highly original tales, many of Mikiesboy’s talents are called into use. There is poetry, fantasy, love and longing. There is also pain and confusion as some of the forces around Miss Silver act with malice. If you have not ventured into this remarkable fantasy world, please do. Like me, I think you soon be asking the author to create more imaginative tales along these lines. Category: Fiction Genres: Fantasy, Romance Tags: magic, sorcery, witchcraft, wizards, no sex, friendship Rating: Everyone
  8. Featured Story: Morningstar: The Malaise

    First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian members. I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Now, it's time for a story review! Let's take a look at what we have for you on this Monday morning. Wicked Witch provided us with this great review on our newest Signature Author, Headstall. We hope you enjoy the review on Morningstar: The Malaise, and if you haven't already read it, hopefully this review will inspire you to do so. Morningstar: The Malaise by Headstall Reviewer : Wicked Witch Status : Complete Word Count : 227,645 When Kellar found out he was a wolf shifter, he was alone in the world. After every one of his kind he met refused to talk to him, he became an island. Estranged from all, Kellar retreated to his little piece of the world, and lived a lonely but peaceful existence. Then he met Tobyn, the first shifter who answered his questions. And the peaceful existence was subsumed in following the mystery of the malaise and finding love and somewhere to belong along the way. With a few surprises. Headstall’s recently completed Morningstar: The Malaise quickly became one of my favourite stories as I followed the journey of the characters. And such a journey it was! Headstall provided more than a few twists along the way as the characters and the world grew. Action, romance and adventure spread out ahead of Kellar and Tobyn. The Morningstar world is interesting and well thought out, however this story's shining light are the characters. They’re interesting, they have troubles and conflicts, they grow as people throughout the story. And just when you think their journey is complete, they prove to you that they have many more interesting things to show you, the reader. You get to follow them through ups and downs and heart stopping moments, and sweet happiness at times that makes you smile with them. I commend Headstall for managing to avoid many of the pitfalls of werewolf stories and provide an intrigue twist on the usual fare. If you enjoy the paranormal/supernatural, you’ll love this one. Or if you haven’t had a chance to get your toes wet in the realm of fantasy stories, here is a perfect place to start. Category: Fiction Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery Tags: young adults, were creatures, gay, first time, anal, oral Rating: Mature
  9. Featured Story: Alex and Zach

    I hope everyone had a great weekend, but now it's time to start off a new week. A great way to start the week is to take a look at a story that can be found on Gay Authors. Today's feature is Alex and Zach by Greg_A. Aditus was nice enough to provide us with this great review. If you haven't already done so, maybe it will inspire you to take a look. If you do, don't forget to leave Greg_A some reviews. Enjoy! Alex and Zach By Greg_A Reviewer: aditus Status: Complete Word Count: 108,013 Almost every time GA members have been asked to recommend a/their favorite story, Greg_A’s Alex and Zach has made the list. So, one rainy Saturday, I finally read it—all in one go. The story starts with Alex and Zach having a car accident. Luckily, nothing too bad happens, and the reader is compensated for the initial shock with a flashback showing Zach wearing a sexy pirate costume: ‘black half-pants...made of a shiny, satiny material that was very clingy, nearly melding to his skin’. Not only that, but the accident leads to Alex and Zach confiding their love for each other. Happily ever after, right? Wrong! A nagging that can’t be all is put front and center when Alex’s father makes a reluctant Zach call his parents to tell them about the accident. His mother’s only concern is that she and her husband might have to cancel their trip to visit Zach’s brother Mike. We slowly get an idea of why Zach was so sad on his birthday that he didn’t want a party, but just to get drunk by himself. During the ongoing story, we learn how deeply Zach has been, and still is, hurt by his family. It makes him doubt anyone could ever love him, even Alex.Alex and Zach has it all: sad moments contrast with happy ones, scathing words with witty dialogue—one moment I wanted to hit someone upside their head, the next I had to laugh out loud. Next time someone asks me to recommend a story, Alex and Zach will be definitely on my list. Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: gay, roommates, coming of age, coming out, love Rating: Mature
  10. Premium Special Review

    Today we have a treat for you! You don't just get one review, you get (counts)...eight! Gay Authors has always managed to remain free to its members, one of the ways that it has managed to do so is through its Premium Subscribers. Members choose to help support the site and keep it going by purchasing Premium Content which consists of a number of stories that are only available on the site by purchasing Premium. There are many great stories to be found in the Premium section, and today, the review team has decided to share some of their favorites. Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes layla Reviewer: LitLover Word Count: 117,309 Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes by Layla is one of my favourites on this site. It’s the story of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, pain, betrayal and ultimately finding love, trust and acceptance. The two main characters, Caden and Rhys, are good men facing trials in their lives not of their own making. Rhys had an accident, which left him with a badly injured leg, and a permanent limp. Since the accident he’s felt like a shadow of his former self and tends to lash out at those close to him when he feels hurt or threatened. Rhys also has a terrible habit of assuming everyone thinks less of him, and immediately goes on the defensive whenever he meets anyone new. Caden is a shy, reserved man who is often perceived as aloof to those who don’t know him well. His best and only friends in the world are his two large dogs. Because he’s been ostracized by his stepmother and the household staff, and all but ignored by his father his whole life, Caden tends to retreat into himself: walking the wild moors of his home as a near mute, rather than engaging with those around him. Faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage to one another it’s an uphill climb to get past their own insecurities before they can even make the effort to scale each other’s protective walls. Complicating matters along their journey to find love and trust, they face betrayal and outside attempts to destroy their fledgling relationship. Broken Prince and Mismatched eyes is a twenty-two chapter roller coaster ride of emotions but, in my opinion, the journey and the angst are worth every second. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Historical, Romance Tags: mature adult, adult, gay, serious, love Rating: Mature Coin in the Fountain comicfan Reviewer: Timothy M. Word Count: 6,844 Let me start out by saying you should not expect a HEA when reading this fairy tale. Comicfan rips away the sugary, Disneyfied glamour of magic and love, and we’re faced with the much darker and primeval version of the Old World fairy tales found in the Grimm Brothers’ collections and the later writings of the famous Dane H.C. Andersen. Here, selfish fools pay the price, and the cautious may escape danger by heeding the warnings of the old crone. Never look back – don’t eat and drink with the fey – avoid the easy shortcuts – don’t mess with magic – beware the butterfly effect. The story revolves around the ancient concept of wishing wells and the risk of making the wrong wish. But comicfan renews the tradition and brings it into the modern world. One family member in each of three generations faces the severe and permanent consequences of their choice. Did I feel sorry for them? No, actually not. I shook my head in sadness, but the logic was inescapable. Originally, fairy tales were told as warnings and moral guidelines, and this story follows the proud tradition. The story makes us ask difficult questions like: Would I be able to resist the temptation? Would I believe in old wives’ tales? Would I try to circumvent the conditions of the wishing well? Would I do the right thing, when my wish went awry? Read the story and tell us your answers. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance Tags: teen, magic, gay, north america, modern Rating: Everyone Comfort Only RCMills Reviewer: Timothy M. Word count: 52,560 Are you a fan of Dayne Mora’s E.P.I.C. stories? Then I bet you’ll like Comfort Only, which displays the same wit and catchy phrases. Especially the first chapters left me chuckling and reading the same sentences several times, to admire the brilliant word play. Judging by the comments left on the story I’m not the only one to regularly. There are several well-known story elements here. The chatty and bratty BFF, who unbeknownst to himself makes a crucial difference in the life of a repressed guy with a difficult home life. The obnoxiously selfish but witty guy who pokes wicked fun at his (of course) irritating roommate, his ex-girlfriend, his teachers, his best friend’s younger brother and anyone else he feels deserves it. But we forgive him, because his caustic wit is also used against himself, and his loyalty to his best friend knows no limits. There’s also an über-intelligent nerd, a mega-annoying girlfriend who sees nothing wrong with ‘kissing’ all her ex-boyfriends, a metrosexual fashionista, an unexpected love twist, and some painfully hot sex. But RCMills blends all of these elements in breath-taking ways which at times leave you as confused and gob-smacked as the main character, whose POV we follow. There is no traditional happy ending, yet I was left with the hope that love would prevail and dreams come true. Comfort Only was one of the unexpected bonus stories which made me feel I got extra value for my Premium membership. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama Tags: college, anal, oral, psychology, modern Rating: Mature Do Over dkstories Reviewer: Spikey582 Word Count: 303,971 What if you could go back in time and relive your childhood a second time, only this time with full knowledge of all the things that went wrong the first time? That is essentially the basic premise of Do Over by dkstories. In an experiment gone wrong, Davey Jones, a man in his 30s, has his consciousness transported back into his twelve-year-old body. There are a ton of themes and conflicts presented throughout this story. Davey, a man living in 2004, goes back to 1981, with all the memories of growing up in this era. At first, the conflict mostly hinges on Davey wondering if and when his mind will be brought back into the future. When he starts to realize that will never happen, he is presented with multiple conflicts of what horrible tragedies he should try to prevent. He tries first within his own family, and then with his memories of the era, world events. How much should he change? Will the changes he makes be for the better, or for the worse? This very brief synopsis of the plot barely scratches the surface of the themes and events covered in this tale: the AIDS crisis, which was in its earliest and darkest days (then known as the “gay plague”); there’s the anti-gay politics of the era with the Moral Majority; the gay rights movement; and, of course, the most prevalent conflict of the era -- the Cold War. All of which Davey, with his knowledge and attitudes of the future, gets thrust right in the midst of. I think what I liked most about this story was that it had such a mix of genres. It was an alternate-history story, a coming of age story, a romance, and an action/adventure story, all rolled into one. Spanning 40 chapters, this story has a lot to offer. So check it out; you won’t be disappointed. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi Tags: gay, alternate earth, coming of age, 20th century Rating: Mature In Enemy Hands M.A. Church Reviewer: Puppilull Word Count: 78,128 A handsome prince on a space mission vital to the survival of his planet meets a tall, dark and equally handsome stranger. Sounds like the start of a true romance novel, right? But what if both of our protagonists behave a bit like arrogant bastards, neither wanting to show any weakness in front of the other? And what if the stranger is in fact a highly skilled assassin with possible vampiric tendencies belonging to a very reclusive race known for not taking any prisoners? And he captures said prince, holding him against his will? That would throw quite a few spanners in the works for possible romance…. Meet Prince Varo, brought up in a culture of tough warriors and expected to be even tougher than most. After his mission goes awry, he crashes in his spaceship in an attempt at final glory. With no such luck and after ending up in the worst possible situation, he knows he has to do his utmost to get away. If only to appease his more than slightly insane father. The only problem is someone else is equally hellbent on keeping him there. Enter Adlar, a highly skilled warrior and fighter, who realizes just what a treasure Varo truly is. On more than one level. M.A. Church manages to keep the tension between Varo and Adlar without turning either of them into silly caricatures of romance protagonists. Throughout the book, there is an undercurrent of need and want, push and pull that is definitely sexy but there is much more to story. These two characters lead us through an intriguing dance, although without much of the usual misunderstanding and doubt. Our guys actually talk to each other, eventually at least. When they aren’t busy trying to fight for dominance. Or fighting their need to submit… And what a lovely fight it is. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi Tags: aliens, gay, off-planet, space, fighting, future Rating: Mature MetaWolf Series JohnAR Reviewer: Puppilull Word Count: 998,294 Anyone who’s spoken to me for more than five seconds knows I have a serious addiction problem. My addiction is the amazing MetaWolf series by JohnAR. It’s a series of eight books, or actually nine if you include the prompt collection (and you have to include the prompt collection to really get to know these characters). It’s the story of lonely nerd Colt, very smart but not very liked. As he escapes his past to college, he hopes his life will turn around. With no such luck, he resigns himself to simply enduring the last years of college. Then he encounters three guys who change his world. Not only on a personal level, but his whole view of the world. He is brought into the eternal fight between wolf shifters and vampires. As he and his wolves struggle to figure out how to incorporate an odd nerd as their Meta (i e the one calling the shots, out-ranking even the Alpha), their pack gains wolf after wolf, growing in strength and preparing for their fate. All this while having to battle vampire attacks and other dangerous situations. From there, the story unfolds in many unexpected ways. Meta can be read in different ways. It can be read as an action story of a man and his hunky wolves, with all the fighting and naughty sex. Who doesn’t like some hot, kinky action once in a while? If that is your fancy, not many do it better than JohnAR. It is also the story of a group of men, all pushed around by life and mistreated in various ways, learning how to trust and eventually love each other. This personal journey of our guys had me crying more than once, and I feel a definite connection to Colt and his life as a smart but not very popular person. One big part of Meta is trying to figure out what it all means. Throughout the series, there are clues and red herrings distributed liberally. The story incorporates various myths and historic events, from ancient Greece, parts of Asia and also more recent times. For a true nerd, this is like an Easter egg hunt. Each little detail you manage to figure out, makes you go “Ha!” and feel very pleased with yourself. Then at the end you’ll go “Huh?” and realize you have to reread the whole series to really get what it’s about. But don’t let the nerdness discourage you from reading. Above all, this is a series about love, loyalty, friendship, courage and determination. You will fall in love with at least one of the wolves, quite possibly more. And even though I have very strong feelings about Colt, I realize he’s not the easiest character to fall in love with. However, I have no doubt you’ll root for him and want what’s best for him. After all, if a pack of wolf shifters make him the center of their world, he can’t be all bad? Category: Fiction Genres: Mystery Tags: were-creatures, vampire, adult, gay, fetish, menage Rating: Mature Ship Logs of the Santa Claus Mann Ramblings Reviewer: Renee Stevens Word Count: 200,394 If I wasn’t already a fan of Mann Ramblings, this series would have changed that. The Ship Logs of the Santa Claus consists of three books at the moment: The Luxorian Fugitive, A Cook’s Tale, and Priest & Pariah. If I’m being honest, this review is hard to write. Not because I didn’t enjoy the stories, I did, but reviewing it as a series is difficult because each story has a different feel and what works for one wouldn’t really work for the others. Mann Ramblings has done a wonderful job building a true community of flawed individuals and making us empathize with each and every one as they struggle to accept and overcome the various obstacles put in their path. And there are a lot of obstacles! So, what is this series about? Well, let’s take a look at it. Needing an escape following a devastating civil war on Alpha Centauri, Captain Marc Danverse has created a life for himself and his crew on board the Santa Claus, a cargo vessel that travels through space transporting various cargo, and occasionally passengers. The one thing that sets the Santa Claus apart from other ships? The rule of no women and no hetero on board. That’s right, no women or straight men allowed. Marc has his reasons, and takes a lot of flak for the rule, but it creates a very accepting community for his crew to live in. Sure, there are issues like there is everywhere else, but the one thing no one has to worry about is being judged for preferring other men. But these stories aren’t just about Marc, in fact, Marc plays a supporting role for the most part. Instead, the three Santa Claus stories focus on his crew as they work their way through a number of obstacles. Whether it’s nightmares, medical issues, violence, guilt, self-image, or just memories of the past, the men of the Santa Claus work to persevere over the injustices life has thrown at them. If you decide to read Mann’s Ship Logs of the Santa Claus series, which I highly recommend you do, prepare yourself to run through a gamut of emotions. If you’re anything like me, there will be times you laugh, cry, and shake your head at the antics of the Santa Claus crew. But when all is said and done, you’ll hopefully be cheering for them as they each work toward making a better life for themselves. And when it ends, if you’re like me, you’ll be anxiously waiting to see whose story Mann will tell next. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi Tags: mature adult, gay, psionics, anal, military, future, bdsm Rating: Mature Social Skills Sara Alva Reviewer: Aditus Word Count: 105,010 There always comes this moment where I remember a scene from Sara Alva’s Social Skills, and I can’t resist looking it up, then I wind up reading just a few more pages and before I know it, I’m at the end! The story draws me in every time. So, why is that? The main plot is quickly told: Connor, a shy, diligent college freshman, plays the violin in the student orchestra. He meets Jared while tutoring football players who need to keep up their grades. They fall in love, they fall out of love… But will they be together in the end? The question What comes next? was always present on my mind while reading the book. It spurred me on until I turned the last page, still out of breath. However, it’s these wonderful, multifaceted characters who come alive in my head and never let me forget them that make Social Skills so special to me. I suffer with Connor, who bravely battles social anxiety and general awkwardness with the help of his music—and later with Jared’s love. I feel for Jared, who is conflicted, as he wants to live up to his recently-deceased father’s legacy as a successful football player, even though he knows he will never be as good as his dad. Then there is his sexuality. For Connor, Jared not only acknowledges he is gay, but acts on it for the first time, albeit in secrecy. Well-developed side characters underpin the events perfectly, bringing out certain aspects of the main characters, and generally spicing up the story. Rebecca, Connor’s stand partner in the orchestra, who became Connor’s best friend almost from the minute they met, is my all-time favorite. She is nosy, meddlesome, supportive, and inspiring. She is also a perfect role model for Connor, embracing her otherness instead of fighting it. I could go on and tell you about Ronnie, Ray, Tate, A.J., and Beth, but you have to see for yourself how they pull the plot in different directions. There is one other aspect of Social Skills I really like. It’s the familiarity with the campus—buildings, secret passages, routines described as only an insider can know. It makes the story much more genuine. Oh, I almost forgot the music. You should listen to it while reading the story. It’s perfect; each piece sets the respective scene. Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: young adult, gay, first time, coming of age, music, modern Rating: Mature
  11. Featured Story: Rule #3

    I hope everyone had a great weekend, but now it's time to start off a new week. A great way to start the week is to take a look at a story that can be found on Gay Authors. Today's feature is Rule #3 by CassieQ. William King was nice enough to provide us with this great review. If you haven't already done so, maybe it will inspire you to take a look. If you do, don't forget to leave Cassie some reviews. Enjoy! Rule #3 CassieQ Reviewer: William King Status: Complete Word Count: 16,582 I will often start a review of a story by saying something about whether it was well written, and easy and enjoyable to read. This story was all those things, but more than the fluidity of the writing and the well-balanced pace, there was the intriguing concept of the plot. As I got deeper into the story, I could not help thinking it was all too Nice! I repeatedly thought to myself—no way—things have to start getting nasty here, or it’s not real. But at the same time, I couldn’t help the warm feeling that leapt off the pages; I was drawn to these three nice characters. It was Marc who was at the center of things; the story revolved around this central character, but it was Ryland who came most alive. Don’t read that statement to mean Marc and Gabriel were not well-drawn personages, they were. Even Gabriel’s character was full enough, although of the three, he was the least written. But Ryland's feelings and emotions were so real, it felt like he was there with me when I was reading the story. The premise of the story is they all 'do the right thing' in extraordinary circumstances, but I doubt such relationships occur very often. And if they do, I can’t imagine that they work out like in Rule #3. But therein lies the skill of the author—a twofold talent—on the one hand, Cassie can tell a story that can’t fail to make you feel good inside, but on the other hand, she can do so in such a way it becomes completely believable. I found this story a joy to read and a treat for the heart, ending with what I have to suppose is a happily ever after—with a twist. Read Rule #3 to find out what that is! Category: Anthology Genres: Romance Tags: young adult, gay, urban, light-hearted Rating: Mature
  12. Featured Story: A Healing Heart

    Well, it's the start of a new week, and for today's schedule, we're bringing you Puppilull's review of A Healing Heart by lilansui. Featured story days are a great way to highlight one of the many stories that can be found in GA Stories. With so many stories, it's easy for a single story to get lost in the shuffle. If you're reading a story that you would like to do a blog review and bring attention to, PM me (Renee). Now, onto the review. Hopefully you enjoy Puppilull's review enough to go check out A Healing Heart for yourself! A Healing Heart lilansui Reviewer: Puppilull Status: Complete Word Count: 71,209 Dealing with heartbreak and sorrow can be done in many ways, more or less healthy. One strategy is to lock yourself away from the world. Perhaps not literally, but still hiding yourself emotionally from others around, just so you won’t experience anything like that ever again. Talin has chosen to handle the shitty hands dealt by life by doing just that. He focuses all his energy on his club, making sure to keep a professional distance to those around him, no matter how supportive they try to be. In his corner of the world, life plods along in a predictable and safe manner. Or it could be if it weren’t for a certain man, Dimitri. A man with an uncanny ability to shake Talin up in seconds. Also a man surrounded by quite a few mysteries. As many of Lilansui’s stories, this is an action filled novel complete with gangsters and surprising twists. Some of them will have you reading at the speed of light just to know what’s going to happen. It’s one of those rare stories where you feel the outcome isn’t so easy to figure out. The odds seem stacked against our pair and at times all appears to be lost. Then there is the story of the growing relationship between Talin and Dimitri, written in a way that you feel the attraction they have for each other, even though it really isn’t a good idea to get involved. So much is at stake. But who can fight a pull like that? It’s a fast-paced story, with a straightforward language to match. Yet Lilansui always takes the time to add those extra lines to give you atmosphere and a feel to the surroundings. Not too much to make it tedious, but not so little that the story feels barren. The description of a strand of hair, the play of the setting sun over a face is just right. So if you’re in the mood for a sort of noir feel story with romance to boot, this is a story for you! Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance Tags: Mature adult, gay, urban, crime, modern, love Rating: Mature
  13. Featured Story: Unforgivable

    Being the start of a new week, Monday's are also a good time to take a look at some of the different stories that can be found on Gay Authors. With so many great works, it can be easy to overlook one and Monday's provide an opportunity for us to help make one of them stand out and maybe catch your interest. Today, we're bringing you a review by spikey582 of LitLover's story Unforgivable. Enjoy! Unforgivable LitLover Reviewer: spikey582 Status: Complete Word Count: 80,157 For my first official review for the site, I decided to go easy on myself and pick a favorite GA story from the last year: Unforgivable by LitLover. I discovered this just as Lit started posting in April of last year, and it was actually quite fun to experience a bite at a time, and see how fellow readers reacted to each new chapter. However, if you’re just discovering this story now, you’re in luck as you can experience the whole thing without those agonizing 7 day waits. In Unforgivable, we are introduced to two characters, Corey and Jason, and they have a long history together. Corey is the best friend of Jason’s younger brother Drew, and they all grew up together. Very early on in the tale, Jason commits the titular unforgivable act, and cheats on Corey and Drew’s other best friend when they’re all teenagers. This is where the crux of the conflict is driven from. You see, Corey’s father has a long history of cheating on his mother, and repeatedly being forgiven. The lesson Corey has learned from the long years of his father’s serial philandering is simple. Once a cheater always a cheater. Can someone like Jason, a known cheater himself, be forgiven? What I particularly enjoyed about this story was that each chapter is told through either Corey or Jason’s perspective. We get a good idea of what each character is about, what they’re going through. So even Jason, who seems like a jerk at first glance, actually becomes sympathetic and likable as we get to know him. Interestingly enough, LitLover, the very “Cliffie Queen” herself, didn’t leave us poor readers hanging from nearly as many cliffs during this story. However, there are still a few that will definitely propel a reader forward to find out what happens next. As I said before, if you’re just now finding this story for the first time, you’re lucky because you can now just plow right ahead and find out. This is definitely a “binge-worthy” story. So hopefully I’ve piqued your interest with Unforgivable. It’s filled to the brim with drama, romance, and even a touch of angst. Seriously, go check this story out and get to know Corey and Jason. Once you’re finished with Unforgivable, you can start in on the spin off tale, Choices, that LitLover is in the process of posting right now. Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: Adult, gay, anal, oral, friendship Rating: Mature
  14. Featured Story: The Navigator

    Monday, Monday, Monday. What could we possibly have for you on a Monday? Oh yeah! We have a new featured story for you. This week, courtesy of Timothy M., we are taking a look at The Navigator by Cynus. Hopefully you'll like what you read and it will prompt you to go and read the story itself! The Navigator Cynus Reviewer: Timothy M. Status: Complete Word Count: 93,473 The title of this story is sheer genius, and I’ll never forget the person or the concept which prompted the name. As we begin the compelling journey mapped out by Cynus we meet Silas Drake, his dog, and the band who has given him a ride as they travel from one gig to another. Even though their ways soon part, Cynus keeps track of both parties. Drake as he stops over in a small village and encounters several people, both good and bad, who will change his life. The band as they struggle to find success and deal with missing the young man who helped them navigate from place to place. While some of the dramatic events and villains in the story may seem over the top, the important thing is how Drake reacts to each challenge. He is both intelligent and sensible, shaped but not destroyed by events in his past. He does what’s needed to survive, but his integrity keeps his choices honorable. Even though he has been hurt by other people, he tries to avoid harmful actions, and though his trust is hard to gain, his loyalty to friends is unshakable. He’s not perfect, but that makes him all the more believable and admirable. The way he cares for his dog, Adelaide, who is a faithful protector, will win many readers’ hearts, and she plays a crucial role in the story. In addition, the story is well-written, with good dialogue and plenty of interesting characters apart from the Navigator. There is also a discussion topic, where Cynus answered questions, and readers had heated discussions on various story details, including the importance of Cinnabons. At one point Cynus said: I'm glad there are people to analyze this for me. I never would have figured that out on my own. To which Puppilull answered: If you want analysis, you're in the right place! You will probably also get far out speculation, wild theorising and just nosy questions in general... Cynus has talked about a sequel, which his fans would love, but The Navigator is worth reading as a complete and wonderful tale by itself. Category: Fiction Genres: Adventure, Drama Tags: Teen, Serious, Crime, Music, Religion, Abuse Rating: Teen
  15. Featured Story: Hypnotic

    I hope everyone had a great weekend, but now it's time to start off a new week. A great way to start the week is to take a look at a story that can be found on Gay Authors. Today's feature is Hypnotic by Cia. Litlover was nice enough to provide us with this great review. If you haven't already done so, maybe it will inspire you to take a look. If you do, don't forget to leave Cia some comments. Enjoy! Hypnotic Cia Reviewer: Litlover Status: Complete Word Count: 86,395 Hypnotic, by Cia, is one of the first stories I read on GA, and it continues to be one of my all-time favorites. I hope by the end of this review you will be convinced to give this thrilling, if sometimes complicated, love story a chance. In this third installment of Carthera Takeover Tales, we go back to the world of the Carthera clans, a race of humanoids who share their soul with an animal. They are not shifters, and actually display the traits of their clan animal after mating. Although there are many different types of Carthera, Hypnotic focuses mainly on falcons, jaguars, tigers, and snakes, with a few whales and a couple of polar bears thrown in, just to keep life interesting. One of the things I appreciated about the story is that it’s not the typical “find your mate and live happily ever after” plot. Each character is flawed, and make very human/Carthera mistakes on their paths to finding love and acceptance. Davis Retic is a snake Carthera and club owner who moonlights as a mercenary for the local falcon clan leader. Davis learned from an early age that life is harsh, and weakness will get you killed. In an effort to protect himself he has built some dauntingly high walls around his heart, which will be tough for anyone to get over. Ellis is a human nurse who works in the local Carthera clinic. His work has made him more educated about the race than most humans, and Dav quickly piques his curiosity and interest. Dav and Ellis’s first meeting is anything but romantic when Ellis, while suffering from a nasty migraine, throws up on Dav’s expensive shoes. Even with their shaky start the chemistry between the two men quickly ignites. When Davis tells him they’re mates Ellis is skeptical, but for a chance at happiness he’s willing to throw caution to the wind and give the reclusive man a chance. Unfortunately, the outside world intrudes on the two lovers. Misunderstandings, trust issues, and unfortunate decision-making conspire to destroy the fledgling relationship before it ever has a chance to grow. Hypnotic is packed with action, drama, angst, an epic battle, and some really hot sex scenes involving fangs, venom, and a wickedly nimble forked tongue. To this day, Dav is one of my favorite fictional characters. He’s far from perfect and makes mistakes, some of which had me cursing, but there’s something about the flawed man that keeps you rooting for him, and Ellis, right to the end. If you give Hypnotic a chance I can guarantee you won’t be bored as you delve into this intriguing, and occasionally dark, world. Category: Fiction Genres: Fantasy, Romance Tags: Disability, Were-creatures, Adult, Modern Rating: Mature
  16. Secret Admirer Special Review

    One year ago, the thirteen stories written for the Secret Admirer Contest posted in time for Valentine’s Day. Like the regular GA Anthologies, the contest let authors try their hand at short stories within a common theme. But in this case readers could vote for the story they liked best - all without knowing who the author was. After the contest there was a guessing game about who wrote each story. Half the stories were so well disguised no one was able to pinpoint the author. Three stories were distinct enough that the authors (Cole, AC Benus and Thorn Wilde) were recognized by four people each. Perhaps the reviews below will give you the answer why. The Valentine's Day stories were very different; some made readers cry and others made them laugh. The genres ranged from Romance (naturally) over Drama to Mystery and even Historical. Why not explore or revisit the stories as a prelude to this year’s holiday? There is something for every taste whether you feel happy or sad. Don’t forget to leave a like and comment for the authors so they know how you felt about their stories and as an incentive to keep writing. If you're not sure where to start, the reviews below may inspire you to choose a story. Valentine’s Day 2016 Secret Admirer Contest Cupid Central by Aditus Reviewer: Timothy M. Word count: 3,961 Of all the wonderful Secret Admirer Contest stories last year, this one was probably the most light-hearted and fun. Did you know Cupids have arrows of different colors depending on the situation? Or that missing a shot can have dire consequences, not only for the humans involved, but also the hapless Cupid who bungled the job. The management at Cupid Central assigns punishment for tardiness as well as sloppy jobs, but also rewards good work. If you want to know how, you’ll need to read the story. I was chuckling most of the time, and I’ve asked Aditus to lend me a couple of his angels to help out in my A.I. story. But most of all, I hope we’ll get more Cupid Central stories, because the concept is delightful, the dialogue is funny, and the characters are vividly portrayed. Jager by Cole Matthews Reviewer: Aditus Word Count: 3,332 This is the story of Adam and Glenn, ‘the dynamic duo, in love and in charge for more than forty years, always having each other’s back.’ They share a life of genuine affection and care: from the beginning, when it took great courage to be together as gay men, to overcoming a severe loss, raising their son and having a grandchild. Now that old age has finally caught up with them and joints are stiff, and hips hurt, Glenn fears Adam is slowly losing his sanity. Why else would he talk to people who aren’t there or suddenly drag Jager, the old rocking horse Glenn’s grandparents gave him when he was a kid, from the garage into the house? They are only ‘two old queens on their last leg in the journey of life. No one is there. They only have each other.’ Right? So, what is Adam doing? If I had to associate one word with Jager, it would be trust─trust to follow through with the words they might have had promised to each other in the past: to have and to hold/from this day forward/for better, for worse/for richer, for poorer/in sickness and in health/to love and to cherish/till death do us part. Jager won first place in the Secret Admirer Contest for a reason. Make sure you have tissues ready. And then there is this brilliant twist Cole invented, but you’ll have to read it for yourself to find out what it is. Lupercalia by Puppilull Reviewer: Cia Word Count: 7,169 Valentine’s Day usually makes you think of love, sweets, and romantic nights… but Puppilull’s story, Lupercalia, is set in the most unlikely of places for this: a prison. An ancient prison in Rome, actually. The story revolves around a tortured prisoner sentenced to die by the emperor in the annual Lupercalia celebrations. Varius is warned about him, but he can’t see why the prisoner might be a danger to him or any of the other guards. But as the days leading up to the Lupercalia pass by, Varius finds out more about him, and his reason for being imprisoned, than he likes to know about those condemned to die. Varius questions the dictates of his life and the strictures put upon him as a soldier of the Roman empire, and it’s nearly impossible to accept the prisoner's fate, even though he remains steadfast in the convictions that led to his death sentence. Love and compassion should never be forbidden. Their tragic romance might be doomed, but don’t let that keep you from reading Puppilull’s tribute to love in all its bittersweet glory. There’s always a chance… if you’re brave enough to face the potential pain in pursuit of love. Making Sense of Secret Gifts by Timothy M Reviewer: LitLover Word Count: 12,488 Timothy M’s submission to the Secret Admirer contest was a story about a very private man, named Colin, who starts receiving some very public attention, in the form of gifts left on his desk by a secret admirer. The gifts are thoughtful, and some, such as a carving of his cat, give the impression the benefactor knows Colin fairly well. Colin is a caring, if lonely, man who has been hurt in his past. In order to alleviate some of his loneliness he gives up his weekends to volunteer in a group home. Colin’s partner in crime is Sol, his sneaky cat, who can coax a smile out of the most sullen teenager. The more I read about Colin the more fiercely I found myself hoping he would find someone to care about him as much as he cares for others. This sweet, but introverted man is unsure of what to make of the mysterious packages. A part of him is flattered someone would put so much thought and effort into these gifts, but his discomfort is almost palpable when he starts to become the center of attention in the office. It takes him a great deal of courage to leave a message for his admirer, and ultimately decide to meet him/her in person. I’m not going to give away the identity of the secret admirer because it would spoil the fun of reading the story, and trying to puzzle out the mystery for yourself. All I can tell you is you will be more than satisfied with the answer. Nobody’s Valentine by Thorn Wilde Reviewer: Puppilull Word Count: 4,664 So it’s that time of year again. Hearts everywhere and everyone acting so lovey-dovey it’s making the air turn pink. Or red. But what if your reality doesn’t fit in? What if your life has taken a completely unforeseen turn, leaving you feeling disappointed, lonely and perhaps even despairing? A story of a Secret Admirer that deals with these less written about sides to this thing we call love can be such a relief. If that story is friggin’ well written as well, things are looking up. Thorn Wilde has provided us with a story of Mike who is fighting an uneven battle to get over the boyfriend who dumped him. When that infamous date rolls around, he finds the sadness flares up and seeks ways to deal with it. One remedy turns out to be the one to lead him on his way. But where will it take him? This is a truly bittersweet story telling us life isn’t always a bed of roses. I think it’s important to not lose sight of that. It’s actually somehow comforting to know bad stuff will happen, but you will be OK. A bit scarred perhaps, but OK. Sunshine by AC Benus Reviewer: Timothy M. Word count: 9,480 Writing a Valentine’s Day story filled with sadness, loss, longing and even anger, and naming it Sunshine, is the kind of chutzpah few people can get away with. But AC Benus has the unique ability to pluck at our heartstrings and fill our guts with dread, holding the story on the precipice of anticipation, yet letting us hope for a miracle. Will the two characters make the right choice? Will their innate goodness break through like a ray of sunshine? Will it become a Valentine’s Day to remember for the triumph of love and kindness or for the loss of innocence and trust? Go read the story, and afterwards go hug someone you care about and tell them they matter. The Cupid Complex by Valkyrie Reviewer: spikey582 Word Count: 5,127 In this little treat from last year’s Secret Admirer Contest, Valkyrie takes us through one year in the life of Gabriel as he searches for that special someone. He doesn't always have the best of luck in his search, but he is a romantic at heart with a penchant for holiday decorating. A Valentine’s Day misstep leads to a humiliating situation, and some accompanying depression that he battles throughout his journey for the relationship his heart desires. Dealing with obvious hurt, Gabriel plays the “hook-up” game, hesitant to really put himself out there. As the year progresses, some new friendships are forged, but everything in relationship territory remains starkly “casual.” Yet, as the next Valentine’s Day approaches, Gabriel discovers gifts and notes being left on his doorstep. Whose admiration has Gabriel drawn? Will Cupid’s arrow strike after all? This was the kind of story that left me smiling in one instant, and frowning and frustrated the next. Valkyrie packs quite a lot into such a short tale. I found myself feeling Gabriel’s sorrow and rooting for him to finally be with someone he truly deserves. Join Gabriel through this fun little tale, as he realizes life is full of surprises, which are often much closer than we think. The Lady in the Flames by jfalkon Reviewer: Lisa Word Count: 7,711 Imagine driving past the scene of a car accident and noticing one of the drivers slumped over the steering wheel. What would you do? There was already rubbernecking on the road, so you know someone must have called 911. Would you just drive on by, assuming the driver would be taken care of? Or would you stop and try to get him out of the car? What if you had the day off from work because you lied and told your boss you were home sick? What if, by helping this person, you were ‘found out’ and you were fired because you lied to your boss about being sick? Our protagonist James has a lot on his mind as he ponders these questions. Of course being morally sound, he saves the driver’s life and pulls him out of the car before the big chunk of metal explodes into a ball of flames. On the news, the flames in the background make him look like a woman, so he thinks he’s pretty much off the hook of being found out. I found this fast-paced story captivating, and I was riveted from the first line. It didn’t hurt that the characters were very relatable also. What I liked best about it, however, were the beautiful words jfalcon used toward the end of the story to describe a moment of passion. I would highly recommend reading The Lady in the Flames if you haven’t already, and if you have, why not pick it up again and enjoy it a second time around? These are by no means all of the stories from the Secret Admirer Contest; there are more wonderful stories for you to take a look at. You can read all of the Secret Admirer Contest stories here. And don't forget the upcoming April Fool's Day Short Story Contest. You still have time to submit a story. Entry deadline is March 1st, 2017.
  17. Featured Story: Joined By Blood

    Well, it's the start of another week, and to help start it off right we're going to share a wonderful review that Aditus was kind enough to share with us. This week's featured story is Joined by Blood by...me. Thank you, Aditus, for such an awesome review. Joined by Blood is just one story that can be found in our Premium section. Don't have Premium? You can get it here. You can also try to win a Premium subscription by entering the April Fool's Day Short Story Contest. Hope you enjoy the review! Joined by Blood Renee Stevens Reviewer: Aditus Status: Complete Word Count: 79,234 As suggested by Timothy M., I’m going with an old favorite of mine this time: Joined by Blood, which can be found in the premium section. Those who know me are probably rolling their eyes when they read ‘vampire’, but hey, a story full of hot, fanged guys–I could never resist those! The story starts with Damian locked up in a cell and shackled to a wall. He never believed in vampires until they kidnapped him and his baby sister. Ever the big brother, all his thoughts are on escaping so he can save Rebecca. Then he learns she actually instigated their abduction to become a vampire herself, and, on top of that, Damian was the price she readily paid to reach her goal. His world crumbles. Still reeling from the revelation, Damian thinks he is losing what is left of his sanity when he hears a voice in his head asking him about his injuries. Shortly after, several men defeat his jailers and free him from his prison. But alas, they are vampires too. Just a few days ago, Damian didn’t know vampires existed beyond fiction; now he learns there are in fact different kinds: those who still have their soul, like the clan who saved him, and those who don’t, like the group his sister joined. Even then, Damian won’t believe Rebecca is beyond saving. He is fiercely determined to find a way to get his sister back, even though everyone tells him it is impossible. Soon, Damian finds himself plunged into a war between good and evil. Throw in a sexy vampire prince, a brooding second-in-command from the tall, dark, and handsome variety, a prophecy, love, betrayal, and family issues, and you have the perfect mix for a nice weekend. (In my humble opinion.) When I first started reading Joined by Blood, I couldn’t wait for Renee to post the next chapter. She wove some evil cliffhangers into her tale of twists and turns, which, even though they no longer matter as the story is complete, still spur the reader on. If you plan on reading the story, make sure you have enough time and there aren’t any trivial things like work, family, pets, or friends that are going to distract you. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance, Paranormal Tags: vampire, gay, modern Rating: Mature
  18. We hope everyone is having a great New Year so far! It's time for our first review of the year, and this time Puppilull was kind enough to provide us with a Review of the "Best Circle of Hell" series by Sasha Distan. If you haven't already read the series, then hopefully Puppilull's review will have you adding it to your "list". If you have read them, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Happy Reading! Best Circle of Hell Sasha Distan Reviewer: Puppilull Status: Incomplete Word Count: 135,355 Like so often before, my choice of story to review this time is perhaps not for everyone. Sasha Distan’s The Best Circle of Hell stories are seven stories, six complete and one under way, all centered around a group of demons, including the Prince of Hell. Yes, that’s right. Demons. And these are real demons who go out and do demonic stuff. I won’t try to sugarcoat this. At times, these stories get rough. Gory, twisted and violent. Consent isn’t always at the top of the list for these guys. Also, there is a fair amount of explicit sex. So the warnings are real and should be read carefully. The various stories each center around one or a few demons, who all go through that longing we all share. Longing for someone who is the right fit just for them. When you have eternity to do all that longing, the feeling seems to grow. With special powers at your command, boredom or perhaps a sense of having no purpose can make you do all kinds of twisted things. And then something or rather someone happens. Sometimes as an accident, sometimes as the answer to a prayer and demonic existence is not the same anymore. Even if, as I said, the way they express their affection is not exactly mainstream. Then why read these stories? Won’t they just make you nauseous or depressed? Angry perhaps? No, not at all. For even though the demons sometimes have a quite, let’s say unique way to approach other beings, they are really just like us. Even though I hope you keep the number of slayings to an absolute minimum. And of course, it’s not all gore and guts. The Best Circle of Hell stories are filled with warmth (not surprising as they spend a great deal of time in Hell… ), friendship, loyalty and if I may be so bold even love. Maybe not the kind most of us go for, but love based on the most profound understanding and acceptance, on finding someone who lets you be you, even if that is a horned demon with hooves or a shapeshifting snake with seductive scales. Along the way, we get to know the inhabitants of Hell rather well and get to experience the curious sensation of rooting for beings who do pretty bad things. The characters are just that well written and believable, even given the subject matter. So, can we learn from these demons? Perhaps that it’s never too late. Perhaps that a friend is someone to listen to, even if he has an irritating habit of using his empathic abilities to take over your inner voiceover. Perhaps that if we open our eyes and truly see the being in front of us, we might be surprised at what we find. It could be just who we are looking for. Category: Fiction Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Romance Tags: Demons, Abuse, Rape, Violent, Adult, Anal Rating: Mature
  19. The Anthology Review Did you miss the posting of the fall anthology? Maybe you saw it but were wondering: Exactly what is an anthology and why should I read it? Anthologies have themes, and contributions have to be self-contained short stories that incorporate that theme in some aspect. This is a chance for authors to be inspired to write something new, especially if they’re struggling with their current project, just need a break, or are trying out writing for the first time. The anthologies garner a lot of attention and are a great way for authors to gain new readers. If an author wants to expand their reader base, the anthologies can give new readers a short glimpse of the writer’s style. For readers there are also gains to be gotten from the anthologies—apart from getting a bunch of new stories all at once. It’s fun to see the different interpretations of the themes, both by familiar and new authors. Reading a short story can be a good introduction to a range of GA authors rather than trawling through the whole list of stories. Readers might read one story and be inspired to check out other works by the author—and maybe even find a new favorite author. To celebrate the release of the fall anthology, the review team wanted to showcase some of the past anthology entries. The team chose Nature’s Wrath—the first anthology from 2014—as the focus of our reviews. The River Ran Backwards by Aaron Penrose Reviewer: Renee Stevens Word Count: 11,979 The River Runs Backward is a very strong story with a great cast of supporting characters. The main character is River, and the story is told from his point of view. I sincerely enjoyed the entire story, but I think my favorite part was how River associated himself with the Mississippi River. Whether the author, Aaron Penrose, meant to do it or not, this story shows that one change in circumstance can be the catalyst for making things better. In The River Ran Backwards, that catalyst comes in the form of Matthew. River has no friends, he’s the target for bullying at his school, and he has some emotional/personality issues. River has lost hope of things ever getting better, especially when his parents explain to him that they are committing him to a mental institution. River is exceptionally smart, but he’s not crazy, or is he? He needs to escape the fate that his parents have outlined for him, but in doing so, he runs into Matthew. Matthew who stares at him, but never says anything. Matthew that awakens something in River that he’s never felt before. It is Matthew who changes the way River sees himself. Only time will tell if that change is for the better. I’d strongly recommend this story. This is the first—and only—story by Aaron that I have read, but the strength of the writing and the emotions that it invokes, ensure that it will not be the last. A Ranger’s Duty by Myr Reviewer: Timothy M. Word Count: 3,929 Some readers dislike when authors use an Anthology theme to test or introduce new story settings and characters which are reused in later anthologies. The Nature’s Wrath had at least two such stories, and I for one am glad Cia was inspired to start her Maze for Three series, and that Aditus continued the Four Perspective series. While short stories can be nice too, I often end up investing myself in characters which interest me and I long to know more. So the one thing worse than having a story continue via anthologies is not having that happening. A good example is Myr’s story A Ranger’s Duty, which quickly became a favorite of mine. I loved the world which was shown and hinted at, and the main character Ryn, who is a King’s Ranger. His duty leads him to venture into the path of a vicious snow storm, showing the wrath of nature at its deadliest. His mission is to rescue a caravan heading into danger and what he finds may chance his life forever. There’s magic and honor and an aching loneliness in Ryn, which calls to the reader. I desperately want to read more so I was pleased the story note said ‘This story will continue in a future Anthology and it exists in a larger world I am writing.’ Thus I keep hoping for an Anthology theme which inspires Myr to continue the tale. Maybe Blindsided or The Forgotten will do the trick, but otherwise Myr has lots of themes in the Special Anthology for 2016 to choose from. Please join me in begging for more after you've enjoyed reading the first installment of the story. The Storm Singer by TMcCallahan Reviewer: Aditus Word Count: 3,444 When I read the title The Storm Singer, I was immediately intrigued. It sounded mysterious and ominous to me, and I could hardly wait to get home and see what it was about. I then learned about the tiny planet Gadet, and its quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and sometimes acerbic people. As their planet is rich in the rare metal cacese and the gemstone caruni, the planet is wealthy. They only have one real problem—storms, but their scientists developed a warning system, so they thought they were in control again, until they are not. Hit simultaneously by a multitude of different storms for weeks, the people of Gadet are facing ultimate destruction when, seemingly out of nowhere, the storm singer appears in his jet-black starship and promises to save them—for a price. And drama unfolds. TMcCallahan describes everything so beautifully and with much detail, I thought I was there and I knew exactly how everyone ticked. The characters are designed to antagonize each other, and in the end, I kept mumbling nononono, not that it helped. This is a wonderful interpretation of the anthology’s theme Nature’s Wrath. It also helps that the Storm Singer is really hot, IMHO. Maybe it’s a little farfetched, but I understood ‘The Storm Singer’ as a fable. And the moral of the story is… Miah’s Maze by Cia Reviewer: Puppilull Word Count: 9,758 Have you ever felt like you want to let loose and just take a break from your life? Have you pondered the consequences of doing so? I bet you never imagined being hunted down by alien shifters would be one of them. For Miah, that’s what happens when he decides to throw caution to the wind and celebrate passing his final exams. On a future Earth, alien shifters have sought refuge and been allowed to stay, even though some wants them gone. To satisfy human thrill-seekers, someone has arranged for the opportunity to be hunted by the shifters. Hunted as prey. Not the kind of fun a responsible young man from the countryside should seek, now is it? Miah finds himself intrigued by the idea, even though he tries to deny it to himself. The aliens keep to themselves and cause no problems, as Miah sees it. Of course, he’s never met any as far as he can tell. He's too busy focusing on his studies and getting his degree. On his last day in the city he finally decides to act like an irresponsible college student, telling himself he should at least once in his life. Will he regret his decision when things take a turn? Maybe even for the worse? I guess you’ll find out when reading the story. Miah’s Maze is part one of a five-part story now turned e-book. A story of an unexpected and life-changing encounter, shaking Miah’s world completely. Could it be experiencing something you never wanted is exactly what you need? And can getting lost lead you to exactly where you’re supposed to be? These are by no means all of the stories from the Nature's Wrath anthology, there are many more wonderful stories for you to take a look at. You can read all of the Nature's Wrath stories here.
  20. Featured Story: Metadeaths

    It's a new week and it's time to take a look at one of the many stories that are posted for your enjoyment on Gay Authors. Today, PKChrichton has provided us with a review of MetaDeaths, book 5 in the Meta Universe by JohnAR. Enjoy. MetaDeaths JohnAR Reviewer: PKCrichton Status: Complete Word Count: 102,122 MetaDeaths is the 5th of 8 books in the MetaWolf Series. Being the fifth book it sits at one of the great turning points that will determine just where things will go. If you haven't read the previous 4 books before you touch this one you may be able to follow the story but you will be missing out on a lot of the true depth of it so I would direct you back to MetaWolf Book 1 Meta before continuing. This series follows Colt Parker, Prime Loope, Brian Pratt, Burt 'CE' Thunder, Sam Thomson, Isaac Sykes, Warren Vanguard, Al and Leo in their efforts to be the Inner Circle of a modern wolf pack while having an ominous unknown prophecy that has had people from multiple parties trying to control the course of their lives from the moment they were each born. One mustn’t forget that all of them are gay and in a group relationship with Colt at its center as the Meta of their pack. As well as the fact that Colt found out a while ago that he was part vampire due to his mother being a half vampire shaman named Betsy. The first book centered around the formation of the first five members of this Inner Circle and them having to facing a number of trials during that process of people wanting to break them up or control them. In the second we learned more about the mixed pasts of now six members, how their paths weren’t what they thought they were but instead had some guiding hands pushing them in certain directions at different moments. The third had them finding two more members and stepping out into the world to find what was best for their future. The fourth had their inner circle complete, holding land, holding companies, a strong pack being formed from two others merging and the gearing up for an impending showdown with the Vampires. There are also a series of Prompt chapters that are set at various time periods throughout, before and even after the time period of the 8 books of the MetaWolf series that work to expand, add depth, make you question, add clues to events and make you have hope for things if you read them all regardless of if you read a prompt set ‘in the future’ compared to where the main narrative of the the most current chapter of the main series you are reading is. MetaBattles the fourth book left off with as the name suggests a major battle taking place. There was a force of 800 wolf shifters from 84 packs from around the world against what they thought was going to be 13000 vampires but was really over 17000 vampires along with 8 Vampire Queens of even greater strength than normal vampires. The 8 members of the Inner Circle of Colt's Pack had been tasked with tracking down and dealing with each of the 8 queens and finding the believed 9th queen. Sadly things were not going as planned and they were all being over whelmed at the end of Battles such that Colt gave up his protection detail in hopes they could help as well only to find himself smelling a vampire near by who he believed to be the 9th queen before he passed out. What would the fate be of all these characters that everyone has come to love or hate over the course of the previous books? Deaths opens not where we would expect. You would think it would either pick up right where Battles ended or flashing forward to the aftermath with the good or bad of that. Instead we find ourselves doing something that was first brought up back in Book 1 Meta and questioning the reality of the series itself. It will cause you to wonder just what is and isn't real. The motivations of many people and previous actions will both be called into questions, have extra light shed upon them and even have the assumptions of who did different actions shifted from party to party. This book is roller coaster that is to be enjoyed, feared, dreaded and in the end will pull your heart in ways you didn't think it could be by a simple work of writing. Deaths is at the middle of the MetaWolf series and there are a lot of questions that start to get answered in more depth. Why is this pack so important? Why is it these people who have made up the inner circle? Why is Colt so important? Why have people tried to kidnap or kill Colt repeatedly in his life? Is there a White Wolf? Yet for every part of a question we get answered more questions keep coming to light. Each book is named due to a major ‘theme’ of sorts of the book. The first dealt with the Meta. The second with more of the past of the members, the revelation that Colt’s parents are not his parents at all and that he is in fact part vampire. The third with the desire for land but the shadows and fog that were clouding Prime. The fourth had the battles of not only cementing their new pack, obtaining some of its members, gathering support for the pack amongst the other packs but preparing for the great battle between Vampires and Shifters at its end. This book is named Deaths so we have to learn just what that will entail. Is it deaths from the Battle of book 4? Could there be other deaths of more characters as the book progresses? Could it be a different meaning or kind of death than that of a person but of a perception of reality? There is one very unexpected and impactful death towards the end of this book that will leave you and the others within the book quite affected and questioning the future of the series and the sanity of the author. I have read many works in the Fantasy genre ranging from stories about Dragons, Werewolves, Vampires, Magicians and Knights set in or during similar time periods to Rome, the Dark Ages, the Modern and even Future Eras. But it is the MetaWolf series that I find as one of the best to take both the Vampire and Werewolf genres bringing them into not only modern times but altering both of them in a way that a real mythology or history for them is cemented into the ancient past. It grounds them and makes them more real for the reader in ways that many other works have never fully accomplished. This book will throw your mind for loops. It will make you rage at the night. It will cause some to cry in joy, frustration and sadness. It will bring you to heights of happiness, drive you insane as you try to figure out the puzzles and spot the clues. But most importantly it will make you want to pick up Book Six of the MetaWolf Series MetaProphecies to go through all the wheel of emotions and delve even further into the puzzles of the series. Category: Fiction Genres: Mystery Tags: Vampire, Were-Creatures, Menage, Fetish, Adult Rating: Mature
  21. Featured Story: Shapeshifter

    Well, it's the start of a new week, and for today's schedule, we're bringing you Puppilull's review of Shapeshifter by metajinx. Featured story days are a great way to highlight one of the many stories that can be found in GA Stories. With so many stories, it's easy for a single story to get lost in the shuffle. If you're reading a story that you would like to do a blog review and bring attention to, PM me (Renee). Now, onto the review. Hopefully you enjoy Puppilull's review enough to go check out Shapeshifter for yourself! Shapeshifter by metajinx Reviewer: Puppilull Status: In Progress Current Word Count: 74,196 Some authors have the ability to create whole worlds that draw you in from the first line and won’t let you out until the story finishes. For me, metajinx is one of those authors. She builds her worlds and the characters that inhabit them in a way that makes the process of building invisible and seemingly effortless. Everything that happens in her universe makes sense. Even if a lot it is usually dark and kind of scary. One story that’s had me waiting for each update eagerly is Shapeshifter. It’s the tale of an unlikely pair, thrown together by circumstances neither of them is aware of in the beginning. We get to follow Kelaste, a troubled soul who is not really who or what he appears to be, and Noom, a very deadly mercenary hired for a job he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with, as they try to figure out the real reason behind the contract put out on Kelaste and, more importantly, who set those wheels in motion… Soon we are drawn into a world where things are not what they seem and danger lurks around every corner. As we get to know Kel and Noom, the complexity of their characters increases. So be prepared to have your preconceived notions of the pair shot down more than once. This story had me on edge, because there was no telling where we would end up. Also, a fair warning to all interested. There’s quite a lot of violence in Shapeshifter, but never violence for the sake of it. It all blends with the story to give us a true understanding of the lives of Kel and Noom. So read the story note and take note of the tags. Also, beware that to expect a happy ending is not always wise when reading the works of metajinx. At least not happy in the more traditional sense. Her characters get tested and tested to the limit. Shapeshifter is no exception. Still, I hope this won’t discourage anyone from reading it. Life isn’t always easy and clean, sunshine and rainbows. It’s gritty, raw, scary and absolutely fabulous… Anyone taking up the story now is lucky, since it’s virtually finished with only an epilogue yet to be published. metajinx has a habit of being just a tiny bit slow on the updating. But hang in there! Even though readers’ patience can get tested at times, when an update finally gets published it is so worth it! Apparently, there is more coming from the world where Kel and Noom live. I for one can’t wait to read more! Category: Fiction Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller/Suspense Tags: Fighting, Were-creatures, Gay, BDSM, Violent, Dark Rating: Mature
  22. Whoops! I forgot that I was supposed to Renee this week and was sidelined by a migraine, so this featured review is a bit late... which just goes to show that, unlike Mikiesboy, I could never remember to do NaPoWriMo. Unsure of what that is? Check out the review below by Aditus and then go check it out!! NaPoWriMo Mikiesboy Reviewer: Aditus Status: In process/Complete? Word Count: 3173 Poetry. I thought I would put the word right into the first line, in case you’d rather leave, thinking something along the lines of ‘Nah, poetry is not my thing’. I dare you to read further! April is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo): Thirty poems in thirty days. According to the author, his first thoughts were: Mental! NO WAY am I going to try it (too much pressure). Luckily, he had nothing else to do (his words), and wrote a poem for Friday April 1, and then, while he was at it, for the other twenty-nine days too. Are you still here? Good! I can’t agree more and could go on and on about syllable count, rhythm, rhyme and many other formal poetry characteristics and forms, which Mikiesboy executes well but are just a means to an end to make us feel. He is a natural poet who concentrates of the essence of things—sometimes with brutal honesty. I will never forget Meat: Short— and so harsh it hurts. Or Baker Boy, which makes me smile each time I read it. For me, this collection of poems is a reflection of heartfelt loneliness and hope, grief and thankfulness, severity and playfulness, in other word(s): Life concentrated in small packages. So, even if you normally don’t read poetry, give it a try. If you do, but somehow missed this, I hope I made you curious. And if you already read it—why not do it again? Category: Poetry Genres: Comedy, Drama, Free-Verse, Haiku, Limerick, Prompt Tags: mature adult, teen, adult, bisexual, brothers, friendship Rating: Everyone
  23. Featured Story: About Carl

    I hope everyone had a great weekend, but now it's time to start off a new week. A great way to start the week is to take a look at a story that can be found on Gay Authors. Today's feature is About Carl by Diogenes. Timothy M was nice enough to provide us with this great review. If you haven't already done so, maybe it will inspire you to take a look. If you do, don't forget to leave Diogenes some reviews. Enjoy! About Carl Diogenes Reviewer: Timothy M. Status: Complete Word Count: 52,148 You know the kind of story which grips you right from the start? Where you engage yourself in the main character and want him to find love and happiness? The type of tale which has you longing for and dreading new chapters in equal measure, because after reading each one you’re left with an aching heart and your guts in knots from the unfairness of it all. Yet, you’re hooked and keep hoping it will get better ‘next time.’ About Carl by Diogenes is such a tale in my opinion, as well as one of the hidden gems of GA. Judging by the number of followers and reviews we’re a small, but dedicated fan group, but I’m sure plenty of other GA readers will love the story. Especially if you’re in the ‘mature’ age bracket and can relate to the theme, but younger readers can gain an understanding of past issues here, too. Though, I guess there are places in the world where the events described here may still take place. You won’t find lots of dramatic events or wild outbursts of emotions. Rather, the story begins on a lonely drive home where a song playing on the radio takes Mark back in time and into profound sadness. To the time when he was young and met Carl and fell in love. But Carl is not only in the closet, he’s also in denial, yet the attraction between the two men leads to the inevitable moment of passion. That’s when Mark’s life becomes all about Carl and starts going downhill. Due to the lack of acceptance from society and the expectations of family and friends, indeed of Carl himself, their love is doomed. The story takes us on the journey toward the present, and we suffer and cry along with Mark. Mark keeps trying to forget about Carl and their unrequited love, and I, for one, admire his efforts to create a life for himself, away from the shadow of the man who broke his heart. But the beginning of chapter 1 keeps looming in the background as a dire reminder of Mark’s continued sadness about Carl and their wasted chances of a life together. If the story is so upsetting, why do I recommend it? One reason is it’s well written, making us believe in the characters and their actions and feelings. Another is Diogenes’ story clearly shows the hurt caused by the lack of acceptance from our surroundings, which keeps gay men in the closet and destroys the happiness of so many young people. About Carl should be mandatory reading for those heartless idiots who discriminate LGBT people and refuse to accept same-sex marriage. Finally, Mark is a wonderful man who I would like to have as a friend in real life. Go make his acquaintance and discover for yourself what his future turned out to be. Please make sure to tell Diogenes you would like to see the promised sequel. The fan club eagerly await news about Mark. Category: Fiction Genres: Creative Non-Fic, Romance Tags: Mature Adult, Adult, Friendship, Gay, Coming Out, Love Rating: Mature
  24. Featured Story: The Alliance

    I hope everyone had a great weekend. To get your week started off right, it's time to take a look at another story that you might have missed when it originally posted. This week, Puppilull has provided us a great review of The Alliance by VVesley. Don't forget to leave reviews if you go check it out, let the author know what you thought of the story. The Alliance by VVesley Reviewer: Puppilull Status: Complete Word Count: 89,361 Are you in the mood for an historical piece that isn’t really historical? The Alliance is set on an alternate earth, reminding me of ancient Rome. It is the story of Alexandre and Carlin, played out against a rich backdrop consisting of the constantly troubled times in three different countries, Nabia, Ironia and Tomacia. All very different, but all living in fear of the powerful and violent Nabians. When we first meet Alexandre, a young nobleman, he’s set to be married in an arranged marriage to a woman he does not love. Matters are made worse since he killed her father and brother. To say he’s not looking forward to the event would be an understatement. For Nabians, the art of war is highly regarded, and every person, man or woman, is valued based on fighting skills, their might and power. Although belonging to the same nation or family even, the Nabians can trust no one. Love is regarded as a weakness, leaving a person open for attack and betrayal. Alex is however starting to doubt that this is how life is supposed to be. Never trusting, always suspicious, ready to kill at any moment. To voice his thoughts would be close to suicide and brand him as weak in the eyes of everyone around him. While wrestling his doubts, Alex by chance meets Carlin, a man captured as slave from neighboring Tomacia, a peaceful place with a very different outlook on life. As they are drawn closer, Alex finds Carlin might not be who he thinks he is. As it turns out, Carlin also makes a few discoveries of his own. Reviewing The Alliance without scaring people off has proven to be a bit difficult, since I have to be honest. It is a violent tale, with some rather graphic depictions of violence. In the beginning, I have to admit it made me slightly queasy and I’m not a very sensitive person. Why did I go on reading then? Because the violence has a definite purpose and is actually necessary for the story. Without it, we wouldn’t get the full grasp of the Nabian culture. Also, apart from the violence, the story is also filled with loyalty, friendship and love, making it well worth the read. As the story unfolds, we get to experience the evolving relationships between Alex, Carlin and the people around them. In a culture built on distrust, this is an enormous feat. The world VVesley builds for us is fascinating and detailed, something that makes the read intriguing. There are quite a few action packed sequences, making the story a real page-turner. The characters, while some are truly horrible people, are consistent and unapologetic in their actions, even if the readers are all yelling at them to stop. To pull off such a story and still have readers celebrating the release of the sequel (Yay!) shows the skill of the writer. I for one look forward to book two, The Bond. Category: Fiction Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance Tags: Teen, Young Adult, Gay, Alternate Earth, War, First Time Rating: Mature
  25. Featured Story: A To Z

    I hope everyone had a great weekend, but now it's time to start off a new week. A great way to start the week is to take a look at a story that can be found on Gay Authors. Today's feature is A to Z by Parker Owens. Aditus was nice enough to provide us with this great review. If you haven't already done so, maybe it will inspire you to take a look. If you do, don't forget to leave Parker some reviews. Enjoy! A to Z by Parker Owens Reviewer: Aditus Status: Complete Word Count: 276,084 A to Z is one of those lucky finds, a story I stumbled over and now won’t forget for the rest of my life. Stefan lives with his father, who treats him like his personal slave and human punching bag. He blames his son for his wife walking out on them. Stefan was only eight. On top of this, Stefan is being bullied at school for wearing secondhand clothes, having to scrunch school supplies, and just being different. After something bad happens, he runs away with nothing but his journal, and the clothes on his back and an odyssey across the country is about to begin. Some may say, “It’s nothing I haven’t read before.” It’s the little things that make A to Z special. We get to know Stefan by reading his journal, which gives us a very personal point of view. When he says he deserves what his father and others do to him because he is stupid and worthless, he actually means it. But as we listen to him, we learn that Stefan is thoughtful, smart, and an all-around nice guy, which makes reading this so much more painful. While reading on, we hope he can finally shine, but instead, he just longs to fade into the background, to be invisible. For him, not being seen equals no suffering. This journey isn’t a joy ride and not for the faint of heart. To quote the story note: ‘This story contains episodes of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse of a teen. There are episodes of violence. There is also sex between teenagers. Please don't read this if these things bother you. If you continue, be aware of them, and read with appropriate caution.’ It may sound contradictory when I say the bad things that happen to Stefan are beautifully written, incite compassion in the reader, as well as fury on Stefan’s behalf at those who harm him. Parker Owens skillfully walks the fine line of almost too much, but not quite. I was constantly between hope and despair, always praying for Stefan to make it through just one more hurdle. If you’re going to read A to Z, have a box of tissue at the ready and some beverages of choice to refill the fluids. One last thing: A to Z has one of the best epilogues I have ever read…and a very clever title. Category: Fiction Genres: Adventure, Romance Tags: Abuse, Adopt, Under 18, Rape, Love, Dark Rating: Mature

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