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Found 13 results

  1. stephanie l danielson

    Ice Fairy

    Version 1.0.0


    Samuru (Sam) Ogawa is on track to be in his life’s dream…the Olympics as a figure-skater. All is gliding along smoothly until he literally bumps into one of the biggest bullies he’s ever met; a hockey player named Brett Zephyr. He’s well known for being a brash, hot-headed, caveman who thinks about nothing but hockey and his bimbo girlfriend. Things are tense and the walls between them build until unforeseen events begin to break the ice between them. But as the coolness melts away; other players come in to build them back as quickly as they fell. Family forces, friends, and secrets threaten to destroy all they’ve created. Can Sam and Brett make things work or are they just too opposite? Can a figure skater find true love with a hockey player?


  2. Former Member

    Sweet sixteen(and seventeen)

    I don`t really know what this change means, just hoping it`s another step forward. I find myself again locked up in my room. At first I didn`t lock the door, but then it felt like "Gosh...I better keep these annoying people out..." Don`t really know why the feeling all the sudden, anyway I locked the entrance up. I`m enjoying this loneliness, and the dark atmosphere, spending time with digging deeper into that creep staring back from the mirror. There`s usually some music roaring in the earpieces, then I turn off everything and enjoy the silence. These phases change each other sometimes every ten to twenty minutes. At times I find myself talking to myself inside my head about anything and everything...I`m becoming more and more weird(lol) Everyday life...Well it changed too. Nowadays I break down the complicated tasks to many small phases easy, and never get tired of anything I do until I`m satisfied with the results. Something I like there...But it`s still weird...lol. I usually find myself analyzing the people I interact with, and drawing conclusions trying to figure out the motives behind their actions and statements, and at times I just know they lie, and almost always feel their mood when they`re close to me, and sometimes feel when someone`s trying to drain my energy. Am I some sort of mutant? Lol. The scariest thing till now was when I had the earpieces in, and well the music got me...meaning everything and everyone was locked out from my mind, I was lost in the riffs and the lyrics, walked home probably without even looking around, so I probably just kept staring down, enjoying the song. To this day I don`t recall who I met or where I passed through or what happened around me back then. Right there... I just remember that feeling, that feeling of enlightenment, being lifted up from the deep hells I lived in, and whenever I listen to something I like so much, I put it on repeat and listen countless times over and over again day after day, and never get bored. There`s that feeling of satisfaction in my system, even though my life`s so far away from what it could be, but hell I`m just getting a hang of it. Hehehehehe Recharging the batteries was never easier... It only takes some music or a long walk on the night street, alone. "Look around the dark, listen to the beats, the noise of time passing by. Can you feel the breeze...The wind's bringing change." I gotta make a private museum for all this crap I found from my old stuff... Two years isn`t that old...Oh well.
  3. Former Member

    Story1 version 1

    It was a boring day as all the others in school, the only excitement was him. I waited in my daydream world for the class to end, so I can observe him from the distance. 'Though there`s always her...She got me turned on just like he did. What about both? Meh... You`re a selfish jerkoff...' I thought. I gazed up on the big green board on the wall... 'Im never going to understand why this math thing gotta be so boring.' And I really, never really understood why, math was always just some method to torture me. I glanced to my right, looking at her brown shoulder length hair partly covering her face from my eyes. She`s scribbling something... 'yeah,my friend she`s paying atention to mister boredom on stage. And what`s more..She`s a clean A+ student no way on earth you`ll take her to bed. Thanks asshole.' The arguements went on in my head. I quickly jolted down what was on the board, and sat back thinking. Soon the worm decided he wants to spit it out. 'Curse puberty... Oh come on...I`m not gonna do that in class. Want her? Go get her yourself you dick... Yeah...I`m weird.' A few seconds later I managed to get back in my daydreams, all until the bell rang, meaning I can finally do what seemed to be the only reason I came to school for the last few weeks. Watch him... Upon exiting to the yard with the crowd of students, I went for my usual seat, the bench just a few steps away from the entrance. The autumn was warm enough to stay outside without any armor against the cold. I sat back, and placed the earpieces in my ears. No one to distract me. My hands like a programmed machine took out the phone and hit the play button. Metallica`s Orion started off. 'Insanity you have the green light...' I thought with some kind of excitement creeping into my system. I sat back, and observed the benches across the yard, a good twenty meters away, waiting for my blond prince to pop up out of the crowd. 'Any second now...' The guitars played in my ears, and in my whole body. Some fat guy with two other gorillas popped into my view. 'Go away, I`m not in the mood to watch your sorry asses getting beat up again...I want to see him.' Apparently, nobody could hear someone elses thoughts. Thank the lord for that. The skinheads...Idiot racists and fascist who are not loyal to even their own ideas. They named themselves after nazi officers and yeah, you guessed it, fattio was their Hitler, he was only missing the mustache, and minus fifty kilograms. I always called him hamburger, and the others chilly fries one and two. They really resembled a hamburger with fries. 'Hahaha.....' but my thoughts were cut when Hamburger reached towards my head. He ripped out my right earpiece. 'Oh no you didn`t...' I had no options left but to leave the comfort of my seat, and face them... Again. A rather insane idea sparkled in my dark mind. Knowing myself, I didn`t need any encouragement to make it real, but to see pepper put under their noses, was always worth the risk of getting punched, especially when they make my day worse. "Heil Hamburger!" I yelled at him with my right arm raised like the nazis used to do it. I did my best to keep away from laughing. His face showed a murderous expression, and that triggered it, I couldn`t help but chuckle. They used to bully me, and a few of the better students, until one day I caught fattio alone, and beat the living hell out of him. Whether they left the digitrons to be, or kept harrasing them, I didn`t know, and didn`t care much, after all...This is no action movie, and I`m no Chuck Norris. I quickly grabbed his right hand with mine, while he still didn`t react, and shook hands, then I played the English fool and said "Name`s Churchill...Winstone Churchill." They were bemused. I could read the "Should I spit or swallow?" expression written on their faces. Chilly fries one and two looked at each other, and Hamburger? He was probably rolling back his simple memory to history class where he heard that name. Either way confusion was achieved, so I took the opportunity and punched hitlers fat version in the face with my left. He took a step back covering his stinky mouth. On these rare ocassions I thanked the lord for wood chopping, and my alcoholic dad who made me work at his construction sites during the summer. The other students grouped around cheering for a fight. Now just what I need...Circus and cage. I waited for a response from the nazi officers, None of them moved. "This aint over you prick!" Hamburger yelled from behind his hand. As I observed his face for a while, I saw there`s blood coming from between his fingers. 'Correct the list. Now he`s also missing a tooth or two. Yeah, now you`re a real cracker...' I thought, expertly ignoring hamburgers threats. I put back the right earpiece, and sat back, observing the disappointed faces around. Nope. No fighting. Come to think of it, I really wasnt in the mood for detention, or teachers phoning home. No one...I say again no one needed another september afternoon with coppers in that cursed house. Since both me and myself agreed, that topic was deleted as the skinheads took off to their usual spot in the yard. I spotted Him. In the crowd which was slowly breaking apart to the usual groups. Cool kids with other cool kids, digitrons with digitrons, and lonewolfs like myself. But all that was not important to me then. He was watching, that was kind of important. I never actually made any contact with him. First off, my social skills were always like the bloodstream of a snowman(nonexistent), and second there was the question. "What if I blow my cover, and he spreads the word about my...errrr...Illness." I couldn`t risk it, even though I knew what this will lead to...When either of us would leave town, and not see each other, for years then the regrets would eat me alive. Maybe him too. A while later I decided it was enough and told the two creeps in my head to shut up, and enjoy the view while it lasted. That mischievous smile covered his face, and that was enough for me to fall into dream world. 'Cool yourself...Cool your balls off macho man...He wont be going out on a date with you just because you showed the white of your teeth to the enemy.' I couldn`t help it now. My face was probably red. 'Ugh!!! That`s sooo gay. Snap out of it this instant!' Despite the thoughts urging me to wake up, I could not. He was too much for my simple mind to handle. A second later I looked away, praying he didn`t guess what was going on inside me, but I felt his sight burning itself deep below my skin, in to my head, into the secrets hidden in the deepest dungeon of my dark mind. Yeah, I "always" knew I`m not a 100% straight, and I was okay with that. Well, that last part didn`t really matter, because I was stuck with this asshole 24/7 and there was no helping the sitaution. Still, none of that meant that others have to know. Especially not Him. I took another glance to where he was a second ago, but he was no more. 'Great, maybe you`re halucinating. He didn`t even look at you ever...So forget it. But... No butts... Okay, doze off to your pathetic dream world if that helps you feel better...' I realized I must have been arguing with myself in my head so loud that everyone around probably heard it, so I just dozed off to daydreams hoping they didn`t hear too much. Not like it would matter too much... I used to wonder what was the point of my life, when everything around seemed to be pointless. It was all fun, like a video game, but sooner or later you get tired of never reaching the end, or some great reward, so the excitement goes away. The bell signaled today`s final class was about to begin. I didn`t hear it because of the music, just observed as the others went back inside through the gates of Hell... I made a quick search in my memory for the list of classes for thursday. 'Romanian language... Just great. The language of the other enemy outside the school walls... Everywhere.' Okay, not all of them hated us for being Hungarian...Just a handfull, enough to make me feel like I was surrounded by hatred, and I had the pleasure of meeting that handfull of pricks. It was probably the fault of skinheads like f�hrer Hamburger. Or just because they knew we did not forget history, and were always aware of this land being our own. On the other hand, fighting over land is like two flees fighting over ownership of the dog they both live on. Still, this situation was without any doubts unfair, and out of hand. Besides they wanted to take this piece when the curse of trianon was born. I slowly dragged myself back, in to the building to meet my doom for the next hour. End of transmission. When I entered the cursed hallway, leaving outside the night approaching, and all its horrors, I went straight to the other end of the hallway, to the compromised safety of my room... Compromised as in the lock was replaced, meaning I can`t lock them out... 'Great. I wonder what else they did to invade my much needed privacy.' I had second thoughts about opening the door... I just knew there was something up. Either the drunk face decided to inspect all my "stuff" or the mother animal wanted to spy on my computer. Well the later was impossible, unless she knew my thirty characters long password, which would give her administrator acces, and allow her to open my documents folder, browser, game projects, and find out that I`m not mister perfect bible reading son as they thought I was, and wanted me to be...Oh did I mention the stories? Yeah...That would have been a devastation. Their son is experiencing same sex attraction... No. They`d send me to hell, and deny that they ever had a son that instant. I stood at the door for a few seconds, and gave it all a big sigh, just before entering. To my surprise, everything seemed to be the way I left it, except the computer... Yes, the computer was in sleep mode, and logged off from the admin(my) account...Now I see someone logged on as a guest user. They could acces the windows default games, media player that could play the sample mp3 files, and the default browser, which I never used, I think that`s all I left unprotected, since none of it would give them any clue about my private stuff. I went over to the pc, and logged off smiling about my secret being safe for now. 'Should I login as admin? Maybe they`re waiting... Nah, quit the paranoid freak act, and login.' I had no other choice, unless I wanted to risk sleeping. No. I`d rather confess all my sins to a stranger, or worse my so called family, just don`t make me go there... Not again. So I logged in being careful none of "them" are around to see my password. The computer took a while, to load my settings. 'Someone dabbled with them.' But as it loaded, I saw everything as I left them. I opened the media player, the playlist I created the day before loaded. A few minor adjustments to it, and after hitting the play button, I entered my world...Gaming. An hour of C.S. G.O. later the thought of actually sleeping during the night ran over my head, and quickly disappeared into the flashbacks from a month ago when that happened. 'No...That wont repeat itself again.' The hud message woke me up *Terrorists win!* 'Fuck it...I`m losing it' The next round started with a private message from a teammate. *Wtf happened to you? You had a clean headshot on the creep.* I really didn`t remember what actually happened before losing the round. 'Oh well...After a hundred kills, I get killed once. Bad luck.' The next few rounds my team got close to winning them, but we weren`t organized, just lonewolfs..The enemy was...Sort of, well enough to beat us. Maybe that there was five on my team, and seven players on theirs. Twenty lost rounds later, someone popped in the server, joining the cops, my team. We lost the next round too. What kept me playing, I didn`t know. Then we noticed the new guy used speed hack. He knifed the other team members, all of them right at round start. 'Okay, that`s it. I don`t play with cheaters.' I disconnected from the server, and started a new game against the computer. Then I remembered the game project I had, so I hit the END button, quitting the game. 'Ugh...Yeah, now I remember why I left it in the graveyard of my harddrive.' The exp point system had a bug. Something that could be fixed with adding a new global variable to the game, and a question calling for the variable. It was that simple, but I was too "lazy" for setting it up. Basically, I would have had to set the variable to 0 by default, and whenever the level up was obtained, tell the game to set it to 1. Then have a check for the value, then define that if the value is 1 then all exp points collected till then to be set to 0, and the value of the variable to be also 0, until the next level up, so the player wont get stuck in a loop of levelups... Yeah...I could have also made a more complicated system, that after each level up, the player would need more and more exp points to level up again... But that was completely out of picture. I wasnt going to burn my already damaged brain. So I was stuck there, thinking what on earth could I do at 12 pm, besides sleeping... Yeah I did that, and by the time I could do it again, I was too tired for it. Besides, that only takes up thirty minutes. I opened my backpack, and took that half pack of smokes left, carefully stashed between the math, and english workbooks. I lit one, and stashed the rest back where they were. The first inhale ran that slightly numbing, pleasant feeling through my body. Yeah, this shit is going to kill me one day. One day far in the future, since I only smoked one every single day. No, not because of the "family" just because I couldn`t afford any more. Besides, this way, I always get that sensation, which goes away if you smoke a pack every day. At least that`s what I was told by the other lonewolf, who was my best friend until the day he didn`t come to school anymore, and stopped replying to my messages... A week after he "disappeared" I heard his family moved out of town. Out of the country, out to Hungary... Still, that was no excuse to ignore those skype messages... I guess I`ve learned that time will reveal who is a true friend and who`s not... I checked my phone there was an unread message. 'Ahhh...The Hammer.' The Hammer was another geek/nerd, and rock obsessed like me. Mostly obsessed with the old Pokolg�p, who`s frontman was Kalap�cs J�zsef, that`s why the nickname, and when someone decided to beat him up, and he fell, his head resembled a hammer striking down... How he and I became friends? Remember the enemy outside, everywhere around? Yeah one of them decided to beat him up, and take his new phone. And me? I happened to be where trouble was, and stopped the fight. Ever since I can`t shake him. Maybe he`s got some damage in the head like me, or he got a secret crush... 'Gross!' Just now I remember he wasnt in school all day. 'Oh well...' I opened the message... "Dennis, could you please bring me the homework from today? I`m sick and stayed home. No one else replied, so I`m guessing I can only count on you." Yeah... He was always afraid of his grades dropping. I was curious if he`s still awake, so I sent him a reply "Yeah, I`ll get off to yours in a minute. Or should I come tomorrow?" He sent that message at 8:31 pm. Four hours earlier. I waited, and waited... At 1 am, he replied. "Come, but we must be quick because of my parents. If they wake...Well you know." 'Yeah, I know...' What got into me, I didn`t know... Guess I just had to do something, just so I couldn`t sleep. Besides, this way I could learn about the reason of him always following me around. I took a glance at the bible behind the computer screen. 'God keep the horrors away from me tonight.' Like it would help. I logged off of the computer, and grabbed my backpack, opened it and took the pocket knife and pepper spray. Never wanted to use them, but out here, this late...You never know. With the spray resting deep in my pocket, and the "knife" under my leather jacket, between the belt and jeans I took off into the night with the homework being safely stashed away in the backpack. 'Quest rewards: Information, and extra exp. Plus salvation from the evil in the house waiting for sleeping victims. Oh cut it off..This is the real world...' Unfortunately it was real, and uglier every second. The streets were deserted other than myself and I arguing in my head as they guided their ship through the dim light... There was a good fifteen minutes walk left, even in my fast pace. Why I didn`t put some music on? I wanted to sense trouble from as far away as possible. Trouble: Police patrolling, the enemy everywhere around, the thing making me neglect sleep, vampires, and the possibility of meeting the three nazi leaders. Okay the vampire part was just a myth, but like I noted before: Out here, this late, you never, ever know until it happened. I passed by the sleeping houses, listening for noises. I thought I`ve heard footsteps from behind, and when I turned around saw a shadow for the fraction of a second. Yeah, I guess that would count as paranoia... Or there really are vampires here, maybe that was the cursed thing of my nightmare world? Nah...Vampires sounded better. 'Heh..Kill one and you`ll be fuckin famous. Or better yet become one, visit your crush and take him...Then be immortal together with him. Yes Dennis you`re losing it. That was just your tired mind playing tricks on you.' Was it? I could not be sure. Either way Hammer would have probably shit his pants in this situation... 'Ugh! Cut the crap...' I never understood how some people were nearly two meters tall, and as thin as a toothpick, and what`s more, be nerds... 'Ah look who`s talkin...The owl telling the little bird that he`s got a big head.' My senses went sharp when I heard that noise again... I turned around and saw there`s a black labrador following me. 'And what`s that? Satan let out his dog to take a shit? Don`t be ridiculous... Just go give him the homework so he can rest.' Yeah, maybe Satan wouldn`t like his dog to crap on his carpet, or I was really losing it... but that didn`t matter because the seemingly dead town was alive... The romanians had their nationalist huligans, and there was the great danger that the chatter I heard was a sign they`re again out in the night. That alone is nothing, until they come across me. I never was an agressive nationalist, but when I heard those insults, and provocations... Well I was triggered to say the least. I quickened my pace, but the chatter was getting closer from behind. I turned around, and waited for the people to arrive under the streetlight. I spotted a brunette woman with a leash in her right hand, she was probably in her twenties. A short guy appeared behind her. 'Must be satan and his wife coming for their dog you paranoid creep... Did you know? No. Then leave me be.' I smiled at them and moved on forward, to complete my rather dangerous quest for information. 'Okay, no shadowy figures, vampires, huligans, or nazi officers in sight. Guess I should do more of those short prayers...' I spotted Hammer`s house up ahead. A two stories high red brick building. Two big windows on either levels, staring at the street. There was no fence blocking entry. The only one problem was that his parents room had a window facing the street. His room on the top floor, in the opposite corner of the house. and my way up there? Climbing on their neighboors fence, and from there jump for the open window...Well if he would have opened it. I quickly sent him a message. "Open your window." I stood there watching... The window opened to the right, and his head appeared in the opening, his slightly angular face seemed to be pale...Or maybe it was just the light of his computer screen, and tv.. He looked around and disappeared. I quickly climbed on the brick wall meeting the wall of their house. I was just an arm reach from the window. 'Okay...Miss the jump, and you blew it all by smashing into the lower window. Thanks for the encouragement asshole...' I jumped and grabbed the window. I pulled myself up hoping there were no spectators of my stunt outside. He probably wondered if I was a ninja, or just lost my mind when I crashed inside to the floor of his room with the curtain being wrapped around me. 'See? That was easy... Yeah..tell that to your mother after...forget it.' "Dennis?" His unsure voice asked. He had a cold for sure... "Uhhh..You didn`t mention the curtains..." I said standing up, trying to get it off of me. He chuckled a little and said "You didn`t mention coming in through the window." 'The kid`s right... what a great discovery. Geesh.' "Yeah...I thought you guessed since I asked you to open it. Anyway I can`t guarantee that everything from every class is there, but the homework is for sure." I said sitting back in the window. I threw him my bag. "Thanks..." He mumbled under a cough. "Can I?" he asked indicating the smokes. 'You gonna make his condition worse if you let him smoke...But you know what`s it like.' "Sure, knock yourself out." I said, and observed him nervously lighting one. I observed as he sat down at his desk covered in his books and notebooks... The screen lit his face, showing it was a little red. 'Oh god...I wont even ask then... Well don`t draw conclusions...How would you feel like in his place?' "So...can I ask you something...?" I asked a little unsure, as he was copying the English homework. "Yes.." He replied without looking up from the notes... 'Okay, just ask, watch his reactions...' "I know we`re friends and all...But why are you ALWAYS following me around?" He stopped writing and took a deep inhale of smoke then looked at me slowly blowing it out between his teeth... "I`m sorry..Just been wondering since you weren`t around today." I said, thinking I touched something I shouldnt have. He was a bit confused, and I knew the answer was waiting at the tip of his tongue. I tilted my head to the left waiting. "No it`s okay... I was hiding it long enough. Well, want the short answer or the full answer?" he asked. "The full answer..." I said, lighting another cigarette... 'Great... Smoke the whole pack...' He took a deep breath, and turned his chair around facing me. Now he resembled a school principle in his office. "Well...Where do I begin?" He started. 'A whole story...Great now you`ll be a therapist or something?! Oh shut up and listen!' I shrugged and smiled at him, hoping he wont decide to stay shut instead. "The first reason is you saving my life back at that street fight...And the many other conflicts that couldn`t start just because you were around." He continued a bit more confident. 'Yeah, I guessed that much...What`s the rest???' "Nobody in the neighborhood dares to touch you, since you beat up Hitler... Mark." 'Oh the Hamburger...was he really such a big shot before?' "When the bullies saw that we`re hanging out, they all left me alone. This was a new experience...No more fear. Then there`s the gaming, and the rock obsession." He stopped, and aparently had second thoughts about continuing. "Go on..." I said eager to get that answer... "And...And I like being around you." 'Wow...Someone can bare your idiot self...that`s great!' "Why didn`t you answer my text immediately, like before...?" He asked out of the blue. 'Well it`s confession time, tell him...Don`t say a word about your crush, or I`ll kill you!' "My mind was elswhere..." 'Top fuckin buzz this! Couldn`t you just tell him you were gaming? Oh shut up!' "It`s okay...I know, you were thinking about him." He must have seen my facial expressions, which probably gave away the thoughts... He continued "Oh...You didn`t come out to anyone yet?" 'How...What the bloody hell?! Is that guy Sherlock Holmes, or some reincarnation of Einstein?' I was probably getting redder... "No, not yet." I answered shortly. 'If he knows...Then anyone else could know...' "Well consider this as coming out...Which is really awkward." He said. 'Yeah...Awkward... "Just...How did you know?" It bursted out of me... He smiled at me, and turnde back to the desk. "Wasn`t hard...Just had to watch how you look at her, then notice you`re looking at him in a similar way...And you`re always watchig that spot in the yard..." I was lost in my thoughts and nearly fell out through the window. 'Shit!' I threw out the cigarette. 'This is disappointing...' "So do you think I got any chance with him?" I asked...More from myself than him, but I said it outloud, so... "Just as much as I have with you. Unless...You become one of the cool kids...maybe then you`d have a chance of being friends." As much as I hated it, Hammer didn`t really speak just so he can say something... 'He`s right. You got no chance with him... Unless... No way. I`m not going to become one of those plastic people... NOOOO! Okay I got it... Geesh.' "Yeah, I guess you`re right... There`s no way I`m gonna become one of them though." He looked at me like people look at a lunatic... "Everyone wants to be one of them...What`s your reason?" I was a bit surprised... I thought he was aware of the reasons. "Well most of them is just....So fucking fake they make me sick. All about how they look, how daddy and mommy bought this and that for them and so on." I said cooling off. "So what`s so special about him then?" 'Logical question...' "I don`t know." And I really didn`t... There was awkward silence, just his pen rushing through the page made some annoying noise. Some time passed when he said something... "Dennis...? I`m done... Are you sure that was all?" "Hmmm? What?" I asked so he repeated the question. "Yes, the homework it was all there." He threw everything back in my bag, and threw it back at me. I put it on my back, and stood up. "Well, I better get going now. Feel better soon." I said turning around. "I`ll send you the server ip, where your mystery guy is playing cs go. Just as a sign of gratitude for saving my ass again." "You don`t happen to know his real name?" I asked hoping he got the info.. "Just his CS GO name. I happened to pass by them, when they discussed the game. He calls himself Shadow." I nodded, and threw myself down on the brick wall, then to the ground. 'Well your mystery guy sure is interesting now...' I was lost in my thoughts trying to digest what I heard... 'Well you annoying dick, lets go home and see if he`s still up, gaming.' I took the street down towards home... After succesfully waking my parents with my not so stealthy entrance through my window, I explained how I fell out of bed, and landed two meters away. After daddio left off to sleep, the power went out... It gave me the chills, I had the feeling... 'This was not the usual time when there could be a power failure...Something`s up.' I thought turning on my phone light. 'And just how the hell are you going to see if he`s online without the computer?' I was wondering if this affected only that cursed house, or the whole street... I signed into gmail on my phone, and answered the email... "Did the power go out at your place too?" A few minutes later I got a reply. "Yes...I think someone hit one of the collumns which hold the cables on the corner with a car. The ambulance rocketed down here just now, didn`t you hear the sirens?" 'Fuckin great. Just my usual luck... Wait..What sirens?' "No. I didn`t hear anything." "You need to sleep loverboy, and don`t dream too much about him while you`re awake." "... :P" "What`s that? Sticking your tongue at me? LOL" "Yeah... Now I gotta go, someone`s inside the house." I grabbed the knife and aimed the light at the door where I spotted the movement while I was typing. Nothing, except the door wasn`t closed, as I left it...It was an inch or so opened. 'So not funny... So what`s gonna happen? You gonna close it, or go outside and see who or what opened it? Why don`t you go and close it yourself? Cause I am you...duhhh...' Yeah...Now you see what I meant by "You can`t know until It happened" I should have yelled for help maybe....But I was kind of fed up with this terror, so I walked to the door, and aimed the phone`s led out, then peeked outside... The hallway seemed empty, so I exited my room, and took a few steps forward. Sweat ran down my back, and fingers clenched tight on my only weapon. The led didn`t illuminate the hallway completely, but I wanted to be sure I was alone, besides my parents... I took a few more unsure steps forward. I saw a black human like shape running out through the front door... 'Fucking insane!!! What was that all about?' I thought when dad face came out on my right from the bathroom. He stared at the wide open front door for a while. It was locked a few minutes ago, with the only key being in their room, in a drawer, and a copy in my room(they didn`t know about that) "What happened?" He asked me, but I didn`t answer, just kept staring at the entrance. "Someone was inside?" He asked. I nodded slowly sliding the knife in my pocket so he wont see. He went for their key, and locked the door back. I went into my room, and checked if the window was locked up propperly, then pulled the drawers over to the door, barricading the entrance of my room. 'Okay, now check if you still got your copy of the keys...' I threw out all the stuff from the middle drawer, and found the key where I left it. I was puzzled to say the least... Puzzled and scared...For the first time trully scared. That thing might be something other than human... Whoever or whatever it was I wanted no more of it. Spent the dawn awake, watching, listening... No further incidents occured all until sunrise, so I decided to remove the barricade, and take a look. My system wanted to crash and restart a week later...But it was friday. After school I got the whole place to myself. Normally I`d like that, but after last night and dawn....Well, let`s say I`d still rather get locked up with a vampire than my parents...But the best would be seeing none of them around. I went to the bathroom and washed my face in ice cold water. Entering the kitchen, I saw a note on the table... *We`re off to work early. Eat breakfast, and make sure you get to school in time.* 'Yeah...Orders confirmed.' I wasn`t feeling hungry, just tired as fuck. 'Hell...Might as well head down to that creepy building of education... Ugh! Can`t you just stay home? And do what? Keep waiting for that thing...' I went back to my room, and stuffed the bag up with all the books and and notebooks. The history teacher. He was kinda cool, one of those people you get along with...Like you knew each other forever. He had a habbit of calling in sick at friday, and he`d usually go with the biology teacher to get their fleshly desires pleased in a cheap motel room. Why did I have to know? Hehehehe...How else would I get a clean A+ in biology? Yeah. Well the teacher had no intention to give anyone above C or B+ unless the student studied as hard as on some sort of university...Study? You gotta be kidding me. I had other things to do. Besides, what concerns biology...I know the fun part, and know the fun functions of the human body, and I think that was enough to know. Art... Usually he made us draw. Good thing about friday: everyone could choose what they`ll draw... Though he never said a thing, but I think he had enough of my zombie plague series. What else could you draw when everything around seems to be dead? 'You are creepy that`s why you draw that stuff.' Maybe. And the usual math.... UGH! Yes, you guessed it...I hate that subject. No it`s not hard, it`s easy but it`s booooooooooring as hell. And yes, you guessed it. The 1(F) Made a few appereances next to my name in that subject. The first test resulted in a big B+ and It was the only one. The teacher wanted me to push myself harder, but why?! 'Because it`s my responsibility to teach you the basics.... blah blah. No he wanted to fuck me in the head with that storm of numbers...and make me another goodie good little zombie.' Probably not, but it was more fun to think of it that way. Yes, I`m weird, I know... I put in the earpieces, and headed off with Metallica`s Fight fire with fire song roaring so loud I heard nothing outside my head. The brutal truth in the song didn`t wake me up, but the fast pace of it did...Sort of. My blood kept pumping harder every second... Something I loved about their brutal songs. The never fading excitement, and they were all better than those whinny creeps always whining about how they wanted to fuck someone, while there were some computer noises in the background. They call that pop and "music" 'Yeah..The people went plastic, and forgot that music can be created by people playing instruments. And they can`t appreciate meaningful lyrics anymore...Respect to the few exceptions. And that`s your excuse for being stuck in the eighties? Lalalala what?..You`re a jerk...What else is new?' Trapped under ice started off just after the world got nuclear blasted at the end of the previous song and in my head too. I looked around to see it`s still there waiting for a chance to kill me. 'Amazing. Just what I need...' I spotted Hamburger up ahead, coming from the opposite direction. I raised my right arm again just to mess with him. He stopped, and watched me, probably wondering how many ways there are to kill me. I gave him a wide grin and headed off to the building, expecting he`ll hit me from behind. Nothing happened. 'He`s probably appreciating his remaining teeth, and has second thoughts about losing them. Why? Would you like to lose yours?' I saw the Chilly fries group in the yard waiting for their Hitler. I greeted them with their usual arm raising, and smiled in their primitive agression filled faces as I passed by. Chilly one grabbed my right arm, and pulled me back. 'Don`t touch the music, or I bite!' He raised his arm for a punch. 'I`m dying for this...Hehehehe.' I hit him before he could land his fist in my face, then got kicked in the back by number two. Pain...Something I got used to and something to make me agressive. 'Bad choice!' I turned around and met face to face with a baseball bat. 'Ugh!!!' There wasn`t much force in the swing, so I recovered by the time he could give a propper swing. We were soon surrounded by the crowd waiting for a fight. What was so interesting in this primitive fight for survival, I don`t know. Hardwired started off with another hit in my guts. I kicked the creep behind me, and stepped to the side avoiding the strike from above...I grabbed his arm and was about to break it, when consciousnes hit me again. 'What are you doing?!' I twisted the weapon from his grip and threw it down full force at his feet. It hit the ground, bounced back up hitting him in the balls. 'Ouch! That hurts even for me... Hamburger...' Where he was, I had no idea. 'Oh well...One creep less to beat up. Where`s your mystery guy?' I looked around and walked away towards the building`s entrance. 'There he is... No...That`s horror. Turn away...' In that second I wanted to be anywhere but there, and see him kiss her. 'Fuck!' My two crushes found each other, and me? I was out of picture...For eternity. I stood there, frozen. A tear made it`s way down my face. 'Well what else did you expect?' A second later the baseball bat found my back. I fell forward. 'Shit!' I got up, and turned around. 'Die!' I ran off after the nazis, jumped one of them. I caught Fries one. Down on the ground I kept hitting his head into the concrete. "Die!!!" I roared over his "Help!" Hamburger pulled me off of him. I punched him and kept hitting him until fries two took hold on me, and pulled me away, I got kicked but it didn`t matter, I grabbed hold of his leg and twisted it to the right, then let go and stepped closer to punch him. Someone`s soft hands held my face. I could see and hear but nothing was registered, I wasn`t home. "Are you okay?" it echoed from a distance... "No..." It was Monica... The shy girl. I turned around, and walked out of the yard. I saw him watching from the distance as I left... The world was swirling around. I collapsed. The wall of the school supported my back, the ground was cold, and I was lost in pain... Both physical and emotional. I knew the cops would show. It was only a matter of time. The history teacher was waiting for his queen outside, a few steps away... He walked over to me. "Are you okay?" he asked. What could I tell him. "No....I`m not." He was staring at me with his worried face... "Just take her and go, leave me be." I said when the biology teacher popped out to the street. '...' She looked at me, and asked "Who was fighting inside?" I glanced at her. "They wanted to beat me up. I`m so fucking tired of it. So I beat them up." "You realise I had to call an ambulance because the school nurse doesn`t know how to treat those injuries. They are bleeding badly." "That is so fucking Great! I hope they die before the ambulance gets here. What? Don`t tell me you pitty some racist scumbags..." I cut in her words. She had a "WTF is wrong with these kids" expression when she finished it. "...and they will call the police." "Yeah... Whatever. Get me to detention, give another reason for my family to hate me, give me to the cops, kill me, I don`t fuckin care...Just leave me alone!" I wasn`t in control of myself no more. All I felt was pain everywhere, pain and darkness. Everything turned upside down. "Jude...We can`t leave him here like that." The history teacher said. "The authoroties will take care of him." "I wont leave him here..." He said. "Okay, let`s just go..." She said, then they made me stand up, and practically dragged me to the car. Facts: The biology teacher was a jew, and neither of them were fans of hitler, or those idiots like Hamburger. The car rolled down some streets, I saw the buildings and people, but I wasn`t aware where I was or why was I there...Guess just sitting in silence let it take controll. I was gone. I heard their chatter, but I didn`t understand what they said. Just nodded when she looked at me. The pain of never actually getting a chance with either of my crushes, was always lingering in the air, but I just shrugged it off, until that happened. Only then I could feel how much it can hurt. It was a complete rip off, the world for me ended. Suddenly I found myself in a room... "Are you okay?" I looked to the right, seeing the history teacher observing me. "No... I`m not." The biology teacher was nowhere around. "Don`t worry about the cops...We got you out of it all. Jude just left..She called the ambulance so the cops wanted to speak to her. I want to know what was it all about..." "Just...School fight..Happens." I said weakly. "Dislocated leg, damaged scull, broken arm, smashed balls... Three pieces of groaning meat, that`s what you left behind, and you got off without a scratch. How`s that possible? That`s no school fight Dennis, that`s self defense, on military level. So?" I was nodding as he listed the injuries. "I had a bad day, they wanted to make it worse. That will be enough I guess..." I replied annoyed by this nagging.
  4. Comicality

    Light Reaches Earth



    Living in a group home can be a trying experience for young Riley. Even more so when living with a secret that's bound to make him an outcast if it ever got out. His situation is only complicated more as his affections fall onto the shoulders of another boy in the same home. It's never easy... feeling alone. But when another new transfer comes for a short stay, Riley finds the extremely odd stranger to be a lot more than what he appears. Look up at the stars above when you the chance. None of us are ever truly alone. Believe.


  5. Billy Martin

    The Field of Love

    I've started a new story, 'The Field of Love'. My plan is to post a new chapter once a week. It's a story about a fifteen year old boy finding acceptance and love on a baseball field. I've started a forum for the story and I hope you will leave a review on the story so I can learn from you, the reader. It's my intention to give you the best story I can. Below is the links to the proper forum. The Field of Love Forum for The Field of Love
  6. Comicality

    Savage Moon


    Wesley Parker may not live up to the high standards of his preacher father and church-going community, but despite a few teenaged antics herea and there, he's worked hard at being what society would consider a 'good boy'. Suppressing his instincts, and living life in the closet for fear of rejection by his family and friends, has been hard... but Wesley has yet to give up. However, when Wesley spends time at a Bible camp for the summer against his will, he comes across a small group of teens his age who are unlike any he's ever met. Friends... or so he thinks. What happens when the animalistic nature is tempted to come into the light? Who are we once the rules are broken, society's boundaries are stripped away, and only our deepest passions and wildest primal instincts remain? Let Cyrus tap into that energy... and let the beast out of its cage.


  7. Comicality

    Gone From Daylight Book 1


    Young Justin... bullied at school, abused at home. He's looking for a way out. Any way out. As his suffering brings him to the very end of Navy Pier, with the Chicago skyline behind him, he looks toward the waters of the lake with the hopes they will deliver him a sweet release from his pain. However, there is another young boy who speaks to him from the darkness and offers him an alternative. But to take it, he'll have to sacrifice the light of the sun... and begin a journey toward a destiny that just may save us all.


  8. Comicality

    The Boys of Widow Lake


    When Nick made the choice to come out of the closet at age 15, he expected things to get so much easier from there. They didn't. Now surrounded by the few close friends who stuck by him, and separated from those who turned their backs on him, Nick is simply trying to find someone to love. With a father who is more concerned with his writing than his family life, and an older brother currently suffering through chemotherapy, Nick has his friends to keep him distracted from what's bothering him. However, there is a very real menace lurking in the shadows of Widow Lake. Boys who may be more beast than beauty, more sinister than their obvious charms would reveal. Anyone who falls for one of their irresisitible good looks and deadly allure may find their last moments alive spent gasping for breath... at the bottom of Widow Lake.


  9. stephanie l danielson

    Tomorrow's the big day!

    Finally! After over two years of writing only co-works; I was able to finish Ice Fairy all on my own and turn it into a series to boot! It goes up for sale tomorrow at three different sites; Smashwords, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks. Homework and life are slowing me down on progress on other items; but those will get done too...I promise.
  10. TheEggman

    A New Life

    Version GAv001


    "A New Life" is a gay 'coming out' story based in Woodland Hills, California, and around a group of four musicians and their families. The original series of posted chapters are presented in eBook format.


  11. Tuesday, in New York, another young teen felt he couldn't take anymore. For whatever sad reason or reasons, this 12 year old boy hanged himself in the bathroom of an apartment he shared with his mother. For months he had been harassed at school by bullies, for his intelligence, his height, and his deceased father. After enduring incessant taunting for months, Joel Morales transferred to a new school, but the bullying persisted at his new school. Kids chased Morales, threw sticks and pipes at him and teased him for his smarts and his 4-foot-9 stature. Morales’ anguish reached a breaking point when bullies taunted him about his father, who died when he was four years old. His mother, Lisbeth Babilonia, found him hanging in their apartment at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, hours after she had organized a search party when he didn’t return home on time from an after-school club. A classmate told Morales’ family that the boy had said he was tired of the bullying and told them the details of the remark about his father that sent him over the edge, according to the News. School officials declined to comment on the alleged bullying, citing privacy issues. How many kids are going to die, or kill themselves, before adults in this country demand school officials and our elected officials put a stop to the bulling in our public schools? How many before we make the officials accountable for their actions or inaction? How many? Perhaps it's time for the bullied students of America stand up and make their voices heard throughout this land. NOT through violence, not through hate for the hate, but by their feet. Walk away from the schools that refused to stop the harassment, the hate, the violence, the bulling. How can any child be expected to learn in an environment as they find themselves in? No wonder our country's youth scores so low on tests compared to other nations. They don't have time, during the school days, to learn and study, when they are always looking over their shoulders for who may be coming up behind them, for an attack! Or watching their feet, as they are walking the halls, for fear someone will tripped them. Or having to hear the racial, homophobic, or ethnic taunts. Every student that has been bullied should stand with every student that is being bullied, and every student that knows in their hearts that what is taking place in our schools concerning bulling is wrong, should also stand with these students and say, No more. stop the bulling or we will strike and not return to school until new rules are in place that stops the bulling. Every parent that has a child in school should stand with these students and back them. One day it could be your child found hanging and all life gone from the body. It's time for a change, and not the type promised by politicians. It's the kind of change that starts at the grass roots of this country, We The People. This story can be found HERE Please, give a damn.
  12. podiumdavis

    The Journey of Jacob and Kyle

    From the album: Podiumdavis

    Graphic for my story 'The journey of Jacob and Kyle'.

    © Andrew Davis

  13. Billy Martin

    Life's curves

    Life's curves I don't know, I get so confused sometimes. I listen to people talk, read stories (fiction, i know) and like all stories there's usually a grain of truth in them. They do came from someone's experiences. Like it's been said, there's nothing new under the sun. Years ago I admitted to a friend that being gay scared me not because of what other people thought, since I had been through so much already by the age of 27 to worry with opinions not my own. It scared me because I never saw any older gay couples and I didn't want to die alone. I think the fear of dying alone made me reach out through the internet to feel close to more people since I was limited at home. Through all the chemo, radiation, and other crap I had to deal with, I was always scared of dying alone. I mean I knew my parents would always be there for me, but I mean that someone, that special someone. Yet the more I learn about life, the more I feel alone. I don't even know why I'm writing this. I'm not in remission yet, but I should be soon. So, I guess I'm getting better. There's still the bone marrow transplant donor to find and do. But, things are looking better again. Yet, I also see now that I missed out on so much as a teenager. I think I would trade my life today to have had a normal life as a teenager. Making all the mistakes and finding the new experiences. I guess I'm making a fool of myself. Tonight I set up most of the night reading a long story on nifty and envied the characters, even the sad ones. At least they got to experience life. I guess after so many years of battling my battles, I'm starting to become a little bitter over it. I do treasure my online friends, even some of the old guys that pretended to be teens before they either literally died from old age or disappeared. Life isn't always fair, in fact, it rarely is. But, I have to have the hope and belief that if you pour yourself into life, in the long run, it's all worth it. I am however real enough to know that's not always true. And it saddens me to see people have to deal with the worst life can throw at you. I wish the world wasn't like that. And like I said earlier, I dunno why I'm writing this, but here it is, raw, unedited me. Please, if you feel you can't take anymore, it will get better. There's nothing life can throw at us that we can't over come or find a way around it, it will get better. Nothing last forever, including the bad times, it will get better. Reach out to someone, talk to someone, share your feelings, it will get better. Never ever give up, it will get better. There are organizations that are there to help us through the bad times, it will get better. The Trevor Project is just one of those, reach out to them, support their work, it will get better. The Trevor Project

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