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The Return * * * * * 4 Ratings


In a world ravaged by despair and an unspeakable curse, the Gods lie imprisoned and forgotten, their followers all but destroyed. When a merchant unexpectedly bestows kindness on a stranger, a series of even stranger events sweeps Mordred on a quest to kill a dragon, talk to the dead, and learn how to play the flute.

On hold while I finish this up. My apologies for the long delay!
Copyright © 2010 Dark; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

discuss the story here:  http://www.gayauthor...return-by-dark/

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 1 reviews, 4,480 words,
    In which Mordred learns a little history and finds a new home.
  2. Chapter 2 2 reviews, 5,243 words,
  3. Chapter 3 2 reviews, 3,954 words,
  4. Chapter 4 1 reviews, 4,009 words,
  5. Chapter 5 1 reviews, 4,323 words,
  6. Chapter 6 1 reviews, 5,603 words,
  7. Chapter 7 1 reviews, 3,114 words,
    Short chapter, but meet our new character: Tai.
  8. Chapter 8 1 reviews, 6,234 words,
  9. Chapter 9 0 reviews, 4,327 words,